Is Charlie Charlie Challenge a Good Thing Or Bad Thing ?

By | June 2, 2015

Charlie Charlie Challenge

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What Is Your Own Story ?

I was reading the news trends online this morning and what seemed like an over night viral trend got my most attention.

The to be precise called it an “Ouija board inspired game” which the paper also said “has prompted huge number of youngsters to claim they have been able to communicate with sombrero-wearing spook”.

I am sure if your are holding your mobile gadget right now with internet access you will find with a quick search on how viral this challenge has become just over night.

Just do a quick search on twitter or Facebook  or a quick Google search to see for yourself what I am talking.

Some even went ahead to claim that they have been able to make decision based on the outcome from the Charlie Charlie challenge themselves.

The challenge is performed by drawing a big yes or no letter in a cross block form on a plain sheet of paper with a pencil.

As if that is not enough, the pencil is then placed on top another pencil which serves as a lever and hence provides a sort of hand free balance in the middle for easy rotation to right or left.

What Happens Then Next ?

what happens next ?

The viral trends indicates that when you ask a question by calling Charlie Charlie three times, the pencil will rotate to right or left which then can point its sharp end to one side.

Point here means the end of the pencil points to yes or no answer on the sheet of paper. Also meaning if the pencil pointed to yes or no answers, then an outcome result is then achieved.

But the big question still remains, is the Charlie Charlie challenge a total bad idea or good thing to get involved with?

I am a Christian and I believe in life and death but the idea of trying to question the unquestionable answers that lies beyond may not be appropriate for an ordinary Joe in the street but may perhaps appeal to you.

And I am not saying you shouldn’t.

As we are all entitled to do and or choose what we can or cannot do.

Questions !



As you can see, there are so many questions to be asked here and also if you are most interested in finding out what lies beyond I think it would be a good place to start wouldn’t it?

 Lets say you took the challenge and behold there are answers at the other side.

And then what?

What if you could?

Does it mean our problem can be solved in its totality?

Because believe it or not, a lot of people have plenty of questions to ask the beyond being or what ever you want to call it.

I personally do have plenty questions like how cold would my beer be when I hit the bar at home by end of this evening?

And I am pretty sure you too have boat loads of question to ask Charlie Charlie right now if it really works as the trending stories are making it out to be.

Do you agree that you can totally get some sort of glimpse of interaction from using such medium?

Yes I knew I used the word medium in this context because that is the only term that suits the occasion right now.

But the truth is, can you totally make decision based on the out come of an answer you got from engaging the service of Charlie Charlie challenge?

For example

What if you asked the challenge if you can marry him or her, what would you do if the answer is yes or no?

Ok lets assume that is close and personal but before you criticize me let me assure you I am no medium or a seer of any sort.

But I believe in God and I can only feel what I can touch.

Plus apart from the thousands of adaptive motion pictures and book stories out there today reminding us daily about the same risk associated with Ouija related elements, I will really think twice before venturing into such unknown waters.

And in today’s day and age, I think people should have realised that there will be no good that can come out from trying to find answers where there is no adequate means to quantify and qualify such answers in a matter of individual circumstances.

Would You Take The Challenge ?

would you take the challenge ?

What if you found some answers to questions you didn’t even ask for in the first place?

Would you allow your children to experiment with something like that in the first place?

As some believes are different from others which is totally acceptable and given such freedom to experiment with, but what if you end up opening doors you never knew existed in the spiritual realm as the specialist may call it?

What if you start to experience some unexplainable events to which even you cannot explain let alone prove to someone else that such event did happened?

Would the end justify the purpose of such quest into the unknown?

We all have heard different stories about using such mediums to find answers. Some proven some not. Some may be just another urban legends and some of which the Psychics I am sure will explain even better.

I have not had any personal experience myself but that does not mean I have to go out and start meddling with things I have no control of whatsoever.

Today’s internet age has made it so easy for words to spread so fast and anything can become something just by talking much about it on the social media platforms.

May be Charlie Charlie challenge was just another internet viral trends started by some one who was bored out of his or her Pyjamas and decided to do some crazy unrelated stuffs just to draw attention to themselves.

Or we might just have us another Ouija effect copy cat but this time in real life event of which confirming its authenticity might be more tasking than just meet the eyes.

Or may be it is already happening somewhere this moment.


Spooky isn’t it?

I can not tell you what to believe in or what not to believe in, nor can I suggest you try Charlie Charlie challenge yourself or not. But I will leave you with this question.

Is the Charlie Charlie challenge good or bad for You?

Take Home Tips

take home tips

What ever your life style is or what ever it is that you are after in this life go for it.

Keep an open mind and stay positive

Stay truthful to yourself and do good deeds to mankind so that good deeds will come unto you as well.

Leave a foot print today while you can.

Create an impact and let your blue print become a legacy to generation to come.

Learn a new trade and create value that helps others. For example you can turn any passion, interests or hobbies of yours into money by helping others in the same situation.

And if you are looking for an opportunity do so start here  today and let your work become your testimonies from today.

So what do you think ?


Thanks for your time and if you have any comment or questions please do so on the box provided below and I will get back to you immediately.


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