Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review – A Must Read

By | April 3, 2018

jaaxy keyword research tool reviewIn this Jaaxy keyword research tool review, I will be showing you how Jaxxy works, how much Jaaxy cost and how to make money online from home using Jaaxy affiliate program.

Therefore, if you are new to online business or you want to learn more about keyword research tool, then grab a cup of coffee and sit back. This is one keyword research tool review you must read before you do you next niche keyword research online.

Software Name: Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Website: www.jaaxy.com

Owners: Owned by the founders of Wealthy Affiliate University; Kyle and Carson

What Does It Do?: Keyword Research Tool

How Much Does Jaaxy Cost? :

  • Starter Trial is Free with 30 searches $(0)
  • Pro version popular among new website owners is $49 per monthly subscription
  • Enterprise version if for power users which has everything you need to be successful with ranking on Google and all other search giants. The cost is $99 per monthly subscriptions

Free Trials?: Yes with 30 searches

Contract?: Zero contract and zero obligation. Plus no forced payment. You can remain free for life.

How To Get Jaaxy? Simple! You can go to the Jaaxy main website and create your own free starter account or you can join the Wealthy Affiliate program and you automatically get a free starter member account of Jaaxy. If you are wondering what Wealthy Affiliate is or how it works, you can read more about it here on this updated review of Wealthy Affiliate.

Online Business Prospects Rating: 98% Out of 100%

What Is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is a powerful piece of web-based tool, that helps automates your keyword research and help you find profitable niche keywords and domain name that ranks in Google with minimum effort. Jaaxy is created by Kyle and Carson, the Wealthy Affiliate owners.

It works in much speed and helps you focus on the most important part of your online business which is making money. It uses current information from big search engine and shows data for searches, rankings, competition, domain opportunity, and many more.

Jaaxy is mobile and user-friendly and compatible with all browsing platform. Jaaxy is web-based meaning you don’t have to download anything.

I have been using Jaaxy for a long time now to find ideas and peep through competition for my website and It has helped me found many opportunities for my domains and posts.


  • Jaaxy is a web-based tool hence you don’t have to download anything
  • It works very fast with lightning speed
  • Jaaxy is mobile and user-friendly meaning anyone can be able to use it
  • It uses and analyzes data with lightning speed
  • It has a free trial
  • It does not come with upselling or down sell or any catch.
  • Jaaxy is easily accessible once you created your free account
  • It brainstorms ideas for you use viral contents from search engines and social media networks
  • Jaaxy is simple and easy to use
  • It gives you a competitive advantage in both website flipping and all things’ internet marketing
  • Jaaxy is the perfect tool for affiliate marketing
  • And it has a very good affiliate program


  • It’s not available in many other languages yet
  • Jaaxy is not a magic button. You have to actually type in your keyword phrase to get started.
  • No option for local keyword research yet but as far as the world wide web is concerned, Jaaxy is hands down top of the food chain.

Who Is Jaaxy For?

If you are into anything related to online marketing especially the internet marketing in general, then Jaaxy is for you. The following list is not all there is these are mainly who Jaaxy is for:

  • internet marketing experts
  • Beginners (Newbies) in online business
  • Intermediate in online markers
  • Experts and market leaders
  • Bloggers
  • Freelancers
  • Affiliate markers both newbies and market leaders
  • Niche marketers
  • SEO experts
  • Web flippers

How To Use Jaaxy

I will be showing you how to use Jaaxy keyword research tool from scratch with some screenshot I have put together for an easy understanding. This explanation will work well with newbies who are new to keyword research tool and as well as those who already know how to do SEO but want to keep updated. Jaaxy is a powerful piece of software that I believe every internet marketer out there should be using.

When you have created your account and logged in, you will see a dashboard similar to the screenshot below.

Jaaxy keyword research tool review

The first thing to do is put in your keyword phrase in the box where the red arrow is pointing on the left. This keyword could be anything you are trying to rank with on Google. Then hit the find keywords blue button as the red arrow indicates. The result will be as seen in the screenshot below.

Jaaxy keyword research tool review
This is exactly how I came about this post and the article therein. As you can see from the search, I entered my desired keyword and hit the find keyword button to arrive here. You will see so many keywords to choose from. Your job now is to make sure it is a keyword that is going to help you rank on Google and other search engine giants. To do so, you must first understand the metrics in Jaaxy keyword tool.

Understanding The Metrics In Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Search: This is where you want to begin if you are going to do a keyword research that will help you rank on Google

Site Rank: This is where you go if you want to know how your website, keyword, and post is performing on a search engine. Or if you want to have a peek at your competitor to see how they are ranking and what article and keyword are helping them do so.

Affiliate Program: As you may know, Jaaxy has one of the best affiliate programs that will help you make money online from home or anywhere with your contents. This is where you go for all the tools you need and to check your statistics.

Jaaxy Help: This is where all the bonus is kept for you soon as you come on board. It houses powerful list of already made hot keywords you can go to war with immediately without wasting time. And it also houses four powerful free video tutorials that will help you jump start you niche contents and ranking in no time. I will talk more about this later in this article.

Upgrade: This is where you go to upgrade when you are ready to step up your campaign and make serious money online with your contents.

My Account: This is where you go for your account settings, password, login or log out, etc

Keyword: This is where you want to be just after you hit the search button at the beginning. This allows you to test your keyword phrase to see how they will perform if you use them. Just like the screenshot already explained.

Alphabet Soup: For those new to the keyword searching, Alphabet soup is a keyword research technique that allows you get an insight look at what people are searching for on Google or other search engines. It works as a guess work but with more accurate results than just guess. Jaaxy takes this further to the next level and you will love it. Stay with me as I will be throwing more light into this one later.

Saved Lists: This is where save all you the keyword you want to rank with. Any keyword that you feel will work fine and will help you rank later in another article or current one should be saved here. On the screenshot, you will see the red arrow pointing at three keywords I just saved for future references. You also have the option to export this to any format in CSV or TXT Format should you want to edit or view them again later.

Search History: This button shows your journey so far. What you have done or how your journey is progressing since using Jaaxy. It helps remind you the most important things’ you are targeting on Jaaxy and helps keep you focused on your work.

Search Analysis: This helps you play around with your chosen keyword. It refines then based on Google aggregates and rank potentialities. It helps remove the cluster and provide keyword uniqueness for Google indexing and ranking. All these features can only be found in Jaaxy. It helps you see what is ranking on Google, Yahoo and Bing search engine.

Brainstorm: This tells you what is trending across the whole search engine and social media platform. It shows you what is ranking on Google Trends, Yahoo Buzz, Alexa Topics, Amazon Best Sellers and Twitter Trends. Jaaxy is a powerful tool because you can creatively incorporate this articles and link out to them for faster and better ranking. If you are lucky to hit a viral content, then you are SEO returns will be quicker than you anticipated.

Understanding Jaaxy Keyword Tool Features

Now let’s go to the topic of what makes Jaaxy different from any other keyword research tool out there in the market.

  • Keyword: This is a list of potential keywords you want to consider using. They are generated as a result the phrase keyword you entered after hitting the find keyword button.
  • Avg: This is called an average number of searches. What this genius button does is, it tells you the average number of searched that keyword receives in a month.
  • Traffic: Number of a visit to your website per month if you rank on the first page of Google and others with you choosing the indicated keyword.
  • QRS: This stands for Quoted Search Results which stands for the number of websites who are trying to rank with that same keyword. Always keep this figure under 100 if possible below 50 and if it has good enough monthly traffic, then you have hit a gold mine.
  • KQI: This stands for Key Quality Index and it has three indicators you must pay close attention to, These are:- Red which means not good, very poor and you should not use it all. Yellow: Which means medium but not very good enough to rank you. And the Green: which is great and is definitely worth using it as it will rank your content.
  • SEO: These are SEO score indicators. A ranking score of above 100 will have a better chance of ranking on the first page of Google and other search engines.Therefore, you must strive to make sure your keyword has at least 90% and above score if not 100.
  • Domains: These are domains that available for you use according to the keyword you are targeting. This feature is simply amazing as it enables you to cut cost and time spent in searching for a niche domain on a different platform.
  • Related: These are keywords that are related to your target keyword.
  • Brainstorm: Here you will find a list of keywords to help you brainstorm


How To Find The Best Performing Keyword With Jaaxy

jaaxy keyword research tool review
Remember, that the main objective here is to find a keyword that has Quote Search Result of at least 200 or less, and over 80 to 100 SEO exact searches with KQI indicating great. And also the keyword in question must and should make sense when used. Looking at the screenshot above let’s analyze it to see if we have found the right or close keyword to target.

Say you want to target keyword related to traffic, and you typed in “how to increase website traffic” as I did above. Using the indicators above, let’s see if it passed our test:

  • Is the average monthly search high? Yes! 5730 is a decent average search a month
  • Is the Monthly traffic volume high? Yes! 975 is good enough to start building your campaign with.
  • Is the QSR which competition low? In this case, you have only 18 websites competing with you in the same keyword. This is good news as it is way below the recommended 200 or less which gives you better chance to dominate the front page with your article.
  • Next, you can see that the Keyword Quality Indicator is showing great which is fantastic new
  • Also, the SEO density is 86 which is not too bad as this means which good effort in a quality article, you can rank better with the keyword.

This is how to find a better performing keyword with Jaaxy. You can see the red arrow indicating the areas of concentration to enable you to follow me better. Also, if you look at the second choice of keyword showed the red arrow, you will notice it is performing well as but the word “website” has an apostrophe in front. This renders the keyword useless as it will not make sense when used as an article heading. And you can’t force it on your content as Google does penalize such behavior with their almighty algorithms.

How Jaaxy Keyword Research Brainstorm Works

jaaxy keyword research tool review

Jaaxy brainstorm feature is a very powerful function of the tool that if well-used, can result in your content going viral sooner than you think. What these do are help you dive into the current and hot trending topic of the day, week and even month. It uses life activities from Google Trends, Alexa hot topics, Amazon best-selling items and Twitter hot trending topics and ranks them up according to how virility.

For example, on Google trends I can use Cory Feldman, Chloe Green, Caroline Sunshine or even Amazon stock topics to form part of my article as long as they are relevant and related.

I can go to Alexa hot topics like Joe Johnson Gop debate, Damn Daniel, Republican debates or even Trump Polish workers related topics to form part of my article. Again it has to make sense and super relevant to my subject of discussion.

Better still, I can use Amazon best-selling items like Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player, or even use cards against humanity to form part of my research.

Or I can go into Twitter hot trending topics like Vai Corinthians, Tyrone, Kike Rosales and Kemba Walker or something as long they are related to my topic or forms part of my research work.

This is what Jaaxy does best and I am yet to see comes close to this or better.

How To Do Alphabet Soup Using Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

jaaxy keyword research tool review
Just as you do with Google guess, for those who are familiar with the term “Alphabet Soup” you can equally do more with Jaaxy. How it works, is let us say you type in the word “Jaaxy keyword research tool” it will give you varieties of what people are currently searching for in the same keyword. You can then expand by adding alphabets in the beginning or at the end and it will continue to populate more varieties of search results.

This will give you broad idea of what people are looking for and therefore better prepare you on how to target them with such keywords. These techniques lead to better ranking, reputation building with trust and faster conversion. Because you know who your targets audience are and you are providing them with the exact valuable solution to their problem, using your contents.

How To Do Search Analysis With Jaaxy

jaaxy keyword research tool review
Jaaxy search analysis function enables you to see what is out there regarding the very keyword you are targeting. It allows you to see who or which website is ranking with it, what topic are they using it and what keyword are enabling them rank first page on Google. Just call it having a peek at the competition.

Some folks get the wrong impression that your competition should be left alone or not have anything to do with them right? Well wrong!. In today’s fast-moving Internet marketing strategies, you will be surprised to know that those are the people you need to reach out to for influence.

You can start by joining their email list, get to know their work, comment on their article, connect with them on social media, and write them sparely praising their works. You will be amazed to see how many of them may write or pay you back by guess writing opportunity or even link back and interviews. You never know.

All thanks to Jaaxy.

Saved Keyword Lists In Jaaxy

jaaxy keyword research tool review
Saved keyword list in Jaaxy enables you to fall back to them on your next article project or to refer to them during research. Jaaxy is a powerful feature as you can store banks of keywords that you think will give you an edge in the future projects. When you see a keyword with great potential while you are researching, you can simply click on it and save it just as I have done above.

How Much Does Jaaxy Cost?

jaaxy keyword research tool review
Jaaxy keyword research tool does not cost anything to get started. You can get the starter best to try Jaaxy package free $(0) of charge and you will get:

  • 30 keyword searches
  • 20 search results
  • Website analyzer
  • Affiliate program
  • Brainstorm idea feed
  • Keyword competition data
  • Speed results
  • And 30 SiteRank analysis scans

You can go for Pro version which is super ideal, cost $49 per month subscription and most popular among new website owners. With this, you will get everything from starter plus:

  • Sortable search results
  • Unlimited search history
  • Search analysis
  • Manual QSR search
  • Manual Domain search
  • Alphabet soup 15 letters
  • 2 times multi=threaded search
  • 2k SiteRank analysis scan

Also, you can go to the Enterprise for power users which cost $99 per month subscription and has everything from Pro version plus:

  • 35 search results
  • 5 times speed
  • Automated QSR
  • Automated Domain search
  • An alphabet soup of 50 letters
  • 5 times multi-threaded search
  • Unlimited keyword list
  • 10k SiteRank analysis scan

Now you may be thinking the above cost is way too much or too small but when you do a comparison with what is obtainable out there, you will come to your own conclusion. What I look at for example is what benefit can it be to me? How accessible is it to me? How effective is the tool? What can I achieve with it, what are the help and support like? And is there a free trial to test the waters?

Both Market Samurai, SEMRush, and SECockpit are great keyword tools for example, but Jaaxy goes beyond just keyword researching for you. Jaaxy key metrics and automation are its key competitive over the rest research tools out there.

For me, Jaaxy scored 100% on all these questions and you only have to see for yourself if you go right ahead and give it a try. Enter any keyword phrase in the box below and see what happens when you press the blue button:

You can also see what other people are currently searching on Jaaxy as you are reading this.

How To Make Money Online From Home With Jaaxy

jaaxy keyword research tool review

You can earn serious revenue by simply referring people to Jaaxy. Jaaxy has one of the most impressive affiliate programs anywhere online meaning you can start earning passive income by simply sharing your experience with your community.


The Pro version attracts commission of $20 monthly recurring income while the yearly package attracts $200 yearly. The Enterprise version pays you $40 monthly while the yearly subscription pays you $400 if someone gets it through your link.

How Much Can You Earn With Jaaxy Affiliate Program

Using the earning calculator above, you can test different scenarios using the proven conversion ratios, referrals rates, and retention rates to ascertain your monthly income with Jaaxy affiliate program.

Say for example you are able to get 50 referrals a day, with a proven upgrade rate of 12% and with average membership six monthly, you will be looking at clearing out $44,856 monthly income. Imagine what that to do for you and your family?

You can make money online with Jaaxy by using it and telling others how it works. You can start by sharing your experience on your blog post or on your social media platform. You can do a screenshot and upload a YouTube video working people through on how Jaaxy works.

You can also make money online with Jaaxy by using it to find a rich keyword that would help rank your content on a front page of Google. This can result in lots of organic traffic and we all knew what that can translates to? Conversion, more referrals, more sales and more money in the bank.

Review Overview

There are other keyword research tools out there that worth looking into as well. For example, Market Samurai is a good and wonderful tool too. It will give you suggested bids metric from websites on Google front page, but you have to manually analyze data yourself. Jaaxy does all these within seconds.

Long Tail Pro is another brilliant tool that helps in all things’ keyword researching. It can give you metric from local searching and advertising which you can easily lift from AdWords anyway. Jaaxy does this in seconds.

These tools all have free trials if you want to try them out. We all know how tedious keyword researching can be without such tools.

Online Business Prospects Verdict

To succeed in any sort of online marketing, you will need to make keyword research an integral part of your strategy. Without which is like sailing into the uncharted sea without a compass.

On the other hand, trying to do keyword crunch manually will not only consume your precious time but also cost you time value of money. The opportunity cost is quite heavy and you forgone alternative would have been deployed in focusing on your website making you making.

Whereas with keyword research tool, you will quickly find the perfect keyword that will help rank your content on Google front page.

I have been using Jaaxy and still using it to date. Jaaxy is a wonderful piece of software and I it is great to use it and review it. I have hope this Jaaxy keyword research tool review has thrown more light into the tangled world of keyword and how things’ works? You can get the free version by clicking below just to taste the waters and see what it can do for you.

========> You Can Get Started With Jaaxy Starter Free Version Here <=========


Software Name: Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Website: www.jaaxy.com

Owners: Owned by the founders of Wealthy Affiliate University; Kyle and Carson

What Does It Do?: Keyword Research Tool

How Much Does Jaaxy Cost? :

  • Starter Trial is Free with 30 searches $(0)
  • Pro version popular among new website owners is $49 per monthly subscription
  • Enterprise version if for power users which has everything you need to be successful with ranking on Google and all other search giants. The cost is $99 per monthly subscriptions

Free Trials?: Yes with 30 searches

Contract?: Zero contract and zero obligation. Plus no forced payment. You can remain free for life.

If you have used any research keyword tool and like to share your experience please do so on the box below. Or you can leave your comment or question below. I welcome your opinion on this review.


Jaaxy keyword research tool review: a must read

4 thoughts on “Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review – A Must Read

  1. Mat A.

    Hello Richard,
    Great article on Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool, thanks so much for sharing! You’ve provided a fantastic overview of the tool and really shown how powerful it can be.
    I use Jaaxy when I’m getting ready to write a new post and have about 6 months experience with it. Believe me when I tell you that I’ve learned about 6 new things from your article! Thanks so much for sharing.
    Do you use the alphabet soup feature quite a bit? This is one that is definitely new to me so I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts.
    Mat A.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks for commenting and I am glad your learned new thing today.

      Yes I use alphabet soup quit often In fact it has become big part of my research for keyword before writing and so should you. You know why? Alphabet soup first help you understand what people are searching for or what question they are seeking answer for, in regard to your target keyword. 

      Then you can confidently go back to Jaaxy and type in the suggestions from alphabet soup and it will do its magic by spinning out various killer keywords to choose from. You can either go for long tail keyword part of it or go for the generic keyword. As long as both has good search traffic and low competition, you are home run.

      Thanks again for commenting and I wish you all the best.

  2. Denise

    For anybody that has an online business, and needs to funnel traffic to their website or blog. Jaaxy, is a fundamental tool. You can search for any given keyword, and it will bring instant traffic to your site.
    No business can be done without this tool. Totally recommend it, it’s a life savior.

    1. Richard U Post author

      I totally agree and you have said it all. Every review on the net that talks about Jaaxy only have but great things to say about it. It has free membership starter pack, best pricing deals that can suit any budget, and it has the best premium package out that that will not only help you grow your online business, but ensure you succeed with your niche website.

      Thanks for commenting and I wish you all the best.


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