6 Reasons You Should Be Using Jaaxy Keyword Tool From Today

By | February 9, 2015

How To Find Aprofitable Niche Keyword

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There is something about Jaaxy keyword research tool that I felt obliged to bring to your attention.


Am sorry if I did shout that out louder a bit but its just that I couldn’t help it.

It is “Freakin awesome” !! Simple.

I mean if you can vividly remember up until 2009/10, the key word search process has always been a challenge. But today, you can simply perform more efficiently, faster and most importantly save tons of time on research if you get your hands on Jaaxy.

I have never before found a keyword tool that could save me tons of time spent on research while I focus my attention on turning those keyword into a profitable niche market until Jaaxy came along.

And that is why I am going to share with you 6 solid reasons why I think you should start using Jaaxy if you want a profitable long term online business success :-


Reason 1: Watch Out For Low Grade Indicators In Most Keyword Tools And Avoid Them.

Watchout for sign of problems

This is very common with most low grade keyword search tools out there. Some even provide you totally useless information which can cripple your business if you unknowingly go ahead with it.

For example; if you have purchased keyword tool search before you will notice that many of them produce loads of metric or numbers or even data that are completely irrelevant to your quest.

Therefore when next you buy a keyword search tools, do watch out for the following bad indicators :-

  • PPC guesstimates; if it claim to give you PPC guesstimates then avoid it.
  • If it requires plenty search in other to complete one single job/task then avoid it.
  • If it is a tool that does not collect results from, All search engines e.g Bing, Yahoo, Google, etc then avoid it.
  • If it is a tool the requires you to install it before it can be used then avoid it.

All these and many more bits and bits are things you cant avoid to notice as the most common signs that tells you its a low grade search tool. The worst part is that it will cost you time wastage, money spent and downward free fall of your online business due to wrong data.


Reason 2: Know Your Three Most Important Niche Research Metrics Before You Even Start


Before now, I have never paid much attention in keyword tools and their annoying lack of been able to get me what keyword I needed to scale my content.

But with Jaaxy, I came to know the only 3 Metrics that I believe you too should be focusing on when doing research for your next content.

These are :-

  1. How many websites and people are competing for that same keyword ?
  2. What levels of traffic does the very keyword attract in a month and at what search level ?
  3. The very keyword in question – does it make sense when used on my post content ?

Jaaxy Enterprise keyword tool, can PRECISELY and ACCURATELY get you one and two above like a dart net. The last one you can easily tell if the keyword fits into sentence or not in which cases you can easily tweak to suit.

SEO ready keywords are keywords with low competition but good amount of traffics both search and monthly. If you can land on it, then you can completely take over the search engine with your content related keyword.

Sound IMPOSSIBLE right !? But it is very POSSIBLE with Jaxxy !

That exactly is what Jaaxy does and hence one of the reasons why you should be using Jaaxy keyword tool from today.


Reason 3: Finding Profitable Keyword Has Been Made Very Easy With Jaaxy


My biggest worry when I first started out was the fear of finding keyword that is not saturated already. People these days still fear and worry that the niche they are venturing into has too many competition and that they have less chance of succeeding.

Don’t get me wrong, I like competition. Competition means there is money in it and that is why everyone is in on it so….yes competition is good.

But today with Jaaxy, I can confidently go into any niche with out worrying about the competition.

With Jaaxy I can create plenty amount of contents with ease because now I know how to locate amazing number of profitable keywords within any niche.

The leverage within Jaaxy keyword tool is that it cut your job into half and some. Making it possible for you to focus on the most important aspect of your niche site building (money making aspect of your business) instead of wasting valuable time on research.

In facts I have tons of profitable and viable niche keywords saved under my list within Jaaxy Enterprise that I can consult anytime for future business purposes. That is something about Jaaxy that is pretty awesome.

Start Your Journey Here Now !


For Example take a look at the niche search choice on Jaaxy below :-




I mean isn’t this awesome ? With one quick search Jaaxy has provided us with twenty-two keyword that can easy rank to first page in Google due to its low competition as we can see. This search was done in less than 15 seconds.

Now imagine how many campaign you can kick start right now with the above keywords ? Any idea how many hours of research that we just saved with Jaaxy ?


Let us take another look on this example: just any niche without thinking much of it:-


just any niche on Jaaxy


In fact it is just amazing what Jaaxy can do. Speaking of which, do you know that the above niche is actually a very lucrative niche I should probably be targeting right now ? Since it is about Old age pensioners (retired) who will probably be needing Jaaxy to research on a new online business prospects.

Anyways I am just thinking out loud here please carry on …………..

Again it is very important to bear in mind that we are able to do two new niche research in just few minutes.

With Jaaxy, you are sure to save money and add tremendous value to your business and most importantly it has free 3o searches trials should you decide to give it a try.

Do you know what you can achieve with 30 free niche searches ? I know and I did took the advantage to the fullest. Now you too can !


Reason 4: Jaaxy Gives You The Leverage To Own As Many Domain Names As You Like And Save List For Future Purposes

Another super reason why I can recommend Jaaxy is that with every search you do, Jaaxy will tell you the Exact Match Domain (EMD’s) for free with every corresponding search term attribute, up to 80 domains at a time.

Jaaxy will show you how there are still loads of imaginable domain available even up to this moment that people are selling and reselling  for thousands of $.


Check this out for a proof :-



From the above illustration, you can see that all the .com domains are available and ready for you to start making money with as we speak. These keywords has low competition and enough traffic that can still rank your site high on Google even after the latest Panda update that targeted EMD’s.

Jaaxy is so efficient that one can spend $10 for a domain for a year plan, 0n 1,000 of clicks as seen in the above search and you have in your hand a viable business model to start making money right away.


Reason 5: Find Out How Flexible Jaaxy Plan Can Be With Your Spending Power

With  the fully packed multi-function advantages in Jaaxy, there are also options for various kind of budget to suit your business needs. Functions which includes:-

  • Analyze your competitors website
  • Tells you where your site ranked on Google
  • Find profitable niche for you
  • Brainstorm functionalities for your niche search
  • Create your keyword list
  • Save your keyword list for future business use
  • Find affiliate programs
  • And lots tons of more functions ……. are very expensive else where and you have to buy them individually. But with Jaaxy;

You can also find….

Jaaxy Starter ==> Free

Jaaxy Pro ==> $19 per month, $199 per year

Jaaxy Enterprise ==> $49 per month, $499 per year


Jaaxy Enterprise is the ultimate brilliance power house fully packed gives access to beyond everything u need to set up and grow your campaign in few minutes.

If you are unsure and you want to test the waters then try the free version. It is limited but still packed with enough functions for you to see if you like it or not.

Plus you will get 30 free search which is awesome.

Jaaxy is web based meaning you can access it from anywhere with internet. No downloads, no plugins no nothing.


Reason 6: Test Jaaxy For Yourself For Free



Online Business Prospects is your personal guide to online business and if you lay your hand on Jaaxy today, your success online will never be the same.

====GET JAAXY NOW ! ===

And start your free niche keyword search for your website or blog contents.   Finally if you have any question or comments about this post please do so at the space provided below. I would like to hear from you and I will respond back to you immediately.

Please Do Me A Favor:

Go ahead and do a free keyword search using Jaaxy and come back here and tell me how it worked for you and what you think. Also tell your friends and relatives about this tool and let them come here and share their thoughts as well.

If this post helped you in anyway today would you mind sharing the heck out of it for me on your social network?



8 thoughts on “6 Reasons You Should Be Using Jaaxy Keyword Tool From Today

  1. Neil

    Hey, Richard

    As a Jaaxy keyword tool user myself, I can honestly say that it is “THE BEST” one people will ever use to get the results they want from their online content. It is such a simple, quick and easy tool to use, AND it’s a lot of fun too 😀

    This is a great review and thanks for ointing out the many benefits of the keyword research platform. Neil

    1. Richard U Post author

      Hi Niel,

      Thanks for the comment and I am glad to see you are actually using Jaaxy Keyword Tool already.

      Yes I went great length to mention the many benefits of this tool and I hope that a lot of people can grab this opportunity to make use of this tool so they can achieve the same great results in profitable niche keyword search for their web or blog content.

      Thanks again.

  2. Anchy

    The highest vomlue organic search keywords are not necessarily the ones you want to pay for. Attracting thousands of organic search visitors is a good thing, but with the price of paid search these days, it would be a loosing proposition to pay for thousands of random visits. You will only profit from keywords that convert, testing conversion rates will reveal the searches made by visitors with intent to buy, such as those researching a specific model like Sony 42 inch LCD rather than a more preliminary searcher’s Flat Screen TV .

    1. Richard U Post author

      Yes Anchy,

      You will only profit from keyword that actually converts and yet you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg all through especially if you just starting out and on low budget.

      With Jaaxy Keyword Tool, all your work is cut out already. Jaaxy will provide you with tailor made niche keyword and show you its viability, competition and quality search results and traffics plus many more there by allowing time to focus on applying these information on your site to start making money.

      With Jaaxy Keyword Tool, your organic niche traffic source is sorted.

      Yes the highest volume organic search keywords are not necessarily the ones you want to pay for. But with the right training and support who knows how far your success can be ?

      With Jaaxy, all you need is under one roof.

  3. Jerald

    That is a really good tip particularly to those fresh to the blogosphere.

    Short but very accurate information… Thank you for sharing this one.

    A must read post!

    1. Richard U Post author

      Hi Jerald,

      Thanks for the comment and I am glad you found the post very informative.

      Yes Jaaxy keyword search tool is definitely the best for one stop niche keyword research. All in one package at a very unbelievable low price.

      Thanks again for repeat visit.


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