How To Start A Website With WordPress

By | June 26, 2015

Create Your Own Website In Under 6 Minutes!



Want a website under 6 minutes? Looking for how to create a website? Do you know you can you sell your website for a good profit after some time?

The website creation industry is extremely lucrative and I want to share with you how to start making your own website in under 6 minutes.


Making your own website should be easy and fun as this is the stepping stone to your success in online business. Choosing the best hosting platform that ensures the best security with full protection of all your online business activities is very important.

When thinking of creating your own website, you should also be thinking of hosting your website on a secured platform that can protect your online business from web spamming.

I like SiteRubix hosting platform provided within the Wealthy Affiliate. Because it gives you maximum security and  monitoring plus you will get the wordpress enabled platform you can create your own free website under 6 minutes.

You can get up and running with your wordpress website in any niche you choose to established your online business in with no time.


Creating A Website

How to create a website used to be the number one obstacle I encountered when I first started out but since coming in touch with this platform, I can create a website under 6 minutes with ease.

If you are still looking for how to create a website then you should start here by watching the video above which shows you how to create your own free website in three easy to follow steps.


Host Your Website With The Best Web Hosting Platform On The Internet

You will follow the easy steps and grab the best way to make a website with wordpress and the best hosting platform that ensure ultimate website security should be your number one priority when establishing your online presence.

I use SiteRubix Hosting Services provided within WA and I will recommend you use them too.

Because like every other asserts in life, your online business will need to thrive on a solid foundation which is your website. Not on a quick sand.

Your website is your online real estate. You will want to build it on a solid foundation rather than on a quick sand.

It is quit simple but most of the times some of us tend to complicate the concept with un necessary burden.


I will explain….


Take for example you have followed the video instruction above and have set up your wordpress website, then in your dashboard as seen below:

WordPress Dashboard


You can:-

Then go ahead and include all the free plugins available for you within WA plus your anti spam security which is also available to you.

Then you can customise your site with your logo if you have one and then make your website appealing to reflect your style and brand.

And then what?

Well …

What happens next is up to you and your effort to make money. As we all know that online business success is achievable if you have long term intentions at the back of your mind, then this is the perfect way to start.

Also depending on the niche market you are into, you can start positioning your self for recurring income soonest or you can start building your audience to gain trust and connect with them.

The second part is my favourite as these allows me to connect with my audience and understand their need so I can map out how best to help them.

Plus it is also great for a long term online business success.


How To Start Monetizing Your Website

monitizing your site


Your audience are searching for something related to your niche market on Google or they are been directed from social network that is if you have one.

Then they land on your site and liked your content or how you reviewed a particular product or service.

Let say….

If it answered their query, then they may go ahead and click on your link say Amazon product for example and on the process end up buying the product or other related item on Amazon.

Then that is how you make a commission.

It is also called affiliate marketing and such process if repeated over time with close scrutiny my end up tidying you up real good with enough income that may allow you quit your job completely and focus on your online business full time.

The rest the say is history and in this context I will say continue to build your site contents and reply to every comments on your pages and post timely.

Also continue to build your audience and provide value on your blog site and the reward will follow. It will come gradually because when it rains it definitely pours.


And yes before I forget I will like to give you free access to These 10 FREE LESSONS ON GETTING STARTED with monetizing your website.

Yes you can have it for free and you are welcome. You can also thank me later.

With that note I hope I have created value for you today?

If I haven’t please let me know how I can be of help by dropping me a comment or questions in the box provided below.


Also if you like this post today would you mind sharing the heck out of it for me on your social media networks? Cheers!! 🙂

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    1. Richard U Post author

      Because it means people are having hard time starting a website with wordpress and it is about time they get the help they needed to get started.

  3. Jeremy - Web Host

    Been hearing a lot of good feedback regarding WordPress and it made me wonder. Thank you for vanishing that wonder away through this superb article. Anyways, what might be the best web hosting?

    1. Richard U Post author

      Hi Jeremy,

      Thanks for the comment. I was in the same place just like you when i was looking for best hosting plan. I have tried couple of them out there and found them wanting as they do not have all i needed to set up and focuse on what matters which is creating content.

      Since i found siterubix which i am using right now for this site, i have peace of mind now. The great thing i found out it that is houses all the tools i needed from security to to hosting and feed backs to domain name. I mean everything under one roof with one simple payment every month. Plus i have access to the world best affiliate program as well.

      Give it a try and find out. You will love it especially when you can focus on building your site and creating contents. Rather than wasting time tweaking, designing and searching for best security to protect your site from else where. The best thing that is happening right now within siterubix is that it comes with free SSL encryption. which is a maximum protection to your website and Google loves it. I won’t recommend anything else.


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