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real estate software

The real estate software industry is an evergreen one and will continue to grow despite any economic outcome. If you are a rehabber, wholesaler, realtor, broker, landlord, estate agent, real estate investor, or real estate developer, this page is for you.

The one thing that is sure is that either the trend is going up or going down and either way, it still has a huge potential for anyone involved to make a whole lot of money. You don’t have to be a software programmer or coder to do this. You just have to use it to make your life a lot easier in all things real estate investment.

In this page and the article that follow, I will be reviewing various great real estate software out there that I have tried, or used, or seen a lot of potentials to help anyone either an investor or a realtor broker, or if you are into a rehabbing, wholesaler, landlords, rental property investment, and general developers.

You will also get to see the various strategies that will help you grow your real estate investment portfolio much faster and as well as how and where to get the best tool that you will need to make your life a lot easier.

Rehab Valuator Review: How It Works

Rehab Valuator software is well reviewed in the article following this page and with this, you will get the first-hand screenshot experience of how it works and how to find new deals, sell your deals, promote your deals and even find investors with money to invest in your deals. This software is simply a lifesaver and you can do all these in the comfort of your home with just any laptop, tablets or mobile device. You can read the full review here.

Accessing The Best Free Real Estate Software For Rehabbers, Wholesalers, And Agents

This article was lifted directly from my FaceBook post and the intent is to bring to you the relevancy of what this page is all about and at this same time not to waste your time. The valuation you need is always at your fingertips whenever you arrive at the real estate software page. The mentioned free real estate software is indeed free although there is a premium version which allows you to do all sort of things like get investors to fund your deal with a click of a button. To access the software, you can visit their website here.

Real Estate Investing Software Pricing: Does It Worth Your Money?

One thing I noticed most is that folks are always keen on finding and using free stuff so here you go. This article went into detail to explain the cons and pros of using free software when it comes to real estate investing. If you are going to spend your money on one at least make sure it is one that is worth your money. On the other hand, does the free version really offer the features you needed to sustain daily operations and goals? All these are well explained in this article and you can read them up on this page.

Best Free Real Estate Marketing And Pricing Software

Real estate analysis and marketing can be a huge pain in the butt if you are manually doing everything your self. You may be very good at Math, but no one is that fast to crunch multiple numbers at the same time take an informed investment decision. This article looks into the best real estate analysis and marketing software out there and gives you details that will satisfy your research curiosity. There are tons of real estate software out there to choose from. But the question is how do you know the one that fits your real estate investors need? Find out more in the article found on this page.

How To Sell Your Wholesale Deals Faster

To avoid been stuck with your wholesale deal longer than you have planned, this post guides you with an eagle eye, on how to sell your whole deal much faster. Not just that, you will learn how to know the right deal, understand when to offer the best deal, and know if you are underselling or selling your deal at a profit before you even get to the marketplace. Go here to find out more with just a few clicks.

Six Ways To Structure Private Money Deal To Get Lenders Beg To Invest With You

Here is a free ebook I found online written by Daniil Kleyman of True Vision Analytics which by the way should be sold at a good price but he is giving it away for free. This book not only opened my eyes. It made finding lenders or having lenders chase you to invest very easy. All this can be done using the powerful Rehab Valuator software. You can go right here to download your free ebook.

Watch Case Study Video On How To Structure Private Money Deal To Get Lenders Chase You To Invest

real estate software

In this video, you will learn how to structure private money deals that will have investors literally chasing and begging you to work with their money. Everything from:

  • The difference between cash and financing
  • Short-term financing assumptions
  • Long-term financing assumptions
  • Presentation skill
  • Marketing and promoting your deal the right way
  • How to borrow private money
  • Private money explained
  • Breakdown of sales proceeds
  • And so on.

Also, there is a video on how to find private money lenders to fund your real estate deals. It is an hour long all content video on how to find private money lenders with six ways to structure your money deals. You can watch the video here.

Fastest Way To Increase Your Rental Property Portfolio

Every landlord or house owner dream is to increase their rental property portfolio one day. Well, this article did not only explain. It gives you the very basic strategies you can employ today to start achieving this plus the very leverages you can explore to quickly build a rental property portfolio much faster. This article here has all the details on this page.

Rental Valuator Review

Rental Valuator review was researched and written for all landlords, homeowners, real estate agents, brokers, realtors, and anyone who is looking into investing in rental property. If you are one of those mentioned, then this software will definitely be a lifesaver for you. It is a rental property investment calculator that enables you to do all the mathematics involved in rental property management. Real estate agents love this tool as it enables them to manage their client’s property with ease and make timely reports and feedback to the landlords. You can read the full review here before you try it out and don’t worry, the free version is simply awesome.

Review Of DealCheck

DealCheck software is another real estate investing software I found that I just have to review as it is simply amazing.

The major difference between DealCheck software and Rehab Valuator software is that DealCheck focuses majorly on finding your best deals near you at a tap of a button on your phone.

It also has a free version but it is limited to 14 days. It is very affordable and with the promo code REF25OFF, you can get it even cheaper on the monthly subscriptions.

While Rental Valuator software has more features for example; you can structure your deal in a way that will get lenders to beg you for partnership and you can easily get funded for your deal.

Also, the free version is free for life and that in itself is tooled out and fully packed to drive any real estate business to success.

Future Of Real Estate Software

This is an open statement and on this note, I will like to keep this page open and ongoing work as more research is made, more article will be updated here as well.

That said, I was able to bring to you the whole range of activities going on in the real estate software industry as at today and going forward.

I hope you enjoyed, the content on this page. have you tried any of this before? Do you know of software I have not covered here? Please do share your thought and experience below.

You may also want to bookmark it for future readings as a new update will be showing up here any time soon. The real estate software industry is evergreen and one that will continue to grow.

I hope all the post referenced on this page will enable make an informed decision moving forward. If you have any question or comment please do so in the box provided below. I will get back to you. Also, help us share this page to your network if you enjoyed the read.

You can join my Face Group where the action is and meet other real estate business folks who are making it happen.

If you use Instagram, then I welcome you to connect with me and enjoy more close details of my journey, love of traveling, good foods, and all things real estate software industry here – @umzrichard

12 thoughts on “Real Estate Software

  1. Michel

    My cousin is an estate agent but deals mostly with rentals.  I am not quite sure what software she uses to run her business, but it is specially designed for estate agents.

    She says she would be lost without this product, as it keeps records of all her houses on her books, tenants details, credit checks, and faults with properties as well as all her correspondence and repair work done on units.

    I think that getting yourself organized with good real estate software is essential to run any estate agent business effectively.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks, Michel for contributing and I am glad the post relates to you and your cousin. Yes, such tools are can very handy and you can imagine the amount of work she will be doing every day if she did not have such a tool. It does a lot, It makes life easy and it takes away the overhead of hiring extra help to do most work.

      Rehab Valuator, in particular, will do all those things. You can find deals, manage your rehab, sell your deal, structure your deal and get funding with just a click of a button. It is simply a life saver and a must have for anyone who is in the real estate business.

  2. Gomer

    I recognize the need for a software like this in my real estate investing. Although I am more on investing rather than marketing and selling properties like I am agent, maybe I can explore the use of this software to my scouting of good deals around town here. And unlike before where I usually bring alongside with me a consultant, I like this idea of cutting on cost by just using a mobile device connected to the Internet. 

    There’s just one thing I’d like to ask pertaining to these software… How is the ongoing support for these software by their developers? Are they often updated or regular receiving updates from the software developers?

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks, Gomer for commenting on Real Estate Software page.

      The Rehab Valuator software is definitely what you need. Hundreds of deals are uploaded by users every minute and you can buy a deal from anywhere as long as there is a bank to handle your transaction.

      Yes, the software updates happen and when it occurs yours is automatically updated as well. It is not a download. It is a web-based software hence it doesn’t take up space on your phone and you can access it any time from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

  3. Salim

    I’ve been introduced to the real estate Industry for a while now but I’ve not been exposed to the improved real estate software Industry. I strongly believe that the Estate Industry is a viable one but with the inclusion of the software program, it will make it easier to transact and carry out business arrangements and a lot of wonderful stuff. I can’t wait to learn the basic of real estate.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Yes, it is an interesting time in the real estate industry. These tools are vital I getting a lot of work done timely and efficiently while you can focus on generating more income or expanding your portfolio.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Vapz

    There’s a lot of valuable information on the is one article. It is packed with a lot of different way to get started with the software for anyone who is in the Real estate business. The real estate software seems to me like a very good tool to make the work a lot easier and more fun. I also think that non-real estate people can also benefit from watching the case study and applying it to their area of profession as it applies. This is a really cool software,worth recommending 

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thank you for the comment. It is indeed a very vital tool to have within the industry. It makes a lot of difference. This page is dedicated to bringing you reviews of all the real estate software I have tried and tested and also ways you can structure your deals to attract investors. 

  5. Edgar Ahimbe

    As I age towards my retirement, I have tried to build a list of prospective businesses I can set up upon leaving formal employment. Real estate business comes to mind, and I looking at being a real estate agent. 

    I have read the review of the Rehab Valuator Lite software and feel it would be of great value to me since it can help me find new deals and I am able to get responsive help even with the free version.
    I know there are systems that can make work easy but choosing a good one needs an expert review like the one you have shared and for that, I appreciate.
    I hope the Rehab Valuator Lite software will be right for me as a Real Estate Agent.

    1. Richard U Post author

      The Rehab Valuator Lite software will be right for you as a real estate agent. It is the perfect tool you need to manage all your client’s projects in one single place. The features are phenomenal and I cant still believe the free version is still free up till now. And it is still free.

      I am not big in real estate yet but I have tried the Rehab Valuator Lite and I am still using it. That is why I am able to do and insightful review as a user not just as someone looking at the software from outside.

      The premium version will enable you to structure your deal in a way that will attract lenders and you can get funding for your project with a click of a button. 

      Thank you for commenting.

  6. Sajua24

    The real estate software industry is an incredible platform of uncommon businesses. It is not affected by any weather conditions. The investors have made huge profit in this line of businesses. The real estate software industry is an incredible opportunity for the stock broker to make huge living. The real estate software industry has become the property developers major area of businesses. The landlords have made it, their own way to also earn a living in life.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Absolutely true. And it is just the beginning. Thank you for contributing. The real estate software industry is changing the game fast within the industry. Any investor, broker, realtor, agent, developer, rehabber, landlord, and or property portfolio builder who is not taking the advert of real estate software growth will be left in the dust very soon.


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