My Online Startup Review 2020 – Is It Legit Or Not?

By | June 15, 2020

My Online Startup review 2020 will be looking into details of what this program really does, why it is totally free, and how you can earn easy commissions by becoming a partner member.

Welcome to my online business start-up review. I will be showing you my insightful take on this free program as an insider and I will be showing all the pros and cons so that you can make your own informed decision.

I will first go into details reviewing My Online Startup and then next go into details on how you can earn easy commissions with the program.

my online startup review 2020 - earn easy commission

My Online Startup Review 2020

Program In Review: My Online Startup

Company Website: www.myonlinestartupcom

Founder: Chuck Nguyen

Product: Free Online Start-Up Course

Product Cost: 100% Free To Join.

Method of Tutorial: Video tutorials, Materials, Presentations, Guides, Tools, And Easy To Follow Step By Step Walkthrough

Who Is It For? Online Start-Up Newbies, Intermediates, And Expert Online Business Prospects.

What To Expect? You Will Be Able To Build A Sustainable Online Business After The Free Training.

Is It a Scam Or Look Like One? Absolutely NO!

Ratings: 98 Out Of 100.


This is an insightful take from my experience while using the program. This is not financial advice. The earnings provided here are not a guarantee that you will earn the same. Every individual earning varies and is hugely dependent on your personal effort and work commitment. 

Therefore always do your own research before joining any program online. If you decide to join this program as a founding partner, I will get a commission. Which helps me maintain this site with more valuable information. 

my online startup review 2020 - earn easy commissions

What Is My Online Startup?

My Online Startup is a free training course designed by Chuck Nguyen in such a way that anyone could be able to learn, follow, and implement with step by step walkthrough and set up their online business.

Why Is My Online Startup Course 100% Free?

During the research on this review, I discovered that Chuck Nguyen has been a victim of so many online business start-up scam. Also, he felt sick and tired of buying and paying for junks that simply does not work. After so many years of failing, he was able to scrape together some capital borrowed from friends and relatives and decided to put his experience into a training course. 

This he decided to give away for free so that no one else will be scammed again by so-called self-acclaimed gurus. I found this very noble because at first, I was asking the same question: why is he giving so much away for free?

My Online Startup Course Features

The following features are what I found in this free course:

  • The Free Course of cos. With this course, you may have no need to buy any more shiny objects or junks that wastes time and money with zero results. To be honest the value of the free course out weight hundreds of very expensive programs I have paid for before. The only program that provides such a similar value for completely free is the Wealthy Affiliate Program.
  • Free DFY Premium High Converting Blog Setup. As we all know, blogging is one of the most lucrative ways of getting free traffic to your online offers. Just as you are reading this article now, so will your business grow if you start a blog on it. The team at My Online Startup will help you set up a very high converting blog, fully optimized for SEO, using the industry’s premium plugins already installed.
  • Free DFY Lead Generation System Setup. The team at My Online Startup will help you set up a free done for your lead generation system. The system comes with over 250 automated daily email follow-ups, with integration, trackings, and automation. This feature alone costs thousands out there in the market and no one else is giving this away for free.
  • Free Learn To Earn Program. There is a tremendous value I found within the community especially the culture of learning to earn. Simply put it this way; Chuck Nguyen want you to succeed so you can tell the world. Everybody is all out to help each other grow to make the free learn to earn program more lucrative.
  • Free Community. There is an army of fully-fledged members of My Online Startup on the Facebook private group. In this community, everyone is sharing their success, helping each other with tips, and Chuck himself is always very handy to answer any question. Apart from the community, the support team is very timely in responding to all inquiries.

My Online Startup Review 2020 – Earn Easy Commission

my online startup review 2020 - earn easy commission

How can you earn an easy commission with the My Online Startup program?

  1. First, you can earn a commission as an ordinary affiliate.
  2. Secondly, you can earn an easy $100 commission per day with the Partner Program. The partner program opens more doors of opportunity to earn huge easy commission by simply sharing free stuff to people on your network. No selling or cold calling is required neither is your previous experience.

How To Become My Online Startup Partner To Earn High Commission Every Day.

You first have to become a partner member.

My Online Startup Partner Member costs $197 one time payment for lifetime access. I think this price will be going up soon after there new launch. I am not sure yet but it will be wise to take the advantage now should you want to become a partner.

Earn High Ticket Easy Commission With My Online Startup Partner

Testimonies From Partner Members At My Online Startup

my online startup review 2020 - earn easy commission

my online startup review 202 - earn easy commission

my online startup review 2020

my online startup review 2020my online startup review 2020

And there are more testimonies like this coming into the mastermind group every day from partner members who are averaging close to $1000 a day. 

Once you are in, you will go through partner training video courses, set up all your affiliate programs in one place, and start getting paid anytime it converts. The easiest one I have seen is making $100 by simply sharing the free course. You have to give it a try to believe it yourself.

There are tons of marketing materials to choose from and start sharing. You can use a blogging approach or social media marketing approach which I found easier and faster ways to reach people.

You can do review posts sharing your experience just like I am doing right now and to me, that is the best. Because once done it works on its own and can generate you more commission even when you are asleep.

Folks in the Wealthy Affiliate program or anyone using WordPress or any kind of content marketing system like blogging that talks about there interests, passions, or hobbies will definitely love the MOS partner program. As it is easy to share in a blog post.

Pros And Cons of My Online Startup Program


  • It is indeed 100% free course
  • You do not need previous experience to get started.
  • The free account creation requires no credit card details or any form of payment method. Just create your free account using your simple email.
  • The training materials and video tutorials are well detailed and valuable. I found it far better than paid courses out there.
  • Each training has an easy to do a task that is geared towards helping you start your online business.
  • The training is walk through step by step and easy to follow.
  • There is a comment and question section on every training video providing you the opportunity to share your view, ask questions, comment, and even take note or contribute. 
  • There a free private Facebook community for you once you create your free account. You should be able to see members’ live progress, successes, results, and you can easily emulate them or reach out for help with anything.
  • Free training has all the tools you will need to set up your online business very fast. 
  • You will be assigned a mentor coach once you become a paying partner. This is designed to help you achieve results fast and make your first $100 commission.
  • The courses and training come with a positive and success mindset tutorial. Chuck uses this to empower you to be successful. He relates to his failures and you can tap into such a mindset to become who you want to be. 
  • You will know how to set a specific goal, draw an easy road map to achieve them, and set a time limit to motivate you.
  • And many more…


  • This is not a get rich quick program so if you have such a motive in mind, I am sorry to disappoint you with this review.
  • There are lots of video tutorials to go through. Not just videos. These are valuable current updated information you will need to start and build a sustainable online business 2020 and beyond. If you are the impatient type or haven’t got time to watch simple videos, then this is not for you.
  • The ordinary affiliate program will only pay you $20 per referral. But with a partner program, you will make $100 a day if you put in the work.

My Verdict: My Online Startup Review – Is It Legit Or Not?

From my experience of using this course and as a partner member, this program is 100% legit and easy to help anyone earn easy commission online. Click the image below to get started getting paid for just learning.

my online startup review 2020 - earn easy commission

Program In Review: My Online Startup

Company Website: www.myonlinestartupcom

Founder: Chuck Nguyen

Product: Free Online Start-Up Course

Product Cost: 100% Free To Join.

Method of Tutorial: Video tutorials, Materials, Presentations, Guides, Tools, And Easy To Follow Step By Step Walkthrough

Who Is It For? Online Start-Up Newbies, Intermediates, And Expert Online Business Prospects.

What To Expect? You Will Be Able To Build A Sustainable Online Business After The Free Training.

Ratings: 98 Out Of 100.

Review By: Richard U.

I hope My Online Startup review 2020 – earn easy commission has answered your question regarding the free course and how to make money online with the partner program? If you have any more questions or comment please do so in the box below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Please help me share this with your network so others can learn from it. 

8 thoughts on “My Online Startup Review 2020 – Is It Legit Or Not?

  1. Steve

    This looks like a pretty cool opportunity. I especially like the motivation behind starting this program. I hate to see so many people scammed too, so when I see someone trying to prevent that, I can appreciate it. I’m glad it doesn’t promote itself as a get-rich-quick type of program,. I’m a little wary when it says you can earn easy commissions, though. Maybe I’m just neurotic, but I’m very gun-shy when I hear things like that. It helps that you included those testimonials!  Thanks!

    1. Richard U Post author

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for the kind comment I can relate to that.

      I myself I have to test the product itself and see for myself. It is not a get rich quick scheme. In fact, when you join the Facebook private group, you will see live testimonies coming in every minute from members who are earning high commission easily. 

      And they are happy to share you with what method of free traffic method they are using, what is working for them and you can emulate the same strategy.

      One thing I found very useful in the community is that everyone is really out to help anyone who is struggling.

      This is not an ordinary type of affiliate marketing. This is a complete recession proof online business anyone with little experience can follow, set up, and build a sustainable online business. Especially in the face of a Tsunami of unemployment that is hitting the world’s economy as a result of coronavirus pandemic.

      Thanks again for commenting and do let me know how you are experiencing it.


  2. Taine420

    This is exactly what i was looking for!

    It’s harder than you think to find a good reliable online start up review that not only shows you the safe and reliable way to start up but also shows you where to go and start furthering your online work with a great affiliate program like Wealth Affiliate. Which i checked out. It’s AMAZING, i especially like the free coaching you get and a intro into the training programs they offer before asking for you to start paying monthly for all those extra perk’s.

    Like you say its not a get rich fast program. You need to be interested and work hard for it but at the end of the day its a passive income that will allow you to travel and work and also you can decide on your hours. which is the BEST!

    Thanks you for this post. 

    1. Richard U Post author

      Splendid Taine420,

      Thank you so much for the comment.

      You are absolutely right! It is very hard to find a trusted program that works out there due to so many scams going on. 

      That is why I took my time to do a proper due diligence on MOS and research the heck out of what they do. Not only that, but I have also even got myself a member of the free course, studied the teachings and applied in in building by building my online presence just like I did with the Wealthy Affiliate. 

      I also got myself into the paid Founding Partner Program which basically pays you for simply helping other people start their online business. 

      Since I have been a full partner member just under a week I have nine people signed up for the free training. The system works if you are ready to put in some effort. Yes is it not a get rich quick scheme but it works. Just under ten days, I have people signing up. 

      People are sick and tired of hypes. Fake rich promises, and fake results. Folks can see through all that now. But MOS just like the Wealthy Affiliateis a very simple, transparent, 100% free course to get you started, and if you don’t want to become a founding partner, no one is pushing you or forcing you to become one.

      With MOS, you are not selling anything. You are simply giving free stuff away. Stuffs that helps people out there for completely free. The free course at MOS alone is worth $$$ thousands of Dollars. But Chuck Nguyen, the founder is giving it away plus his personal mentorship through his newsletter.

      If I continue to put in the same amount of work on it every day, by the end of this year I should have more members and possibly more streams of income just from MOS.

      My experience with MOS has been wonderful I must say. The full paid membership enabled me to fully understand how the program works, gave me an insight for these reviews, and that was how I am able to provide you with this detailed review so that you can see, read, and make an informed decision of your own.

      Thank you again for your thoughtful comment.


  3. Joy

    Hello there! I must commend your honesty and sincerity in dishing out everything a first timer like me needs to know about My Online Startup. One main reason I admire this platform is that it provides some good training material on how to set up an affiliate marketing business, which is what I have been looking for. 


    1. Richard U Post author

      Hi Joy,

      Thank you for the comment and I am glad I could be of help in providing you with a detailed review of My Online Startup which now helped you to finally start your own affiliate marketing. 

      Let me know how it is going for you and please feel free to drop your experience here again so that our esteem readers will learn from your experience.

      Thanks again.


  4. Nuttanee

    Thank you so much for reviewing My Online Startup. It is really refreshing to see a good educational platform that is free to join. I am sure that all of us experienced the same thing as Chuck Nguyen, I got scammed a few times as well. I am going to check the course out as I would love to learn new skills. Just signed up and will it from there. 

    1. Richard U Post author


      Thanks for the comment and I am glad you found the review very helpful. Yes, Chuck Nguyen is great at what he does and from your experience, this is the right move to make. 

      This program is completely a scam free environment just like the wealthy affiliate. And there are tons of free tools one can leverage to start up their online business for completely free as well.

      Yes, go right ahead. Good to hear you have signed up as well too as a result of reading this review. That is awesome stuff. 

      Please feel free to share your experience with us as you continue on this new wonderful journey.

      Cheers, and thank you for commenting.


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