This Is Why Wealthy Affiliate Is The Best

Wealthy Affiliate Is Not A Scam!


First let me clearly state that Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. How much money you can make depends on how much work you are ready to put in because it is truly the best. Premium membership is the best choice if you really want to make real money online and maybe quit your job and retire early.


Purpose Of This Post

The aim of this post is to show you a clear proof that Wealthy Affiliate is truly the best in helping folks to make money online and why it is not a scam.


Basically there are two ways to begin the journey of making money within Wealthy Affiliate program sooner than you may have thought as a premium member.

your wealthy affiliate dashboard

The fastest way to start making money is by becoming a supper affiliate as a  premium member which gives you full access to all the available resources you will need to jump start.

Upon your signing in as a member, you will notice that your activity dashboard is equipped with :

  • Getting started courses and lessons to get you up and running fast
  • Live chat 247 section where you can get instant help with anything.
  • Build your website section where you will be setting up your site as you continue learning. Call it progress in action.
  • Affiliate Boot camp progress courses and lessons where you will learn how to become a supper affiliate very quickly.
  • An option to upgrade to yearly premium membership and save decent amount on your premiums.
  • And site commenting opportunity which will help your ranking on Google


Training And Tools Found Within Wealthy Affiliate Program Are Amazing

training and tools within wealthy affiliate program


You will find your training history, classrooms with tons of questions and answers about owning and running an online business, certification courses as well as live video classes and watch how the training works in real life by an expert.

On the tools section, you will find websites and hosting platform, your Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool, rapid writer tool and link tracker as well as a list of keyword you can focus your article writing on.


Or You Can Pick Any Idea And Turn It Into An Online Business

The second way is to pick any idea/interest in any market or choose any niche idea and turn that into an online business empire by using the training and tools found within Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Full access to all tools and resources are available to premium members.

As a supper affiliate, you can earn substantial revenue by referring people to Wealthy Affiliate which by the way has one of the most exciting affiliate programs available on the internet.

You can earn $22,50 for monthly recurring income and you can also earn $175 for yearly recurring income. Conversion rate is 1 in 8 and over 12% of people usually go premium.



This Is How Much Can You Earn As An Affiliate


how much can you earn as wealthy affiliate premium

You can use the earning calculator found within your affiliate program settings to work out how much you can make if you put in more effort. Commissions are $8 for the first month $19 special offer. And then $22.50 monthly thereafter.

If for example you are able to refer 5 people per day with 12% upgrade rate to premium which is already tested, then in 4 months you will be looking at average of $1,458 monthly income which stands at $17,496 a year just from home.

Another example is when you are ready to put in few extra work and you are able to refer about 50 referrals per day of which 12% of them usually upgrade as already tested, then in 6 months time you will be looking at average of $22,398 monthly income

If you manage to keep that up with 50 referrals per day of which 12% do upgrade to premium which puts you in a monthly income from 6 months average of $22,398 monthly, then you may be looking at $268,776 a year from home.

All this is achievable if you are willing to put in the effort with your first month cost of $19 and there after $47 monthly premium as a premium member only. The value totally outweighs the cost of going premium which is minimal as well. How?


Let Me Show You

According to Wikipedia, about 42% of the 7.1 Billion people in the world, 3.2 Billion of them are currently using the internet. Out of these numbers, about 470,000 approximately and growing has already signed up at Wealthy Affiliate.

That leaves something over 3 Billion potential referrals out there for you to share Wealthy Affiliate with and invite too.

Now do the maths!?

What if you are able to refer less than fraction of that number within a whole year? Wouldn’t you want to retire earlier and enjoy your life to the full crush as you have always wanted to?


All You Need To Do Is Follow These Four Simple Steps

From your member dashboard after signing up, go to build my site and decide if you want a domain name website or free one.

choose your website

I will recommend you go for your own domain  name website with dot com. It is great for search engine optimization as well as your branding.


name your website

This is where you are going to name your website according to your chosen niche market. Here you need to type in the name you have chosen for your website.


choose a look for your website

Here you can choose from thousands of highly responsive themes for your website. Just scroll down and choose the one that identifies with your niche, brand or ideal market.


build your website

And finally click on the blue shade to build your website instantly.

All the current tools and up to date training you will need to help you achieve great results and start making money has been provided within the Wealthy Affiliate premium membership area.

As a premium member, the sky is your limit.

You can quit your job, retire earlier and enjoy the freedom of making serious money online if you really put in the effort.


Proof That Wealthy Affiliate Is Really The Best?

Two things i found most powerful within this program which you notice when you join are;

The Powerful Link Tracking Mechanism

track your performances


And Jaaxy The Best Niche Keyword Research Tool On The Internet

Wealthy Affiliate program has a powerful link tracking mechanism that will help you track and monitor your affiliate performances. You can also see all your traffic performances, number of clicks and generals. It is a complete hub of one stop solution tool that will help you keep on top of doing better and better with your efforts to make money online.

Jaaxy on the other hand is a must have and you can grab the free trial and test out what magic Jaaxy can do to your niche market.

Another proof is you actually get paid real money for your referral invites as seen from the life example below:


Proof That Anyone Can Actually Make Money Within Wealthy Affiliate




Yes and the above is the proof that Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. The above proof is one period i earned money considering my little effort due to other activities i am engaged with.

Imagine how much you too could make if you put in more than just an effort into affiliate referrals?


You Receive Payment Through Your PayPal

payment settings

Now you can see why Wealthy Affiliate is the best and not a scam. Your ability to earn more depend on your ability to put in more effort into your work. You can do this at your own pace.


Don’t waste anymore time!

If you join the premium membership today and get started now you will be ahead of those who are yet to make up their mind. And you could quit your job and be on your way to living the life you have always dreamed of.

As you are reading this, you are feeling more and more compelled to experience the benefit of Wealthy Affiliate.

The more you understand just how valuable Wealthy Affiliate could be to your life, the less you think about delaying to join the premium membership now.

Go Here To Get Started Now!


If you have any question or comment please do so in the box provided below and i will get back to you immediately.



-Richard U.


16 thoughts on “This Is Why Wealthy Affiliate Is The Best

  1. Daniel Lara

    Wow, Richard! This is a very thorough and engaging explanation. One question… Do you know of any other similar websites as Wealthy Affiliate? Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just host your website in a different platform? Are the benefits provided by it really worth it? Otherwise you can have a free WordPress site. I think I would have a hard time with that since I don’t have any previous knowledge, but just want to get your feedback on it.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Hi Daniel,

      Very important question there and i am sure you are not the only one with such obstacle.

      There are quite several platform out there who are in the same business and some quit good. But i have not seen a platform that serves what Wealthy Affiliate has under one roof for such one simple affordable monthly premium plus tons of benefits to even grow your own online business and make money as well.

      I tried couple out there but believe me the cost though looks small but when you add all the mushroom cost attached to just one simple services it doesn’t make economic sense for me.

      If i could find not just cheaper but better place to host my website other than at Wealthy Affiliate may i could but to be frank i couldn’t find any one place i could get the kind of service i get inclusive of my hosting services.

      Imagine a service that is beyond powerful hosting:

      1, WordPress Optimized servers

      2, The most secure hosting anywhere

      3, Full redundancy

      4, Daily backup

      5, 24/7 website monitoring

      6, Fully managed

      7, Site health analyzing

      8, Email and forwarding

      9, and your website auto login plus you get to host more than 30 website if you like just.

      All on a premium of $47 a month. Yes the benefit and especially the peace of mind really worth premium. No one out there can beat this. Trust me i have searched and looked and there is none.

      I hope this helps today?

      Thanks again for commenting.

  2. Jovo

    Hi, this is a very detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate. Though I did not understand the meaning of the graph below the title ‘proof that WA is really the best’. As I see you already earn some income as WA affiliate. But it is hard to accept that one can have 50 referrals per day as you use in the estimate. Another thing which I noticed is the number of members. Are you sure that there is close to half a million? Thank you.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Hi Jovo,

      Thanks for commenting.

      The graph is the best way to show folks how the link tracking works and how it is helpful in keeping track of your work and performances as well as many other information one can generate from such multi-purpose tool found within Wealthy Affiliate. To me it is better than just telling folks the story. It is a proof of authenticity and originality and you will not find it anywhere with such multi-tasking purposes.

      Yes if i did not earn anything yet from my work as Wealthy Affiliate premium member, then how can i be comfortable telling someone out there that Wealthy Affiliate works, or that it is the best and it is not a scam? Experience is the best teacher and i am using mine to help others make the right decision.

      Yes it is hard to accept that one cannot have 50 referrals per day but not impossible. The only limitation we have are those we set for ourselves knowingly or unknowingly. If you think you can do it and believe you can then you can.

      As for the ever growing number of people signing up at Wealthy Affiliate membership it changes often. As of the time of writing this post that was the close approximation i could get. If you are already a member, then please go to Need Help or Ask Your Question Here bar at the top and type in how many members are presently on Wealthy Affiliate. I am sure you will be surprised. Also go to the main home page and you will notice a live activity feed of how many people are just signing in every ten minutes. Its simply amazing and i can tell you now that by this time next year it will be double of that.

      I hope this helps to answer your questions.


  3. Hannah

    Wealthy Affiliate is about as far from being a scam as it gets – I would more compare it to an online and very reasonably priced university/college. The thing I like best about WA is the community – everyone is so friendly and very eager to help out any time you are stuck on anything! I’ve made a good few friends in my 4 months being a premium member! My main website is on page one of Google for many keywords too! Getting more and more traffic each week too.

    Great review!

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks Hannah for commenting

      It is really a great and highly motivating comment and one i believe folks out there who are still sitting on the fence should really read. I am also very glad that within 4 months of being a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate, your main website is on page one of Google for many keywords as well.

      Congratulations and well done.

      Nothing beats ever growing organic traffic flowing in to your website from Google. This is what Wealthy Affiliate teaches very well and that is just a tip of an ice berg of what to expect as a premium member.

      Indeed the only comparison to Wealthy Affiliate i can see online as well is a very reasonably priced university/college. Even at that you can never get the kind of one on one help and support we enjoy as Wealthy Affiliate premium memberships any where.

      Thanks again Hannah i appreciate your commenting.

  4. Ian

    Excellent post.

    You really put things in perspective with the numbers.
    470,000+ in WA? And 3.2 billion out of over 7 billion people have access to the Internet?

    That is just amazing when you think about it. And I think the number of smartphone users will increase by a lot this year.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Yes Ian and the best part is that this number is growing and will continue to grow on daily basis.

      Yes imagine the number of smart phone users out there and you will understand why companies like Apple and Facebook will never ever go out of business no matter what. We all need our phones and the internet hence we will like to stay connected to our friends and family.

      Now shift that perspective to what is happening now within Wealthy Affiliate and count how many success stories are coming in via the community daily? With the current state of the economy every where, folks will soon wake up to the full facts that to be able to stay above the waters financially, you will have to market your talents and skills online.

      What best place to learn such process and get the kind of help you will need without breaking a bank other than within Wealthy Affiliate as a premium?

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. Wayne Gosse

    Hey Richard,

    Great review!. I like the detail of your analysis and all the screenshots you provided. As they say, “a pic is worth a thousand words”. If I could provide one piece of constructive criticism, is that when you hover your mouse over any of the screenshots, the social media midget kicks in. This is a bit annoying as it covers up part of your screenshot and not really that sharable of an item. You can fix that in your widget settings.

    However, as stated earlier, I really liked the review and how well you explained just about every detail there is to know about the product – including an income calculator and free and premium options.

    All the best,

    Wayne Gosse

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks Wayne

      Yes my apologies on the widget thing and i have promptly taken care of it on my setting. Thanks for the insightful comment and i welcome the constructive because it helps any business to grow and hence it helps me serve my readers even better.

      I have learned that it is better to show folks how it is done than just telling them a story of how to do it. No body want their time wasted. It is all there and i am glad i am getting this amazing responses on the comment box below.

      Indeed there is no affiliate program out there that offers what Wealthy Affiliate offers, all in one roof at such effectively affordable price especially for those who are really serious about making a living working online from home.

      Thanks again for commenting.

  6. Adam

    Thank you for your post, very inspiring!

    I’m thinking about starting an online business and I have to say I’d like to give it a try after reading your review (recommendation) on Wealthy Affiliate.

    I have my concerns though. Don’t you think it’s almost impossible to make a career as an online marketer? I mean so many people are trying to do it this way. Why I be the one who manages it to make this dream come true?

    It’s really temptating though. I get the idea of your writing that Wealthy Affiliate offers everything you need for the start (hosting, support, course, etc.).

    What is your experience? Is it really worth it? Do you think it’s possible to make a living like this, selling stuff as an affiliate?

    Thank you in advance!


    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks you for asking these very important questions.

      Glad that you understood that it is not a get rich quick scheme and you knew that you have to work to make money.

      It is not impossible to make it and quit your job. In fact when you join you can simply do a quick search on success stories and you will be amazed on the numbers of folks with more success stories as a result.

      The only limitation we have are those we set for ourselves. This is true word.

      My experience is that i am enjoying my membership to the fullest. I have a website now and before this i have no clue on how to set up WordPress. But now look at my site.

      Second i have learned things i have no clue i could do before and added internet marketing to my warehouse of skills.

      Last but not the least, i have gotten paid as a result of work i did on my site compliment of training and lessons i learned within Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member. And the article above is a case study to that as you can see.

      If i can make such little amount with little effort, imagine what you can do with 90% commitment of your time and energy?

      Simply put, Wealthy Affiliate works and it is the best out there on the internet.

      If in doubt give it a try and see if you can stop yourself from telling your own success story.

      All the best!

  7. Win Back Your Ex Comments

    I really enjoyed this post and the information you provided.

    I know there are a lot of scams out there and after reading your post this Wealthy Affiliate does not seem to be one of them.

    I know there are a lot of Money Making programs available and I have been bitten in the past and lost money thinking i was knowing what i was doing.

    I will look more into this Wealthy Affiliate program and get back to you if i need something.

    Is it as good as they say?



    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks for commenting and i am happy you found the article very valuable.

      Sorry to hear that you have been done before, believe me i have been there too. But thank God to Wealthy Affiliate and i never buy any shinny object that promises nothing other than empty wallet.

      Yes Wealthy Affiliate is better than they say. I am a living example and post was inspired by my personal experience within the program.

      The facts is there. Wealthy Affiliate works as you can see my proof of getting paid. There is no get rich quick scheme and it is not a scam. Your ability to earn more all depends on your effort to work. The more work you put into your website or blogs, the better result you will get.

      It is a learning success stories to be honest and you can start earning while still learning all the things you needed.

      The best part is you will be able to get one on one help and support when ever you are stuck with something. And the live chat 24/7 is awesome. Folks are joining by the minutes and the community is alarmingly growing.

      For premium members, it goes beyond powerful hosting; meaning you will get:

      1, WordPress optimized server

      2, The most secure hosting anywhere

      3, Full Redundancy

      4, Daily Backup

      5, 24/7 Website Monitoring

      6, Fully Managed

      7, Email and forwards

      8, Site Health Analyzing

      9, Website Auto-login

      10, And best one on one help and support better than anything on the internet. I know because i did my research before joining.

      Now all these under one simple and affordable cost is simply the best thing for anyone looking to create passive income online by doing what they already do in real life. Only this time helping folks with it. (Your talent)

      See you on the inside when you do and i will be there to help when you need one.


  8. Andrew

    Well, this is yet another positive review for Wealthy Affiliate. I can see why though, They do offer true value to their members. Even the free starter membership offers a lot. 2 Free WordPress websites plus training for you to get started, couldn’t ask for more than that. There’s totally zero risk, just sign-up with a username and email address. Nice!

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks Andrew for the comment and sorry for the late reply i have been super busy. Nonetheless, you made a good point and yes it works because i am a living testimony.

      This is not get rich quick scheme that is being paraded by some self acclaimed gurus out there on the net without any resourceful solid foundation. This program works and it works according to how much effort one is willing to put in.

      Thanks again and let me know how i can be of further help.


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