SFI Internet Income Scam? – A Must Read

By | March 11, 2017

Is SFI Internet Income a Scam?

Product Name: SFI Internet Incomesfi3

Website: sfiimg.com

Price: Free (Sort of)

Owners: SFI Marketing Group

Overall Rank: 12 Out 100

Verdict: Let’s Find Out…

SFI Internet Income. Is This Another Triangle Based Scheme (Pyramid Scam)?


SFI which stands for Six Figure Income has been through many reviews both good and mostly bad but my objective here is to tell you as it is. Then the choice is yours. This review is going to test if SFI internet income is the best thing for you or not.

The first thing that will impress you once you land on the page is the fact that SFI is free to get started.

Yes, free and then unlike many internet business scams out there, the true agenda will be gradually revealed to you while it will be too late for you to get out.

Ways of Becoming  a Member When You Join:

  1. First, you become an executive affiliate and you remain executive affiliate each month.
  2. Secondly, you have to recruit 5 new affiliates by applying the same method you found here.
  3. Finally, you will have to teach your affiliates to go through the same steps as above.

Personally, I found this quite confusing and a bit tricky because looking at the three steps above, you will practically be doing the same thing all over. Nothing new here.

If you looking to learn how to make money online from home through affiliate marketing, click the image below for one on one help.

is sfi internet income a scam?

SFI Internet Income Product Pros And Cons

Before we go further, let’s take a look at the pros and cons to see how well they are doing and then test to see if it is something worth trying.

Pros and Cons


  • It is free to join ( At First Though).
  • You can earn little money but you have to spend even more money to be able to earn that. Why? I have no idea!!
  • PayPal payments allowed (though it is very difficult to earn money)


  • If your success rate is slower due to lack of investment at the beginning then why is it free and what is the essence of becoming a member in the first place?
  • Hence it is not actually free. Just a game to get you in real quick.
  • You won’t make money if you do not invest money. So how is this free to join ? (You tell me on the comment box at the end of this post please).
  • How can you move up the ladder of success when your only option is to shamelessly pursue your friends and relatives to join? I mean literally beg and pursue them!!
  • Complains about SFI and SFI marketing groups online are popular and very public. This is not a very good sign. You can Google this now and see the proof for yourself.
  • Triple Click company, Very impressive. But the truth is that with this approach, you are expected to buy items from a company “you do not trust” so you can collect commission which by the way is like searching for a needle in a haystack.
  • You will notice that you may have to spend more for being a member than you actually make in terms of money. (Very Risky)
  • Support for your affiliate program is very poor.
  • Instead of creating a real business for yourself, you are actually creating more money for the owners.
  • You will be surprised by the share number of buying this and buy those emails you will be receiving after signing up. Does this mean that your personal information is been shared with a third party without your consent? You tell me !!
  • In fact, this SFI Marketing Group has more negative attributes than meets the eyes and sure it is not a real business prospect for anyone starting fresh.

You can read about my number one Top Ranked online business prospect at my insightful take on Wealthy Affiliate Review on this site. Within the review, you will find how much it does cost to join the wealthy affiliate, why it is the best affiliate program, and what affiliate marketing company really looks like.

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SFI Internet Income Scam?

Meaning if you want to help others build an online business and get paid a good commission for it then you can get started here or click on the image on your left. This is completely free to get started.



Still In Doubt If SFI Internet Income Affiliate Program Is  A Rip Off or Not?

What everyone does or should be doing if they are serious about looking for how to make money online is to do a review on any program of their choice.

Now I am not saying this should be a standard but I will suggest you do a review on any product or service before handing over your hard-earned cash.

Don’t get me wrong as you will find without doubts that some reviews are biased while some are the unbiased honest truth.

But if you go to RipOffReport.com which is no doubt one of the most popular places to complain about any rip-offs products online, you will surely find a lot of complains about SFI internet income as seen below;-


Another shocking report from Ripoffreport.com can be seen below.

is sfi internet income a scam?

The facts are that:

  1. You will hardly find anyone who can honestly claim to have made the amount of money on their income claim.
  2. You will notice as above that people are actually complaining about the program.
  3. That it is much more difficult to even cover the monthly expenses, not to mention how hard it is to actually make money with the program (SFI).

Now if you also take a look at BBB (Better Business Bureau Complaints)  you will notice a high volume of complaints about SFI program;-


The fact that you will still notice complaints from people who have been cut off from the system for being able to earn some money will tell you that SFI is not good for you. They were cut off as a result of SFI calling their efforts an intent to defraud their system.

If such action sounds like tactics to hold payments and limit affiliate payouts then am not sure what else is …..

High Paying Affiliate Programs To Join For Free

Apart from the Wealthy Affiliate program, there are other high paying affiliate programs out there you can join for free. This program will cost you nothing to join and you don’t have to build force sale to anyone to join before you make money.

Why You May Want To Avoid the SFI Affiliate Program!!

  • The program is confusing
  • You will be getting thousands of emails from companies you don’t know trying to sell you thousands of $’s of the coaching program.
  • You will be on your own if you get scammed.
  • SFI will make more money off you.
  • The program design is very complicated.
  • It’s built to take advantage of your time and money.
  • You will have to get so many people under you to be able to move to the top of the ladder (Pyramids).
  • Triple Clicks simply is more money for SFI.
  • Support is poor.
  • The tasks are not geared towards your success in online business.
  • There are so many complications in the process and the approach is not quite straight forward. If you are paying for something wouldn’t you want to know exactly how to benefit from it? It is a scam. Plain and simple.

To further puts things in perspectives, let us take a look at the comparison table below

Wealthy Affiliate vs SFI Internet Income



Review Overview

Product Name: SFI Internet Income

Price: Not so free after all said and done!

Owners: SFI Marketing Group

Overall Rank: 12 out of 100

Verdict: Avoid Completely. I Will Not Recommend It. Then Again The Choice Is Yours.


The honest truth is that; to be able to make any dime with SFI internet income will mean you have to spend even more money. This totally defeats the purpose of trying to make money online.

If all objective is to make money which translates that you should see returns on your investment or better still break even, then this is not for you. If you can’t see the potential of making money then it is not worth the effort.

SFI internet income is designed to make more money for the owners plain and simple.

The comparison table above is the clear and precise explanation of what to expect when you join SFI internet income

Again if you are serious about making money online then Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to start. It is where I started and where I built this website. I am still a member because I can get help any time I need one. There are tons of ways to access help and support and the 24 hours live chat used by more than 1 million active members is my favorite.

I can ask the owners direct questions via direct email anytime and day about any issue I may be having and I will get a quick reply with absolute resolutions and support. But within SFI Internet Income, this is far fetched. For me, Wealthy Affiliate is a wise investment and so should be for you if you are serious about creating a recurring income online.


I have been getting a lot of comments as you can see below from those who think this article is not supporting what they believed about the reviewed product. This is only a review research work and everything said here is already on the internet and can be found by anyone. 


This article is merely asking the question “Is SFI Internet Income A Scam?” Not accusing anyone or organization. I am not a financial adviser and this article cannot be assumed to be one. Please always do your own research just like I did here before engaging with any affiliate program. This is a research and facts based review and everything here can be found on the internet if you do the search. I have nothing against SFI Internet Income and I think they are doing good and can do even better. Some of the links on this article may or may not lead to another product or service. If you decide to click on any of the links provided here and make a  purchase, I will get a commission as this helps me to maintain this site. The choice of decision is entirely yours to make. I am only providing my expert reviews to enable you to make an informed decision. Again always do your own research before joining any money-making platform online. 

If you have any question or opinion about this review please leave your comments on the space below. I will surely get back to you immediately.


20 thoughts on “SFI Internet Income Scam? – A Must Read

  1. tony

    Based on your review of SFL Affiliate program and finding I will stay clear of this product. It is a scam and I will share your finding with others.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Hi Tony,

      Thanks for the comment and yes please do share and help others.

      This is something I will not recommend and if you are interested in generating real income online, then do read my insightful take on my #1 Top Ranked affiliate program on the internet today.

      They have Real and timely one on one supports from experts who has made it and still helping others do same, plus this is very hard to find any where else these days.

      Thanks again and best of luck plus if you have any question please do not hesitate to ask me.


  2. Keye

    Woww, never heard of this SFI thing, luckily I don’t even need to consider it when their sales come to my attention in future! Thanks for your information! 🙂

    1. Richard U Post author

      Hi Keye,

      Thanks for the comment. Indeed yes I can not recommend it as its not a good business prospect for anyone looking to start fresh online. You can read my #1 top Ranked products review which I highly recommend for anyone who is serious about earning income online and may be go far and quit their job or go part time.

      It is the only prospect that provides timely one on one support and help, all the way to your success and at no extra cost.

      Getting help is the most important part of any business. It is far beyond customer services and relationship management. I call it success management.


  3. Seth

    Man I took a look at their site because I wanted to see what you were talking about here and after a few minutes I still had no idea what they were even selling…so then I went to their triple clicks site to see the products they claim 90,000+ of them…what a joke.
    To be honest if you cannot find an earnings disclosure page you can be pretty sure you should stay away.
    Thanks for the information! Not sure how their name relates to what they are doing there. haha.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Hi Seth,

      Good to hear that you actually saw things yourself. What you saw is just a tip of an ice bag.

      For the fact that you can not even find what you are paying for or how their name does not relate to what there are offering is enough hint to stay away.

      Online business opportunity should be defined and surgically straight to what you are paying for.

      Not confusing you by promising millions without precise strategy of how to help you get there. If I am paying for something for example, I should know exactly what I am paying for.

      Have a look at my #1 Top Rank review. What you see is what you get.

      In fact they even went extra mile to give you access to all these for free just to show you that your goals and success is more paramount than anything. Because your success is their success.

      The truth is that if I have found this out 4yrs ago I would have become a billionaire by now. Well it is not late and that is why I want to help others who are experiencing what I went through to find the right path.

      When you join in as a free starter for example you will find all the help you need. You will see live testimonies of people who had made it and they are more than happy to share with you the same knowledge with all the help you can get.
      Imagine all that for just being a free member?

      Anyways thanks for dropping by and I hope you take the opportunity before you. I am glad to have added value to your quest and I will be more than happy to continue helping you on the inside.


  4. Arlind

    I, for one, will NOT pay $14.99 for ANY eBook probably will not pay $12.99 for an eBook. I’ll just wait until the price drops BELOW $9.99, which is my absolute upper limit.
    With so many books available that I have not read and want to read, I can certainly wait out the publishers and their Agency Model. My comfort level is in the $5-$7 range.
    I paid $259 for a K2 and have just ordered the $189 K3, and could afford to pay those higher eBook prices, but since I cannot do anything with the eBook once I read it to recoup some of my investment, I think the Agency Model pricing is a joke.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Hi Arlind,

      Good to hear your thought on agency pricing model which is completely different from my subject matter but still please allow me to suggest if you are going to spend that much money on just eBook why not invest just fraction of that on a recurring income programme that will allow you own up to 25 website with different profitable niche of your own, making you money monthly and for life ?

      Not to mention the ability to host your site on a trusted web host with the state of the art innovative technology ever hit the net plus spam free environment and the best one on one help and support from well known experts in the field ?

      Read about my number one Top Ranked product on this site for more details. And come back here if you need any hand.

      Thanks and best of luck.

  5. Daniela

    Wow, this piece of writing is pleasant, my younger sister is analyzing these
    kinds of things, so I am going to let know her.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Hi Daniela,

      Yes and thanks for coming.
      Also I glad you found my writing very pleasant and useful information as well and thanks for referring your sister to.

      You both can head over to my #1 Top Ranked Product on this site and sign up your free account to an honest and real programme that helps hundreds of people start real online business towards earning recurring income online already.

      All the best.

  6. Connie

    What’s up every one, here every one is sharing such knowledge, so it’s good to read this webpage,
    and I used to visit this web site everyday.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Hi Connie,

      Thanks for the repeat visit and pls remember to sign up for my mailing list to receive your free gifts.

      Cheers !

  7. Sallie

    Hello there!

    I know this is kinda off topic but I was wondering which blog platform are you using for
    this site?

    I’m getting sick and tired of WordPress because I’ve had issues with hackers and I’m looking at alternatives for another platform.

    I would be fantastic if you could point me in the direction of
    a good platform.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Hi Sallie

      Thanks for dropping by and I am glad you asked it not a problem. I am here to help.

      From the experience you mentioned with hackers I can see that your problem is not really with WordPress because WordPress is still the best content management system CMS ever on the internet.

      Your problem is mainly securities deficiency on your hosting platform which is different from your WordPress itself.

      What you will need is a trusted and fully secured platform that has spam free environment and plenty features that helps keep hackers away.

      I myself I am using WordPress as you can see and the platform I am using to host my site is the one I just explained to Adrian here on the comment about WHAT IS THE BEST HOSTING SERVICES post on this site. Go to my menu and click on Tools and you will see my deeper review about the web hosting service I am currently using right now.

      Or you can simply click on the program I recommended at the end of this post and get yourself a better hosting from today.

      The Cpanel is very easy and self explained plus you can get help on how to transfer your old site DNS to the platform and you can instantly start enjoying all the best website security features many of us on the inside are enjoying starting from today.

      So you can sleep peace of mind.

      I hope this helped.

      All the best Sallie !

  8. Brian

    We stumbled over here coming from a different web page and thought I might as well check things out.

    I like what I see so now i’m following you.

    Look forward to exploring your web page
    for a second time.

    1. Richard U Post author


      Thanks for following and I am glad you found value here to help you better your online business.


  9. Matthew

    Everything you have said about SFI (Strong futures International) is completely off base and you have no idea what your talking about. It is wrong for you to bash a company with so many incorrect statements with little to no education about SFI other then to promote a business you are affiliated with. Pretty much everything you said is WRONG information. SFI has a A+ rating with the BBB and has just celebrated its 21st year in business can your company say that? Thats what makes SFI the #1 affiliate company in the world.. Get fully educated before you rate a company just to promote yours

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thank you for commenting I do appreciate that. You have made a fair point but let me ask you just one simple question if you don’t mind? Why is it that or how come it has so many negative reviews across the board on the internet? Do the search yourself and find out. There must be a reason for that. Don’t get me wrong, a business that lasted 21 years must be doing well and I have no doubt the strategy is working for them. But that so many bad reviews on the internet? Something must not be right.

  10. Crye

    You’re wrong… and bringing SFI disrepute. SFI, like most Affiliate Marketing companies, only gives you a chance to work hard and create side income. They even tell you success is NOT for one day, and supply you countless ways to the top. Their documents/support base is so broad and professional, and when you talk of customer care, I begin to wonder how much knowledge you truly have about SFI and their network. Please desist from such random posts for God hates ugly. Do what works for you, but not by trying to bring others down to promote yourself. I for example visited the other affiliate pages you furnished, and could have subscribed without all the bad blood for SFI. I haven’t seen many bad reviews about them but largely growing numbers!


    1. Richard U Post author

      Hi there and thank you for your opinion. I truly welcome such an opinion it helps to educate folks further. First of all, let me start by saying this article is not accusing anyone of wrongdoing. The topic is SFI Internet Income Scam? Can you see the question mark? The article is asking a question. All you have to do is further read and find out for yourself.

      You are absolutely right. Do what works and leave what doesn’t. It is that simple. But when you have something that has so many negative reviews on the internet from various rating bodies then one may be inclined to wonder why. That is all that is happening here. I mean do the search yourself. You probably know the truth but of cos, you may still be obliged to defend your spot. If it is working for you that is splendid. But what about those other people that are complaining about the system? Do a simple check on BBB Rating alone and find out yourself.

      The other program I compared it with does not has anything to do with my ownership of it or a shareholder.No. I simply compared it as an affiliate and because it has no complaint on the internet and there are none to be found anywhere on the internet. You did mention that yourself. So why do yours has that many complaints on the internet? Have you asked yourself such a question before? There is nothing personal here it is purely a product review based on facts findings.

      I hope this reply helps throw more light into your concern.

      Again thank you for commenting.


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