Top DealCheck App Features That Are A Must Have

By | October 9, 2019



In this article, I will be showing you the top DealCheck App features that are a must-have to grow your real estate business. DealCheck is one of the world’s leading real estate analysis software of our time and the features are packed with tools that will literally blow your mind.

These feature I found when trying the software out myself are so amazing that I have to share them here with you. Another thing I noticed is that the DealCheck App is super mobile responsive and compatible across all platforms and operating systems.

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You can literally close a deal on the go, while on your bed, asleep, or even while sitting on a toilet. yep!

If you are a:

  • Realtor
  • Real Estate agent
  • Real estate investor
  • Real estate broker
  • Commercial real estate developer
  • Residential real estate developer
  • Lands
  • Rental property owner
  • Rental portfolio builder
  • House Flipper
  • Real estate wholesaler
  • Etc

Then the DealCheck real estate software is a must-have for your business.

If you want to know more about this amazing real estate software please go and read up my insightful DealCheck Review here.

Let us go right into how these features can be used.

DealCheck App Features

DealCheck Property Lists



Here you will be able to instantly check for new deals that are life. You can easily scan through to see what fits your budget and then make an offer.

You can see the prices the properties are going for and all the information about the property with one single click view.

WebApp Screenshot of Property Analyser


With this tool, you can analyze any deal on the go and get the accurate worth of your money before you even make an offer. You can analyze anything from home inspection cost down to after repair value. The breakdown results are easy to interpret by anyone. This is the valuable information you can use to make the best offer or sell your property for more profit.

DealCheck Buy or Hold Feature


This tool gives you the instant analyzed result for buy or hold if you are looking for long or short term return on your property investment. It goes beyond 10 years period and it uses the vacancy period to tell you how much was lost or gained during the idle period

DealCheck Offer Calculator


With the DealCheck offer calculator, you can know the current price and the highest offer. All these you can do while on the go. The flexibility the DealCheck software App brought to the table can only be matched with Rehab Valuator software.

DealCheck Data Import Feature


Data like the last appearance, estimated rent, flip information, purchase criteria, etc can easily be imported, analyzed, and managed with this feature.

DealCheck Sales And Rental Comps Feature


With this feature you can easily ascertain your sales comps and after repair value estimates. You can view repeat comparable sales to help you estimate the ARV of the property easily.

DealCheck Mobile App Property Overview


This is the mobile interface of the App version of DealCheck. It is highly mobile responsive as well as very mobile friendly.

As you can see, everything that can be found on the desktop, laptop, and tablet interface can also be found on the mobile App version of DealCheck software.

You can even enjoy bolder and closer characters with in-depth details from every inquiry result you sent out. DealChcek is really one of the best tools used close and finds any deal on the go

Top DealChech App Features – An Overview

These features and many more can be found on the DealCheck platform. Especially more on the mobile App features because everything we do now is more dominated apparently.

The real estate software world is changing and the change is fast. Unless an individual or corporate real estate business owners get on board, the competition will overtake you.

The good news is that you can get to try DealCheck here for Free.

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I hope you found this top DealCheck App features very useful to grow your business. If you have any questions or comments please do so in the box provided below. And please help me share the heck out of it to your social network if you don’t mind. Many thanks.

18 thoughts on “Top DealCheck App Features That Are A Must Have

  1. Daniel

    Thanks for the screenshots. They help add a lot of value to the article. I think this is a great app that I can use to do some easy research on real estate investments in my area. The discount really helps too. Thanks for your knowledge and for sharing this great opportunity.


    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks, Danieli am glad you found the post very helpful. And yes the promo code is the cherry on top for you my esteemed reader should you want to unleash the full potential of the software to your advantage.

  2. Daniel Fortune

    Great resource. Thanks for the insights into this app. The screenshots you provided are very valuable. I learned a lot about this app without having to download it first. Now that I read your article, I think this will be very helpful to research my real estate investment interests. I appreciate the time you put into this, and most importantly, the discount you provided. Thanks for caring and sharing. 


    1. Richard U Post author

      You are welcome, Daniel. I am always here to serve my readers better. Good, you are putting the software into practice. Please do come back here and share your experience with us.

      Many thanks.

  3. Mark

    This looks like a good tool for real estate. Do you know if it is available here in the UK? I like the interface and the listing details with sales and repair analyses. Where does the app draw its data from? Do the properties have to be listed with Top Deal Check in the first place to appear on the app or is there some sort of central hub that the information can come from? When buying property Over here in the UK this could be a useful tool as I do not know of another that can give you this kind of in-depth data on the fly. If estimate costs are done on the fly are they comparison costs or are there contractors already signed up to the scheme?

    1. Richard U Post author

      Good question Mark and thank you for bringing it up.

      First, it is now a downloadable software. It is a web-based real estate software just like Rehab Valuator Software.

      Second I live in the UK and I can access the software with easy on my mobile, laptop, etc. So the users are not limited to the US market alone.

      Thirdly, yes all deals and purchases are done or uploaded by the platform users, it might seem little like compared to others compare to the market software right? But hear this: most of these users are estate agents, brokers, wholesalers, flippers, rehabbers, realtors, developers, etc with thousands of deal properties round the globe. So you do the math? 

      Finally, pop in your location after signing into your free trial account the see what happens. Just make sure you come back here and buy me a drink of thank you mate! (Just joking!).

  4. DreaJay

    You have done a good job here, though I’m not into Real estate full time, I can still make use of this software. DealCheck is nice and I look forward to trying it out. It has always been a burden for me to find available properties and the details like prices and all, now I think it’s going to be easy for me to get all this information on this software. The analysis is a very important thing in real estate business and software like this will help in improving one’s business. I’ll give it a shot, thanks.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thank you for commenting and please when you do try it out, do come back here and share your experience with us if you don’t mind.

      You are absolutely right. It does a lot and it helps to have such a handy tool for your real estate business.

      Thank again.

  5. Billy

    It sounds like a very convenient tool to have. I want to get into flipping houses in the near future and when I do I will look into getting this app. It looks really user-friendly which is nice. And that’s crazy how easily it can figure out and supply you with all of that information. Thank you so much! 


    1. Richard U Post author

      You are very welcome. And good to see you have such a venture in mind. All the best.

  6. alexandra

    I have been looking to sell my property so it is quite coincidental that I come across this website with The top deal check apps for a property. For a while, I have been considering investing in property but it is hard to balance all the numbers in your head but this app seems to be able to help with that. 

    I like the fact that it can provide you with information regarding your deal before you have even made it. 

    Great app that seems to be well worth a try if you’re in the business of buying and selling a property. 

  7. Chris

    I like your review of this DealCheck real estate software as I can see that it is actually a must-have for anyone in this industry. 

    I was happy when I landed on your site because I have been looking for a software or app to help me to see all new real estate deals that are live and also view all the available information on each property with a single click. 

    Thanks for this detailed product review which I will share straight away.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Glad to be of help Chris and thank you for sharing it to your network.

  8. Anjali

    Hello Richard,

    I think the good mobile response and compatibility are very important features for any software these days. People often do their initial search through a mobile phone. And more often than not that initial search set the bar for all the other searches to come. So good mobile response is a must if we want our software to be popular among the relevant crowd these days. The ability to scan and check what property suites us the best is also a good feature. That will make the property search faster and efficient. DealCheck offer calculator seems like a good opportunity to check and get an idea about the competition between buyers. Data like the last appearance is also very helpful when it comes to making the final decision to buy or not to buy.

    it seems like features in the DealCheck app are very helpful and the app is one of the best apps related to the real estate business. Could you please tell me when was this software first launched to the outside world?

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks, Anjali for the comment and to answer your question, DealCheck was founded by Anton Ivanovin 2015, when he noticed that most investors were using inaccurate or outdated spreadsheets and software to analyze potential investment properties. You can visit their website and read up the “about them” page to know more about DealCheck and what is driving them.

      Thanks again.

  9. Anton Ivanov

    Thanks for another great post featuring our software, Richard! We’re excited to hear that so many people find it helpful in their real estate businesses.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Indeed Anton and thank you so much for dropping by again. It is an honor to receive you here and yes you guys have got a gem on that software. It is simply awesome only a few can compete with it in the market.
      As you can see from the comments below and above, a lot of people are already loving DealCheck and what it can do. You are changing the world for better by helping folks in real estate business to what they do better with your software.

      Thanks again for stopping by. I really appreciate that.


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