Real Estate Investing Software Pricing

By | June 1, 2018

real estate investing software pricing

In this article, you will find out if real estate investing software pricing worth your money or not. This will largely depend on the cost, what you getting as a result of using the software, how you use the software and how much has it helped change your entire real estate deals, house flipping, and or general business increase.

One common fact I have noticed is that it doesn’t matter if you are just starting out flipping houses or you have been in the business for a long time, real estate investing software can be of great value in many ways.

This include:

  • Helping you cut cost across the board
  • Saves you lots of time spent in running around looking for buyers or sellers
  • Helps you manage your project in one piece
  • Help you get funding for your project much quicker
  • It can be a very handy tool for rehabbers, wholesalers, house flippers, and agents worldwide
  • You can easily track any property from anywhere in the world
  • And the software is web-based meaning there is nothing to download and it is compatible with all platforms

And much more hence this article will be focused only on guiding you through the free version and the premium version of the software so you can see if it is worth your money or not.

However, if you are in a hurry and haven’t got time to read through this article, no problem. Below is a quick three minutes video that will quickly run you through real estate investing software pricing software so you know if it is worth your money or not.

real estate investing software pricing

Free Software

Arguably, you can simply agree that the free version of the real estate investing software is totally complete and hence why should you bother with the premium version.

And you are surely quite right in that stance because the makers of RehabValuator software which is the software in question has put every effort to make sure that anyone in the real estate business finds the software complete and unmatchable.

Because with the free software, you get:

  • The same highly responsive support team just like the premium users
  • Help to control cost across your projects
  • The software’s highly analytical features allow flipper to input data such as rehab cost, purchase price, contract pricing, lead time and holding cost.
  • The software helps you improve value by analyzing the viability of a deal before you even make an offer
  • The free software can help you not to overpay for any deal. It does this with a feature called Max Offer Calculator which helps you see exactly what you are meant to pay and should pay so you don’t overpay for anything.
  • The free software also comes with a deal analyzer which basically helps you sniff out bad deals instantly so you don’t waste your time and resource chasing frivolous deals.
  • With the free software, you will get Rehab/Flip Deal Analysis feature which is a great feature that allows you to instantly know how much you are going to take on a rehab project before you even start.
  • And finally, you get Rehab/Hold Deal Analysis feature with your free software which again instantly help you know how much you will make if you flip the house or not.

All these features are quite frankly and unusually found in any free stuff I have ever come across especially in the real estate industry. But here you have it. All these for free with your free software for life. No wonder you can argue that the free version is enough to do with.

Now that said, the premium version of this piece of software is where the real potential is and that is why every player in the real estate industry big or small who has touched it, never look back again.

real estate investing software pricing

Premium Real Estate Investing Software

It is a well-known fact that as your real estate business start to grow, your effort, time and resources will be constantly needed to keep up with increasing level of activities.

Which mean the more work you take on, the more is needed of you. As this happens, it will be a wise idea to invest in a software like the premium version of Rehab Valuator software to save you a lot of time, help you remain organized and you can comfortably manage multiple projects across the board.

The premium real estate investing software comes with the following advantageous features:

  • Detailed Rehab Budget Input which helps you create detailed rehab budget for your projects, detailed worksheet, and detailed scope of a worksheet that is very clear for your contractors.
  • Helps you prep a detailed Rehab budget for your buyers, lenders, and partners
  • The premium version helps you stay in tune with where your project is at any time by helping you track data and adjust the outcome for you as an investor.
  • The most significant feature of the premium real estate investing software is its ability to build full detailed and full-scale presentations for your lenders and wholesale buyers at a push of a button. You can create strong compelling presentations and flyers to either source for private money for your real estate project or sell your real estate deals.
  • Sharing your project deal is very easy within the premium software. You can either use the special link provided to shout out your presentation through a text, email, or your targeted audience on social media. Or you can create a compelling PDF presentation
  • Another great feature of the premium version is that it allows and enable you to get funding for your projects. You can get funding for your project with a click of a button. Remember to first have a project in place before you do that.
  • You can easily manage your contractors and meet your deadline
  • With the premium real estate investing software, your house flipping business will never be the same.


I have shown you the two options that are available when you look at the real estate investing software pricing. You have seen the difference between free software and premium real estate investing software. The bottom line is there no way any business or an obligation can be fully accomplished without the right tool. Either the tool is free or it is paid for, you just need some sort of tool to fully achieve success in it. The question is how important is your business, what value are you delivering and how much money do you want to make doing it and for how long? It doesn’t matter if you are using the free version or paid one, you simply can’t ignore to explore the real estate investing software pricing to see what fits for you.

real estate investing software pricing

real estate investing software pricing

real estate investing software pricing

Click the above pictures to find out which plan better serves your real estate business. Feel free to ask any question or leave your comment in the box provided below. I will get back to you immediately.


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