How To Quickly Get In The First Page Of Bing And Yahoo

By | March 16, 2018

how to get in the first page of bing and yahoo

In this post, I will show you how to quickly get in the first page of Bing and Yahoo just after you hit publish button. This approach is no black-hat stuff. This is basic content SEO which most content creators neglect or don’t know how to make it work. If you are new to this, follow the steps am about to show you, and you will get in front of Bing and Yahoo with your content in no time.

So you have cranked up 3000 words plus of monumental content. And you are about to hit publish button. But then you quickly remembered that you can also tap into Bing and Yahoo searches but do not know how to do so. Well, you now can and it doesn’t have to cost you a penny. Unless you are going the direction of pay per click and that is a whole new different cup of tea.

Before we dive in, I want to remind you that despite the huge market domination of Google in all things search engine, Bing and Yahoo still maintain a decent percentage. Otherwise, they won’t be in business, right?

Now you will be glad to know that in the US alone, Bing enjoys a whopping 33 percent market share and according to Microsoft, that 33 percent translates to some 5 billion searches. Source:

Next time you finish creating your content, do not underestimate Bing and Yahoo search as they can make a lot of huge difference to your traffic source.

How To Quickly Get In Front Of Bing and Yahoo

I will be relating to Bing and Yahoo as one with regard to writing this content as both companies happen to be one at the moment.

To get in front of Bing.

how to get in front of Bing And Yahoo
And Yahoo.

how to get in front of Bing and Yahoo
After hitting publish button you must, first of all, submit your post or page URL to Bing webmaster tool. You need to sign up for one to be able to add your main website link to the Bing webmaster tool. If already have an account, just follow the instruction and submit your post link as seen in the screenshot below. If you haven’t got your free account, then quickly open one now as you will need to complete this process first.

how to get in front of Bing and Yahoo
Follow the red arrow and insert the website URL of your homepage into the horizontal box provided and fill out the characters as you see them in the box. This is just to make sure you are an actual human being. Not a robot.

It is also important that you create and submit your sitemap to the Bing webmaster tool as well. If you haven’t done so and or need help on how to submit a sitemap to search engines like Google or Bing, go here for a quick free refresh video tutorial.

In that video tutorial, you will quickly learn:

  • Why is Bing such a big deal
  • Your first leg with Bing Webmaster Tool
  • How to add your site and verify it
  • Watch the whole thing done live in front of your screen.

Once you’ve submitted your site to Bing and Yahoo, your next step will be to start engaging your site using Bing and Yahoo platform. Just like anything online. Engagement matters and if you are persistence enough, you will see results sooner than you think.

To achieve this, let me show you with the following screenshots.

Go To Yahoo Answers

how to get in the first page of bing and yahoo

Click on where the red arrow is pointing at the answers. This is where folks talk about anything and everything. You can ask a question about anything from how to boil an egg to how to make a girl happy. Although! the man in the above picture seemed to have taken the whole relationship matter too personal. I wouldn’t want to be him right now though!.

In Yahoo answers, you can also provide some answers or help someone with any idea or tips on how to solve their problems. I have helped tons of people doing this and it’s a good feeling because you are providing value. Plus it has to be done in the right way just as I am about to show you.

Now before anything, make sure you are logged into Yahoo. If you don’t have an account, you can create a Yahoo email account here. It is free. Once you are logged in, go to the home page and click on the icon that says answers at the top right-hand side.

Once you ‘ve done that, you will come to a page that looks like the screenshot below.

how to get in the first page of bing and yahoo
Now, these are the default current update according to what people are asking and or, the answers they are constantly seeking. You will see questions that range from; how to dress appropriately in the gym, and how can I get more Instagram followers.

These may or may not interest you hence you will need to find questions that are relevant to your niche.

Say for example your niche website is all about relationship. What you need do is entered the word relationship or how to be good at relationship into the search box at the top where the red arrow is pointing.

Or you can type in anything that relates to a relationship which is relevant to your niche market.

It is of great importance that you use relevancy to the fullest for this to work. Your questions and your contributions, all have to be super relevance to your niche website. Especially to the landing page or the post, you will be directing folks to, for more information. When you ‘ve typed in your query and hit the search answer icon, you will see a page similar to the screen screenshot below.

how to get in the first page of bing and yahoo
As you can see, Yahoo used relevancy to sort answers to your questions according to how people answered the very question you seek answers for. Therefore, it is important that you have relevancy in mind when contributing your own thought.

Looking at the screenshots above, you can see questions that are related to your query. You can also see how many answers have been provided already and at what time and when.

Now you can go ahead and contribute your own thought and provides a solution as an answer to whoever needs the help. These answers will be live and if people like it, they will vote it up just like in any online forum out there. And best of all, your answer may become the best answer provided so far. And Yahoo will reward you by making it a front page material on Yahoo answers.

Best PracticeTo Providing Answer To Yahoo Answer

When it comes providing answers, you have to be very careful because this is where it gets very interesting. You have to make sure you are providing value. Your motive should be to help someone or share your view and contribute meaningfully to an opinion or to air your view on a certain subject of discussion.

Your motive should not be to sperm the crap out of everyone. You must remember that you are interacting with the whole world on a different level. Yahoo and Bing are watching and every comment or answer is reviewed before it goes properly life. Therefore, the best practice here is to provide value. In the below screenshots, I will show you how to effectively provide answers and at the same time get your content in front of Bing and Yahoo quickly.

how to get in the first page of bing and yahoo
Looking at the above screenshot, let us say you ‘ve found a question or topic. This could be something related to your favorite subject or niche market like sex drive or how to cure premature ejaculation for example.

In the above picture, there was a question about sex drive and someone is asking “Do you lose your sex drive after the age of 50?” The first two answers above are brief and succinct to the topic but may not be of great benefit to the person who is asking.

You want to make sure your answer provides value and it is relevant to the question as well as make sense.

The last answer was one of mine. I provided more valuable content. It is helpful and it shared a general concern for all those experiencing low sex drive at old age. And then you can provide a resource for further reading or point them to where they can get more information to further solve their problem or get more answers.

The screenshot below explained this better.

how to get in the first page of bing and yahoo
At the end of your comment, you will need to point them to a resource where they can get further answers. To this effect, it has to be super relevant to the question, it has to have the right answer and further information on the question.

You cannot randomly throw an unrelated link at the end of the comment, that is spamming. And you cannot send them to a general homepage on your website that is too much information and no one has the time anymore for that.

You have to be specific. You should narrow your resource down to be super relevant to the topic or question. And your linked article resource has to carry the same relevance to the topic as to be able to provide them with a solution in relation to their question.

When you look at the red arrow on the screenshot, it is pointing at the resource for further reading if they want. It is a proper website that talks about how to cure premature ejaculation and the article itself are pointing at talks about aging and sex drive as you can see from the screenshot below.

how to get in the first page of bing and yahoo
When they click on the resource you provided, they should come to an article or a post that is relevant to the question they are asking. And it should contain valuable content that is strong enough to provide them with more help and answers just as you suggested in your comment.

This is called relevancy because it provides help and meaningful resources for a further solution. In overall, you are providing help.

This is how it is done. All you need do from now on is to repeat and rinse.

You have to keep at these few hours a week for at least a month or two. The whole point is to keep providing answers whenever you can by using the above strategy. You should also try to avoid putting a resource link on every answer though. It has to be used sparsely and when it is necessary that you should. Not on all the comments or answer you contribute.

In no time you will begin to notice some serious organic hits coming from Yahoo and Bing when you check your Google Analytic.

Below is an example of one of my review on this site about “Value Addon Review” and as you can see it is on the top front page of Bing and Yahoo. Do a search to see for your self. Just type in value addon review on Yahoo or Bing search.

how to get in the first page of bing and yahoo

This is proof that this approach works and it will do you greatly in the long run if you continue to provide value and help by answering questions on yahoo answers.

Below is the checklist I put together to make it easy for you so you don’t deviate and get your comment flagged.

Check Lists To Properly Getting In The First Page of Bing And Yahoo

  • Create your free Yahoo mail account
  • Do your research on topics and questions that are relevant to your niche market
  • Make sure you have a decent website or you have access to a proper website
  • Ensure you contribute meaningfully to the question
  • Is your answer relevant to the question?
  • Are your website niche relevant to the question you are about to provide an answer for?
  • Have you read through the question to understand properly how to contribute?
  • Do your resource article you are sending them relevant to the question being asked?
  • Can they get more answers or more help if they click or go the link provided?
  • Is your comment valuable with meaningful and related content?
  • Have you read through your comment as an outsider would read it?
  • Did you find it spammy? If it sounds like one, bin it and create another until it provides value
  • Are you doing this persistently may be few hours a week for at least a month?

Best Practice To Getting In The First Page Of Bing And Yahoo

Now that you are familiar with how to quickly get in front of Bing and Yahoo, the question now is what next and how to get started. Well, to successfully achieve this, you are going to need a website. A website is a first and most important part of building a successful online business.

It gives you an authority in your area of expertise and it helps build your brand and reputation especially when you help people on Yahoo answers

Before it used to be very hard to build one and you must have to be good at coding. But today, thanks to innovation Wealthy Affiliate, and modern technology, you can build a website under thirty seconds once you have decided on which niche and domain name you want.

For example, if you want a website just like mine, you can simply put your niche domain name in the box below and click on build my website. In a matter of seconds, you will have a brand new stunning and beautiful website that converts.

Conclusively, this is how to quickly get in front of Bing and Yahoo. If you have any new idea that you found useful or any comment please do share so in the box below. And I will get back to you. If you like this website and want to create one just like this, you can simply enter the niche domain name of your choice in the box provided above. You will need a good website to be able to create helpful contents that will enable you to get in front of Bing and Yahoo search engine.

how to quickly get in the first page of Bing and Yahoo


12 thoughts on “How To Quickly Get In The First Page Of Bing And Yahoo

  1. Melinda Curle

    I liked that you mentioned to use the comments to drive traffic to other resources and perhaps sales pages that you have. I know that this can help drive traffic to certain pages, but I didn’t think about the impact that this would have on my search engine optimization.
    I had never thought of Yahoo answers. I had been using comment section in my own blog.
    Great article! I need to make sure that I’m implementing all of these techniques as I write my blog posts!

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks for the comment and yes I never know myself until my research led me to uncover the strategy, I even had an email from one small business in UK asking me to help them get in front Yahoo. We are currently negotiating price at moment and I love every moment of it.

      Yes Melinda this will help you greatly gain exposure on Bing and Yahoo. Just follow the steps I mentioned to the later. I was supposed to slap this idea together and sell it as eBook but that I want to first share it here to help you guys out. Then am going to write more extensive on it for my eBook.

      Commenting on forums like Yahoo answers and others like it, is a great way of building exposure and reputation. Not only that, you are spreading the word on what you do and your website link is following you as well. The backlink to your website will look great as well and Google values that a lot.

      Glad I can be of help today. All the best and please do share your experience here if you have time.


  2. Dave

    Hallo there,

    I have really been trying to crack the code of ranking the first position with these two search engines and I have to say it has been a real hassle for me.

    I never thought getting interactive with yahoo forums would boost the rankings. I will be trying all the techniques you have offered here and see how well they convert for me. Thanks.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Good to know and I am sure it will work out well for you. As long as you stick to those method I mentioned you will be fine. Always remember that relevancy is the main key here. As long as your contribution is relevant, your further reading links is relevant and your landing page or post page is relevant to the question being asked, you are good as rain.

      I am glad to have helped you today. 

      All the best.

  3. Aaron

    Hey Richard, I really enjoyed reading your post about how to get on the first page of bing and yahoo. I got to say I did not even bother to optimize my SEO for Yahoo because the mainstream uses google, but I realized that Yahoo still matters and lead millions of people to pages every day. so your tips for using yahoo answers are awesome and will be put to work immediately. Thanks 🙂

    1. Richard U Post author

      Always glad to help. 

      Thanks for the comment and I wish you a great success going forward. If you run into any obstacle on the way do come back to here and ask me. There is always plenty of help here.


  4. jessie palaypay

    When it comes to landing on the first page of bing and yahoo using the steps that you provided, will my content be placed in some sort of version of the sandbox like google? Or will I be able to avoid this altogether by following the steps you listed above?

    1. Richard U Post author

      As long as you follow the steps I mentioned you will be fine. You are not doing anything wrong as this is pure content marketing strategy. Not sure what you mean by “sandbox” but as long as your contents did not violet any of the search engine rules like pornography contents, abusive content, or other vice, you got nothing to worry about.

      If you contribute meaningfully to the community and you help others by answering their question, you can always link them to a relevant page or post where they can get more help. Also remember you don’t have to always put link to every answer you provide. Provide value and you will be rewarded.

      Hope this helps answer your question today?

  5. Leah Vanier

    This is a great post. I never thought of getting my pages on Bing or Yahoo, only ever thought of Google. It is a different concept with the webmater tool, but seems like anything else too. You never want to spam on anything or you can get banned. I like that, but I wish that the different platforms would be a little more strict with people that are actually spamming.

    But, I am definitely going to look into the webmater tool and start getting seen on these search engines.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks for the comment. It is really up to what your intention is that matters. If you are serious about helping folks, spamming will be the last thing on your mind. 

      It is a great place to get answers to a lot of things. I use it mostly to gain insight on a particular research for an article or a book. And I help folks a lot therein. If you apply the same mind set, you will see the benefits.

      Thanks again.

  6. Gary

    I tend to forget that the Bing and Yahoo search engines exist and focus all my attention on getting ranked in Google. So your post was a timely reminder that I really shouldn’t forget the smaller search engines. They still have a lot of reach.

    After reading your post, I checked how sy keywords were ranking in Yahoo and Bing and I found that even without explicitly trying, I’m ranked #1 on page 1 of both for my site keywords!

    In general, for other keywords I’m tracking, I rank higher in Y and B than I do in Google. I guess there’s more competition for placement in Google since everyone in playing in their SEO sandpit.

    I’ll be taking more proactive action to get my posts ranked better in Bing and Yahoo now, thanks to your post.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Yes, you are on point. There are still plenty of traffic people are missing out on Bing and Yahoo playing sandpit and that is why this post tries to show. Thanks for the wonderful comment and yes proactive action always pay off.



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