Nest Wealth Review

By | May 11, 2019

nest wealth review

In this Nest Wealth Review, I will be showing you why Nest Wealth is the best Robo advisor amongst many out there. Also why it is the most transparent automation investment service, best for fees and high network investment portfolio holders.

What Is Nest Wealth?

Nest Wealth according to the company is Canada’s largest independent digital wealth management platform. Nest Wealth is a structured monthly payment flat fee service which enables you to save a lot of money on fees even when your money grows.

Who Owns Nest Wealth?

Nest Wealth was founded by Randy Cass who has over 15 years in the financial service industry under his belt. He is the majority shareholder which means he is not backed by any bank hence no bias to favor certain ETFs. He manages quantitative portfolios at the Ontario’s Teachers Pension Plan and institutional assert at Orchard Assert Management.

Clients account are held at National Bank Correspondent Network (NBCN) a subsidiary of National Bank.

Metroland Media invested $1.5 million in August 2015 for a minority stake in the company.

National Bank invested $6 million in April 2017 for a minority stake and the signing of multiple agreements.

These deals make Nest Wealth not only the best among robot advisor in Canada, but also the biggest stand-alone automated wealth management platform.

Nest Wealth Portfolio Creation

The company portfolio creations are from the following:

  • The portfolio is constructed using seven different classes of assets, each depending on investment goals are risk tolerance. These assets are. US equities, Domestic equities, emerging market equities, international equities. real return bonds, real estate, government fixed income, and cash.
  • Globally diversified asserts across industry sectors.
  • And portfolios constructed using Nobel Prize Winning to max efficiency of return while minimizing risk.

Nest Wealth Costs

In this Nest Wealth review, you will notice that what makes nest wealth different and more popular from Wealth Simple. Bloom, Swell Investing, Tally Advisor, etc, is the flat and affordable subscription fee structure.

You see, instead of charge you exorbitant fees plus the cost of transaction which can run into thousands, they made it simple. Pay a monthly subscription fee. In fact, Nest Wealth is the only company with such a fee structure in the industry at the moment.

The break down of their fee structure can be seen in the below example:

Nest Wealth Monthly Subscription Fees

nest wealth review

nest wealth review

  1. If you are investing less than $75,000 your fee will be $20 only per month.
  2. For an investment of $75,000 up to $150,000, you will pay a monthly fee of $40 only.
  3. Now for an investment of $150,000 and above, you will only pay a monthly fee of  $80 only.

And get this, even if you are a high network investor with a portfolio of more than 1 million Dollars, you will only pay $80 per month subscription. Simple as that. This makes Nest Wealth very popular and very attractive to investors looking to invest for retirements or their children college fund.

With these findings, it means the more money you invest with Nest Wealth, the fewer fees you pay going forward.

Trading Fees

Their custodian NBCN charges $9.99 per trade. But Nest Wealth caps their trading at $100 per year as per account. Any trading fee above $100 is on Nest Wealth which means you don’t have to pay anything above that. Crazy?  Yes, and it is the honest truth.

Underlying ETF Fees

The average MER of the ETFs they use is 0.15% and these includes:

  • You scheduling calls with your advisor at any time that suits you best.
  • Transparent fee and performance reporting via your online portfolio dashboard. You can log in and view how your investments are doing any time and from any operating system or platform. You can see the rebalancing that is happening live and you can see exactly how much you are paying in fees.
  • Customized portfolio creation.
  • Optimized portfolio construction.
  • Diversified tax efficient assert allocation.
  • Consistent portfolio monitoring by your portfolio manager.
  • Threshold portfolio rebalancing.
  • Annual updating of information.

Nest Wealth Account Types And Services

If you are looking to build a great retirement fund, or plan your children or a grandchildren college fund, or even build a trust fund, Nest Wealth is the right place for you. If you want your income to generate more income for you, they got your back. If you are planning to buy a new house or a new car and decide to save toward it, Nest Wealth is the right place.

They have all types of accounts both registered and non-registered, corporate and trust account. Other account types include RRSP, spousal RRSP, TFSA, RESP, Cash CAD, Cash USD, RIF, LIRA, Joint, Trust, Corporate, and Joint USD.

Nest Wealth Account Security

If you are worried about losing your money or Nest Wealth going bankruptcy, do not freight. Their custodian bank NCBN is a member CIPF which covers and protects each account up to $1,000,000 against insolvency or going under administration.

Also, Nest Wealth as a wealth management company is regulated by the OSC which enforces consumer protection standards.

Nest Wealth Vs Other Robo Advisors

#1. Nest Wealth enables customized portfolio while other Robo advisors don’t. Their platform has a feature that can build a complete customized portfolio for each client based on their risk tolerance, goals, time horizon, and financial circumstances.

#2. They use a personalized approach than other Robo advisors. This approach is very popular among their work process as this tend s to appeals to people with larger portfolio and those that are used to a traditional financial advisor.

#3. Nest Wealth has a flat subscription-based fee while other Robo advisors charge percentage fees which can skyrocket any time. Their Capped subscription model is a huge welcome for both small investors and high network investors with very large portfolios.

#4. No charges for certain threshold while other Robo advisors charge you even when there are no activities going on in your account. What this means is that Nest Wealth understood that at a certain threshold, they are not doing more work to manage your account hence why charge you more for the same service? They believe that you should be rewarded for saving more, keep that extra wealth, maintain portfolio growth, and surely don’t give out a percentage of it.

#5. Last but not the least their capped fee flat rate which other Robo advisors out there obviously do not have or cannot deploy. What this means is, whether you have $150,000 Nest Wealth or you have $2,000,000 with them, your monthly fees are capped at $80 per month, or $1060 a year ( i.e $960 (plus $100 trading fee) month nothing more.

Nest Wealth Review Screenshots

nest wealth review

The above screenshot depicts a goal based platform with a summary page which shows you at a glance if you are on track or off track your goal. This actually helps you actualize your investment goals.


nest wealth review

The screenshot above is an example of your account page which shows your performance, account balance, allocation, and all the interactive graphs.

Nest Wealth Platform Use

The platform is very easy to use. It is compatible with all operating system and can be opened across all platform like Andriod, iOS, Window, etc. It is a fully hosted platform with SSL encryption site security as you can see on Google search engine. It is a web-based system. The Robo advisor is suited for both larger investors and smaller portfolio holders and for those looking for a more traditional financial advisor.

Nest Wealth Help And Support Review

nest wealth review

One thing and do very well in all reviews are the thorough check on every product or service help and support or what you may call a customer service review. I do that a lot because when I put myself as a customer, it enables understand:

  1. How quickly can I get answers to a question?
  2. How often do people complain about the product or service?
  3. How good is the support team?
  4. How fast do they respond to any queries?

In Nest Wealth, the help and support team is simply amazing. This crack team of customers will not only answer your query but they also keep in touch to make sure you have no further worries with your services.

They also have this smart and amazing quick life chat box that pops up when you are on the site and you will be talking to a real person but just a robot.


Nest Wealth sure did not leave any stone unturned when it comes to the wealth management industry. They got all basic covered and quite frankly the single largest independent investment platform in Canada. Their personalized portfolio is a huge welcome in the industry and most definitely very popular among their products. The fee structure is the best in the market and hence it attracts huge investors because the more money you invest the less fee you pay. I hope that this Nest Wealth review has shown you how transparent and most importantly the best for fee and services.nest wealth review

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