How To Increase A Website Traffic

By | September 8, 2015

12 Actionable Ways To Increase A Website Traffic Faster

how to increase website traffic

Are you looking for a rush hour traffic to your new blog post? I believe these 12 actionable ways below will teach you how to increase a website or blog traffic as soon as you hit the publish button.

Early momentum of traffics to your website and blog post can be just about the only thing you will need right now to get your online business off the ground and running faster than you may think.

A lot of us who spin out great contents at times does not know how to quickly take the advantages of rush hour traffics to bring our contents in front of a larger audience very fast.

Follow this cheat sheet and enjoy an early momentum of fast traffics to your blog post which can only mean one thing – sales and conversion


Effective use of social media groups can never be undermined especially if you quickly want to get your content in front of massive and hungry audience. Immediately after publishing your content, make sure you go to –

  • FaceBook and look for niche specific group you can join and post your content link so that people with like minded niche search can read and share immediately. Some of the group are open for public while some are closed for public. Either way is it a great source of free and rush hour traffic to your blog post.

  • LinkedIn Group are very actively engaged place lots of activities going on in any niche. Join as many useful group to your niche as you can and start engaging in their activities. You will be surprised how quick the traffics will start coming to your blog post.

  • Use quick traffic boost like FaceBook Ads. This is more controlled traffic source meaning your are fully in charge of your traffic because you have a running budget. It is by far the greatest and fastest way to get quick traffics to your post at a controlled price of say $10 – $20 advertising.

  • Buffer and Just Re-twit are just about the same function which will allows you to plan and schedule your twits and spread them over a whole week. This gives you great opportunity to focus your energy on building the money making aspect of your blog instead of wasting manly hours twitting out post one by each every day.

  • Google + Communities is just like Face-book and Twitter and as well as great place to share your post as soon as you hit publish button after creating your content.



Syndication can never die and still by far one of the best way to attract real and highly targeted traffics to your post. Get started with the following as soon as you hit the publish button :-

  •– I personally like its a great place to share article and syndicate content straight from your post. I have made a quite friends and gotten quit a good number of followers too. You have to be active and participate in conversions and comment on other people articles. That way moderators will know you as none spam account owner and you have great opportunity for other to read and share your contents.

  • Scoop it-. You can search and narrow specific content in your niche and curate. Others will do same to your post and that alone can get you turns of targeted traffics faster which will help boost your blogs early momentum.

  • StumbleUpon– I also personally like StumbleUpon. Recently they just wrote me saying my posts and descriptions are beginning to gain wider search and more stumbles. And I can actually see that on my statistics and source of traffics. I will post and stumble my post fast as possible if I were you.

  • Reddit– although supper selective and highly targeted by young minds plus can be quite different from other social networks but still one of the great place to share your post to a niche audience and attract rush hour traffics to your post.

  • Business2Comunities – Also is great with plenty of blog syndicate. Three things;- Massive audience, different category and instant blog traffics.



You can visit and use niche specific sites like :-



  • Inbound

  • Tribber





As soon as you hit publish on your post, go to the search engine and look for website of the same niche like yours or close to yours.

Hey it can even be your competitors website. Found one and leave a comment. The moderators will allow your comment if you make it relevant and none spam.

Such comments may attract someone who has same interest to click on your website via the link you left and that can turn into more targeted organic traffics and even sales.

Also Google like it when you build link with related niche site to yours. It shows authenticity and originality.


Yahoo answers as you may be surprise to find out has been and still is one of the great source of original organic traffic that lots of people has been ignoring. In fact one of my favorites.

Once you in, all you need to do is look for niche market where people are talking about your niche related problems. Look for questions related to your niche and try your best to provide as simple and concise as possible an answers to these questions.

Do this once or twice everyday and make sure you leave a link to your website within the comment body. In fact make the link very relevant to a blog post that actually talked about solutions to such problem.

They can be very serious about spamming hence I will advice you do not over do it. Do this every day and you will see gradual traffics flowing from yahoo search engine.


Of cos the most traditional way of informing somewhere about your new post is by word of mouth. But first you have to know the person and a apart from the family and friends circle you don’t want to look weird telling strangers about your post.


You can out reach to influential people through :

  • Interviews

  • Podcasts

  • Features on story

  • Case studies

  • Blue Print writings

  • Video interviews



Your list consist of people who has given you the permission to send them valuable articles and content because they like you and they love your work and they believe you can help them. Every updated mail sent to them with a link of your current post to your site is very valuable and itself a direct and natural traffic controlled by you back to your website and blog post.


A good round up of old and past posts on your blog, brought up to a current update with a fresh hint of today’s contents which can be shared fast is a great well of evoking tidal wave of organic traffic to your blog/website. Give it a try and see yourself.


Recently, slide share has officially marred their profile with LinkedIn meaning your content and share has great potential of reaching even wider audience than before. Never underestimate the power of slide-share. I did and i am still recovering form the lost traffic. Lesson number 10.


Yes i am sure you are familiar with YouTube and please don’t ask me to write 10 pages for you on how to get traffic from it. All you need to do is take video recording of yourself doing something silly for example and which somehow related to your niche and upload it on YouTube by linking back to your blog-site. Boom!!!


Yes!! Last but not the least is guest posting. Your competitor may turn out to be your best business partner or a perfect match if you like. All you need do is reach out to them honestly and always give credit to whom it is due. If you are able to get one acceptance, that may change your life financially and other wise.

Conclusively, these 12 actionable ways and many more are how you can increase your website traffic in no time as soon as you hit the publish button. I am sure you know of other ways I may not have  mentioned hence if you do, please do so by dropping me a comment in the box below.

If you need a website or blog to get started immediately, then enter your niche idea or a name you want for your website in the box below and create your website in under 6 minute:-


Also do help me share the hell out of this post on your social media network if you found this content useful in any way today. Thanks.

8 thoughts on “How To Increase A Website Traffic

  1. Chelsey

    Sweet blog! I found it while surfing around on Yahoo News.
    Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News?
    I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem too get there!
    Many thanks

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks for commenting.

      And yes you can get in front of yahoo very easy. All you need first is put your site on Yahoo/Bing webmaster. Then follow up with site map and constant contribution to yahoo answers and questions. I can write a whole book about it but it will take a bit of time.

      Nevertheless, you GO HERE and watch the video tutorial on how to easily get in front of Yahoo.

      I hope this helps?


  2. 30 Creative Ways You Can Drive Traffic to Your Site | Abi Writes

    Awesome tips! Thanks for sharing.

    Getting more traffic has been everyone’s challenge today.

    Because no traffic means no sales. If you are blogging for a hobby, it does no matter to drive more traffic to your site because you simply won’t care if someone reads your blog or not. You just need a personal space to share your thoughts and ideas and you’d be happy.

    Not for marketers like us.

    Web traffic equals to making a living, quitting 9-5 job, and replacing it with a life that promises freedom, financial success, and so many other virtues of having your own business.

    So, these tips shared are definitely not to be missed by smart marketers.

    I have also created a similar blog post on creative ways to get free traffic to your site.

    Please click to visit my site to learn how I drive over 300 visitors a day from natural (free) searches.


    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks Abi for dropping by. Indeed it is and i hope folks can learn a thing or two to keep their web traffic up and running. I also found out that Jaaxy does more than just web traffic. It is indeed the worlds most advanced keyword tool any one would be happy to lay their hands on. And please come back here and tell us how it works for you so others can learn too.


  3. Inderjeet

    It’s really a long and informative blog post about increasing traffic. There are many new things which I have learned from here.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Glad you found the post useful and i hope it helps you even further pursue your success in online business.

      Thanks for commenting and if you have experience you will like to share here please do so that others can learn.



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