How To Make Your Own Website

You Are Here Because You Are Looking For How To Make Your Own Website Am I Correct?


How to build a website has for long time posed a big challenge for good number of potential internet marketing entrepreneurs over the years.


Because your website is your online real estate where you can build your long term solid online business foundation that is going to set you free financial for a very long time.


Let Me Show You How Easy It Is To Make Your Own Website For Free!

Why Free?

Because this is my way of saying thank you for coming.

Now think of any topic or any niche market you will like to make your website around? Something related to your interests or passion may be an aspiration of yours or one of your favourite hobbies?

Yes Pretty much anything you like as long as there is a way to make money around it right?

If you have got one then go right ahead and …..

Put the topic in the box below and click create my website now!

When you have done that you should be able to sign in with your name and email that’s all.

No credit card required or any form of payment method needed.

Next you will click on build my website on the left side barhow to make your own website which will take you to the interface below:

This is the most powerful and secured platform to host your website. It provides you with lots of added advantages which are not freely available any where else on the internet.

Yes your Free website comes with Free hosting too!



Click on that and you are here below:

build your free website now

#Step One:

You can go ahead and choose your free website domain or you can choose the dot com domain name which only cost less than ten dollars for a whole year on


#Step Two:

Name your website and the platform above will determine if it is available already. Mostly it will be available as this is your new website.  If not you can always change and choose  the name you want. Example is the bakers choice I have just started above in the picture.


#Step Three:

Choose the look of your website from the numerous number of WordPress themes available to you as seen below:

wordpress themes


You can choose from number of many WordPress themes above and make your website suit your need and brand. You can even go ahead and customize with your own logo and customizations.


#Step Four:

Allows you to build your own website with WordPress which is by far the best Content Management System ever on the internet. You can also choose from numerous plugins your website needed for great performance in a highly secured and spam free environment.


All these for?

free website

Yes for free and you are welcome!


Added Benefits:

  • No Coding, No HTML Stuffs
  • You don’t need to be advanced or professional or experienced
  • Over 1,400 various kinds of WordPress themes to choose from
  • Very easy to install and set up
  • One Click install as many as 10,000 “add on” characters and web performances
  • Plenty of help and support over and within the W/A community


So what the heck you waiting for ?  Go Here Now and make your own website in less than 60 seconds.


I look forward to saying hello to you within the community

Richard U

   Richard U.

  WA  Profile:




I went through tough time trying to make my own website when I first started out. But since discovering this platform that allowed me to make my own website that suit my need I never looked back.

The same passion drove me on to present this platform here so you too can build your website quickly and easily while you spend more time on things that actually matters and makes you money online.

Still need proof? Go to this page and see positive 260 comments and counting from real people who are finding value from my website on daily basis.


Feel free to drop me a comment or if you have any question in the box below. I will be glad to hear from you and I always get back and reply all my comments timely.    

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