Qwikad Review – My Insightful Take

By | July 1, 2017

In this Qwikad review, you will find out:

  • How does the free ad work?
  • How long does it take to set one up?
  • How really free are the ads?


I first noticed the name Qwikad popping up all over the social media lately especially on Twitter. They seem to be offering what I can only tend to ask; how real is this and then I decided to check them out myself.

I also checked for Qwikad reviews on the net but couldn’t find anything tangible so here it is.

What Is Qwikad?

featured QwikAD

Qwikad is a web-based platform where online or offline business owners can post classified ad for free. It is well segmented in the sense that you can place a local ad to target your area only or you can place ad targeting wider area like USA and Canada.

Not much could be found on rating side as it is a new company with about five years on the history side.

Trust rating is excellent.

The ranking is at #131,526 ahead over similar 30 million websites in the whole world.

In India alone, it is ranking at #20,458 which is not bad. Source: Scamanlyze.com

How To Place Ad On Qwikad

First I was surprised to notice that you do not have to open an account in other to place an ad with Qwikad. You can place your ad any time and it is free to do so right? Well, we’ll find out!

Let me walk you through the process I underwent. So you can get a better understanding of how things work around Qwikad.

First, you click on Post A Free Ad icon and you are here:

qwikad start

Did you see where it says free? Yes is it. I was surprised too but stay with me. If there is a catch somewhere we will find it.

Now all you need do is select your country or location to target your ad. If you select the whole of USA and Canada, it will cost you $5 dollar. But if you choose a certain city within the two countries then it is free.


Are you with me so far?

Good because things will get interesting in a short while…

Now let us say you chose the USA which is, by the way, a huge market and to get your free ad placed, you may want to narrow it to down let’s say New York as in below:

qwikad area

When you chose New York, for example, it will still ask you to select which city within New York you will want to target your ad.

Meaning if you want a wider coverage then you have to pay $5.

Anyways, in the spirit of testing things out, I continued to dig deeper into the below image shows:

qwikad narrowed

As you can see, you will be asked to chose which niche your campaign is targeting and remember it is still free as it said. You can always change your location by clicking the change location icon at the top.

You will also notice how the ad target went from the USA to New York and then narrowed down to Long Island.

Next select which business you want to promote depending on what business you are into. Let say you want to promote Pet related ad as below:

qwikad pet ad

Now let us again say you choose Dogs and Puppies in relation to the business you want to promote then carry on to the next topic which also explains how free is really the online advertising platform.

How Really Is Free Qwikad Ad Placement?

qwikad progress

This is where things start getting interested. You will see from the top above right side that says it is free, but for only 60 days. Meaning your ad will be up for free within 60 days after which you may have to pay for it if you still want it up and running.

This is optional as I later found out though so yes there is a catch and it is one where you have the option to continue or opt out with zero obligation.

Anyway, 60 days free ad placement is still a lot and if you have a good ad up and running, you can get a lot of traffic within those periods.

So moving on, you can go ahead and fill in your ad details as seen above. Next will be:

qwikad process

As you can see from the above, there will be a few more attempts to sell you into buying featured and urgent ads but the good thing is, these are optional. Although as a business you may want to look into buying it as they are relatively cheaper than what is obtainable elsewhere.

The blue bottom that said continue means your ad is placed and set up complete so you can start seeing results.

Also you can upload as many images up to ten as the below image indicates:

as many image to QwikAD


Lastly, you will get an email detailing your ad set up with an option to edit or view your ad for performance checks or amendments.

In conclusion, the qwikad platform is only free for certain period of time. It is not free forever just as the flash advert made it look. There could be great potential to increase traffic and sales if you use it right. Then again it all depends on what you intend to advertise.

In my opinion, they should have been a little bit more upfront in their sales pitch especially the free to advertise your business part. Their affiliate program seems well managed as they just increased their payout rate from $10 to $20 pay lead who converts into paying customer.

If you want to know how to get paid for ads on your website, Click Here read this FREE lesson.

I will continue to update this post as I monitor my results. If you have any question or comment please feel free to ask in the box below.




8 thoughts on “Qwikad Review – My Insightful Take

  1. Andrew Williams

    I have serious reservation about QwikAds.
    I’ve advertise many digital and physical products and not one sell. In fact, when I would check for clicks on my products’s site, NONE; yet on Qwikad’s site, there are plenty I am beginning to think that it’s all about the ROBOTS and not Real prospects.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks Andrew for raising a very important question. This is why I love doing reviews like this so folks will be aware what’s working from what’s not.
      Yes I noticed same thing with QwikAd too and my testing resulted to same results which is plenty clicks but no realternative conversationso. That can only be one thing, robots or something else.

      That said I discovered this platform which helped me navigate the field of online advertising and I am sure it will help you too. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate and you can do more than learn how to advertise and mare money on the go.

      Let me know how you getting on and I am ready to help too.


  2. Kirk

    LOL. So you guys are slamming that site to promote your affiliate links that go back to that site. Interesting. Negative advertising does work sometimes. Now I feel like I want to post a couple ads on that site. LOL.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Hi Kirk,

      The only reason I used the site was to test how it works so I can do a proper review for my esteemed readers. I do my work and the commitment pays off. Why? so that folks like you will not waste time on what is not working and focus on what is working. Like I said earlier, this Ad agency is new. They are still finding their footings. They ‘ve created on the internet hype and the noise is loud on Twitter. So I tested them and reviewed them. You can read up my findings in the post. You welcome by the way as I have given you the insight to make your own informed decision.

    1. Richard U Post author

      You are right. Everyone has different ways of looking at things. So is how people review things too. I have checked the link you mentioned. It is indeed an informative review with good comments. I have left my own comment on the review too.

      I like to be more surgical with my review and that entails dissecting the whole thing into pieces. That way my esteem readers will have enough to make their own informed choices.

      Anyway thanks again Kirk for getting back.

      I value you as my esteem reader.


  3. Grant H. Lynn

    Where are these ads placed? How can people see them? Can I see actual placed ads for myself in real time?

    1. Richard U Post author

      Hi there, sorry for the late replies I am swamped. Yes, you can see more. Just follow the link provided in the article that leads to their website and you will see so many live ads for your perusals.

      I hope this helps?

      Thanks for commenting.


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