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By | July 5, 2015

Is Search Traffic Mastery The Secret To Getting A High Quality And Targeted Traffic?


Product Name: Search Traffic Masteryobp search traffic mastery



Owner: Julie Maia

Price: $7

Type: Training course (SEO)

Launch Date: 26th July 2015


Purpose Of This Post

The purpose of this post is to bring to you another prospective means to improve your online business pursuit which I think will help unveil the secrete of getting targeted traffic to your websites from search engine.


Product Overview

This product is basically a step by step methodology that has been laid down by the owner to help others achieve a wining SEO that will help you rank and stay at the front page of Google in no time.

Otherwise a training course to succeed with SEOs.

Knowing that lack of traffic is the major course of huge online business failure these days, the product owner seems to pursue this specific need with a rapt attention.

The product is all about traffic. The owner believes that the training will help drive traffic and traffic drives sales which is the ultimate purpose of creating value across every platform on the net.

This I agree even though it has been known that many has different intentions all together. I for one I am here to help others via my contents with no holding back.


The Secret To Getting Traffic

I also agree that over 70% of traffics generated on the web still come from search engines. No wonder why the product owner tried here to demonstrate how Search Traffic Mastery will change your traffic performance after the training as seen below:



To achive this results, you have to basically master the act of delivering solution to the right problem with your site or blog. Meaning if for example some one is looking for solution to a particular problem, and does a search, your website should be able to be there on Google’s front page with the right keyword. Right where they will find your site on the front page of Google.



Features Of Search Traffic Mastery Training Course

These features includes up to 10 Modules that you will get to start getting huge traffic that will increase your income online according to the owner.

These includes:-

  1. 24hr traffic plan revealed
  2. Extreme SEO Training
  3. Ultimate Content Marketing Training
  4. Press Release Marketing
  5. Social Bookmarking and Web 2.0 Properties
  6. Video Marketing Methods
  7. Online Software Marketing
  8. More Web 2.0 Properties
  9. Fortune 500 Link Building Strategies
  10. And Bonus Module 10 which includes series of powerful webinars


Then from the above modules you should be able to know how to :-

  • How to compete and beat the biggest website online with zero advertising
  • Understand the secret system and process of how to generate targeted traffic to your website within 24hrs
  • Use the proven SEO strategies that only the seasoned SEO professional are aware of.
  • You will get a list of special website that you should be using to drive massive traffics and how to leverage them.
  • How to properly repurpose your old content to drive a massive traffic to your website or blog.
  • The process of using a secret website to gain a massive backlink from up and coming new websites.
  • A simple 5 minutes strategy to creating an online video that will pull website visitors to your site like magnet.



  • This training is all about SEO which by far is still the most important source of free and targeted quality traffic on the net.
  • The owner assures to show you how it is done over the shoulder with no guessing right in front of you.
  • It is not a shinny object like one click formula to 6 figures a month like so many scams out there on the net.
  • Ability to help you improve inbound link popularity and which can will help increase your overall online exposure.
  • There are 2 great Bonus awaiting anyone who takes on the training and they are: Advanced Article Marketing Audio Course and Fast Action on Building Better Backlinks



  • First it is not a get rich quick scheme.
  • It seems and looks like you have to be ready to work hard
  • Thirdly the author Julie Maia did not say much about herself and when I did a few digging on the net, I couldn’t find much about her or her previous work on the net.
  • Backlinks are quite old school methods but still get tremendous results in terms of huge organic traffics if used properly and or taught properly by an expert in the field.
  • The author is probably new but it has been proven that new blood brings in new great perspective and new ways of solving problems.


My Verdict:

As a huge fan of SEO I think this product will worth your money considering the unbelievable low price that comes with it.

As we all know that making money online is all about learning how to improve your financial success through an online business and once you understand how to make money online the best way, then the sky will be your beginning.


In the name of moving forward to success, I will say GO FOR IT if you are supper interested in mastering SEOs that can help bring tons of traffic to your website on daily basis.seo mastery steps


Click HERE or on the picture to get yours now!  ==>



If not I will also say stick to what is working for you and if you ever need help understanding your options, you can find out here why most online businesses fail at early start and how you can over come such obstacles.


Finally please do let me know if you have used this product and how its working out for you by dropping a comment in the box provided below. This way others can learn and I will always respond back to you immediately.


Also if you found this post useful, would you mind sharing the heck out if for me on your social media network? Cheers


– Richard U.






18 thoughts on “The Secret To Getting Traffic – Search Traffic Mastery

  1. LearnToEarn Admin

    I really like the clean and easy look and feel to your website upon accessing your site. Well done!

    I’ll leave my comments there as I believe there may be a whole lot more if I were to continue.

    On the whole, I like your site very much and you’ve done well to keep up your good English. I look forward to hearing from you soon! 🙂

    1. admin

      Thanks for the comment.

      Points well taken and continuity made.

      I appreciate to key notes and I will look forward to doing more in the near future.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Stephen

    Thank you for posting this. I’m new to building websites and I’m just learning the ways.

    I keep reading how important SEO is for your website to be successful. After reading your review on Search Traffic Mastery, and you list things like Social Media promotion, and Video promotion, I think I might give it a try! Those are two areas I could use help with.

    Thanks again for this info! It was very helpful.

    1. admin

      Hi Stephen,

      Thanks for the comment and yes SEO is very important especially when it brings us targeted and highly organic traffic to our website with zero cost in advertising. If I have my way I will dedicate a whole year trying to become a professional SEO expert which by the way is not far fetched goal.

      Social media promotion and video promotion is really growing at an alarming rate due to quick results and the rate of returns on time and money spent is something to write home about.

      You are therefore right on track and keep it up.

      Feel free to ask for any help and you are always welcome.


  3. Chris

    This is a helpful guide. SEO and internet marketing are some of those terms that can really bring up a lot of spammy search results and it makes it hard to distinguish the good from the bad. I appreciate this honest review. Im’ still getting my head around the way SEO works, and i guess information changes along with google updating their algorithms and such. Would you say this product maintains its up-to-dateness?

    1. admin

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for the great comment and yes you are quit right there about SEO and internet marketing search prompting spam search results. A we all know this is down to the high volume of daily traffic around such keywords.

      Well it is all there and I hope this review helps folks on their quest.

      As for the up to date I will say yes because first the launch date is 26th July 2015 which is fresh. Secondly the area covered on the package promised to covered both SEO and non SEO related approach e,g video marketing and social media. Thirdly it is not a shinny object like everyone else does with fake promises.

      Finally there seem to be a lot in one package for such a small price which sounds fair.

      In overall thanks for commenting and cheers!.

  4. Tomas Bishop

    I probably should take the time to look into this.

    SEO has always been my struggle.

    Maybe this might help! I’m feeling optimistic.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks Tomas for the comment and yes you should. SEO is only thing that will assure you of success through avalanche of free and organic traffic to your sight if done well. Its a game that keep changing and the only way to meet up is to stay on top of being on top. It may take time but once they start there is no going back. That means rewards to you. Now i am not sure about you but i do like to start somewhere. Here for example and work your way forward.

  5. Alec

    Hmm, “Extreme SEO Training?” The program sounds a little too hyped up for my taste, but that may just be me. I don’t think there’s any big secret to succeeding at SEO. Content is king and will prevail here. You’re not going to rank with bad content regardless of how many backlinks you have. It’s like losing weight. There’s no secret pill. All that’s required is burning more calories than you consume. Same thing with content. The only way to outrank your competitors is to have better content than them. Are there any success stories from people who have bought this product and put it to use?

    1. admin

      Thanks Alec for the comment.

      You are right!

      Iit is indeed content that counts and there are no one direction to SEO success. One of the main reason i brought this review here was because what ever your website set to achieve in business, you need traffic. No one is an Island hence every nugget of added knowledge to your existing ones may go along way.

      We should also remember that many of us has no clue how to go about SEO not to mention how to produce good content. Therefore as you may have upper hand or so, they may be other newbies who will be able to benefit from every little help out there.

      No doubt i like SEO and my contents are SEO driven. Therefore if i see something that i know will add value to my readers, then i am obliged to share with insight.

      What i understood from the product is that its a pure knowledge base and not a shinny object. If you ready to work sure it will work for you. If you are in a hurry then you may consider a rocket science.

      Thanks again for your valuable take.

  6. Kush1000

    Hi there! That’s a nice post you have created here.
    Very nicely explained and easy for a reader to understand.
    I will definitely come back to this site in the future.
    I’m sure many people will find this article as useful and interesting as I did.
    Thanks for sharing this nice information.
    Cheers and best of luck to you.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks for the comment and it is great to know that folks out there found value on this post. And i am glad you did too.

      It all boil down the SEO’s and if done well who knows how far one can go. There is no one specific holy grail solution to it other than continuous learning within the field, finding and testing what works best for you so you can scale up.

      Thanks again and best of luck to you too.

  7. Neil

    Getting traffic to my website is something I’m currently struggling with, and Search Traffic Mastery sounds like it can help me in my situation, especially at an incredible low price 😀

    The 10 modules sound great, and I can’t wait to get stuck in to the Search Traffic Mastery training course now. SEO sounds to me like a very effective traffic generating concept.


    1. Richard U Post author

      Yes indeed and the great part is that these traffics are organic traffic that means they are here to stay once you get it going well for you.

      I myself am still keep up with or lets say catching up becuase i know it is the right way that wont cost me a leg or an arm.

      Thanks for commenting and i wish you all the best on your journey way forward.

  8. Jacob Schilling

    Hey Richard. Nice review, although I have some questions. First off, aren’t the first two cons actually pros? I think that for most, it is a widely known fact that you have to work hard to have success in the affiliate marketing industry. It is such a grind, and the fact that Search Traffic Mastery is letting you know that proves to me that they are honest and reassures me that they are legitimate.

    The other question I have, is that since this product came out in 2015, do you think that any of the information applied to it does no longer apply to how affiliate marketing works today?

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks for the comment Jacob, and yes as we all know that  world of Internet marketing is constantly evolving that may be true. To be honest I myself have not seen any update from them since then I guessed it’s all about change management.  

      Thanks again for the comment 


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