Wealthy Affiliate Review – My Insightful Take

By | January 16, 2015


Name: Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate Website: www.WealthyAffiliate.com

Price: $0 Starter Membership (get free account)

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Overall Rank: 98  Out Of 100

Who It’s For: Newbies and Experts


General Introduction To Wealthy Affiliate

I have an insightful take on Wealthy Affiliate because I am a premium member. I was first a free starter member for so long while testing the water of how things works inside.

Quit a lot to gain actually as a free member which really surprised me and by later joining the premium membership, I came to see the full potential hence my insightful Review of Wealthy Affiliate.

But before you call “bias” on me, first please  allow me to explain why my review of Wealthy Affiliate may actually turn out to be the best decision you ‘ve ever made while researching online business opportunities  and I will also try to answer your question of what really is Wealthy Affiliate ??


What Actually Is Wealth Affiliate ? What Is Driving Them ?

From my experience in Wealthy Affiliate, it is more of a service and people based program than just product.

I have never seen anything like the help you can get within the community in Wealthy Affiliate.

Hence it is a place to learn how to earn money online, network with fellow entrepreneurs, get help and help others with lots of experts.

The most unique thing I found out is that the co-founders Kyle & Carson are very active within the community and also they are always on ONE on ONE  personal message with folks helping them get their campaign up and running to start making money.

The following reasons are why I think it will be of benefit to you:-

FIRST,- I was a free starter member and have been a premium member for a while and still going. This gives me first hand access to what I will like to call, the most innovative Internet Business community online which is  gearing me towards creating value.


SECONDLY,- I found out that Wealthy Affiliate is an interactive course like an interests, or niche marketing University or an online training platform designed to take you from fresh starter stage to Wealthy Affiliate by helping you turn your interests and likes into a profitable niche website.


THIRDLY.-  Wealthy Affiliate has been around online since 2005 and has over 20,000 members and counting which surprised me the most and says something about how trusted and valuable this course is.


Now I know why people are jumping in by the minutes..!!!


New Members Everyday


FOURTHLY,- In essence of all things perfect, I can tell you nothing is completely perfect. I have been researching around and also I have  tested some affiliate networks around the internet in my quest for online success and I am a big critic of most things online business.

But I have never seen such an innovative internet business with a practical step by step guide that actual helps you make money online.


FIFTH,- The beginners training is completely free and consists of 10 training modules, 2 free websites to start making money immediately.

This alone still amazes me and then you can have access to more 30 modules next level if you join the premium for just $19.


SIXTH,-  They have tons of series of videos and text modules and first class free tools such as website builder, keyword research tool link and  link tracker to help you on all way to success and make things easy for you.


LASTLY,- My ultimate motivation and mission is to create value by helping others find the right help via information. To this end I want you to comment below this review if you have anything or question relating to Wealthy Affiliate. You comment, I respond.


 Pros And Cons And Why Being a Wealthy Affiliate May Benefit You !

The chances are you are interested in learning how to create  profitable business online and being able to really do it if you are on this review page right now.

The fact which I also found more amazing is that if you can boil an egg with water, then you can actually build a business within Wealthy Affiliate.

The platform at Wealthy Affiliate has made this possible regardless of ones background, experience and knowledge.



  • Tutorial training, Classroom training, Video training and Courses
  • 13 plus Full Interactive Classrooms with great visual help.
  • 100,000’s of HELPFUL community members 24/7
  • State of the Art Secure and Fast Website Hosting
  • 2 Free Superbly Designed Websites for free starter members
  • Can turn almost any passion into a successful niche site
  • Free tools and Software that would have cost arms and legs else where. Example; Keyword research link, link tracker and web builder.
  • Very newbie Friendly meaning if you are new to internet or niche marketing or online business and confused, this will show you the right path.
  • Simplified and Completely free to start with no catches
  • Definitely no other such course out there that can offer so much in-depth coaching/training to newbies that I can think of. None.
  • Freedom; meaning it will actually help you earn money via monetizing your interests and passions towards your life aspirations.
  • Live and Interactive Help even at zero-zero hours
  • A mandatory and strict spam free environment.

The last most great and amazing thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that its community members are of 20,000’s and counting.

Meaning if its not working the numbers will tell. Also you get to start at no cost and this is the only program I KNOW YOU WILL LOVE YOUR EXPERIENCE AS A MEMBER.



  • Too much information; which turn out to be a good thing since one may need all the resources and help he/she can get to succeed
  • Too much emphasis on SEO traffics with few good training on social and paid traffics covered. This depends on personal preferences. I like both organic and social traffic sources.


What Wealthy Affiliate Is Not:

  • Definitely not a Multi-Level-Marketing
  • Not an instant rich, push button scheme. The amount of time you put in determine your success.
  • Not  A Scam.  It is a LEGIT and genuine learning program with over 20,000 plus members, been around for years and always current with State of the Art innovative technologies.
  • No gimmicks perfectly legal and ethical how to make money online.
  • No physically owned product to sell. Your niche site is what you can monetize to earn revenue continually.


Who is It For?:

  • All levels of marketers
  • Newbies
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Successful business owners
  • Brand Marketers
  • How to start seekers
  • Struggling to make money online
  • Students, retirees, stay at home mums and dads, job seekers
  • Unemployed
  • Bloggers who are not currently not making money from their blog and in need of help with how to.
  • Those who want to maximise their research and learning ability.
  • Every one out there who want a sustainable long term source of income online. No matter your level of experience.


Tools And Training Within Wealthy Affiliate:


Wealthy Affiliate Tutorial Room


  • Organized Classrooms
  • Interactive Discussions
  • Task Based Courses
  • Live Weekly Training Classes
  • Video Training
  • Tutorial Training
  • Keyword research video Training

There is training for different levels of experience and expertise and that include the most experienced and advanced marketer and of the all important newbies. It is offered in different format for more clearer and better understanding.

At first I thought may be it is too much and yes, over 900 (Nine Hundred) powerful training programs within Wealthy Affiliate  meaning each classroom opens up completely different online business that could be used to create full time online income.

These are all the advantages of being a member of Wealthy Affiliate which gives you access to the right tools you need to succeed online.


What Tools And Service Are Available Within Wealthy Affiliate ?

website building tools

Easy Website Building Tool


The member area includes the following great tools:

  • Ability  to add over 30,000 various widgets and plugins to your website site
  • Access to 2,400 and more templates/theme
  • Low Competition and Easy Pick Keyword List
  • Even bigger and better Cloud State of the Art Hosting (Premium Members)
  • Keyword and Competition Research Tool for any Site
  • WordPress Express

Everything you need is included meaning “all inclusive” online business platform Once inside Wealthy Affiliate.


What Does It Take To Create Your Own  Success Online ?

When starting fresh to try how to make money online as newbie it will be comforting to know that you can get the necessary help when you need it.

Quick Question;

Before you arrive at this page today what where you looking for?



Looking for how to?

Well aren’t we all asking the same questions every time we do online searches ?

Now what if you had a guide that tells you how and where to search to get the right results wouldn’t you opt for it?



Support ! Support !! Support !!! …..is all I can find within this huge community.

That is exactly what Wealthy Affiliate offers and more which includes the following:-


One on One support from Co-Founders


  • Private access to community Experts and Helps
  • Interactive Discussions with community members
  • 24/7 with 365 days Live Chat feeds within the Community
  • Unbeatable Private One on One Support with Kyle & Carson
  • Live Question and Answer time


How Can You Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate !?

When you join the Wealthy Affiliate, there are two options presented to you. You can either follow your interest or passion, create a niche website within your passion and monetize it for revenue.

Example is If you are very passionate about coffee, you can create a site about various kind of coffee, best coffee shops, coffee maker and you can go to Amazon and promote coffee related product on your site to make money. Amazing isn’t it?

Secondly if you don’t have interest or passion for something in particular, you can pick up Wealthy Affiliate boot camp predefined topic with a complete training walk through starting at bottom fresh with no experience necessarily an issue.

In a nutshell, you will be able to make money either going with your passion or choosing to promote affiliate program.

There are over 100’s of ways that are taught within Wealthy Affiliate but am sure the above simplifications gets the message home.


Guarantees and Price

Starter Membership is completely $0 (Join here) For a new free member you get 10 (Ten) lessons completely free without any need of entering your  credit card or payment details or payment information of any such.

You will be accepted freely so you can check it out without committing anything. This also include instant access to community , live chart, 3 classroom, networking , 2 free websites, access to keyword tools, community help chart, etc.

Left for me, I will say Wealthy Affiliate wants you to know how confident and good they are at making your dream come through if you have the time to commit. SIMPLE as that.

In fact to be honest I haven’t seen or heard of any thing this good for newbies and anyone ever since I have been researching the internet and if you do please do share or comment on below space otherwise I think this is the best option for newbies and anyone who want to make money online.


Premium Membership

Wealthy Affiliate Premium is $47 per month/ £359 per year (Join Here) I seriously believed that Wealth Affiliate Premium is the hallmarks of all in one package that any one closely serious about making money online can ever get.

In fact Wealthy Affiliate smashed down all barriers that confronts any one who want to make money online.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium means no more :-

  • No more costly hosting fees
  • No more costly website builder fees
  • No more tireless web search for clues
  • No more keyword problem
  • No more problem of how to get traffics
  • No more paying for help
  • No more lost on which direction to pursue your success.

Everything you need to succeed online, the best timely one on one support and help from real experts, full access to all the training you will need, and much more all in one single low price monthly premium plus my special bonus when you join premium.


Why I Think This Is The Best Affiliate Program Online And Why You Too Should Be Making Money With This From Today

  • 25% commissions for non-paying members
  • 50% commissions for paying premium members
  • $22,50 or $175 Dollars for each sale
  • Works for huge potential niche market
  • Recurring commissions paid to you every month
  • Ever Hungry huge market (ever Green)
  • Very handy helpful affiliate managers
  • Detailed and extensive training available
  • Live chart support for members
  • 300 sales which gives you free trip to Las Vegas


Lastly, My Final Insight + Special BONUS!

Set up your free account when you join the starter its $0. Come here and tell me if you do not like what you see. Yell at me if you like no problems. But I am sure you will love your experience within the community. Account set up is simple and you will be walked through it.

To Claim Your BONUS !

I will be offering you a bonus if you decide to join the Premium membership within the first 7 days of joining your free starter Account. 

I will also include a 59% discount on your first month Premium membership when you go Premium.

And finally, I will personally contact you on your profile with my “Hi” and more great information concerning Wealthy Affiliate and how to collect your bonus.

Your insight on how to make money online will be Positively Improved with no barriers, once you join Wealthy Affiliate community.

Overall Review Ranking


 wealthy affiliate overall ranking


This is great stuff and I will highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate. If you are serious about earning recurring income online for life I believe this is an honest and most trusted platform to do so.





If you have any questions please do ask by commenting on the space below. I will respond and I am happy to help.


And yes please remember to share this if you like the post. It is all about getting the right help to succeed.






32 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review – My Insightful Take

  1. sean

    Hey Richard. This sounds like something I might be interested in. How long can I try it out for free? Thanks.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Hello Sean,

      Thanks for coming and if this interests you then it means you are already on the right path to success.

      You can try it out for free as so long as you like. No catch no hypes.

      Being a free member gives you great opportunity to learn all the powerful basics which includes what you need, what you can achieve and most especially how to get there.

      Going premium along the way indicates that you are ready to quit your job and becoming your own boss.

      There are more than 900 training and video courses and classes on various ways to make money with your niche site that you ‘ve never heard of before.

      And Wealthy Affiliate has the State of the art Innovative Technology ready for tomorrow’s challenges which means your online business is equipped for the long term.

      The only limits between you and your success is your time. Grab your free membership Sean and see how things works.

      And I will be there to help if you have any questions.


  2. Joanne

    I am familiar with Wealthy Affiliate – it’s AWESOME.
    I highly recommend them as well – lots of training and a great community!
    … thanks!

    1. Richard U Post author

      Hi Joanne,

      Thanks for the comment and I am glad you are on the right track. The only place you can get fast one on one help and support with your online business if you meet any challenges.

      All the best.

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  4. William Brown

    It is well structured webpage and I will consider about this WA after I will speak to my wife and if we have any questions I will ask in your comment section. This is very detailed review on this online training course.


    1. Richard U Post author

      Hi William,

      It will be my pleasure to answer any questions you may need help with here at anytime and it will be great to have you on board.

      I am mostly glad that you found this review very detailed and helpful. And I will look forward to giving you all the help you will need.

      Thanks Again.

  5. Vincent

    Great comprehensive review Richard. New stuff keeps coming out at WA and I would recommend anyone to at the very least give it a go. Best regards

    1. Richard U Post author

      Hi Vincent,

      Thanks for the comment and yes indeed great things are happening in Wealthy Affiliate minute by minute with life changing actionable tasks.

      With so many heart stopping testimonies from people who are already making money at WA, it would be unwise for anyone not to give it a try.

      I am glad you found this helpful I wish you a successful journey filled with success and testimonies.

      Thanks again.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Hi Anthony,

      Indeed yes WA is the only place you can get one on one 24hrs support from not just the community and live chat alone but from the program owners direct.

  6. tony

    Your effective review Wealthy Affiliate captures the pros and cons of Affiliate marketing and I concur with your assessment that Wealthy Affiliate is legit and gives support and recognition to those looking to create a passive stream of income without the know how. Your site outlines clear and meaningful criteria needed by users be very successful. I will bookmark your site and share with friends and co-workers. What is your advise to newbies?

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks Tony for the observation and yes indeed WA is the right and legit online business program that backs it promise with full help and support on the internet.

      I knew nothing about WordPress website when I started and look at me now typing away and honestly the sky is just the beginning within WA.

      And for the newbies yes I will say there is no such thing as quick make money six figure formula in a month online business software. If you really want to get away from the grinds of minimum wage and start long lasting income stream online you have to learn step by step the foundation. You will need help and support and You will need to give it time and build a solid foundation.

      I am talking about something so solid that it will still provide you income at your retirement age. Online business is growing by the minutes and this is the right time to get in. Find something that interests you, find the market for it and stick with it. Its all about finding your path.

      With WA, you will literally be held by the hand in every step of the way. You can choose to start as free member just to test the waters and you will still get to set up 2 free website and make money with the help you going to get.

      If you are stuck in any way do ask questions. I and hundreds of others will be eager to come to your aid and in fact you can even PM me or (Personal Message Kyle or Carson the Founders) directly.

      WA is a people based online business training program not a product based. You will interact with real people who will be happy to share their experience with you on how they are making it and you can apply same strategy in your own unique niche site and earn extra income.

      This is perfectly no brainer opportunity for every newbie and intermediate marketer who is serious about constant extra income. No contracts no condition and you get to quite any time if you are not ok with it.

      But believe it when I say this; I have not seen or head about any member who quits after testing what an amazing opportunity that awaits them within Wealthy Affiliate.

      You just have to try it out and see for yourself.

      Thanks Tony and that is my advise for newbies.

      All the best!

  7. Martine

    Hi Richard,
    What a great and thorough review on Wealthy Affiliate. I can only affirm that WA is really a great place to learn!

    Kind regards,

    1. Richard U Post author

      Hi Martine,

      Thanks for noticing and yes Wealthy Affiliate is indeed a place to learn how to earn extra income online.


    2. Irene

      This article has definitely captured the key essentials that you must know if you want to establish a business or if you want to compete online.
      Building an effective website is truly a must-do whenever you desire to indulge yourself in an online business venture.
      I also agree when the writer tackles about the functionality and giving enough time to it.

      1. Richard U Post author

        Thanks Irene,

        I am glad you found the information here very helpful.

        Yes building an effective website is very vital as it is your foundation to a successful long term online business and you can start here for free starting from today.

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  10. Mat

    I have to admit that the required pctaenie and the concept that it will not happen overnight’ is still one of the areas I have to work on:) It’s easy to get discouraged, but in the end it will be worth it.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Hi Mat,

      Yes this is why many people get discouraged and end up been scammed because they want a quick fix. There is no such thing as quick fix formula to making money online.

      Success online will happen if you are serious and willing to commit time to it. You have to create a website, build quality content with good keyword tool like Jaaxy, get ranked on Google, attract both organic and alternative traffics, create value and monetize your efforts.

      It takes time but yes your success is on the way and the best part is your freedom to earn recurring income for life and travel the world if you like.

      No Boss, No alarm clock.

      You are your own boss.


  11. Gregory

    Your style is very unique in comparison to other people I have read stuff from.

    Many thanks for posting when you have the opportunity, Guess I will just bookmark this page.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Hi Gregory,

      Thank you for the commendation on style and unique comparison to others. I believe in originality.

      Thanks for bookmarking the page too.


  12. ShanelleCRossler

    I’m truly enjoying the design and layout of your website.
    It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more enjoyable for me to come here and visit more often.

    Did you hire out a designer to create your theme?

    Great work!

    1. Richard U Post author

      Hi Shanelle,

      Thanks for the comment I am very glad you liked the layout and easy navigation on my site.

      No I didn’t hire any one to do it. I customised it all by myself with my own logo that reflects my brand. Its a skill I picked up at Wealthy Affiliate just a month after joining.

      Thanks again for the compliment.

  13. Wanita

    Hi there to every single one, it’s truly a fastidious for me to pay
    a quick visit this website, it contains important Information.

  14. DannieBCouts

    Hi, just wanted to tell you, I enjoyed this article.
    It was inspiring. Keep on posting!

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