The Differences Between An Affiliate Marketer And A Blogger

By | July 11, 2018

the differences between an affiliate marketer and a blogger

In this article, you are going to fully understand the true differences between an affiliate marketer and a blogger so you don’t get confused as people often don’t know the differences anymore. This is a guest post from Melissa Glidden of Giving Assistant, a charitable action organization dedicated to giving. Giving Assistant is B Corp certified cashback website that helps users save money on their every purchase. Users can either keep the cashback or give it to any of the 1.2 non-profit and charitable organizations.

She came across my website online and then reached out with this killer topic that we both agreed is going to benefit a lot of readers. After much reviews, I told her to go ahead and run with it. Here it is and I hope you enjoy the read.

Mellissa Glidden is a professional Copy Writer at Giving Assistant and the work they do help a lot of folks out there and changes life too. Her team helps to transform everyday shopping into a charitable action. They help you save money and give back little for free which goes to various charities. You can read more about what the team does here. And this is Melissa’s picture on your left-hand side.

At the end of this post, I will be throwing more lights of my own and I hope after reading this today, you will fully understand the the differences between an affiliate marketer and a bloggerdifferences between an affiliate marketer and a blogger.

There is an endless amount of content
available on the Internet today: blogs, social media posts, videos,
graphics—the list goes on.

As a result, it has become increasingly
important to analyze the content you find online the same way you
would analyze a news source. Are they giving you a real, unbiased
answer to your search query? Or are they trying to lead you to other
content or a certain opinion?

After all, it’s important to
determine content that is written to sway your opinions, sell you
something, or simply and honestly give you the best answer to your

As such, one of the first things you
should know is how to tell if you are reading something created
in the style of a blogger or an affiliate marketer.

What is Affiliate

At this point, almost everyone knows
what a blog is. It is a website or page that is written by someone or
a group of people to convey thoughts and opinions. Blogs are often
informal or conversational in nature.

However, the term “affiliate
marketing” might not be as familiar to you… Affiliate marketing
involves marketing products by an online publisher through
traditional ads. An example of a traditional ad is a banner that you
see on a web page or a link to a product or service embedded in the
text of a blog post. In return, the website owner or content creator
earns a commission from sales.

It is important to note that just
because a post uses affiliate marketing doesn’t mean that the post
is solely about the product or service they promote. In fact, more
often than not, affiliate marketing is done simply by mentioning
the product or service they promote.

How is Affiliate
Marketing Different from Blogging?

The main difference between affiliate
marketing and regular blogging is the payment. While a blogger might
mention a company like Giving Assistant because they genuinely love and recommend
the service, they won’t necessarily make any money from it. This is
because a blogger that mentions a service they love isn’t
necessarily affiliated with a company whereas an affiliate marketer
always is—hence the name.

This is different than an affiliate
marketer for the same reasons we outlined in the previous section. An
affiliate marketer inserts these mentions and links with the
intention of making money off clicks via a commission.

This prompts the question, though, how
does a blogger make money? Well, there are a few ways…

One way is to attract sponsors and use
ads on blogs or web pages. With an ad, the blogger makes money by a
payment for the placement of the ad, not a payment based on ad
performance. This practice is more profitable for popular blogs that
generate a lot of traffic. After all, businesses will pay more for
ads that will be seen by many people. Therefore, blogs that have high
traffic rates are more likely to get higher offers.

Bloggers also write sponsored posts.
These posts are basically ads but in a long, detailed form. Ads
that are made into the form of blog posts are useful to companies
because they convey more information about their product or service.

Bloggers are also a type of online
influencer. This means that if they have dedicated readers and the
blogger positively reviews a product or service, his or her readers
are more likely to check out a particular product or service.
However, a blogger might not specifically always link to the product
or service they write about or promote. An affiliate marketer will as
their commissions are tracked via a specific link.

A Blogger Might Use
Affiliate Marketing

If someone is specifically a blogger,
he or she may use affiliate marketing periodically during the life of
their blog. However, this is typically blended into their regular
content and doesn’t replace the content that they produce.

On the other hand, an affiliate
marketer makes money primarily on affiliate links. As such, they
usually won’t create a blog as it isn’t necessarily profitable.

So, there you have it. Now that you
have a better understanding of affiliate marketing and blogging, and
the differences between each, you may be inclined to start a blog or
become an affiliate marketer on your own.


I hope you have enjoyed the read as I am sure you have learned the main differences between an affiliate marketer and a blogger today. One common thing I found between the two is that although affiliate marketer may not necessarily need a blog site, eight out of ten, the more successful one does. So, in essence, it is okay to say usually, they both need a blog site to get started.

If you are interested in becoming a blogger or you have this great idea you want to blog about but do not have a blog site or know how to make one, just enter your blog idea in the box below and hit enter. This software will build you a stunning blogsite that converts traffics in just under 30 seconds. And don’t worry it is free. Unless you want to upgrade later to a premium domain.

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Lastly, I will like to point out that between blogging and affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing is the quickest way to make money online even without a blog site. Blogging will make you money but in the long run. When it does, it becomes your passive income online. Simply because, blogging will help you build a solid foundation, establish trust and your brand as well as help you build a good reputation online. Feel free to ask any question that concerns you or drop me a comment in the box below. I will surely get back to you immediately. Also, help us share this post to your social media network so others can understand the difference between affiliate marketer and a blogger as well. Many thanks in advance.



8 thoughts on “The Differences Between An Affiliate Marketer And A Blogger

  1. ariel

    Hello! I so did enjoy this article. And its a great topic. So many people do not realize there is a difference or that AM is a huge field where people make great living incomes.
    I was so happy to read this article.
    In peace and gratitude, ariel

    1. Richard U Post author

      Hi Ariel,

      Thank you for the wonderful comment and I glad you found it beneficial. Yes, the topic has always been misunderstood and still is. When Mellisa came up with the idea for a guest post on my site, I knew a lot of my readers will benefit from it. Besides I have a lot of folks got this all wrong, even I did when I first started out.

      Thanks again for the comment.

  2. hong

    This is a great article explaining the difference between affiliate marketer and blogger. I used to think they were the same thing. Thank you for clarifying this for me. I’m sure many people can benefit from this information. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks, Hong for commenting and I am glad to hear that I helped change that for you. It is simple but everyday mistake people can do and still does today. understanding these difference will help sharpen and position your goal appropriately.

      Than you for stopping by.

  3. Shwana

    You are so right, there are many people who do not know the difference between blogging and affiliate marketing. You did a great job of highlighting the differences between the two. It is very important that our readers know when we are AM. Your transparency is refreshing. Thanks for this great post!

    1. Richard U Post author

      Hi Shwana,

      Thanks a lot for that and I am glad you found it valuable too. Yes, that confused me a lot when I first started and then till now I realized that a lot of people are still confused about it still. When the idea was brought to me, it confirmed what I have been experiencing so I decided to give it a go ahead and put the report together.

      Thanks again for dropping by and yes I have been getting a lot of thank you for sharing this post as it is very helpful.


  4. Lawrence

    What a great explanation. It clarified to me what I am and the roll I play.
    I consider myself very much an affiliate marketer with blogging tendencies. Haha.
    I’d love to be one of those lucky bloggers that travel the world and get paid a small (or big) fortune for mentioning something about a certain place in their blogs. Sigh – what a life that would be.
    Yesterday I basically wrote what was a helpful blog which in Am terms is considered content – and content is apparently king; you’ve proved that here.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks, Lawrence for the comment and yes it is still very possible to live the laptop lifestyle without question. I am glad am able to help with the perspective shift and understanding you just gained. It is important the folks know the difference between a blogger and an affiliate market. Then one can channel their skill and knowledge to where it is most needed.

      Thanks again for dropping by.



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