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By | July 9, 2015

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Best SEO Tool


Product: Page One Engine

Creators: Dori Friends (An SEO Expert)

Price: $1,997 (All inclusive with no upsells)

Rankings: 98%  (Recommended)


Product Overview

I have not meet with Dori Friends face to face yet but I have attended couple of her recent webinars and I must say she is such a wonderful person with great spirit that can inspire even the dullest of minds to do positive things with their life .


I have read her ebook (Where The Big Dogs Roams) and I must say it is full of great values and inspirations. I was inspired not only by her work but also by her desire and effort to impact positive change in other people’s life both financially and otherwise via her skills and experiences.


She is an expert in SEO’s with years of successful experience under her arm and she has worked with Google which means she knows her onions.


Page One Engine is her first project. On One of her webinar, she put Page One Engine Tool to the test life in front of hundreds of attendees and ranked some amazon products and some very old websites to Google front page in no time with zero cost on advertising.

I am sure you understands that Front page of Google means huge pure and organic targeted traffics every day for free.


The Page One Engine software also comes with a Private Blog Network( secret source of SEO) to all members.


What Is Page One Engine?

what is pageone


From what I saw on the webinar, I can tell it is an in-depth SEO course that is complete with software and trainings which also includes real life case studies and proof.

I also noticed that it can as well be an answer to the mysterious question of how? – when it comes to successful SEO skill pursuit. You can find answers to such questions like :

  • What is SEO?
  • How to set up profitable SEO?
  • How does it work? (SEO)
  • What is the time frame in setting up profitable SEO?
  • What are your chances of making money with your SEO set ups?
  • How do you get to Google front page with Page One Engine Tool?
  • Plus many other 21 questions I am sure you need answered when you get your hand on it.


What Are Your Chances of Making Money With  Page One Engine?

Page One Engine has the potential to help you make money online in multiple ways.

These includes:

#1 SEOs

#2 Reputation management

#3 Launch Jacking

#4 List Building

#5 Local Business SEO Consulting

#6 Social Media Traffic

#7 Affiliate Marketing



Who Is Page One Engine For?

From what I deduced from the webinar, Page One Engine training module break down is basically meant for 3 kinds of people. But when you look at it closely, you can see it is clearly meant for anyone who really want to take advantage of free targeted organic traffic to increase their sales online and make good money

. These people includes:-

#1, Beginners – As a beginner in SEO world, you will be able to learn what an SEO professionals does from the scratch, on and off page SEO, back-linking, how to find competing sites, hosting, beginners guide step by step video series plus instant access to an SEO Glossary to all popularly used terms in SEO.


#2 Intermediates – This is if you are already in the internet marketing world or you been doing online business for some times but has not really made any reasonable money online. In that case, the intermediate video series will help you. And that includes top value information on hosting your PBN and building it, finding aged domain-scrapping and selection, selecting the right keywords, social media profiling, intense on and off page SEO and many more.


#3 Advanced Marketers – This I believe is where it starts getting more exciting because this is where the big dogs roams. At this point you are looking at instant access to Page One Engine link building tool, analytic tools, press release, link density building, POE PBN networks, and many more high value stuffs I am not sure I ‘ve got the correct SEO grammatical terminologies to put it here for you. So please look inside when you get in.



Main Features of Page One Engine  Software Are:


  • Assorted SEO tools
  • PBN Management tools
  • And you get a 500 site link networks you can instantly use and build out your own immediately.

There are 8 Modules of Page One Engine Training Courses.  Each individual module represent an opportunity or a different way to make money. It is up to you to choose which one you fill confident with and pursue it with intent.

These 8 modules includes the following:

 Module 1 – You Can Start Earning Quick Buck With Reputation Management

reputation to keep If 84% of the online marketers thought that reputation management is the key to the tomorrow success and it has been known that many business has closed down and gone under the waters due to bad reputation. Wouldn’t you like to make lets say $600 to $8000 a month helping them clean up their reputation mess?



Module 2- Launch Jacking

launch jack This module gives you the skill and the ability to profit from any new product launch out there today. It is all about fast profit and you can rinse and repeat the process for even bigger pay day.

You can apply this module for your short term profit or even better for a long term online business strategy and make a living out if it.


============> GET STARTED HERE <==================


Module 3 – Rank On YouTube

youtube ranking One of the most fastest way to start increasing traffic is video ranking on Google. YouTube is very good with that if you have the skill to set up and rank videos.  The good news is you don’t even have to create these videos yourself.

You can go to and get a professional looking video you can rank fast to get an avalanche of traffics to your site. This module teaches you all you need.



Module 4 – Site Leasing

site leasing The key benefit of this module is that it is easy to get started with and quick to scale and make even more profit. It is a simple process of ranking your own site and then leasing it out to clients. This opportunity is perfect for local business.

With one client you can get good quality recommendations that can help get you new clients and that means steady recurring income.



Module 5 – Drive Traffic With Social Media

social media The two best key benefit of this module are massive instant visitors from social media and it helps with your SEO, branding and authority. We all know that second best thing after SEO is social media traffic.

It may not convert like SEO traffic but the visitor are more engaging which can boost your brand and recognition. This module will give you all you need. Imagine when you can combine both skills?



MODULE 6 – Local SEO

local seo This method has been around for ages and yet still very profitable to go into all because the demand for local SEO is still very high. The top two benefits are that you can get started immediately and it is very profitable.


=============> GET STARTED HERE <================


Module 7 – Email/List Building

list building

One of the greatest advantages of SEO is the ability to help grow your mailing list for free. We all know as the say “money is in the list”! Well it can be true if you are building a highly targeted and actionable list.

Not just freebies list. This module clear the big different between paid traffic and free quality and targeted organic traffic. And both CPA and SEO free traffic requires equal amount of work to set up. So you tell me!


Module 8 – Affiliate Marketing

Promoting other people’s product can be very lucrative especially when commissions are ranging from 5% to 10% on tangible product and about 50% to 75% commissions on information products (i.e digital products) online these days.

The competition among vendors are riff and digital product owners are all constantly out there hunting for an army of affiliates that will help push their products to a larger audience.

Top 2 benefits of this module are long term profits and the ability to create and rank more sites using the same method. Good example of affiliate program that has recurring income online for life is Wealthy Affiliates.


My Verdict:

I will like to say this is a great product to invest in. From what I have seen from the life webinar it is indeed a one stop solution to all SEO needs which can help you get tons of organic free traffic.

It is definitely not a push button formula to 6 figures a month from online business.

You will definitely need to put in some work and time.

For a one time stop cost of $1,997 for the complete access to Page One Engine, I should think that all your work would be completely cut out for you especially as all the tools and training you needed comes with the software.




Let me know your own take about Page One Engine by dropping me a comment or question in the box provided below. I will respond back to you immediately. I always do.


Also would you mind sharing the heck out of this post for me on your social media network if you found this post useful in any way? Thanks.

– Richard


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