Using Your Imagination To Turn An Idea Into An Online Business

By | November 8, 2018

Using Your Imagination To Turn An Idea Into An Online Business

How to use your imagination to turn an idea into an online business is an eBook I just finished writing and published. The 67 pages of pure knowledge and blueprint eBook took me three years to complete, and I am glad I did finish it at last.

The book contains my journey and experiences, trials and tribulations, failures, and success as well as answers from people I mate and interviewed during my research work.

In the end, there is a bonus I threw in as a thank you for purchasing the eBook. The bonus is all the tools I used for free. At the end of reading it, you will fully understand how to use your imagination to turn an idea into an online business. If you haven’t got much time to read through this post, then quickly watch the video below to get the complete picture as well.

If you are in a hurry and have no time to read through all the contents in this article but will like to get your hand on my eBook, CLICK HERE to get your own copy of How To Use Your Imagination Turn An Idea Into A Successful Online Business.

Using Your Imagination To Your Best Knowledge

The purpose of writing this article is to inform you that using your imagination to your best knowledge is one of the greatest things you can ever do for yourself. There is so much power in positive thinking and that is one common thing imagination has in common with the subconscious mind. Your mind is your skill workshop. Use it well to the full advantage and see what miracle or wonders you can achieve. Let your imagination go to work for you and hold tenaciously to the eyes of your mind what goal you intend to achieve and see yourself achieving that goal. You will fail at some point yes. You will encounter problems yes. But your ability to rise and learn from those mistakes will set you apart and define you.

How To Find Ideas

Ideas are everywhere we are, in everything we do or touch, and in every activity, we are engaged in on daily basis. I have had a lot of folks ask me on Quora how to get an idea for a new business? How can I find a new idea for an online business? How do I brainstorm for new ideas for my startups? etc. These questions and the answers I gave them helped me a lot in my research for this book I just finished and today I am happy to share the same knowledge with you.

You can find ideas from the following:

  • In an existing product. i.e if you did not like how the product works, you can design your own and make it work better
  • From an existing service. i.e if you are not happy with a particular service you received from a vendor, you can recreate your own to implement or render a better service
  • By using your imagination. i.e if you think you can do, believe you can see yourself doing it and then go for it. According to Napoleon Hill, and I quote “Whatever a mind can think and conceive, that it can achieve”.
  • From your previous work experience. Yes, there is an idea in there and it is yours. How? because you earned it and you have worked for it. Whatever previous work experience you have is yours and you can totally turn that into a business idea online.
  • From your problems. Yes, you can. During my research for my book, I came across a few problems that nearly prompted me to give up and forget my work. But I didn’t give up. I also had a chat on Yahoo answers with someone who is nearly at the edge of the proverbial cliff and I help them through by teaching them how to turn their problem into money online. Yes, I did. It worked and it is all in the book.
  • From your subconscious mind. Yes, there are thousands of ideas lying low sleeping and waiting for you to wake them up to reality. Understanding how to tap into your subconscious mind for an idea is one of the reasons why I wrote my book.
  • From your daily challenges.
  • In your eating habit.
  • From your fitness routine.
  • From your daily life experience.
  • In your current workplace, there is an idea waiting for you right now.
  • literally, there is an idea everywhere and in everything, we do on a daily basis.

How To Overcome Personal Barriers While Using Your Imagination

I must say the personal barrier is one of the most stumbling blocks I encountered and so are many people whom I did an interview during the research for my book. These barriers can come as camouflage in many forms such as:

  1. Personal Doubts
  2. What If I Can’t Syndrome
  3. Using Obstacle or Challenges as an alibi for not trying.

To overcome your personal barriers, you must first shut down all negative thoughts and influences. Build up a positive mental attitude, have a working plan, and set your goal. You must learn to see your success in the eyes of your mind and hold tenaciously unto that image. You must be ready to fail at some point because believe it or not, failure is good. It means you are getting better. You must be ready to adapt to change. If your plan changes shift your goal to suit the change and keep on working on your goal. Doing something is better than not doing anything at all.

Get A Copy Of How To Use Your Imagination To Turn An Idea Into A Successful Online Business

You literally turn any idea into a book and sell it online as a digital book. Ideas come in many forms and we see this every day. The problem is that many of us are not looking in the right places. The tools to making it happen are not far-fetched and you do not have to go out of the pocket to buy them. Almost all the tools I used are free and that is why I have thrown in all of it for free as a bonus for anyone who bought the book.

Example Of How To Use Your Imagination To Turn Idea To Online Business

I will give you an example of how I helped someone turn their problem into a business by using imagination

There is this college of mine all names withheld for obvious reasons. The company I worked for then are managing security for some of the big hospitality business providers in London so in one of the locations this college was going through a serious personal problem.

For some reason, the girlfriend left him this was the origin of his self-destruct mode. So he started drinking excessively, coming to work late, and not be able to meet job targets and assignments. He even started experimenting with chemical substances as I can only notice that his mood swing went from zero to ninety in one month. What brought everyone’s attention was the self-destruction mode he is heading into and heading down that way fast.

So one day in my own free time I approached him and tried to render as little advice as I can. After hearing him saying he needed just anything to take his mind off the hard breakup for a while it came to me that I can actually help him. I told him to go to the nearest store and buy himself a notepad and a pen. After he did so, we went to a nearby public house and sat down. After ordering our coffees and the waiter left, I told him to bring out the pad and start writing down everything he went through during the breakup. Everything up to the moment, whatever he can remember.

I told him to think deeply about every obstacle, every problem, his experiences with drugs and alcohol, his hurts and pains, how he managed through or tired to overcome them all, and how many people feel the hurt. His self-destruct moments, what he experienced, what was going in his mind, I told him to put it all in writing. At least the once he can still remember. In the end, I told him to go home and continue writing down whatever he can remember on the notepad. If he feels that he has covered enough he should let me know.

In three weeks later he did and the notepad was almost full. He asked what can he do with it and I told him that his life has just taken a new meaning. I told him to imagine how many people on earth who are experiencing the same problem right now?. He did. And I told him to imagine himself helping them by delivering his story to them? So they too can read and learn from his own experience? He did but he quickly told me that he is not an author and I told him in that case lets make you one. I asked if he has a computer he said yes. I also asked if he knows how to type and if he is willing to commit just a fraction of time every day he said yes. I then told him to go home and in his own free time, to fire up his computer and start typing in everything from his notepad into his computer.

In three months’ time, he did it and I helped him with tools where he can publish his eBook for free only pay 5% on sales to the platform whenever somebody buys his book. Meaning zero upfront cost for him. the only money he spent was to pay someone little amount to design his book professional 3D cover and front cover just like mine and his hosting fee for the website he is going to need. In those three months’ period, he never touched alcohol or any chemical substances as he now has something new that keeps his mind busy.

Today he is an author, still selling his eBook. He even has one or two motivational speakings Giggs lined up and his life has changed completely for better.

Moral Lesson From This Story

The moral lesson from this story is that even when your body is down and rejecting every inch of positive change, you should always remember to feed your soul. A desperate situation calls for desperate measures. If you think you can, then you can. If you think you cannot then you can never achieve anything. Never ever set a limit to what you can achieve in this life. We all have one life to live so why not give it all your best? According to Aristotle, “An arrow at flight is at rest” Meaning change is the only constant thing life” my take is everything else changes while change itself remains constant. If you can’t try to change your financial future from today, nothing will change in that aspect. For now, that is it from me and I will continue to wish you all the best. If you want to know more about me and what I do, go to my about me page for more details.

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If you have any questions or comments please do so in the box provided below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

24 thoughts on “Using Your Imagination To Turn An Idea Into An Online Business

  1. Emmanuel Buysse

    Great post!

    Yes, imagination can be a very good thing indeed!

    With this I started my business with Wealthy Affiliate, it took some time honestly, but I make some money by it now, and you can do it too.

    Just believe in yourself, and you can reach very good limits, which you never thought it would be possible.

    Thanks for sharing it, it has good info in it!

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thank you Emmanuel for the comment and I am glad you took the right step. Even when you encounter challenges and obstacle you still kept on moving because your imagination is fueling your goal. Believing in God and your self with faith you can reach any limit. 

      Continue to deliver value and help others. There is more joy in helping than the actual making money because reward comes from helping others.

      Glad you liked my work and I will assure you there is more on the way.


  2. Jim

    WOW !! Thank you more this incredible article. Not only is it helpful in revealing so many ways to get motivated and start earning an income, it is also a very caring blog. I was blown away by the help you gave your friend. You not only set him in the right direction with his personal life, you also showed him a way to make an income from it. Have you ever thought about being a councillor? The advice you gave him was life changing.  I will be returning to your site for more information on working from home. Jim

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks Jim for this wonderful comment and yes I am working towards becoming a life coach. Am putting together  the necessary tools I need and I have started taking client since just after publishing this book. It took me many years to realize that this is making calling so I am going to give it all I got.

      My eBook is all about using your imagination turn ideas into an online business. Problems are a huge source of ideas and folks don’t fully know that yet. That is where my specialty is. No matter what that problem is, no matter how insurmountable it is, you can turn it around and make a leaving out if it. I believe that any problem that does not have a solution is never a problem in the first place. There must be a solution to it. When you find it and solve that problem, it become an opportunity. How you use that opportunity now depend on our individual goals and objectives. I can help you turn it into a successful online business that pays you passive income. 

      Thanks again for the wonderful comment. I do appreciate that a lot.


  3. AnxietyPanda

    Hi there,

    It’s amazing what you can achieve if you put your mind to it! Thanks for this inspirational article and valuable tips on using your imagination to make an online business work! It is something I struggle with a lot and I have found a lot of value from what you have said here.

    1. Richard U Post author

      I am glad that you found value here. Yes a lot of folks struggle with this but if you need guide or help I will be happy to use my experience to help you move things faster.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. JJ

    Thank you for setting out, so clearly, how powerful our imagination really is. It has been said that every invention whether a physical product or a method or a service began in the imagination. With all the technical advances I always wonder if in the future people will use their imagination less and less because there are so many apps and formulas and software to do everything. Ideas might no longer come from intuition but from outer suggestions. Do you think that will affect the type of businesses we might be able to create ?

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks JJ and you are absolutely right!!

      It is a big worry but the future will always depend on how we adapt to the fast paced dynamic environment. Yes there are millions of Apps and software out there that can do pretty much everything these days even the upcoming ones that does things by simply mimicking out voice.

      The truth is that all these Apps and software originates from human thinking. Someone thought about it and invented it. That inception behavior will never change. Even when AI as most experts are claiming can think as we do is not fully originated. Someone has to input those thoughts and behavior and that itself comes from imagination. 

      Imagination will and continue to superseded every invention and technological development because it all originates from thinking. We human did that thinking and someone coding those instructions that powers the App or that software to carry out those instructions.

      Therefore we still hold the playing field and will continue to prevail. The question is how are we using our imagination to continue making the world a better place? Are you ready to put yours to the test? To think is human and we think therefore we exist” this is a quote for A great Chinese Philosopher (Confusionist)

  5. Matt's Mom

    What a great way to brain storm for coming up with ideas for an online business!  I especially like the idea of existing problems.  I know I have done a lot of research just for my issues, and to be able to put this all together in an information website to help others is a wonderful idea!  So glad I came across your great website!

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks for commenting and i truly appreciate. Yes problems, as most people did not realize, is a great source of ideas disguised in so many ways and many layers that we cannot be asked to look into. These days most people will go to the social media and vent out all their problems in an attempt to seek help or opinion from folks who hardly know them. Yes it may be an option but not necessarily a helpful one. You will end up with so many solutions that will end up  much confusing than helpful one.

      If one can take a timeout to think deeply about their problem, look into various ways you can turn the table around and if you are a business minded person, you can turn the solution into a business plan and make money online. How you do that is by helping folks who are going through the same problem you just conquered.

      I am also greatly glad that this inspired you to take action toward your goal. I wish you all the best and if there is any angle you need a quick help, do let me know.

  6. Dale

    First off I want to say kudos to you for publishing an eBook.  Personally I have no problems with ideas.  Where my problem comes into play is trying to make my ideas and articles interesting but still informative.

    I might consider getting your book to see if it can help me in that aspect.

    Once again congrats.  You will obviously go far in this business.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thank you Dale and you are most welcome to pick a copy and simply copy what I did. Everything and every step I took is played down in the tools and resources part of the eBook as bonus to anyone who purchases it. I did a thorough explanation on how to apply those tools as well so it is not just a list.

      You are lucky to be able to find ideas as that is one big huddle to overcome. If you are looking to how to make it interesting or you are not sure if your idea will make you money or not, grab a copy and find how to test your ideas for potential profitability before you even spend you time or resources on it.

      Do let me know here how it went and if you still have any question or need help do let me know here. 


  7. Shy

    This just fires up the imagination of all that is possible in life.  Everybody has a story.  We can use our story to help others in the same situation.  I love that this applies to any situation that you might be in.  So inspiring.Imagination is a great tool to use in business and creative ventures.  Doing something is better than doing nothing, as you say.  Doing something keeps your mind occupied so it is not thinking about all the doubts it has and is just focusing on what it is that you are doing.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Hi Shy thanks for dropping by and mostly thank you for the wonderful comment. Yes, indeed it affects everything we do and it revolves around our daily life activities. Even when we cannot see it or touch, our imagination is always at work. The difference is how do some people find theirs and make use of it while some people cannot. That is what my book is all about. Helping folks make use of their imagination in a way they never thought possible before.

      Thanks again for commenting and I am really glad you saw the inspiration behind it.

  8. Adrian Holland

    I couldn’t agree more with your view on this subject. I particularly buy into the attitude that imagination and ideas surround us in our everyday lives and a positive attitude and a bit of passion can develop that idea into a fresh new business.

    It is something that we unwittingly do on a daily basis as we adapt and manipulate our world to achieve our goals.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks Adrian you are absolutely right. Am glad it relates to you and thanks again for your wonderful comment.

  9. Tracy cole

    Our imagination is a picture that has to do with our dreams. I have always known the continual search for knowledge to improve your niche is very important. 

    Another important thing is originality and perseverance make your style unique.

    Thanks for the eye-opener. This is a must for all newbies to read

    1. Richard U Post author

      Very true Tracy. Very true indeed. I am happy that it has contributed to your increase of knowledge today. Thank you for contributing your thought I much appreciate that. Image is everything they say but we always forget that image is nothing without a nibble of imagination. 

      Thanks again.

  10. RoDarrick

    This is a very detailed and insightful analysis. Thanks so much for this post. This is really worth commending. Imagination is the greatest virtue of man and capable of turning nothing to something by envisaging it in an abstract form. Having barriers and hurdles require strength from within to bypass and imagination is a great way of creating positivity around one. 

    i like your detailed identification of various issues and how best to make use of imagination to achieve success in every hurdle. I feel very lucky to have come in contact with this post. I’m going to love this website and I’ll become an ardent reader.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks, RoDarrick for the warm comment and I happy to count you as one of my ardent readers. Don’t worry just keep a close tab and I will be bringing to you more goodies like. 


  11. afolabi anumicheal

    Thanks for writing this review on How To Use Your Imagination To Turn An Idea Into A Successful Online Business, I must commend you for a job well done for taking your time to write this book and also this review on this book. I must say there is a lot to learn in this book because reading the review of the book alone. I find out about some important aspect I need to do before I can have a successful business online 

    1. Richard U Post author

      You are most welcome and thank you for your comment. Indeed it is a well thought out book and everything you need to turn your imagination into a successful online business can be found within. Included are bonus tools and resources that will help you write your own book and publish much faster than I did.

  12. Whitedove1

    I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me. Imagination is thinking and dreaming big about yourself. Imagination is the best knowledge in becoming successful.

    I would love to order this book and read to acquire more knowledge. Thanks for the review, best regards 

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, it is and when you do order it and read, be ready because your life will never be the same again. You will be highly driven and everything you do or touch will become an idea before your eyes. Be ready for the big change. 


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