Best Free Real Estate Analysis And Marketing Software

By | July 4, 2018

best free real estate analysis and marketing software

In this report, I will be sharing with you why the Rental Valuator Lite is the best free real estate analysis and marketing software out there right now. This article is purely and most importantly geared towards providing value and solution only to those who most needed it.

Therefore if:

  • You have been struggling to calculate returns on investment,
  • You have difficulty finding the right deal, or
  • Having difficulties selling your project,
  • Not getting top Dollar for your projects
  • You have a problem attracting lenders to invest
  • Etc …

Then this software is for you.

This software is so real. It works I have tried it and most importantly, it is free. This post is born out personal of Daniil Kleyman who first invented it for his own purpose. Until he shares it with few friends and client and first hand saw how the software has helped rehabbers, wholesalers and even estate agent alike improve productivity, efficiency and make more money.

Before I proceed, I will like to say I value your time. If you are in a hurry and has not got time to read through the post but will like to try the software for what it can do, then go to Rental Valuator website here and try it out.

What Is Rental Valuator?

Rental Valuator is an investment property analysis software that enables you to perform needed analysis faster, make a smarter investment decision, and close more and better deals.

Who Is Rental Valuator For?

The software is a lifesaver for the following group of people:

  • Property wholesalers
  • Rehabbers
  • Estate agents
  • Real estate investors
  • Land Lords
  • Brokers
  • Residential real estate developers
  • Multi-Family real estate investors and developers
  • Real estate developer
  • Etc …

Why Is Rental Valuator Lite The Best Free Real Estate Analysis and Marketing Software?

From what I saw, the software is yours with no strings attached. It is fully functional and solidly builds with real-time data interaction that helps you solve all practical real estate rental and investment problems. The truth is, they are giving you the “Lite” version of the software, which in itself is more powerful and will do more for your business than other programs that costs you hundreds or thousands of Dollars.

There are lots of programs and software out there on the internet that helps in the general especially of real estate investing, pricing and marketing. Avail from BiggerPuckets do trump up well in terms of functionality but the only shortcoming is that it is limited to tenants and landlord only and it is free for only a short period. Rental Valuator Lite goes beyond landlord and tenant game of cat and mouse and it is free for life.

How Does Rental Valuator Software Work?

best free real estate analysis and marketing software

The picture above showcases a number of things you can do with the free real estate analysis and marketing software. Within a matter of seconds, you can analyze any income generating property to ascertain its value. You can evaluate from a single family home to a large apartment building, office space, retail park, industrial units etc, and create detailed reports and marketing materials for your potential lenders.

The software has this killer real estate calculator that enables you to easily compare multiple projects calculate the correct prices to pay for any real estate deal so you don’t overpay, and create a report or property marketing materials with just a click.

The software is great for investors, wholesalers, landlords, and agents of any skill as it is very easy to use. Are you a purchaser, broker or wholesaler of commercial property of any kind?

For example;

  • Duplexes
  • Triplexes
  • Quads
  • Apartment building small or large
  • Retails
  • Etc …

Then this software will definitely make your life much easier when you begin to use it. If you ever unsure what to offer for a property or you don’t know how to tell if a deal is great or not, or you don’t know how to better present or market your deal for lenders, this software is for you.

Best Free Real Estate Analysis And Marketing Software Overview

The free version of the software is called Rental Valuator Lite. There is also a more robust version called Rental Valuator premium that basically gives you the option to do more like manage your project and structure private money deals that will get lenders begging to invest with you. That you will have to purchase for $97 only but you are under no obligation whatever.

The whole overview is once you have seen what this “Lite” version can, you will want to upgrade to the Rental Valuator Premium which more powerful functionalities that will skyrocket your business.

The Rental Valuator Lite software is yours at no charge and you can go right ahead and download it right away and put it to work in your business to evaluate and market your commercial deals. You get immediate access to this free as well as a detailed tutorial that walks you through every step of using the software.

The Rental Valuator Lite is free and will cost you nothing. Some people may argue if real estate investing software pricing is really worth your money or not. The truth is either you are using the free version or a paid version of this software, you will be getting great value.

One thing that impressed me most is that both those on Rental Valuator Premium and those on Rental Valuator Lite both got equally speedy and timely help and support.

The benefits of Rental Valuator Lite include;

  • Free easy to apply tutorial that comes with the software, no skills required. In this video tutorials, you will quickly learn how to evaluate deals
  • You can calculate rates of return on investment
  • Easily put together financial projections for your deals in other to present them to your buyers, lenders, or partners
  • The software will ensure will never ever overpay for any deal again
  • You are going to have a complete picture of an investment before making a decision when you use the Rental Valuator software
  • You will look a professional when you go to present your deals to maybe lenders, investors, or partners
  • The tool will save you a huge amount of time and build you a strong and instant credibility in the industry

The inventor of this wonderful piece of software is an active real estate investor and developer by name Daniil Kleyman based in Richmond VA. He is the founder of True Vision Analytics, LLC which also owns Rehab Valuator Software for rehabbers, wholesalers, and agents.


The reason why Rental Valuator is the best free real estate analysis and marketing software it is value added. The creators are value-focused with strong problem-solving orientation. It is free with no catch. The free version of the software simply gives you more than any other program out there which cost you hundreds of Dollars. The software allows you to create a killer marketing materials that you can use to get funding for your project, sell your deals to investors, pitch them to partners, and so much more.

As with every research I do, this article is still open for further findings and I will continue to update new results as I came across one. Also, you may way to read up a guide to real estate investing by Mongolia Properties. Their research uses raw data to capture what the current trends are in the market and help you navigate some of the task minefield associated with real estate investing. And when you are ready to start investing, Rehab Valuator software will make your life a lot easier

Have you tried Rental Valuator Lite software? What other software are you using to make life easy for you? If you have any comment or have a question please do so in the box provided below. I will get back to you immediately. Also please help us share this post on your social media network so others can benefit from the free tool.





8 thoughts on “Best Free Real Estate Analysis And Marketing Software

  1. RoDarrick

    Thanks for your insightul and knowledgeable pieces of information on this post. Your website offers the best information accuracy and correct and informed analysis in posts. Though I’m not into Real estate business but this post is more than insightful. Also, I will recommend this post to most of my friends that are into Real estate. 

    im not sure they could get anything closer to this information on any website. Thank you so much for this post. Its golden

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thank you for your kind comment on best free real estate analysis and marketing software.

      I will appreciate if you do so and thanks too for noticing the value that the post brings. My readers asked and I provided. I personally own and uses this software so I am reviewing it just as I am using it.

      It is simply a life saver. 

  2. Selenity Jade

    This sounds like an excellent tool for anyone looking to get into owning property! I’m surprised at all the free features. I am always a huge fan of services that offer a free trial or free version of their service that let’s people know exactly what they’re looking into buying. I hate ‘teaser’ information or trials that don’t let you actually try anything. So this sounds excellent. I only have one question. Is the premium version a one time payment or a subscription?

    1. Richard U Post author

      The premium version has a one-time payment which is always cheaper. The monthly subscription is less and easy to pay every month. The premium version has more amour than the free version.

      With the premium version, you can easily set up a deal, then structure your deal with various marketing tools within and get funding for it with one click on a button without leaving the comfort of your home.

      This tool is a must-have for anyone who is in real estate business. The investors love it the most because you can find new deals easily from anywhere in the world.

  3. Topazdude

    What an educative and an informative article. I really valued and appreciate the effort and brain behind Real Estate Analysis And Marketing Software, it’s just the answer to many problems unsolved in the valuation of assets, feasibility study of projects and many more. Am glad that I come across this review because I really need this as part of my area of study to be of help. I admire the clear calculation analysis of the software using bars and graph for simplicity. If everyone can carry the passion to add value that the creator of the software carries, the world will have been better than this. Am getting the software right away. Thanks for sharing this helpful information.

    1. Richard U Post author

      My pleasure and thank you for trying the software out yourself. I am sure it will help you do more and save you time and a lot of overhead costs.

      Let me know how it is working out for you as I will love to hear back from your experience of using it. 

  4. Nathan Conner

    This software looks very interesting. Do you know where it pulls the data about a property from? Could it be coming from Google, Zillow, or some type of Geo-grid property website? I will have to try out Rental Valuator on some of the properties around by zip code, as they are rapidly appreciating in value.

    1. Richard U Post author

      It uses real-life Google geo-mapping to pull data real time and it shows you new deals anytime you refresh the fin new deals page. It is awesome to say the list. It is not a download. It is a web-based software which means you can access it from all platform from any device be it Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Chrome, etc. 

      The properties listed on deals are all real life and real people who also are selling their properties on the same software.

      It has all the contacts and address and you can even check the ownership out and location to make make it suit your client or investment needs.

      With the premium version, it will help you calculate and analyze every deal and tell you if it is overpriced or under priced before you even make an offer. That alone is awesome as you can know if a property is gonna make you money or not before you even buy.

      Everyone in the real estate business needs this tool. It is simply a life saver.


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