Rehab Valuator App: How To Calculate Deals On The Go

By | January 10, 2019

Rehab Valuator App: How To Calculate Deals On The Go

Rehab Valuator App is the mobile cross-platform compatible aspect of Rehab Valuator software that enables you to calculate deals on the go. In this report, I will be showing you how to what the software App can help you do within a short period of time.

Rehab Valuator App: How To Calculate Deals On The GoIt doesn’t matter if you are referring to it as an app or as software, it is still the same software. Therefore the aim of the post is to show you how it works like an app and how it can help you get more work done in less time. It works across all mobile platform and compatible with both iOS, Andriod, Windows, etc.

Now imagine you had a tool on your phone that would:

  1. Tell you what to pay for your deal.
  2. Bring up comparable sales instantly.
  3. Create an interactive marketing flyer for your deals in nanoseconds.
  4. Creates deal funding pitches that will make your lenders scramble and partition for your deals.
  5. Help you estimate rehab cost and create manageable budgets.

Upon all that, this tool came with amazing help and support plus an ongoing training that will help you get the best out of it. Just the push button funding presentation in this tool is responsible for tens of millions in finance secured for investors from private money lenders and banks.

This is the one tool that has the
biggest return on investment if you are in the real estate industry.
There is a huge market shift, and this has created a huge
opportunities for investors that leverage advantage of the tool to
make an informed investment decision.

The truth is, If you are a struggling
investor who has not made a good return on investment, then you need
this software. This software will help you:

  1. find new great deals.
  2. Know exactly what to pay for them,
    right their on the spot.
  3. If you are a wholesaler or are an
    agent, it will help you get your deal sold quickly.
  4. Find comparable easy sale
  5. getting your deal funded, hard
    money lenders, private money lenders, and even banks.
  6. Quickly evaluate rehab cost on your
  7. Help you store all your data in
    one place, including pictures and location and also help you
    organize your deals in one place.
  8. Tracking and managing your rehab
    projects efficiently.
  9. Help you structure your project is
    you are buying flip or rental.

Rehab Valuator App and How To Calculate Deals On The Go

rehab valuator app: how to calculate deals on the go

With Rehab Valuator App, you click a button and your deal are now on multiple social media site in seconds. Let us say you have structured your deal with the software, or you are looking for a deal on the go. With the app, you can easily upload your deal, write up and email blast and sent it out to your buyer’s list while you are on the go.

If you found a new deal, or are looking for one, you can easily go through the app on my new section, scroll through and if you find a new deal that you like, do the analysis instantly. The app software will immediately tell you if it is a good deal or not before you even make an offer.

You can calculate your rehab project budgets do the analysis and find funding from either hard money lenders or private money lenders with a compelling flyer you prepped using your mobile phone. This presentation can then be sent out to your social media with a click of a button to your Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, etc while on the go.

With this software, you can easily:

  • Calculate deals on the go
  • Analyze deal while on the move.
  • Manage your project or projects on the go. This is very handy for those with multi-family real estate projects.
  • Find deals on the move.
  • Get Funded for your deal with a killer presentation and flyers.
  • Market your deal.

Aim Of Rehab Valuator Software

Rehab Valuator App: how to calculate deals on the go

This software builder has one goal and one purpose in mind. And that is to help you do more and make more money.

The fact is, that technology is changing every day. An investor can get a lot more work done faster and in a short period of time than before with Rehab Valuator software App. If you are a rehabber and you need financing, the software will spit out an MBA-level deal funding presentations that blow all your lenders away making sure you can get fund for any project you want.

If you hire an MBA holder to do this job, it will cost you more than $200k a year in salaries and allowances. But Rehab Valuator software App, you only pay just a
little a fraction for annual or one time offer or better still go the
popular monthly subscriptions. Your real estate business would
explode with the time savings help and more money making insight that
comes with the software.

Danii Klayman, the founder of this software started the software business with the mission of empowering other real estate investors (which is you) to work smarter and not harder and build the same financial freedom for yourself.

Real Estate Investing Mistakes To Avoid

Avoid these investor killer mistakes at all cost:

  1. Not knowing what to pay for a deal
    either by having no clue, bad information or no information at
  2. Lack of right tools and
    the methodology can lead to massive failure and demoralization and can
    keep you from making doing deals.
  3. In a market as competitive as now,
    if you can figure out the right offer on a deal quickly and throw
    the punch by making an offer, you will be left in the dust by
  4. New and inexperienced investors alike struggle to get funding and financing for their deals. Getting reliable funding, whether it from a bank, hard money lenders, or private lenders, all depends on established credibility and your ability to build trust with them.
  5. Investors that do not know how to do this properly usually spent months crunching numbers, having several meetings, sending too much time trying to close just one deal and at the end, still will not. Meanwhile, they are missing out on a deal after deal because they spent too much time money and effort trying to close just the one that did not work out well. Thousands of Dollars in profits are being missed every time this happens.

Solution To Real Estate Investing

Rehab Valuator App: how to calculate deals on the go

Rehab Valuator is cloud-based and works on all devices including laptop, tablets, mobile smartphones and
even desktop computer. And it also a cross-platform compatible on
the go. You can take the software in the field and calculate offers
and deals on the go, and stay ahead of your competition by beating
them to a pulp.

The premium version now gives you push button sales
which means you can figure out after-repair value in seconds. On
your phone, you can type in an address and generate the most relevant
and comparable sales and calculate what to offer instantly for any

How you take advantage of a good deal quickly before it is snapped up?

How do you stand out from everyone else doing the same thing as you and competing for your buyers’ cash? Rehab Valuator can generate powerful, compelling, deal closing, profit-boosting marketing flyers, and presentations for your buyers in seconds.

This clear and concise marketing materials speak to your buyer’s language and immediately shows them the benefits of the deal. You can create this flyers easily on the go before the ink dries on your contract and sends it out to your entire buyer lists for the seller even walk you out of the door.

The web-based platform works very fine. You can analysis property on the go and even earn Dollar commission wholesaling a property packaged on the sites plus many more you can do for less time.

Another great solution is the Rehab Valuator helps you validate a business plan for your initial entry as well as a backend when you package a property for retail or for a turnkey investor. Meaning it is a powerful tool for illustrating deals for equity investors as well.


Rehab Valuator app indeed help you calculate deals on the go. If you are a realtor, estate agent, rehabber, real estate broker, real estate investor, Multi-family real estate investor, commercial real estate developer, etc, this software will be a lifesaver. If you want to read more about it there is an insightful review of Rehab Valuator software here you can read further.
If you are a Landlord or you into rental property investment, I have an article here that explained quickest steps to building a rental property portfolio much faster. You can also check out what other users are saying about the software outside the users’ community at

Rehab Valuator app really makes calculating deals on the go very easy.

If you have any question or comment please do so in the box provided below, and I will get back to you immediately. Also, do help us share the post to your social media networks so others can benefit.

2 thoughts on “Rehab Valuator App: How To Calculate Deals On The Go

  1. Nicole Stiles

    That sounds pretty amazing. It does a lot. Coming with training makes it even more valuable. If a tool can give you the world but you don’t know how to use it, it doesn’t do much good. It also sounds great for newbies. Knowing what to invest in a deal is something that takes experience. This can help those who are lacking in that.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Yes, indeed it is very valuable to have such tool handy. That is why I have gone out of the way to explain how to use Rehab Valuator to calculate your deals on the go. 

      Also knowing full well in advance what a deal is worth before going into a negotiation is a powerful tool on your arsenal. I still can’t believe what the free version could do. Imagine if you are using the premium version. 

      Thanks for commenting.


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