How To Become A Better Trader

Become A Better Trader By Learning To Trade With Trader Simulator


The only real reason why 95% of traders fail often at trading is because they never test their trading skills first before jumping into trading with real money. To become a better trader, one must first be able to test their skills in a risk free environment before putting their real money into a real live trading situation.

Traders shouldn’t be in a hurry to jump the gun. Once shown the ropes, you are either too eager to jump into real life trading or you have no access to real time trader simulator software that has zero risk of loosing you any money at all.

In which case this is where Trader Simulator comes very handy.


To Become A Better Trader, One Should Be Able To:-

  • Test their skills with trader simulator software which has a full range of modern trading tools.
  • Have access to a software with back-end functionality which allows you access to view your progress  time and time again.
  • Access a software with real time level 1 and 2 data plus 100% real time data from the market with zero delays.
  • Access a software with no commitment on your side, meaning you can cancel at any time.
  • All in all, you need Trader Simulator software which gives you a Demo account meaning zero financial risk on your side to test your skill before venturing into real live trading.


What Is Trader Simulator?

how to become a better trader

Trader Simulator is a zero risk software that allows people with zero experience in trading but want a career in trading to learn how to trade and become a better trader before trading with their real money.

Trader Simulator is designed to:

  • Provide you with an easy understanding, zero-risk training platform to anyone looking to begin a career in trading.
  • Provide safety for you and anyone looking to begin a career in trading
  • Provide you access to tools that even the professional traders crave for and help you gain knowledge of how to work at your own pace.
  • Bridge the gap between acquired skill knowledge and putting this knowledge into practice first without the risk of loosing you money in real live trading.
  • Give you a platform to test your skills before trading with real money.
  • It most importantly paves the way for beginner traders by giving you access to the market at a level that suits you. This is a huge weakness among new beginners and Trade Simulator is poised to address that very well.


Your Trader Simulator Demo Account

become a better trader

One thing that impresses me most about Trader Simulator software is that your demo account is just a demo account. Simple as that. Other reasons  are:

  1. They are not asking you to trade your money with their firm
  2. The software comes with real time no data delay which is very important and very helpful for new beginners, intermediates and professional traders alike
  3. It is not a commitment to trade using their trading platform or those affiliated to them
  4. It is a tremendous opportunity for folks out there to learn how to become better at trading so you can start trading and be able to make lots of money as your tested skills will guide you.
  5. It enables you to learn and make mistakes until your trading is precise and you are ready to go live.
  6. It enables you to watch your results and test such trading strategys from time to time to see what is working best for you.
  7. It is web based with real time data (i.e no recordings), no delays and you don’t have to risk any money until you are ready to trade live.


Who Is Trader Simulator Software For

Trader Simulator software is for:

  • Anyone looking for a career in stock trading
  • Anyone looking to advance their skills in trading
  • Anyone looking to gain new skills in trading so as to be able to make a reliable extra income to help support their family
  • Any trading school that wants their student to test their skills first before going live with real trading with their money
  • Any professional trader who wants to brush up their skills in trading
  • Anyone with zero experience in trading but wants to learn how to.
  • Any institution who wants their trading staffs to be better at trading
  • Anyone looking to become a day trader but does not have access to a demo account to try their skills first without loosing their money.
  • Anyone struggling to make good at trading
  • Anyone who is loosing money constantly in trading but wants to get better at it


What Trader Simulator Software Is Not:

  • It is not a get rich quick scheme
  • It is not a scam
  • It is not selling you dreams
  • It is not for those not serious about making real money in trading
  • It is not for those who are not ready to test their skills first before jumping into real live trading with their money


My Not So Good Experience With Other Learn How To Trade Firms

I remember attending one of those learn how to trade seminars in Birmingham City in the UK some months back. This was completely a different firm and not Trader Simulator.

Anyways, this was when i was looking to learn more about how to trade so i could earn extra income as a day trader. It was a long journey from my location in the UK by the way and although there was no entry fee to this particular seminar, there was a catch!

The catch was the cost of full training alone which stood at almost £5,000. The cost of a demo account alone was nearly £1,500 and that is not all. You were also required to pay a monthly subscription of £500 for your web based real time data on your demo account. That was not all-the materials and books you were going to need also came to about £750

Imagine coughing out £7,750 just to get training, a demo account and start up materials to get better at trading? Well, to cut a long story short i told them no thanks but thanks very much and i got the hell out of there as quickly as i could.

Lesson learned here is that it does not need to cost you an arm or a leg to become better at trading. With Trader Simulator, cost is minimal and you get to choose what suits you best at what price.


How Much Does Trader Simulator Cost

The cost is minimal and they have managed to set up a self explanatory menu with services you can dip in and out of, so you don’t have to pay for what you really don’t need. They have a team of excellent support team who will be very handy to help you find what suits you with zero obligation and no auto-charges to your credit card.

I am a huge supporter of excellent customer service. Therefore any great products or services that have an impeccable one on one experience that i came across, i am always happy to recommend  to my esteemed readers if it suits my niche market.

In this case Trader Simulator does have an excellent customer service team. Your email queries will be answered within a reasonable time-frame by a real person not by some auto-reply message. Their contact number is open at all times.


Trader Simulator Membership Area

There are three levels of membership you can choose from. You can choose:

#1,  Monthly Subscription which includes everything for $84.95 now with membership expiring after 30Days. No obligations.

#2, You can choose a Quarterly Subscription ($75 a month) for $224.95 with membership expiring after 90 Days. Again no obligation

#3, Or you can choose a Six Month Subscription ($65.84 a month) for $395.00 now with membership expiring after 180 Days. Again no obligation


My Recommendation?


Stop wasting time and money and get your risk free day trading simulator account with Trader Simulator and start trading now

As you continue to read this post, you begin to feel more and more compelled to experience the benefits of Trader Simulator demo account.

The more you understand just how valuable Trader Simulator software could be to your life, the less you think of delaying to join this important membership levels.

As you keep reading this post, you are beginning to imagine using Trader Simulator demo account and enjoying all the benefits it brings.

The more you keep reading this post the more you feel it would be a waste to let this opportunity to become a better trader slip by.


Let me know your experience by dropping me a comment in the box below and i will get back to you immediately.

Also please help me share this page to your social networks and friends who you think might benefits from reading it too.

36 thoughts on “How To Become A Better Trader

  1. Barb

    Trading can be very risky business. Especially if you’re not sure what you are doing when you start. And even when you learn the process and understand how trading actually works, understanding and doing are two very different things.
    Having the opportunity to learn in a simulated environment with no financial risk sounds like a great way to start.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Hi Barbs

      Thanks for commenting.

      Yes trading is all of those things and even some more. It is not a bed of roses but still a very lucrative career out there for those who knows what they are doing like you said.

      People are making a killing every day. Last week when the Asia market nearly fell flat on the graph for days it affected both US and UK market as well as the EU counter parts.

      Indeed knowing and doing is completely two different things and most times can be confusing when it comes to trading. Fear and greed takes over, Logical judgment with any precision left is off the window. When fear such kicks in that is when one starts loosing serious money.

      Simply because one learned trading does not make one good at it. But the opportunity to trade with a Demo account that is web based with out you loosing any real money until you are good is golden.

      Having the opportunity to learn in a simulated environment with real life data without risking any of your real money is indeed a great way to start. And i hope you use the opportunity as well.

      Thanks again for the comment.

  2. Dan Maxwell, Jr

    I had not heard of this tool until reading your post.
    I’ve been really educated. I’m interested in trading and would give this a shot.

    In the past I had considered eToro and another one I jst can’t remember now.

    I totally agree that before one starts real trading, enough practice should be gathered.

    thanks for sharing

    1. Richard U Post author

      The same here. I have tried a couple out there i couldn’t remember there names but the smart good thing i have always done it to get the hell out before i start loosing money.

      Yes you should totally go for it.

      If i have known about Trader Simulator since, i would have been a pro by now. I mean Wall Street heart of steel professional trader with real money not just a noise maker. I guess it is not too late anyways.

      Yes it is very important to test your skill before going live with your money and i will very much recommend Trader Simulator for any one starting out fresh or looking to brush up your skill.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Sheila

    Hi Richard,
    Just reviewed your Trader Simulator blog and found the information great! Since I recently decided to do a bit of Binary Option and lost my $250 this is a God sent to any newbie wanting to check out trading online.
    I wish I would have had this information before my loss. I learned that I am not a great day trader or even good with Binary Options.
    Very informative and you asked the right questions in closing.
    Have a great day and follow the success.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Hi Sheila,

      Thanks for the comment and i felt for you when you mentioned how much you lost during your bit of experience with Binary Option.

      This is exactly why i did this post to help folks with the right information and i strongly hope they can learn from their mistakes and move on with the right method of getting better at trading.

      With your experience, you stood a better chance to make it bigger and succeed should you decides to go into trading. It is never too late to try again and this time you have got to do it and get better first before going live with your real money.

      I had a similar experience as yours too. Although i was able to get out fast before loosing any money. With Trader Simulator, you have the chance to succeed more because you can test your skills over and over again.

      Thanks again for commenting and i wish you the best going forward. If you have anymore question please do not hesitate to ask and i will get back to you immediately.


  4. Kylena

    So what exactly is a Trader? I read the article and it was very descriptive on how to become a trader, and very informative on the trader simulator. I understand you are trading your money but what exactly am I trading my money for? Overall you have a very nice webpage

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks Kylena for the comment and a very good question too.

      A Trader in this context stock Trader, is someone who want a career in trading or want to learn how to trade stocks or currency online so that he or she can make good money on the side.

      Trading with your money for example when you have learned the skill with a simulator not before that should always be on your forefront thinking.

      Stock Trading is buying and selling of shares using a qualified and accredited platform. It can be for short term or long term depending on what trading strategy you are able to get good at.

      Stocks are company shares and the rest of monetary instruments out there. Also known as liquid assets.

      Trading can be very lucrative if you master the skills and tested them properly before going live with real money. Trading can also be very risky as you can loose your money very fast especially if you did not get all the skills you needed and tested them as well before trading real live.

      This is where Trader Simulator comes very handy.

      I hope i have helped answer your questions? If not please do get back and i will respond to you immediately.


  5. Angel

    Wow, remarkably thorough on this my friend. Steps and concise. Short, simple, and telling it like it is.

    This is like pure gold valuable content you are writing. I can see that, I can even feel it as I read the words.

    Thanks for listing both the good and bad side of this. That is always the best method to take when writing any blog post.

    Speaking from personal experience and knowledge can never get you in trouble.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks Angel for the comment.

      Yes i believe it is better to be concise and straight to the point in dealing with such widely experienced problems among traders out there.

      In fact this post was inspired by the many questions i do get on my comments side, and i also noticed from the majority of organic traffics to my site that it do suggests many folks out there also has trading failure and worries of loosing money in trading as their search queries.

      I did experienced such bad situations too and i was met with short comings to say the least. There are many school that teaches people learn how to trade out there both on and offline. The question is who is ready to give you the very help and the tool you will need to get better without ripping you off?

      If you have the chance to test your skill before you actually start trading real money for example, wouldn’t that be great opportunity?

      That is the point and again thank you very much for commenting.

      All the best.

  6. Julian

    The membership for the trading simulator expires after 30 days. Does this mean that I would get my 84 dollars back if I do not like it? Is there a cheaper version that costs a little less? Also, I really like your story on your about me. It is a story of determination and what happens if you keep going. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks Julian sorry for the late reply. I have been very busy.

      From what i understand, the membership for any level you choose has an expiring date which put zero obligation on your side. Which to be honest makes lots of sense becuase you are not tied to any contract.

      Now asking your money back after the expiring date will be like asking your money back from a Gym membership for example. You can’t eat your cake and have it if that makes sense though.

      The demo account has no free trial and the cost is designed to suit any economic preference you like and are minimal compared to doesn’t simulators out there that comes with mushroom cost here and here.

      At least with TraderSimulator you know exactly what you paying for and get to enjoy the use of it.

      I hope this helps today?

  7. Mimi-CU

    What an interesting concept. I am thrilled with your idea, needless to say, I believe I am very good at a lot of things, but I have never figured out trading yet. Like you say on your post, when you trade with real money there is risk involved. I have lost a lot of money trying to trade, which is simply because I get started and before I can figure it out, I have lost enough money to help me decide that this is not what I want to be doing. It would be interesting to learn how to trade with a simulation software. I am sure doing so will help actually figure out what I am doing before engaging in the real thing. What a great idea, thumbs up to whoever came up with the software!

    1. Richard U Post author

      Exactly the point Mimi-CU and thanks for commenting.

      You are right on point there my friend and this is why it is a pure gold for any one looking to make a career in trading today.

      Sad to hear how you lost money while trading right after learning. This is where Trader Simulator comes very handy and had you known about this article before now, you wouldn’t have lost those hard earned money of yours.

      I believe it is not late now and you can still turn things around on a wining side instead of the loosing side. Any time you lost money in a trade someone out there is making money as well.

      Wouldn’t it be advantageously nice if you could be able to test your very own skills over and over again without losing any real money with your demo account until you are ready to do the same trading live?

      Thanks again.

  8. Effie

    Hi! Very interesting post. I never thought that something like a trader simulator could exist. I am truly happy about it because I’ve always wanted to learn how to trade and not only by watching seminars, but in action. This is a great opportunity. Does the trader simulator software has a free trial? Thanks!

    1. Richard U Post author

      So true.

      I myself have been to countless seminars before and when ever i see something i thought may benefit my readers or help me or someone else out their in good ways, i always like to give it a try first.

      Indeed it is a great opportunity for people to learn and test their skill in trading before going live.

      Unfortunately learning to trade is not that cheap because it is an institution of its own. Nevertheless, Trader Simulator membership levels has been designed to be affordable with expiring dates if you do not want to continue; meaning it has zero obligation on your side.

      Get a membership level you want to start with and give it a go. There are no free trial. And after the expiry date on your membership you can stop. But i am sure once you get the hang of things and begin to see how beneficial it is in helping your trading success within your skill testing, then you will be happy to extend.

      It is pure gold for anyone looking to begin a career in trading today.

  9. SJB

    OMG! I wish I would’ve found this article prior to investing $500…that I lost by the way. A few months ago, I invested in trading. I had no idea that I could test my skills prior to beginning. Thank you so much for this recommendation! Trader Simulator will save many people from losing hard earned money.

    1. Richard U Post author

      What a sad event SJB.

      So sorry for your bad experience and only if you have known about this article before then, you wouldn’t have lost such good money.

      This is one of those thing in life one has to pass through.

      It will now become your success story. One will use to educate those in the same foot path as yours.

      Yes you can test your skill very much over and over again with Trader Simulator prior to beginning to trade with real money. That is the beautify of it all. A pure gold opportunity to test, learn and test your skill before going live with your trading and we both agreed it will save many folks from losing their hard earned money.

      Thanks again and if your willing to try again then you can do it right with Trader Simulator Demo account today.

  10. Ian

    This is fascinating. I have debated getting into online trading but haven’t because of the inherent risk involved.

    These simulators are great since they give you an opportunity to see what the online trading world is like before actually committing to anything or before risking money.

    Does it allow you to invest “fake money” in these simulators?

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks for the comment Ian and yes these simulator are great and one many people who started out before really wished they laid their hands on.

      The only difference is that you are not trading with real money. Every other thing is the same. Real time data with zero delays and market trends as things are happening. It is web based hence real time capability with the capacity to trade with your demo account.

      Finally Your Demo account simulator with TraderSimulator means you can actually trade but not with your real money yes. That way you can do as many mistakes as you want until you get your trading strategy right and be confidence to go real life with real money if you like.

      The demo account is the key here and it is indeed a great opportunity for every new and intermediate traders to learn, test their skills before going life. Even the professionals are scrambling the membership levels as well.

  11. Kenny

    Great website. I was definitely looking into the trader business later on. I am definitely bookmarking your website. Trading seems like an easy business to get into but a risky one as well if you are like me and have no idea what you are doing. I did like the layout of your website. The way the menu are laid out. Great site.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks for that Kenny i appreciate your commenting.

      All things worth succeeding in life comes with one risk or the other especially with trading. Trust me it is not easy but thank God for tools like TraderSimulator demo account where one can now test their skills before you can even think of trading with your real money.

      It is indeed a very powerful opportunity for those of us who want the life that successful trading brings and one that i cannot pass but share.

      I am also glad you found my site easy to navigate and that you enjoy your visit.


  12. James

    So I’ve always wanted to get into more active trading but it’s soooo intimidating. Thanks for posting all this information, especially the “who’s it for” and not so good experiences. That tells me that you’ve got our interest at heart. I learned a lot. please keep posting! It’s definitely helpful.

    1. Richard U Post author

      I am glad you found the post very helpful. I will keep them coming and you can always come back here to refresh ideas. I am glad to be of help and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

      Thanks again for commenting i really appreciate.


  13. Daniel Lara

    Hi, Richard! Very informative. I tried to do some trading in the Brazilian stock market, but the instability caused by the irrational behavior of the government makes it impossible to have success for the past 5 years. In more stable markets, I see this tool as being incredibly valuable, as you can afford to “lose” some money and make bad decision while keeping your hard-earned cash.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Indeed you are very right. It is and will still be one of the reason most people are finding hard to get the hang of all things tradings and speaking of world market, don’t even get me started.

      The important fact is with software like this, you do not have to worry about market out come and trends because it is simply too much information. All you need is to keep your eyes on your trades and see where graphs are going. Knowing when to call shot, when to put and when to out so that when push comes to shove, you will always break even instead of losing more than you invested.

      That it why trader simulator is king because you don’t have to risk your real money until you become better at trading.

      Thanks for commenting.

  14. Renee Townsend

    As part of a class assignment, my daughter did some mock trading. Like you said, you don’t want to practice with real money. When she first started, she lost quite a bit of money in her simulation. By the end of the class, she’d gotten the hang of it and really started to rake in the money and ended up in the top of her class.

    For a serious investor, I can see Trade Simulator being a valuable tool.

    1. Richard U Post author

      What a wonderful example Renee and i am sure you felt how great it was to see her test those skills. It doesn’t matter if she was losing or not the fact that it was simulated makes more sense with equal confident to keep practicing until she become better.

      I can see a future professional day trader coming up in your family.

      Yes indeed. For a serious investor or anyone who want to make a career at trading, this software is a must have.

      Thanks for commenting.

  15. Imad

    Hi, Richard.

    The title of this article game an “Aha” moment. How to become a trader is a valuable skill that I want to manage but I still don’t have enough money to go through the trial and error journey.

    This looks like something I’ll try later on.
    Thanks for sharing this.


    1. Richard U Post author

      Yes Imad and there is always no harm in trying new things once your mind is on it.

      Indeed a great valuable skill to add to your store of knowledge and if you get it right it could be a gold mine to you and your family.

      I read here on the comment side about folk who had lost serious money in trading simply because they did not have the opportunity to test their skill. It is indeed saddening and i hope other people won’t do the same mistake again.

      I hope you continue your journey with the right tool when you ready and perfect your skills before risking in any real money in real live trading.

      All the best and thanks for commenting.

  16. Anh Nguyen

    Only 5% of traders succeed is a pretty alarming number… I myself have not gotten into the stock market, it just seem like a very hard game where you are more likely to loose.

    Not that I am not interested at all though so when I took a look at this Trader Simulator, it’s pretty nice. The interface is friendly. I just wonder how accurate their numbers are to real life?

    Looking forward to hear from you!

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks Anh for the comment and yes as you can see there is always a first time to any thing. There reason for the 5% is totally why those who know what they are doing are also making it big time. There is no reason why anyone can’t do same as well.

      It is all about understanding what you want and knowing how to get their. From the comments on this page below you will read about folks who lost money even before they get started. That was because they never get to test their skills before going live with real money.

      Now you can with the help of this article.

      The numbers are accurate. The platform is web based hence it is real time with real data just as you have in real trading situation with your money. They only different is that you are not risking any money until you are able to master your trading skills perfectly that you can set a trade with confident and come out with good result.

      Every other thing is real with real time data. The only thing is you are not risking real money trading with your demo account until your skills are perfected. Meaning you can fail many times until you get it right.

      I think this is a God sent to those who really want a successful career trading the stock market.

      I hope this helps today?


      1. Richard U Post author

        Glad to be of positive effect on your formal view Theresa. Good you enjoyed the article.

  17. Tom

    Wow! Great information! Sounds like a great way to do some training before doing any real trades! I really appreciate finding your site! Thank you for taking the time to lay it all out!


    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks for the comment and i am glad you found the article very useful. Yes it is indeed very important to test your skill extensively before going into real life trading.

      Just like every other thing worth doing well in life, one should always strive to gain knowledge, test those knowledge and master it before going into real life situation with it.

      Thanks again and best of luck.


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