DealCheck Review: Best Real Estate DealChecker Or Not?

By | August 11, 2018


This DealCheck review will be looking at everything that will enable you to know if the software is the best real estate DealCheck for you or not.

DealCheck is the quickest and the smartest way to look up, analyze and compare real estate properties near you using your iPhone, Tablets or computer. It is also available on the Andriod platform.

In this DealCheck review, you will get to know if the software is the best real estate dealchecker or not for brokers, agents or anyone in the commercial real estate investment industry.

You can easily analyze house flips and commercial real estates, rental properties, find the best deals near you and calculate cash flows. It is one of the smartest real estate investment calculator I have ever come across but don’t let me conclude that for you.

At the end of the article, you will be the judge and decide if is it the best real estate dealchecker for you or not.

DealDeck Review Overview

Let take a look at what makes this software thick, who is behind it and the general overview of DeckCheck software just to give the ball pack of what to expect as you read on.

Product name: DealCheck. A property deal analysis software

Owners: Fortnoff Financial LLC, 770 Hazard Center Dr, Suite E-216 San Diego CA 92108

App Rating 5.0/5 Stars

Software rating: 97 out of 100

How to get DealCheck Software Premium version: Click Here to go directly to their website.

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DealCheck is loved by over 50,000 professional worldwide.

As of when this review is written, over 173,482 rentals has been analyzed using the DealCheck.

And an over 123,563 flip deals has been analyzed using DealCheck as at when this review is written.

DeakCheck Starter Free Pack

With the free version, you will get:

  • 10 Properties to analyze.
  • 5 photos per property to see.
  • Investment analyses and projections.
  • import data from MLS.
  • Downloadable PDF reports.
  • And custom purchase criteria.

DealCheck Pro Version Starts At $7 Per Month With 14 Day Free Trial

In this plan, you will get the following:

  • Unlimited properties.
  • Unlimited photos per properties.
  • Investment analysis and projections
  • Downloadable PDF reports.
  • Import data from MLS.
  • Custom purchase criteria
  • View MLS listing updates.
  • Purchase offer calculator.
  • PDF report branding.

 DealCheck Software Features

The following features are found within the software which can of set it apart from similar real estate deal checker software out there in the market:

  • Flexible financial option feature
  • Cash flow analysis.
  • Cloud sync on any device.
  • Post-Tax income calculated which I personally found very important as none of the similar software I have seen has this super important feature.
  • Property photo uploads.
  • Closing cost worksheet.
  • Flip property analysis.
  • Nationwide lender directory.
  • Google Maps integration.
  • Investment return calculations.
  • Rehab budget worksheet.
  • Real estate glossary.

Who Is DealCheck Software For?

Realtors: With this software, realtors can be able to present multiple properties to their potential buyers with one single click.

Brokers and estate agents: In the UK realtors are popularly known as estate agents, DealCheck will be a one-stop solution to helping them bring value to their numerous clients.

Investors: It doesn’t matter if you want to analyze dozen of the multi-family commercial building or a single SFR, the software will enable you to make smarter and informed investment decision.

Homeowners: If you own a property and you are thinking of turning it into a rental investment, DealCheck will enable you to figure out what your future income will look like by using the investment projection feature.

How Does DealCheck Work?

DealCheck works in five simple steps

#1, Choose The Property You Will Like To Analyze

DealCheck Review: Best real estate dealchecker or not?

DealCheck supports AirBnB, Multi-Family, commercial real estate, and SFRs.

#2, Import Data Direct From The MLS

DealCheck Review: Best Real Estate DealChecker Or Not?

Instantly import property description, list, price, rent estimate and photos directly from the MLS. There is a manual way to do it by using their step by step wizard to enter data.

#3, You Can Then Customize Precise Deal Parameters.

DealCheck Review: Best Real Estate DealChecker Or Not?

You can customize your deal by entering financing, purchase price, rehab budget, rent roll, closing cost, estimated expenses, etc, and configure a number of parameters to get the exact deal you are looking for.

#4, Look Into Your Detailed Financial Analysis And Projections

DealCheck Review: Best Real Estate DealChecker Or Not?

By viewing your detailed financial analysis and projections, you should be able to instantly see returns on capital investment, cap rate, profit from a sale, etc as well as long-term projections for both rentals and flips.

#5, Know The Number Behind Your Highest Offer Price

DealCheck Review: Best Real Estate DealChecker Or Not?

You can use their offer calculator to find out the best possible or highest price you can offer to make the deal favorite for you. You can select from numerous criteria based on your particular investment style.

#6, Finally Can Export And Share A Stunning PDF Report

DealCheck Review: Best Real Estate DealChecker Or Not?

You can then export each property’s analysis in one complete and compelling PDF and share the reports to your lenders, partners, and or clients.


  • Powerful real estate investment tool for an instant deal check on your phone and tablets.
  • Beats BiggerPockets calculator
  • The free version allows 10 properties
  • Quick number crunching
  • Investors and real estate owners can easily and religiously use the software to evaluate upcoming deals and make an informed investment decision together.
  • Very cheap
  • Helps you understand your cost.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Simple and intuitive.
  • Extremely convincing
  • Excellent customer service
  • Quick calculation
  • Cheap, easy with a web app
  • Investment calculator


  • Unlike the Rehab Valuator software, the free version of DealCheck does not offer more.
  • You cannot find lenders or structure private money with the DealCheck. Although this feature is only needed if you are heavily invested in your real estate business or you have multiple properties with huge client lists. Otherwise, it is a brilliant piece of tool for investment calculations.
  • Again unlike Rehab Valuator software, you cannot learn how to structure private money deal that will get lenders begging to go into business with you. Also, this depends on the level of investment and how big your real estate goals and ambitions are.

Quick Note When Customizing Your Criteria Purchase

DealCheck Review: Best Real Estate DealChecker Or Not?

Photo source: Appreview

You can download the DealCheck app from both the iOS and Android platform for your phone and tablets. When you installed it you need to the following as my research led me to find out. You will need to specify your purchase criteria so as to enable you quickly find out if the deal is worth chasing or not. Necessarily you do have to do this going forward down the line, this may save you lot of time as you may have to come back and do them. You can do this by clicking on the ” Criteria” button. Source: No Radar Real Estate

According to, “DealCheck is an all in one investor’s toolkit that helps anyone analyze investment properties faster, get an edge over other investors and get more work done using the pro version”. I also found out the DealCheck software is strongly featured in, Forbes,, rentometer, and REtipster.

If You are looking for a specifics on rental valuation. there is an article on the website the best reviewed a particular rental valuation software for landlords, homeowners, brokers and agents alike. If you are into rental properties and looking at this quickly increase our rental investment portfolio much faster, read this report here on this website.



You have seen the overview and read the full DealCheck review from the beginning. I have shown you how the software works. You have also seen the pros and cons of DealCheck as my research led me into the various angle for such a conclusion. I have also shown you how to get the software and how you can use this Promo Code VIP25OFF to get a huge 25% discount on all their premium plans. I have also shown you the great features found within the tool and what they can do to help your real estate business grow further. I have also mentioned various places the tool was featured with due credits.

If you ask me, I will say DealCheck is a powerful piece of investment calculator to hit the market and one every real estate agent, investors, realtors, brokers, and homeowners will welcome and see as a live saver. The rest is really up to individual experiences and I will suggest you understand your business needs before using or buying any software. As for anyone in the real estate investing business, this is one handy tool you will want to keep close. Have you used DealCheck software before? Is it the best dealchecker for you or not? Please share your experience in the box provided below and do help me share this on your social media network so that others in the business will know about it.


I hope this DealCheck review has answered all your burning questions about the software. You can totally try it out for free and see if it suits your business. And you can use this promotion code VIP25OFF to get a huge 25 percent off when you decide to go for DealCheck premium.

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  1. Anton Ivanov

    Thanks for the awesome review of our software! We’re looking forward to adding even more analysis features in the coming months.

    1. Richard U Post author

      No problem Anton and many thanks for stopping by. The software is simply awesome and it is one I enjoyed reviewing. More analysis features coming up? That will be awesome too and please do drop by with a quick reminder so I can update it on this review accordingly. Really appreciate your stopping by my website and thanks for the comment.


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