Rehab Valuator: How To Get Started With Your Software

By | December 31, 2018

Rehab Valuator: How To Get Started With Your Software

Rehab valuator is a real estate investing software that enables you to manage, analyze and market your real estate deals like a professional. In this report, I am going to work you through on how to get started with your Rehab Valuator software the simplest way.

Rehab Valuator Login

When you have logged, the first thing you want to do is go the top right-hand side of your dash and click on your profile. When it opens, you will need to:

  1. Select or change your picture profile. You can easily do so by selecting one from your computer file. A picture that appeals to you and your real estate business or something you want to be identified with.
  2. Update your profile information which includes your name, your company name if you have one, address, contacts, and email if you have one plus your website if you have one of those too. 
  3. Company logo if you want although this feature is very important in helping you build reputation and branding in the market.
  4. And finally, you may want to change your password from the default one you got when you initially signed up. This will help increase security and you have total control of your software.

All these itemized lists are very necessary as you continue to make deals or find deals, your company name and log with your details will be visible to your clients, partners, deals seekers, and potential investors in you are on the premium version of the software. The above picture is what you will get when you have finished updating all the information.

Rehab Valuator: How To Get Started With Your Software

Rehab Valuator: How To Get Started With Your Software

All these itemized lists are very necessary as you continue to make deals or find deals, your company name and log with your details will be visible to your clients, partners, deals seekers, and potential investors in you are on the premium version of the software. The above picture is what you will get when you have finished updating all the information.


Rehab Valuator Resources Page

The next you will want to do as a new user is to head over to my resource page located on the top right side of the software dashboard. When you click on that you will see a couple of options to chose from. I will highly recommend you first watch the orientation video which will run you through all you need to know to get started.

When you click on the resource page you will see:

  • Find deals
  • Quick offer calculator
  • Rehab valuator classroom
  • Free content
  • Facebook Group

Can I quickly mention here that the Facebook Group above is strictly for Rehab Valuator users only? That means no spamming. But it is a great place to meet new people, fellow real estate investors and developers alike. Both big and small players in the industry can be found in this group and it is very easy to make a deal or sell your deal to other member users. Just as it is simple and easy to find any deal or sell your own deal with Rehab Valuator software. 

I will suggest you check out the Rehab Valuator classroom and free content first to get yourself a piece of much-needed information. Then you can join the Facebook group to see what others are saying and also share and gain more knowledge or meet clients or new people in the business.

Search Your Deals With Rehab Valuator

Rehab Valuator: How To Get Started With Your Software

 To search your deal with Rehab Valuator, you must first have saved a deal. But as a new user, you can start with the free version you won’t see any saved deals yet until you start creating one. Both the free version users and the premium user gets the same help and support there is no preference from what I have seen.

The only difference is that the premium users do get more out of the software. These upgraded benefits of Rehab Valuator Premium mean that you as a premium user gets:

  • Wholesale deals marketing. You can sell your item as wholesale for more money.
  • Private lending marketing meaning you can market your deals for private lending purposes.
  • Hard money proposal
  • Detailed rehabbing budgeting.
  • Detailed scope of works.
  • Wholesaling and lending contracts.
  • Bonus package that is worth $1,500 plus value.
  • A 30-day no obligation 100% money back.
  • Unlimited help and support.
  • And an ongoing education both in the software usage and the entire real estate industry.

 Rehab Valuator New Deal Finder

Next thing you want to do as a new user investor who is looking for a new deal is to go the new deal section a the top. When you click on it, it will show you the number of current deals available and where to find them. If you have a specific request in mind, you can do the simple search and your answer will be shown to you real time. You must remember that the software is web-based and it uses real-time data to give you results. Both free users and premium users do benefit from this feature equally. The image below is a good example of how you can find new deals using Rehab Valuator software.

Rehab Valuator: How To Get Started With Your Software

When you click on find new deal, the software will spit out a form that looks the image above. All you need to do is input the information about the property you looking for. For example, property type, location, size, square feet, which year it was built, city, zip code, description, etc.

And then fill out your own details. If you are already a user on either free or premium version and you have updated your name, company or business details on your profile, the software will automatically populate those details for you. So you can focus on finding good deals.

You can also use the above form to market your own deal and buyers will be contacting you through your contact details. Sorry I had to blur out my details as I am already a user.

Using Rehab Valuator To Do Rehab Budget, Flip Or Hold Analysis

Rehab Valuator: How To Get Started With Your SoftwareHow Use Rehab Valuator To Do Rehab budget, flip or hold analysis

Rehab Valuator is indeed a powerful software that every realtor, real estate agent, broker, wholesaler, rehabber, real estate investor or developer, etc needs. Is it simply a lifesaver. Imagine what you can do with it without leaving the comfort of your office or home?

The above screenshot shows you completely how it can help you make three difficult and time-consuming task, so simple and fast. The budget assumption on the right, for instance, has a video tutorial on every step if you run into trouble. The green video button is clickable and it will take you directly into a fresh page with a case study video on how it’s done.

The assumption panel is so powerful that it breaks every down for you. From purchase price to project rehab period in months and down to cash Verses financing whichever way your investment goal is heading.

The flip or hold analysis on the right hand also has a video tutorial and guide in every variable within each calculator. You must also remember that every information you fed into the software is calculated using real-time data. This makes Rehab Valuator so powerful that anyone from any part of the world can use as long as you are into the real estate business.

Rehab Valuator What’s New?

This section of the software is very interesting and one of my favorite feature when using the software. Either free or premium member user can access deals on the what’s new section. Although a premium upgrade will give you more access to seek funding for your own deal if you have one. And that you can easily do with a click of a button when you upgrade to a premium version of the software.

Now let us dive right in so I can show you what this section looks like and what you can deal in the new deals sections.

Rehab Valuator: How To Get Started With Your Software

Rehab Valuator What’s New


When you click on the what’s new section at the top right side of the software, you will see a page that looks like the one above. The page is constantly updated with new deals, latest contents, tutorials, etc. That means you can find new activities any time you visit the section. As of when I am writing this, there are lots of new deals available on the page as you can see. I was able to capture just part of the screen so please bear with me. Although I should still be able to get my point across to you with the above information so please stay with me.

Now let us take Don Newton property for sale for example. This deal was uploaded recently as at 22nd or December 2018. Look closely you will see the date at the top right side of the screenshot. The property is well described as you can see all the information you needed to make an informed investment decision. It is going for $115000.00 which is not a bad deal for a 5 Bedroom with a square foot of 2570.

This kind of deal is constantly uploaded on the software by users who can range from brokers, rehabbers, estate agents, realtors, real estate developers, multi-family property investors, etc. And any investor from any part of the world can see this and if interested, close the deal and make payment to you without you leaving your home or office. Rehab Valuator is so powerful that it saves you time, money and resources of running around trying to close one deal. You can sell multiple deals, you can wholesale your deals and you can seek funding for your rehab or partner with those who have funds. 

If you are interested in learning how to quickly build and increase your rental property portfolio, there is an article here on this website that can help with more insight.

Rehab Valuator: How To Get Started With Your Software

Rehab Valuator Software Customer Service

Lastly, what I do with every of my review or an insightful article like this is to look at the customer service of the product or service been reviewed. In this case, the guys at the help center to this software are exceptionally good and helpful.

They have more than one ways you can get help with any problem if you have any. And if their frequently asked question has not covered your question, the live chat is there 24hours to help. In fact, the live chat is my favorite way to get answers fast as I can quickly go live and ask real people for help with anything.

All you need is click on the purple button that says submit your request. If no one is live depending on your time zone, you can leave your question with your email and they will get back to you promptly.

My last note for you is I believe you may or not find such piece of software anywhere else for free. Especially one that does what this software does for free. If you are a real estate investor, don’t make these rookie mistakes most new investors do when starting out fresh. Also, check out what folks are saying about the software outside its community here like

Even better, there is a special offer going on now on their premium version which gives you the full potential of the beast within the software. If you are into real estate business of any kind, I will say this is one offer you wouldn’t want to pass by. Click on the image and test drive it for just a Dollar.

What People Are Saying About Rehab Valuator Software

Rehab Valuator: How To Get Started With Your Software

There is a lot more about this software and a lot more talks about how great it is from users who are either trying it out with the free version and those who are already premium users and making real money in real estate.


Rehab Valuator: How To Get Started With Your Software

If you have any question or comment please do so in the box provided below and I will get back to you. Also, could you please help us share this post so other realtors and investors or anyone who is into the real estate business?  So they can benefit from the knowledge. Thank You.


10 thoughts on “Rehab Valuator: How To Get Started With Your Software

  1. Tsquare

    Hello, thanks for bringing to my notice this great application. This is my first time of knowing about it. But seeing all the beautiful work it can help business men who are into real estate achieve, I think this software is q must buy for every corporate company who are into real estate and other related business investment. Its helps one to multi task and still be fast efficient. One can easily get new serious client and investor. I will take proper look into this and try it come this coming new year. 

    Great piece. 

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks Tsqaure for commenting.

      In fact, you have said it all. The software is amazing, free and the premium is effective and worth every penny. I have had folks literally thanking me just as you did, for introducing them to the software. It helps you save time, do all the mathematics, points you to the right direction and saves you great deal of money on overheads.

      One powerful feature I like so much is that after doing the analysis on any potential deal you want to buy, the software will show you clearly if it is a good deal or not. Meaning you will know if it is going to be profitable or not before you even make an offer. You can literally tell if the deal is over priced or under priced by using Rehab Valuator software.

      It is simply amazing and I am glad I got introduced to it as well. That is why I am confidence and comfortable sharing it here.

      Thanks again for the comment.

  2. charles39

    This one good and great idea of bringing all real estate deals under one place it can only get better for both buys and let me ask how long does it take for one complete sale  ie before the owner or buyer has the access of his property. And is payment  done online  regarding the buying of selling.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Hi Charles thank you for the insightful question.

      The software is so powerful that it does almost all the work for you. If you are a broker or an estate agent, this software will be a God sent. 

      Now regarding your question, it does not take that long. Depending on when you you set up and uploaded your deal, how effective the deal is, and by that I mean, price, location, cost, history, size,etc. You can upload a deal in the morning and it can be picked up by a buyer in the same afternoon. It all depend on how lucrative or attractive the deal is or investment potential the deal has. 

      Now about the payment, this is done just like any other deal you can purchase from your local real estate agent. It is still done through bank to bank. If you put up a deal with Rehab Valuator software for example, it must have your details, contacts, email, business or company address, etc. In an instant that you are an individual who want to sell your property for cash or investment, you are still going to have a contact details and address for your buyers right? That is still the case with any deal out there and all deals still goes through bank to bank no matter where you are.

      The software has all the features that protects both buyers, sellers, wholesalers, rehabbers, and or investors at large.

      It does a lot for you without you leaving the comfort of your home or office.

      I hope this has answered your question? If you need more clarification please do not hesitate to reach back here.


  3. Henry

    Hi! Thank you very much for this review of Rehab Valuator!

    I have heard a bit about the “What’s New” section. But directly reading these features has made a great difference. Being able to constantly access new deals is a game changer for me. I can’t believe this section is updated live. I’ll have to definitely check it out. 

    1. Richard U Post author

      Yes, it is constantly updated life as everyone who is using it is either selling their deals or looking for a good deal to buy. It is a busy web-based software, it uses real-life data with Google Geo-Mapping functionalities find you new deal any time you are logged in. It is a powerful piece of software in the hand of realtors. agents, rehabbers, real estate investors, and it is a life-saving tool for anyone in the real estate industry.

      Good thing you checked it out that is why I am doing a thorough work through a review like this to help folk know more about it. I am personally using it and you can totally check the free version out and see what it can do for you.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Kevin

    Thanks very much for an informative and enlightening article on Rehab Valuator. This is a product that, to be honest, I hadn’t heart of before, but I’m glad that I had gotten to know, thanks to the very useful information that you had included in your post. I’m so glad that you included something on the customer support aspect of the product, and the company representing the product. I’m happy to hear that they hadn’t stopped at an FAQ, but have also included a 24/7/365 live chat capability. Nothing can take the place of a live person there, for you to interact with an to learn from.

    Very good article. I know that many others will benefit from the information that you present, here.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks, Kevin for the comment.

      I am glad that you found the information valuation and that you are happy to recommend the content for other to learn. 

      Yes, customer service or help and support as many will refer to it means a lot to me whenever I am doing any review. I do personally check them out to make sure that what they preach is what they do. Rehab Valuator customer service is impeccable.

      Thanks again.

  5. Abagatan

    Interesting software. This Rehab Valuator Software is an advantage to all people who are involved in realty businesses. Not only to business men but also to those who are decided to buy a realty property.

    I am connecting this to GPS both online and offline apps which are updated every time. Is this Rehab Valuator software also is updated so it can perfectly describe a certain area or a location particularly on the land terrain so a buyer will know it without an ocular visit?

    I presume this software can help engineers too to do their task in surveying land portions.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Hi Abagatan,

      Thanks for the comment. 

      Yes the software uses real time data and in terms of location, yes it also uses GPS Geo-mapping which means any time you are logged in, you can find current deals and sell your deals as they are just being uploaded in real time. You have to obviously be connected to the internet to gain connection.

      Thanks again and it is also refreshing to see that you are familiar with the whole concept. Rehab Valuator software is indeed a life-saver.


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