Rehab Valuator Review: How It Works

By | February 13, 2018

Rehab Valuator Review: How It Works

Rehab Valuator review and how it works will be looking at how the technology helps, how to finance your first flip with the software, and how to deal with analysis and the works.

In this rehab valuator review, You will also learn what is rehab valuator, who is it for, what it does, and how it can help improve your commercial real estate business. You will see why they call it the best real estate software ever hit the real estate industry.

This is my insightful review of the software as I have personally used it and I will be showing you how it works from my own experience by using valuable screenshots.

Product Name: Rehab Valuator Lite

Cost: Free

Extended Product Name: Rehab Valuator Premium

Cost: $29 Per Monthly Subscription Or $197 Yearly Subscription


Promoter: Daniil Kleyman

Company: True Vision Analytics LLC.

Location: Richmond, VA 232333

Major Changes: It’s no longer an excel sheet. It’s now a web-based software. This means you can log in from anywhere or location and it is compatible with all platforms. (iOS, Andriod, Windows, etc)

Ratings: 98/100

Rehab Valuator Premium Version Major Software Update January 2020

If you are one of the thousands of investors that are still asking the question;

How do I get comparable sales without being a real estate agent and having access to MLS”? 

Then worry no more.

The current Rehab Valuator Premium major software update now allows you to pull valid, current, reliable, and relevant nationwide comparable sales data from two different sources. That includes public records.

This takes all investing hinges off your shoulder thereby given you instant access to all the data you need.

Check Out The Latest Updates Here 

We will continue to bring to you any new major updates on Rehab Valuator software here first so you can be properly informed.

Rehab Valuator Reviews Mid 2019 Latest Update

This update added more benefits to a premium version of the software. Since I reviewed this before, I felt it is my obligation to bring it forward to you here so you can stay informed.

The Rehab Valuator Lite is amazing in itself but the premium version is where the golden nuggets are stored.

The added benefits for the premium version are:

Wholesaling Made Easy

These include:

  • Getting accurate comparable sales.
  • Easily and accurately estimate repairs.
  • Computer correct after-repair value and offer.
  • quickly and easily build your cash buyer list.
  • And sell your deals in minutes.

Fund Any Deal You Want

This means you can have multiple lenders ready to throw money at you for any deal you choose to do.

  • Worry no more about your funding problems.
  • Stop overpaying for hard money.
  • Been rejected by banks before? Say no more to that.
  • Create stunning deal funding pitches in seconds.
  • Blow away any lender and get funded quickly.
  • Line up ready funding to buy any new deal you want faster.

Effective And Simple Project Management

The last thing you want is to waste meaningful hours each week, running around and trying to manage each project individually. If you factor in the time value of money, you will see that you are wasting tens of thousands of dollars in hours every week.

With the Rehab Valuator Premium, you can:

  • Create a detailed rehab budget in minutes.
  • Create scopes of work for your contractors.
  • Store bids in one place along with bid documents.
  • The In-App accounting feature helps you track all your costs and expenditures.
  • The cool “Track” feature helps you see where your project stands in real-time.

Testimonies From Rehab Valuator Premium Users

These are some testimonies from those who are using the rehab valuator premium and they have a pretty cool thing to say about the software,

rehab valuator reviews: how it works

rehabvaluator review: how it works

What Is Rehab Valuator?

Rehab valuator (Lite and Premium) is a property evaluator software designed for residential investors of up to one to four families who either wholesale or rehab properties. It is simpler to use and targets less -sophisticated investors.

Who Is Rehab Valuator For?

Rehab valuator is mainly for:

  • Brand New Investors. People who are new to real estate investment but have no clue on how to get around the whole shenanigans. The company that runs the software has this educative content that will take any newbie to a profession flipper withing days. Besides, rehab valuator software is easy to use as it is geared to less-sophisticated investors. It comes with free training.
  • Experienced Investors: For the professionals, this software will be a God sent. It not only reduces the cost of running up and down, but it also cuts time spent on finding new deals and lenders thereby helping you close deals faster than anything you’ve ever done.
  • Wholesalers: Rehab Valuator will help you analyze offers and then make amazing market flyers for your buyers, in order to sell your deals quickly and build your buyers list.
  • Agents: Every agent who deals with investors knows the importance of understanding the investors’ language. Because if you don’t, you will be left in the dust. You must understand the way they evaluate deals for potential profit. Therefore Rehab Valuator is a lifesaver for any agents as it will enable you to generate marketing flyers and tailor your presentation precisely to your buyers. Which translates to quicker sales and more commissions to your bank account.
  • Rehabbers: It doesn’t matter if you flip houses or rehab them, then rent out for cash flow, this software will enable you to calculate offers, forecast your profits, check your exit strategies, create deal funding pitch to get your deal funded and manage your rehab project.

How Does Rehab Valuator Software Work?

The reason why Rehab Valuator software is the best real estate investment software out there is that both free version users and premium version users equally get the same 100 percent help and support.

In fact, Rehab Valuator software is the best property valuation software free download out there and I will show you why from the following screenshots.

Rehab Valuator: How It Works

First, when you have downloaded your free Rehab Valuator Lite, your dashboard will look like this with your name and account setting at the top right hand. You will get a warm congrats! You’re logged-in just as in the screenshot above.

Now, remember, this is my dashboard and I as earlier said, I will be showing you how it works from over my shoulder using screenshots whenever necessary.

From here, you can do a couple of things, like to check out what’s new or go to my resources or even start with finding new deals. This is the free version and it works just as well as the premium.

The only difference is the premium does more and I will go into that later as that is not important at the moment. Although the premium version has the full feature that can quickly help you breakthrough with your real estate business.

You won’t find anything in my deals section yet as you have just downloaded the software newly. When you start using it to find both deals and lenders, then it will be saved automatically in my deals section as above.

rehabvaluator review: how it works

How To Find New Property With Rehab Valuator

To check out what’s new or to find a new property to buy, rehab, flip or sell, all you need do is click on what’s new and it will take you to a page like a screenshot below:

Rehab Valuator Review: How It Works

You must remember that deals like these changes with location and time depending on where you are. One of the great features I found with this software is that it uses geo-mapping just like Google to find property deals that match your location.

To initiate that, you have to click on allow location recognition on the little window that opens once you start searching. This will allow the software to find and match you with the best deal in your local area. Awesome isn’t it?

Now notice the date and time of this property search?. Its today 8th February 2018 as at when am writing this review.

What it means is that the software uses real-time data to tell you what is happening in the market so you don’t have to guesswork anymore. The prices, the property type, the sizes, and location are all on real-time feeds.

How To Find Deals With Rehab Valuator

Just like the above, all you have to do is click on find deals section and you will be taken to this page as seen in the screenshot below.

These deals as Later discovered, all already existing deals. Hence if you are here then it probably means you are looking for something that will suit your budget.

If you really want to narrow down your search to find specifically what you want, then you will need to fill out this life form that will prompt up.

Rehab Valuator Review: How It Works

You will notice that you have to be super narrow to what type of property you looking for if you have specific niche property in mind. You can narrow your search from property type, description, location, size, zip code to the year it was built. And then your name or company information so it will provide you with many details of your search query.

When you have done that. then click save and the result will look something like the screenshot below.

Rehab Valuator Review: How It Works

As you can see from above, there are tons of new deals flying about and again this depends on your location. You see the little pop up box by the top left? Yes, allow it.

That way you will get precise deals around your location where ever you are. As when am writing this report, there are 176 deals currently published within those areas on the map.

The dates on these deals start from the earliest to the most recent deals available and it comes and goes depending on when you did your search, your location, and the time frame.

rehabvaluator review: how it works

How To Find a New Deals With Rehab Valuator

To find a new deal with Rehab Valuator, all you have to do is click on the new deals section at the top right hand and you will be taken to a page similar to the screenshot below.

Rehab Valuator Review: How It Works

Again this was in a real-time data feed when this report was written. And so it will be when you log in at any time.

To make sense of this, you have to start from left to right. First, the assumption panel which contains three steps. You have:

  • Step one: Which contains your purchase assumptions like purchasing price, closing cost, and holding a cost.
  • Step two: Is your rehab budget which contains an option to choose your rehab budget and project rehab period in months. This basically depends on how much you are willing to spend on the project and how many months laps are you looking at.
  • Step three: Contains short-term financing assumption which is how much cash you have available or how much cash you will need to complete the rehab project.

Moving to the right-hand side, you have your exit strategy one and two. Looking at exit strategy one, you will notice queries like:

  • After Repair Value (ARV) for a potential flip
  • Months to complete the sale
  • The two figures will give you the total capital needed
  • Cash required over the life of the project
  • Total all-in cost at the end of the rehab
  • percentage of the ARV
  • Project resale price
  • The project cost of sale which is usually the percentage of the sale price
  • Project profit after any lender split
  • Return on cash invested
  • ROI annualized

As a newbie, this may not make much sense but with the free training that comes with the free download, it will all come together. For those already in the field, this software is simply a lifesaver.

There are tons of things the software can do but I notice most features only work if you are in the premium version. The most important one is to get a funding button at the top left-hand side, just above the assumption panel. That is where the magic happens. At the click of that button after you’ve created your scenarios, investors, lender, and or funding options will be easily accessible to you.

How To Do A Quick Offer Calculation With Rehab Valuator

To do this, you will need to click on my resources page on your dashboard and then click the first option that says, quick offer calculator. Then you will be taken to a page like a screenshot below:

Rehab Valuator Review: How It Works

Here you will have options to create multiple deals and the offer calculator will do the rest for you. Just type in the scenarios with the variable you are working with. And you will be able to use features like:

  • Address and name
  • After Repair Value
  • The maximum percentage of After Repair Value
  • The closing cost to buy
  • The closing cost of sale in percentage
  • Holding cost
  • Wholesale profit
  • And maximum offer

If you are renting the property out after the rehabilitation, then you can go ahead and fill in the remaining options which are:

  • End buyer cost basis
  • Project Monthly Income
  • Project monthly expenses
  • The Cap rate is asking at what rate of return.

Also on my resources page, you will find valuable pages like valuator classroom, free content, and their Facebook group which is a great place to meet other like-minded who are using the software.

Another great feature of the software is the help section. This is because it houses the most important part of the whole package like:

  • Tutorials
  • Case studies
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Help and Support
  • And finally how to contact them for anything.

How To Get Help and Support With Your Rehab Valuator Software

This part of the review is very important to me and my readers because like I earlier mentioned, I only review products or services that I have used or tested.

Before I jump into any review of any kind, I usually do my research and that includes testing anything I can lay my hands on regarding the said product or service.

That said, I have learned from experience that for any product or service to be successful, it must have a solid help and support department on the clock. I am talking about the sort of strong help and support that is usually found in the wealthy affiliate.

But before I go into details on how to get help within Rehab Valuator software, let me show you where to look in the screenshot below:

Rehab Valuator Review: How it works

The best way to get help and support with any problem is to email their and indeed it usually takes a couple of minutes to get back. The advantage of using this method is that you can explain in detail what area you need help with and the support team will fully help you out.

The fastest way to get help with the Rehab Valuator support team is to call 804-803-1110 as soon as possible. It will only take a few and someone will be on the other line ready to help you out.

I even went as far as testing the help method by calling the number from both mobile and landline just to make sure there are no hiccups. The calls all went through and I was quite impressed. This way I know that if and when you decided to download the free version, you can easily get help and support should you need one.

What People Are Saying About Rehab Valuator Software

I also noticed that both users of the free version and the premium version of the software all have something in common to say.

Rehab Valuator review: How it works

Rehab Valuator Review: How It Works

rehabvaluator review: how it works

The software is literally a lifesaver to anyone who is in the real estate business. As you can see from above, a lot of folks have wonderful things to say about the software.

For the purpose of this review, it will only be a complete work if both pros and cons are looked and that is exactly what I will show you in the next paragraph.

Pros and Cons of Rehab Valuator Software

I will be looking at the general pros and cons of the software and by that, I mean both the free version and the premium version. I will endeavor to make references where necessary so you will know which does what.


  • Rehab Valuator Software will definitely help you control costs.
  • It is no longer an excel spreadsheet form. It is now a web-based.
  • Highly responsive support team.
  • It helps you simplify that maths involved.
  • It evaluates properties easily.
  • It helps prep a presentation to the bank, investors, and lenders alike.
  • It helps you stay within budget.
  • You can maximize your profit by using the software.
  • It quickly helps you determine repair costs.
  • You can quickly estimate repair cost both closing and holding a cost in a few minutes with Rehab Valuator.
  • You can get funding for your project with the click of a button (premium version).
  • It helps you to quickly determine the labor cost.
  • You can easily find out what construction will cost.
  • And you can easily manage contractors and meet your deadline with minimum fuss.
  • The software itself is secured with time sensitivity logins. Meaning once you left it idle for a few minutes it will log you out. That way you can log back in to continue your work. This I found very useful security features as it will be hard for anyone to have unsolicited access to your work.
  • Both free version users and premium version users get the same 100 percent responsive help and support.
  • No previous computer skills needed to use the software.
  • Fast-paced education training material comes with the software.
  • The free version is geared for the less-sophisticated real estate investors and therefore very simpler to use.


  • The free version allows fewer features to work. For example, you can’t get funding for your project, hence it is free. But even at that, I still found the free features efficiently amazing, especially what it can do as a free version.
  • I expected to see a live chat option included in their support system but when I spoke to someone, they mentioned it as a work in progress. Therefore I just let you know if it pops up in the future, this article has covered its basis.
  • Newbies might be overwhelmed but the free tutorial that comes with the free download is a genius idea.

Rehab Valuator Reviews: How It Works And Conclusion

As a conclusion, Rehab Valuator review: how it works has shown you just what it said and some more. I have given you the breakdown of every screenshot of how Rehab Valuator works and you can see why it is the best real estate investor software out there. I have also shown you why it is the best property valuation software free download on the internet today.

My conclusion is that the Rehab Valuator Lite software free download is an awesome free software any real estate investor, agent, rehabbers, or wholesaler can dream of.

The real estate software industry is rapidly growing as it has apparently become a must-have to get ahead in your real estate business.

There is a great article on this page about how to quickly build your rental estate portfolio much fast you can read up if you are new to rental property business.

There is also a quick comparison between Rehab Valuator software and DealCheck software on this page as well just to help you can have a wider scope of choice before making any buying decision.

You can also find the top 30 best real estate software for agents, investors, and anyone on this website to read up on. If you are stuck with how to finance your project or you are looking for the best type of real estate finance and their costs, visit here

If you are stuck with real estate financing choices between bank loan. hard money lending, or private money lending, read up how to structure private money deals using Rehab Valuator software here.

My Verdict? I rate it 98/100

This is what a lot of people in the business need and have been looking for while struggling to figure out percentages, return on investment, or just trying to put things together.

With the free version, you can do graphs/readouts for exit strategies for flipping, refinance, buy/hold costs, budget and manage contractors, etc. And there is an awesome tutorial video That comes with the free download.

The premium version definitely is the best as it allows you to do more stuff like easily get funding for your project with a click of a button. I will say get the free version and experience the magic first. Then if you are ready to explode your income in real estate investing you can go for the premium.

If you are considering if the price is worth the tool or not, here is an article that explained in detail if having a free version of the software better than paying for the full version. If you are into rental property investment and you are looking to quickly build your investment portfolio much faster, here is an article that gives you step by step on how to do just that.

How To Structure Private Money Deals

Now before I let you off, there is a free training I will like to share with you for free. As you’ve gotten this far, it means a lot to me and I love my esteem readers. Therefore as a parting gift, I will like to share with you this amazing training that was put together by Daniil Kleyman himself. We all knew he is a real estate genius and in case you don’t know him, please feel free to Google him out.

It is a free tutorial video and after watching it, you will fully know the following skills:

  • Three ways to structure private deals with examples
  • A complete breakdown of typical financing avenues for real estate deals
  • A brilliant way to structure private money deals that will have lenders chasing you
  • A slick way to borrow money without breaking the bank so to speak
  • And much more

     ====> Click Here To Watch The Free Video <====

Rehab Valuator Software Latest Update 2018

    • Improved how the Rehab Budget works (premium feature)
    • Added Project Management functionality, complete with cost-tracking (premium feature)
    • Allowed for new construction vs. rehab analysis (free feature)
    • Added the ability to analyze and market Turnkey Rentals (free feature)
    • Added a place to find off-market deals and sell your wholesale deals (free/premium feature)
  • Added a new Executive Summary for your deals (premium feature)

These are new feature updates that happened to the software in the year 2018. As this review is an ongoing one, I will endeavor to add new updates here as it occurs. For example, this review was written on February the 13th 2018. And I am adding this update today on the 29th of September 2018. That is a good seven months from the last update which is pretty good for such powerful software.

There is yet another update as of January 2019 as seen below.

Rehab Valuator Update January 2019: Comparable Sales

The new update is the addition of comparable sales features. We all know that nothing is more important to accurate deal analysis than being able to pull correct comparable sales. Because once you got good compositions, then you can determine the ARV (After Repair Value) easily.

And without accurate ARV, you will either overpay for the project or underpay for each and every deal.

With the Rehab Valuator comparable sale update, you can:

  • Pull up valid comparable sales instantly.
  • Choose the ones you want to use in your analysis.
  • View the average price and price per square foot these properties.
  • And instantly compute accurate After Repair Value (ARV)

Like I mentioned already, I will be adding any new latest update as it occurs to review so you can stay up to date.

I hope the Rehab Valuator reviews and how it works has increased your knowledge today?

Or even better help you gain more understanding of the best property valuator software out there?

If you have any questions or comment please feel free to drop them into the box below. And I will get back to you. Also if you liked the review and found it valuable, then why not help me share the heck out of it on your social media network? That way other people can learn too. Many thanks in advance and see you in my next post.

My Verdict On Rehab Valuator

Product Name: Rehab Valuator Lite

Cost: Free

Extended Product Name: Rehab Valuator Premium

Cost: $29 Per Monthly Subscription Or $197 Yearly Subscription


Promoter: Daniil Kleyman

Company: True Vision Analytics LLC.

Location: Richmond, VA 232333

Major Changes: It’s no longer an excel sheet. It’s now a web-based software. This means you can log in from anywhere or location and it is compatible with all platforms. (iOS, Andriod, Windows, etc)

Ratings: 98/100

Rehab Valuator is simply the best real estate software that does more than what it says. It is simply a lifesaver for anyone who is looking to save time, money, and increase value and profit to both self and clients.

You can join my Face Group where the action is and meet other real estate business folks who are making it happen.

If you use Instagram, then I welcome you to connect with me and enjoy more close details of my journey, love of traveling, good foods, and all things real estate software industry here – @umzrichard

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12 thoughts on “Rehab Valuator Review: How It Works

  1. Chris

    Great review on rehab valuator. This looks like a great piece software.

    I plan on purchasing and flipping houses with my dad as soon as he retires in a couple of months.

    I just want to confirm this is web based or is there also a version that can be loaded onto my computer?

    1. Richard U Post author

      Good question Chris,

      From experience, it used to be an excel spreed sheet which was downloadable into any any computer. But there has been an upgrade which means it is now a cloud Web based software that can be operable from anywhere. It is compatible with anything that has internet access connected to it.

      No more waiting for endless download or slowing your system down. 

      You can log in and out at any time from any part of the world.

      It will work well with your plan and I am sure you will find it very handy if not God sent.

      Thanks for commenting and please do let me know here how its working for you going forward.


  2. Clay Westfall

    Hello Richard, I have never considered any type of evaluation software, but Rehab Valuator is something that catches my eye. I have invested in many properties over the years, and having Rehab Valuator would have been a great asset. I have a feeling it would pay for itself very quickly. Thank you for the in depth review.


    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks Clay for stopping by as I am sure you are a very busy man.

      Your commenting mean a lot.

      Yes, as you can see that technology is changing hence, people will always seek for new ways to accomplish tasks more easily and efficiently.

      When i was first introduced to this software, I did not believe it myself until i saw first hand what it can do.

      Even the free version is still blowing my mind what it can do not to mention the full featured premium version. Which i believe every real estate investor or business should have.

      It is simply amazing what it can do and I am not just saying this because I want folks to buy it so I can get commission. No! If something works and fulfill its purpose, I will be happy to shout it out loud. That’s me. The software does completely what it said it will do and then some. Simple as that.

      In fact, my advice is forget about the premium version for now. Just get the free version and see what you can do with it. Feel the power. And you will thank me later. If you decide to go for the premium, it will more than pay for its self once you start seeing results of what it can do.

      Thanks again for stopping by Clay.


  3. Dragon

    Great reviews and thank you for breaking down all the features into manageable pieces. This tool looks like it can really help get a grasp on what your looking at very quickly so you can make a good decision. Do you feel this is the tool to make the most informed decisions?

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks Dragon for the comment and yes I absolutely feel so. I use one myself so telling from what I have seen the software done, yes it will benefit you as well.

      Get the free download version which comes with great tutorial so you can test drive it for yourself.

      And if you can let me know how it works for you, I will appreciate that.


  4. Tiffany Domena

    I am somewhat into real estate, but my husband is VERY into real estate! He love the industry. We’ve went thru the Rich Dad program to get more educated, and we’re in several real estate groups in our area. I’ve never heard of this gadget though. It sounds very useful. As a wholesaler, can you contribute deals to the database for a commission or something? That would be cool.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Hi Tiffany,

      Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate the comment.

      Good to hear that you are somewhat into real estate and better still, wonderful to hear that your husband is Very into real estate. 

      I myself I never heard of it until I came across Daniil Kleyman’s presentation. And then I decided to get the free version just to see what it can do. It literally blew my sucks off what the software does. Among many capabilities, below are things the software will help you do:

      The free version of this software 
      will help you:

      –  Calculate what to pay for any deal, even on your phone!
      –  Help you evaluate multiple exit strategies 
      –  Allow you to create a marketing summary to sell your deals!
      –  Allow you to raise funding for your deals
      –  Search for off-market deals inside the app
      –  And much more!

      If you’re wholesaling, or doing 
      rehab/flips, or buying rentals…

      I am very sure you both will find other more usefulness to this software when you start testing it out. The great thing about it apart from what it does is that the free version is free for life, it cost you nothing to download and it is web based meaning you can access it anytime.

      I hope this helps answer you question today.

      Thanks again.

  5. Kevin

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    I am Kevin

    we offer a Challenging Lowest priceTo Your Favour, Best & Consistent Quality and Quick turn around time.

    These all our sample images.

    · 2d & 3d Virtual staging

    · Image Editing,

    · Time lapse video

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    · Land Scaping

    services past SEVEN years with LESS prizing.

    If you need my service please let me know .

    1. Richard U Post author

      Hi Kevin.
      If you want to advertise your business on my website you will need to talk to me first. Otherwise, it is unprofessional to use my content comment side to tell the world about your business. Your comment is completely irrelevant to the topic at hand and you did not show any respect to the author’s work.

      Why I am letting this comment stay is to tell you not to do it again.

  6. Tracy cole

    This is a wonderful and carefully reviewed product. I actually read over and over in order to be convinced. It’s only possible to have a good result when all factors are put into consideration. I haven’t heard about rehab valuator before now but I can attest to the fact that I learned a lot from your writeup. I would make sure I engage in more research on it

    1. Richard U Post author

      Good to hear that. Thank you for commenting. Research is always good.


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