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Using Your Imagination To Turn An Idea Into An Online Business

Using Your Imagination To Turn An Idea Into An Online Business

How to use your imagination to turn an idea into an online business is a book I just finished and published. This 67 pages of pure knowledge and blueprint eBook took me three years to complete, and I am glad I did finish it at last. The book contains my journey and experiences, trials and tribulations, failures and success as well as answers from people I mate and interviewed during my research work. In the end, there is a bonus I threw in as a thank you for purchasing the eBook. The bonus is all the tools I used for free. At the end of reading it, you will know how to use your imagination to turn an idea into an online business.

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Using Your Imagination To Your Best Knowledge

The purpose of writing this article is to inform you that using your imagination to your best knowledge is one of the greatest things you can ever do for yourself. There is so much power in positive thinking and that is one common thing imagination has in common with the subconscious mind. Your mind is your skill workshop. Use it well to the full advantage and see what miracle or wonders you can achieve. Let your imagination go to work for you and hold tenaciously to the eyes of your mind what goal you intend to achieve and see yourself achieving that goal. You will fail at some point yes. You will encounter problems yes. But your ability to rise and learn from those mistakes will set you apart and define you.

How To Find Ideas

Ideas are everywhere we are, in everything we do or touch and in every activity, we are engaged in on daily basis. I have had a lot of folks ask me on Quora how to I get an idea for a new business? How can I find a new idea for an online business? How do I brainstorm for new ideas for my startups? etc. These questions and the answers I gave them helped me a lot in my research for this book I just finished and today I am happy to share the same knowledge with you.

You can find ideas from the following:

  • In an existing product. i.e if you did not like how the product works, you can design your own and make it work better
  • From an existing service. i.e if you are not happy with a particular service you received from a vendor, you can recreate your own to implement or render a better service
  • By using your imagination. i.e if you think you can do, believe you can see yourself doing it and then go for it. According to Napoleon Hill, an I quote “Whatever a mind can think and conceive, that it can achieve”.
  • From your previous work experience. Yes, there is an idea in there and it is yours. How? because you earned it and you have worked for it. Whatever previous work experience you have is yours and you can totally turn that into a business idea online.
  • From your problems. Yes, you can. During my research for my book, I came across a few problems that nearly prompted me to give up and forget my work. But I didn’t give up. I also had a chat on Yahoo answers with someone who is nearly at the edge of the proverbial cliff and I help them through by teaching them how to turn their problem into money online. Yes, I did. It worked and it is all in the book.
  • From your subconscious mind. Yes, there are thousands of ideas lying low sleeping and waiting for you to wake them up to reality. Understanding how to tap into your subconscious mind for an idea is one of the reasons why I wrote my book.
  • From your daily challenges.
  • In your eating habit.
  • From your fitness routine.
  • From your daily life experience.
  • In your current workplace, there is an idea waiting for you right now.
  • literally, there is an idea everywhere and in everything, we do on a daily basis.

How To Overcome Personal Barriers While Using Your Imagination

I must say the personal barrier is one of the most stumbling blocks I encountered and so are many people whom I did an interview during the research for my book. These barriers can come as a camouflage in many forms such as:

  1. Personal Doubts
  2. What If I Can’t Syndrome
  3. Using Obstacle or Challenges as an alibi for not trying.

To overcome your personal barriers, you must first shut down all negative thoughts and influences. Build up a positive mental attitude, have a working plan and set your goal. You must learn to see your success in the eyes of your mind and hold tenaciously unto that image. You must be ready to fail at some point because believe it or not, failure is good. It means you are getting better. You must be ready to adapt to change. If your plan changes shift your goal to suit the change and keep on working on your goal. Doing something is better than not doing anything at all.

Get A Copy Of How To Use Your Imagination To Turn An Idea Into A Successful Online Business


You literally turn any idea into a book and sell it online as a digital book. Ideas come in many forms and we see this every day. The problem is that many of us are not looking in the right places. The tools to making it happen are not far-fetched and you do not have to go out the pocket to buy them. Almost all the tools I used are free and that is why I have thrown in all of it for free as a bonus for anyone who bought the book.

Example Of How To Use Your Imagination To Turn Idea To Online Business

I will give you an example of how I helped someone turn their problem into a business by using imagination

There is this college of mine all names withheld for obvious reasons. The company I worked for then are managing security for some of the big hospitality business providers in London so in one of the location this college was going through a serious personal problem.

For some reason, the girlfriend left him this was the origin of his self-destruct mode. So he started drinking excessively, coming to work late and not be able to meet job targets and assignment. He even started experimenting with chemical substances as I can only notice that his mood swing went from zero to ninety in one month. What brought everyone’s attention was the self-destruction mode he is heading into and heading down that way fast.

So one day on my own free time I approached him and tried to render as little advice as I can. After hearing him saying he needed just anything to take his mind off the hard breakup for a while it came to me that I can actually help him. I told him to go to the nearest store an buy himself a notepad and a pen. After he did so, we went to a nearby public house and sat down. After ordering our coffees and the waiter left, I told him to bring out the pad and start writing down everything he went through during the breakup. Everything up to the moment, whatever he can remember.

I told him to think deeply of every obstacle, every problem, his experiences with drugs and alcohols, his hurts and pains, how he managed through or tired to overcome them all and how many people feel the hurt. His self-destruct moments, what he experience, what was going in his mind, I told him to put it all in writing. At least the once he can still remember. In the end, I told him to go home and continue writing down whatever he can remember on the notepad. If he feels that he has covered an enough he should let me know.

In three weeks later he did and the notepad was almost full. He asked what can he do with it and I told him that his life has just taken a new meaning. I told him to imagine how many people on earth who are experiencing the same problem right now?. He did. And I told him to imagine himself helping them by delivering his story to them? So they too can read and learn from his own experience? He did but he quickly told me that he is not an author and I told him in that case lets make you one. I asked if he has a computer he said yes. I also asked if he knows how to type and if he is willing to commit just a fraction of time every day he said yes. I then told him to go home and at his own free time, to fire up his computer and start typing in everything from his notepad into his computer.

In three months time, he did it and I helped him with tools where he can publish his eBook for free only pay 5% on sales to the platform whenever somebody buys his book. Meaning zero upfront cost for him. the only money he spent was to pay someone little amount to design his book professional 3D cover and front cover just like mine and his hosting fee for the website he is going to need. In those three months period, he never touched an alcohol or any chemical substances as he now has something new that keeps his mind busy.

Today he is an author, still selling his eBook. He even has one or two motivational speaking Giggs lined up and his life has changed completely for better.

Moral Lesson From This Story

The moral lesson from this story is that even when your body is down and rejecting every inch of positive change, you should always remember to feed your soul. A desperate situation calls for desperate measures. If you think you can, then you can. If you think you cannot then you can never achieve anything. Never ever set a limit to what you can achieve in this life. We all have one life to live so why not give it all your best? According to Aristotle, “An arrow at flight is at rest” Meaning change is the only constant thing life” my take is everything else changes while change itself remains constant. If you can’t try to change your financial future from today, nothing will change in that aspect. For now, that is it from me and I will continue to wish you all the best. If you want to know more about me and what I do, go to my about me page for more details.

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If you have any question or comment please do so in the box provided below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

DealCheck Review: Best Real Estate DealChecker Or Not?


This DealCheck review will be looking at everything that will enable you to know if the software is the best real estate dealchecker for you or not.

DealCheck is the quickest and the smartest way to look up, analyze and compare real estate properties near you using your iPhone, Tablets or computer. It is also available on Andriod platform. In this DealCheck review, you will get to know if the software is the best real estate dealchecker or not for brokers, agents or anyone in the commercial real estate investment industry.

You can easily analyze house flips and commercial real estates, rental properties, find the best deals near you and calculate cash flows. It is one of the smartest real estate investment calculator I have ever come across but don’t let me conclude that for you. At the end of the article, you will be the judge and decide if is it the best real estate dealchecker for you or not.

DealDeck Review Overview

Let take a look at what makes this software thick, who is behind it and the general overview of DeckCheck software just to give the ball pack of what to expect as you read on.

Product name: DealCheck. A property deal analysis software

Owners: Fortnoff Financial LLC, 770 Hazard Center Dr, Suite E-216 San Diego CA 92108

App Rating 5.0/5 Stars

Software rating: 97 out of 100

How to get DealCheck Software Premium version: Click Here to go directly to their website.

Any Promo Discount?: Yes! For coming visiting my website and reading this review today, you can use this Promo Code REF25OFF to get a whopping 25% discount off their subscriptions for any of their premium plans.

DealCheck is loved by over 50,000 professional worldwide.

As of when this review is written, over 173,482 rentals has been analyzed using the DealCheck.

And an over 123,563 flip deals has been analyzed using DealCheck as at when this review is written.

DeakCheck Starter Free Pack

With the free version, you will get:

  • 10 Properties to analyze.
  • 5 photos per property to see.
  • Investment analyses and projections.
  • import data from MLS.
  • Downloadable PDF reports.
  • And custom purchase criteria.

DealCheck Pro Version Starts At $7 Per Month With 14 Day Free Trial

In this plan, you will get the following:

  • Unlimited properties.
  • Unlimited photos per properties.
  • Investment analysis and projections
  • Downloadable PDF reports.
  • Import data from MLS.
  • Custom purchase criteria
  • View MLS listing updates.
  • Purchase offer calculator.
  • PDF report branding.

 DealCheck Software Features

The following features are found within the software which can of set it apart from similar real estate deal checker software out there in the market:

  • Flexible financial option feature
  • Cash flow analysis.
  • Cloud sync on any device.
  • Post-Tax income calculated which I personally found very important as none of the similar software I have seen has this super important feature.
  • Property photo uploads.
  • Closing cost worksheet.
  • Flip property analysis.
  • Nationwide lender directory.
  • Google Maps integration.
  • Investment return calculations.
  • Rehab budget worksheet.
  • Real estate glossary.

Who Is DealCheck Software For?

Realtors: With this software, realtors can be able to present multiple properties to their potential buyers with one single click.

Brokers and estate agents: In the UK realtors are popularly known as estate agents, DealCheck will be a one-stop solution to helping them bring value to their numerous clients.

Investors: It doesn’t matter if you want to analyze dozen of the multi-family commercial building or a single SFR, the software will enable you to make smarter and informed investment decision.

Homeowners: If you own a property and you are thinking of turning it into a rental investment, DealCheck will enable you to figure out what your future income will look like by using the investment projection feature.

How Does DealCheck Work?

DealCheck works in five simple steps

#1, Choose The Property You Will Like To Analyze

DealCheck Review: Best real estate dealchecker or not?

DealCheck supports AirBnB, Multi-Family, commercial real estate, and SFRs.

#2, Import Data Direct From The MLS

DealCheck Review: Best Real Estate DealChecker Or Not?

Instantly import property description, list, price, rent estimate and photos directly from the MLS. There is a manual way to do it by using their step by step wizard to enter data.

#3, You Can Then Customize Precise Deal Parameters.

DealCheck Review: Best Real Estate DealChecker Or Not?

You can customize your deal by entering financing, purchase price, rehab budget, rent roll, closing cost, estimated expenses, etc, and configure a number of parameters to get the exact deal you are looking for.

#4, Look Into Your Detailed Financial Analysis And Projections

DealCheck Review: Best Real Estate DealChecker Or Not?

By viewing your detailed financial analysis and projections, you should be able to instantly see returns on capital investment, cap rate, profit from a sale, etc as well as long-term projections for both rentals and flips.

#5, Know The Number Behind Your Highest Offer Price

DealCheck Review: Best Real Estate DealChecker Or Not?

You can use their offer calculator to find out the best possible or highest price you can offer to make the deal favorite for you. You can select from numerous criteria based on your particular investment style.

#6, Finally Can Export And Share A Stunning PDF Report

DealCheck Review: Best Real Estate DealChecker Or Not?

You can then export each property’s analysis in one complete and compelling PDF and share the reports to your lenders, partners, and or clients.


  • Powerful real estate investment tool for an instant deal check on your phone and tablets.
  • Beats BiggerPockets calculator
  • The free version allows 10 properties
  • Quick number crunching
  • Investors and real estate owners can easily and religiously use the software to evaluate upcoming deals and make an informed investment decision together.
  • Very cheap
  • Helps you understand your cost.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Simple and intuitive.
  • Extremely convincing
  • Excellent customer service
  • Quick calculation
  • Cheap, easy with a web app
  • Investment calculator


  • Unlike the Rehab Valuator software, the free version of DealCheck does not offer more.
  • You cannot find lenders or structure private money with the DealCheck. Although this feature is only needed if you are heavily invested in your real estate business or you have multiple properties with huge client lists. Otherwise, it is a brilliant piece of tool for investment calculations.
  • Again unlike Rehab Valuator software, you cannot learn how to structure private money deal that will get lenders begging to go into business with you. Also, this depends on the level of investment and how big your real estate goals and ambitions are.

Quick Note When Customizing Your Criteria Purchase

DealCheck Review: Best Real Estate DealChecker Or Not?

Photo source: Appreview

You can download the DealCheck app from both the iOS and Android platform for your phone and tablets. When you installed it you need to the following as my research led me to find out. You will need to specify your purchase criteria so as to enable you quickly find out if the deal is worth chasing or not. Necessarily you do have to do this going forward down the line, this may save you lot of time as you may have to come back and do them. You can do this by clicking on the ” Criteria” button. Source: No Radar Real Estate

According to, “DealCheck is an all in one investor’s toolkit that helps anyone analyze investment properties faster, get an edge over other investors and get more work done using the pro version”. I also found out the DealCheck software is strongly featured in, Forbes,, rentometer, and REtipster.

If You are looking for a specifics on rental valuation. there is an article on the website the best reviewed a particular rental valuation software for landlords, homeowners, brokers and agents alike. If you are into rental properties and looking at this quickly increase our rental investment portfolio much faster, read this report here on this website.



You have seen the overview and read the full DealCheck review from the beginning. I have shown you how the software works. You have also seen the pros and cons of DealCheck as my research led me into the various angle for such a conclusion. I have also shown you how to get the software and how you can use this Promo Code REF25OFF to get a huge 25% discount on all their premium plans. I have also shown you the great features found within the tool and what they can do to help your real estate business grow further. I have also mentioned various places the tool was featured with due credits.

If you ask me, I will say DealCheck is a powerful piece of investment calculator to hit the market and one every real estate agent, investors, realtors, brokers, and homeowners will welcome and see as a live saver. The rest is really up to individual experiences and I will suggest you understand your business needs before using or buying any software. As for anyone in the real estate investing business, this is one handy tool you will want to keep close. Have you used DealCheck software before? Is it the best dealchecker for you or not? Please share your experience in the box provided below and do help me share this on your social media network so that others in the business will know about it.


Rental Valuator Software Review: Investment Property Calculator

Rental Valuator Software Review: Investment Property Calculator

Are you a Landlord, real estate investors, broker, wholesaler, or agent? This rental valuator software review is for you and at the end of the review, you should be able to test the software for free and then see if rental valuator software is the best investment property calculator out there or not.

Rental Valuator Software is a powerful piece of software that helps Landlords, brokers, real estate investors, wholesalers, and agents analyze and market their rental properties with peace of mind.

Rental Valuator Software Review Overview

Product Name: Rental Valuator Lite

Free? Yes

Usual worth or cost: $97 but now free

Market: Investment property analysis software

Does it have a premium version? Yes. You can upgrade to the Rental Valuator Software Premium for added value and more functionalities which cannot be found within the Rental Valuator Lite

Product Owners: True Vision Analysis based in Richmond VA.

Pros Of Rental Valuator Software

The following are the pros found within the investment property analyzing software:

  • You can compare multiple properties for a better deal
  • You can calculate and know the correct price to pay for a property so don’t overpay for anything
  • You can create reports and property marketing materials at a click of a button
  • Helps you understand the rental value of your property
  • You can get a free rental valuation using the software lite version
  • Ability to do an online house valuation without visiting the property itself
  • Home value calculator
  • Free property valuation
  • No special skill is needed in other to use the software. Anyone can use it as it comes with easy to follow short tutorial videos
  • You can evaluate an income producing property like a single family home, large family home, large apartment buildings, office building, retail and parks in just seconds.
  • The software enables you to perform needed analysis faster, make a smarter investment decision, close more deals faster.


The only con I found is that it also has a premium version one you have to pay money for if you want more functionality. But if you own multiple investment properties or if you are a broker agent with multi-client portfolios or you are a landlord with numerous properties, you will be more than glad to pay $97 for a whole full access. That will give you peace of mind and you can achieve a lot much faster, never miss out on good deals or be able to make a better investment decision.

How Rental Valuator Software Work

I will like to explain this better with some screenshots I took and hopefully this will give you a more clear understanding of what this software does and what you can do with it to get things done faster and better.

Rental Valuator Software Review: Investment Property Calculator

Convincing Presentations For Your Lenders and Partners

rental valuator valuator software review: Investment property calculator

As you can see from the above, with this softwre, you can create a powerful and convincing presentaton. You can evaluate and get full details of the property like descriptions, address, size, proximity, unit size, rate and even put out a call to action.

You can easily upload your photos of the property detailing which and what it got for a potentila buyer or investor just as seen in the picture below

Rental Valuator Software Review: Investment Property Calculator

Not just that the images, You can see below the power of the rental valuator software when it comes to numbers crunching below.

Rental Valuator Software Review: Investment Property Calculator

Rental Valuator Software helps you solve the problem of number crunching and even make you a better mathematician without really knowing maths by simply enabling you to understand your numbers. When it comes to investment property business, you have got to know your numbers. It is a prerequisite or there is no need for being in the business of real estate investing at all.

The software helps you calculate:

  • First-year gross rent
  • Purchase offer.
  • Initial captial imporvement and resources.
  • Total closing costs.
  • Total cash investment.
  • First-year operating expenses.
  • First-year net operating income.
  • Projected holding period.
  • Terminal cap rate as assumed depending on your holding period.
  • Projected resale price if the property is not for rent anymore but for sale.
  • Projected leverage rate IRR of investment if you are aiming to recycle your net profit from previous rental investment or sales.
  • Projected cumulative cash on cash return.
  • Return on equity percentage rate.
  • Effective rent per square foot.
  • Economic occupancy rate.
  • Cash on cash Vs ROI on a graphic chart presentation so you will gain full insight into two or three years will be on your investment.
  • At the top, you will have the opportunity to include your business name and address with full business contacts for anyone who came across it to read and possibly contact you. This to me is a powerful way to brand yourself and your business and to be frank, I have not seen such features in any other rental valuation software out there except Rehab Valuator Software.

Rental Valuator Software Review: Investment Property Calculator


These and many more are what free rental valuator software can do and that is why it has been found to be a lifesaver for Landlords, wholesalers, brokers and agents alike. If you are looking for a better way to market your commercial properties to buyers or investors but do not know the right deal to put out for it, this is software is for you.

You can quickly calculate the correct offer price for any deal no matter how simple or complex they are. These can be houses, duplexes, apartment buildings, office building, commercial building, self-storage, etc

You can calculate the rates of returns on your investment and this can be for yourself, your buyer, your clients and, or for your investors. The free software comes with free video tutorials and case studies that actually teaches you how to evaluate deals.

With the free software, you can easily put together financial projections for your deals in order to present them to your partners, buyers or lenders just as we did on the last image above.

The software will ensure you never overpay for any deal again and it helps you make sure you are getting a better deal for your project.

There are many software out there that does nearly the same as the ones you can find on Flipper Software but not all the features and functions that can be found in the Rental Valuator Software. One particular software out there is the DealCheck which particularly focused on finding you great deals around you. I quite like it as well because, for one thing, it narrowed its market into one particular niche. And that is finding you great deals.


What To Do Next?

If you want to know how to quickly grow your rental property portfolio much faster, go here on this website and you can thank me later. For a free software, I think Rental Valuator Lite Software gives you and you are getting more for free compared to all the costly ones out there. As far as I know, this software, for now, is free and it intends to remain so according to the owners.

I am using the Rehab Valuator Software which is for rehabbers, wholesalers and developers alike and it is simply a life saver for me. The great things this software is that people love it a lot. So have you used the software before? Do you have any experience with it that I may have missed on this post? I will love to hear your own thought or experience from using it and I hope this Rental Valuator software review added new or more knowledge to you today. The question of if it’s the best investment property calculator out there I will leave to your own experience. For me, it is simply the best.









G Suite Review: Is G Suite Worth It?

G Suite Review: Is G suite worth it?

In this G suite review, you will be getting an unbiased and a thorough review of G suite, pros, and cons of G suite, what G suite is all about and what customer are saying about G suite. This is my insightful take and at the end of the post, I believe you should be able to answer the question; is G Suite worth it or not?

Among the many questions you may have right now, I am sure the following questions falls among the ones you really needed answers to as soon as possible, For example, questions like:

  • What is G Suite?
  • What can you do with G suite?
  • How much is G Suite per month? (G Suite pricing)
  • What is a basic G Suite account?
  • How do I set up G Suite?
  • Where can I get G Suite?

And many more question indeed but don’t worry, we will deal with all these one by one and then provide you with many more valuation information that I feel will help you understand what G Suite is all about so as to better help with your decision making.

What Is G Suite?

G Suite is a cloud-based productivity suite for your business that helps you get more work done from anywhere and on any device. G Suite can also be described as a team of collaborative products for teams and small business to medium or large businesses.

G Suite Products

  • Web Conferences
  • File sharing
  • Scheduling in cloud
  • Professional Gmail account, for example, and more than 30GB inbox storage. This is compatible with Microsoft Outlook and other email clients.
  • Smart scheduling with Google calendar. You can schedule a meeting at that time that works for everybody and you can get reminders directly in your inbox.
  • Store and share in the cloud with Google Drive. Which means you can save work files in Google Drive, access them from anywhere and collaborate in real time.
  • Google Docs
  • Google Slides for creating presentations
  • Google website. Yes you can create your own website with Google
  • Google hangout with features chat, videos conferencing, instant message, and much more.

G Suite Features

  • Group Calendar
  • Document Management
  • Project Management
  • Synchronizing Editing
  • Task Management
  • Version Control
  • Brainstorming
  • Audio and Video Conferencing
  • Chat Management
  • Content Management
  • Cooperative Writing

What Can You Do With G Suite?

G Suite helps you and your team collaborate, work together and get things done much faster from any part of the world. You can create a professional looking email address with G Suite, access the vast online storage of more than 30GB, share calendar, conduct and have video meetings with your team or partners.

You can create, edit and share files on the go from your laptop, tablets and even from your mobile phone.

You get a 24 hours 7 days a week help and support from Google expert with just a phone call away.

Starting with just $5 per user, per month, you can bring your team together with a professional email, video meetings, online storage and much more. More than five million businesses use G Suite already.

G Suit Pricing

Starting price was not provided by the vendor but my research led me to understand that this will depend on your need and, or your business need and you can actually get your team on board with $5 per user per month.

The great news here is that they have a special promotion which I happen to be given one so if you are reading this and want to take advantage of G Suite Basic Plan today, use this Promotion Code QCH6KPD6K4DMFAA and you will get 20% off a full year plan which is a good discount for the G Suite Basic Plan

If you want to take advantage of G Suit Business Plan today, use this Promotion Code QCNNV67HTEPDPTE and you will also get 20% off a full year plan which is a great discount on the G Suite Business plan.

The vendor of G Suite is Google.

Ther deployment is Cloud, SaaS, and Web

Overall rating: 98 out of 100

Ease of Use: 97 out of 100

Customer Service and Support rating: 98 out of 100

Positive reviews: 94%

Recommended this to a colleague or friend: 98%

Basic G Suite plan starts at $5 per user per month or $50 per user per year plus Tax.

Free trial? Yes

Subscriptions? Yes

G Suite with unlimited storage and vault: $20 per user per year plus Tax,

G Suite enterprise plan: $25 per user per month

G Suite review: is G suite worth it?

G Suite Competitors

  • With an overall rating of 4.7 stars based on 928 user ratings.
  • Asana with the overall rating of 4.3 stars based on 3,878 user ratings.
  • Slack with the total rating of 4.6 stars based on 6,293 user ratings.
  • ConnectWise Control with a summary rating of 4.7 stars based on 675 user ratings. Source: GetApp

What Is a Basic G Suite Account?

G Suite review: is G Suite worth it?

The first step is to simply sign up for your trial account. After you sign up G Suite account, you will be guided to verify your Dorman and set up Gmail.

Next is to set up G Suite. At this stage, you will be guided on how to migrate email and set up services like video meetings, shared calendars, and cloud storage.

Next stage is to discover training resources like the G Suite learning center and learn how to build your support team and much more.

Watch the Introductory Video of G Suite Below

Getting Trained To Use G Suite To Your Advantage

G Suite review: is G Suite worth it?


The G Suite learning center comes with guides, tips, and plenty of resources to enable you and your team to make the necessary transition to G Suite.

G Suite comes with its own show on YouTube. Which means you can watch videos that offer many tips and tricks on a vast range of topics.

Browse transformation gallery and get inspired by finding new ways to work with your team to get things done much faster and from anywhere.

Pros of G Suite

As these pros are more than many, I will use a bullet point to itemize them for a better understanding if you don’t mind.

  • First of all, it is Google. I mean where else do you want your business online to be? Big old Google controls 85 percent of search engine online not to mention Google Plus and YouTube. The big advantage for you here is, you will be playing on their own field which means a better chance of ranking, organic traffic to your site, brand recognition, trust and solid reputation. This is my own take so feel free to chip in if you have more, please.
  • G Suite provides a fantastic office collaboration and productivity for small to large businesses.
  • Seamless workflow.
  • Unlimited storage for business and enterprise plans only.
  • Marketplace availability Apps and synchronization or better still, integration.
  • Ease of use.
  • Ease to work between Apps and also help keep your work safe and secured.
  • Both free and paid marketplace Apps.
  • Its seamless integration with other Apps in the marketplace makes it a formidable and powerful business tool.
  • G Suite makes it easy for you and your team to edit one document.
  • Ability to search file and documents using keywords.
  • Google Plus photo backup.
  • Mobility. Meaning you can access your files, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc on the go and easy.
  • G suite helps your business cut cost and save more especially the elimination of work repetition, unnecessary bureaucracy, more ecosystem and overall efficiency.
  • Best connectivity tool ever.
  • Service and features can be enabled and disabled at any time.
  • Thorough online help and page.
  • Excellent customer service. Hey, it is Google indeed hence the best for their customer.
  • Very responsive customer support for all plans and even when you are on the 14-day free trial.
  • Their price is unbeatable. Competitors are just playing catch-up.
  • The set up is easy with an easy guide you through approach.
  • When you use G Suite, it comes with your own domain which is fully hosted.
  • Like any Google products, G Suite is fast and easy to use and most of the Apps are free.
  • You can customize all the tool both free and paid ones to suit your brand image.
  • You can add a new user to your platform easily as a business.
  • One stop shop for everything.
  • G Suite makes life easier as you can collaborate and work with your team in one single platform with ease.
  • It is more than email and cloud storage.
  • It is a one-stop shop for web-based companies.
  • G Suite allows you to manage your business communication centrally especially on files and project collaborations.
  • Very suitable for a remote business, all you need in one place and at an affordable price.
  • Works well with your existing file format.
  • Easy to configure your meeting room as a resource in the calendar.

Other Pros of G Suite According To User Experience

G Suite review: is G Suite worth it?

G Suite review: is G Suite worth it?

G Suite review: is G Suite worth it?

The source and credit for the above images go to the guys at Capterra. You guys are simply awesome!

G Suite review: is G Suite worth it?


As with anything in life and online, there are always pros and cons to it and unfortunately, G Suite is not left out in those respect. I also noticed that most of the cons came from those with vast knowledge in all things web-based, data management, and analytical skills. Hence every individual on their level has a different need which may or may not is fully found in G Suite platform.

The following are the cons I came across during the journey of this post:

  • The existence of too many similar collaboratory Apps. Again some people or business will find this useful as they have choices and some will prefer fewer but unique collaboratory Apps. I will leave this to your experience.
  • Power users will always seek for more workflow and productivity flow which I found often during my research but again this boils down the skills and versatility of the user.
  • G Suite and Grammarly are currently not compatible at the moment so if you are a writer who uses G Suit I guess your review will fall on the con side.
  • It doesn’t for allowing MDM solution just like Apple does in an event of stolen property or it got lost. Again this comes down to IP monitoring which falls under privacy protection as can be seen on the TOS. (MDM means your ability to trace and track your item if it is stolen or got lost so you have the possibility of finding it.)
  • G Suite needs an internet connection to work. Then again what doesn’t need an internet connection to work these days?
  • The admin panel can be just a little confusing especially to a newbie but their customer support is a top-notch are just one phone call away from helping you with anything technical.

G Suit Customer Success Stories

This is where I bring you the product success or not to success stories as with every review I do, customer side and experience plays a great role in my ability to deliver an unbiased review.

G Suite review: is G Suite worth it?

G Suite review: is G Suite worth it?

As you can see, a lot of companies and organizations all over the world are benefiting from what G Suite can offer. These companies range from Clarkstown Police Department, Comanche County Memorial Hospital, Conrad Electronic, Chicos, etc. All of these organizations have one thing in common to say about G Suite. Ease of use and general work improvement.

Another success story I will like to include here or bring to your attention is by one of their customer Enjoy the video testimony below:

G Suite Users Across The World

G Suite review: is G Suite worth it?

G Suite is available across the continents and also in more than 21 languages across the globe as you can see from the above picture.


I hope I have done justice to this review which, to be honest, took me longer than I thought due to raw data and vetting processes I usually deploy on my reviews. To be honest G Suite did stand up to its name. During and throughout my research period for the post I did come across nothing but positive vibes about G Suite. During which I was able to find answers to the most questions people often asked when searching for G Suite online. This review reminds me of Wealthy Affiliate review I did while back which by the way is the best affiliate program on the internet.

I also notice that nothing in this world can do without pros and cons. It is our common threat be it business or personal. And unlike any online business or web-based data processing platform like G Suite, it has its own cons. These cons as I noticed centered around one thing and one thing only, complex folder structure. Then again some highly skilled data analysts and experienced web and data managers who want more may find it not good enough for their need. But the majority of basic and enterprise users find more pros than cons in using as they find more benefit in using G Suite every day.

Now it is up to you. What do you think about G Suite? Have you used it before? Do you intend to give it a try? Has this review helped in clarifying any questions you may have before you came across this post today? Did you find the data and information on this post including the images useful? With that said, I am sure this G Suite review will now help you to know if the G Suit is worth it or not. If you ask me, I will say it really depends on your business need and yes it is definitely worth the money. But you only have to find out for yourself.

Where Can I Get G Suite?

You can get G Suite account set here by clicking the button below and you can start with a 14 days free trial.

G Suite review: is G Suite worth it?

You use this promotion code – QCH6KPD6K4DMFAA to get a good discount for G Suite Basic Plan and also you can use this promotion code –QCNNV67HTEPDPTE to get a great discount of G Suite Business Plan.

If you found this G Suite review useful, please do help me share to your social media network so others can benefit as well. If you have any question or comment please do so in the box provided below. And I will get back to you immediately.

Quickest Steps To Build A Rental Property Portfolio Much Faster

quickest steps to building a rental portfolio much faster

To quickly understand the quickest steps to build a rental property portfolio much faster, you will need to make good use of some strategies. These strategies use leverage levels and there are few numbers of leverages you can use to make this work effectively. I will like to go straight to the point on this post as this topic is one of the most searched for in real estate investing business. And if you will want to test out the free software that can help you put these steps in practice, grab your Rehab Valuator Lite Free here.

Leverage Level One Involves Buying and Renting

This stage involves buying and renting. Let’s say for example you took out 20k in cash and buy a 100k asset and rent it out. In overtime, your tenants will pay off your mortgage and you can recycle the same capital again. But how long are you willing to scale? For example how long can you wait to save up the 20% you can use to buy another deal?

Leverage Level Two Involves You Using Percentage of Your Disposable Income

This level of thinking is an upgrade to the first one above. Here, instead of waiting to save up 20%. you can go and find equity investors to put up that same 20% as a percentage of your disposable income. Then take out a bank loan and buy the deal together. Which frantically sound good and less complicated.

The good news here is you now have partners you can grow your portfolio faster with.

The not so very good news is that you now sharing cashflows and profits with other people. Which is basically managing other peoples money. Although a lot of multi-family real estate investment portfolio are built this way so its a good approach.

Leverage Level Three Involves Forced Value and Money Velocity

This leverage level uses the concepts of:

  • Forced appreciation – which is massively improving the asset either through improvement or in the renovation. This approach enables you to create value in a non-moving market as every improvement or renovation means asset value appreciation.
  • And Velocity of money – This concept simply measures how fast your money works for you. The faster you can turn a fixed amount of money from one deal to another, the more deal you will do. And according to Daniil, “Velocity of money and, moving your money from one deal to the next the key to the BRRRR strategy”.

This leverage level uses these two concepts to completely do without the equity partners and get into the deal with zero down payment. The final result is an income producing portfolio where your partner or you have any cash of whatsoever tied up.

Building A Rental Property Portfolio Much Faster

You can rapidly build a large real estate portfolio by using the buy, rehab, rent, refinance and repeat method. This strategy was pioneered by Danill Kleyman of True Vision Analytics, who is one of the best, if not the best real estate expert of all time I ever come across I happened to attend one of his online training and the above strategy simply blew my mind.

Today, I am happy to share my own take and also hope that you can put this method to use as soon as possible.

If you are into the following market category and has been struggling:

  • property ownership,
  • buying and selling,
  • Commercial property buying and selling
  • Commercial building for purpose of refinancing or selling
  • House flipping for profit
  • Landlord or homeowner
  • New construction
  • Rehabbers
  • And residential and commercial developments

Then this article will definitely benefit you the most and you can come back and thank me later.

From what I noticed, the strategy works with property owners meaning if you own the property. Then sell and buy more. Commercial property buying and selling will benefit from this as well too if your overall objective is to increase your portfolio. Same goes to house flippers and homeowners who want to increase their real estate portfolio.

One great thing about this strategy is that it works in a flat market and it works in a volatile market as well. The juice behind it is that you only use one fund and then recycle that fund over and over and over until you reached the expected or intend portfolio limit or your target. Just like the Richa Dad Poor Dad investing principles has been stipulated but the question of if it still holds or not remember unanswered. Now let’s look at what these strategies really are, and how you can use them.

What Is Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance and Repeat Strategy?

The strategy according to Daniil is called BRRRR which stands for:

  • Buying of property which is the initial stage of every homeowner of intending property real estate investors.
  • Rehab means rehabilitating the property toward selling or renting it for profit.
  • Rent. which means renting out for returns on capital investment.
  • Refinance. Which means recycling the finance used on the initial purchases to buy another property as a result of good returns.
  • Repeat. This simply means repeat the process.

Benefits of BRRRR Strategy

  • First, it is the most powerful money building strategies you will ever encounter in real estate building and investment industry.
  • The strategy takes advantage of the concept of “velocity of money” to help you roll over the same cash deal after deal.
  • It enables you to rapidly build your portfolio using private money or a limited amount of cash.
  • It works in a market that is not appreciating
  •  The strategy allows you to build a portfolio with little or zero money on your own tied up, yet with at least a 20% equity position as against debt that will protect you in a down market.

How Does BRRRR Strategy Work?

First and the most important rule here is to make sure you don’t get stuck on the first deal before jumping over to the next deal. Yes! I myself I was confused at first when he explained in detail, my jaws dropped, figuratively.

Because these deals when done properly are maths intensive and according to Daniil, the best way to not get your numbers stuck it to make sure your numbers work before buying the next deal.

For the sake of not wasting your time, let me jump right into how this strategy works

Step 1: Buying A Property

This is the first and most important step into the strategy. This shows that you are ready to build your portfolio and you are committed to making it work

You can use a various source to get funding and this include:

  • Your own cash if you have savings
  • Private Lender. Only just make sure they refinance your rehabs as well.
  • Bank loan if you know how to prepare a convincing presentation.
  • A line of credit from members of the family, friend/s, partners, private lenders or even seller financing.
  • To learn more about how to find private money and how to structure private deals that will get lenders begging to invest with you, watch this video.

Step 2: Rehab

Once you have secured financing and bought your first house, you will need to rehab it. Always bear in mind to keep the property with the market tune as you will be renting it out and don’t overdo it.

Aspire to create more the highest property appreciation through bigger rehabs. To achieve this, you have to do this:

  • When you go reappraisal, make sure to indicate to the bank that you have just made major renovations and improvement on the property.
  • Improvements like broken boiler replaced, electricals, HVAC, plumbing, etc, should be mention. These will help increase the property appreciation rapidly.

Make sure you do all your rehab work now so you don’t have any maintenance call for the next 5yrs.

Step 3: Rent The Property

This step requires that you start showing the property to potential tenants before the renovation and improvement finished. You will proceed to step four quicker if you already have a lease in and a tenant to move in soon as renovation is complete.

Step 4: Refinancing The Property

This is a very crucial step in building your portfolio much faster. As much as the lease is in place and the rehab is complete, go to your local community bank for refinancing talks. This is because, your local community banks are often mandated by regulation, to give you a loan to local businesses. And they are going to lend you based on the percentage of the new market value of the property not based on your cost.

Step 5: Repeat

In this final step, you are going to repeat the whole process with the net result of step 4. This means you have paid off your short-term financing and you now have a cash flow asset that brings in money every month with zero cash tied up of your own. With the positive cash flow coming and a 20% equity on paper, your balance sheet looks and you can take to your local bank again for another loan.


These five steps; buy, rehab, rent, refinance and repeat are the steps that comprise BRRRR strategy you can apply from today to change and improve commercial real estate investment portfolio for better. This is how you can rapidly build a large real estate portfolio. Again according to Daniil, there are a couple of very crucial points to note so as to maximize this strategy.

These are;

  • You can find such deals like that in almost any market.
  • Investment Vs appraisal is what matters the most.
  • This strategy can work on a 50k deal, 100k, deal or even 500k deal.
  • Make sure you use short-term financing and a reliable refinancing.
  • You can also use private lenders for refinancing but make sure they have a steady flow of money or a steady job that provides income.
  • Always make sure that you can get a refinancing before you buy the deal. To avoid getting stuck.
  • Avoid buying in an area you will have difficulties renting it out. Without a rent lease, you won’t be able to get refinancing from your local bank.
  • The tradeoff to be watchful of is to avoid spending too much on the renovation. As this could slow down your “velocity of money”.
  • Always read the small prints on the loan, get a Lawyer to go over it just to make sure there no sudden foreclosure clause buried within.
  • Know your numbers first before you even go into any deal

This is how to rapidly build a large real estate portfolio using buy, rehab, rent, refinance and repeat the strategy. The most important point again is to know your numbers before you go into any deal. And your ability to get short-term finance and a take-out financing. Which is getting a funding upon the net profit of your first deal. You can use Rehab Valuator free software to calculate and master your numbers within a few minutes. And you can read more about Rehab Valuator software in the thorough review that explained how it works and how to find properties to quickly build a rental property portfolio with ease.


The Differences Between An Affiliate Marketer And A Blogger

the differences between an affiliate marketer and a blogger

In this article, you are going to fully understand the true differences between an affiliate marketer and a blogger so you don’t get confused as people often don’t know the differences anymore. This is a guest post from Melissa Glidden of Giving Assistant, a charitable action organization dedicated to giving. Giving Assistant is B Corp certified cashback website that helps users save money on their every purchase. Users can either keep the cashback or give it to any of the 1.2 non-profit and charitable organizations.

She came across my website online and then reached out with this killer topic that we both agreed is going to benefit a lot of readers. After much reviews, I told her to go ahead and run with it. Here it is and I hope you enjoy the read.

Mellissa Glidden is a professional Copy Writer at Giving Assistant and the work they do help a lot of folks out there and changes life too. Her team helps to transform everyday shopping into a charitable action. They help you save money and give back little for free which goes to various charities. You can read more about what the team does here. And this is Melissa’s picture on your left-hand side.

At the end of this post, I will be throwing more lights of my own and I hope after reading this today, you will fully understand the the differences between an affiliate marketer and a bloggerdifferences between an affiliate marketer and a blogger.

There is an endless amount of content
available on the Internet today: blogs, social media posts, videos,
graphics—the list goes on.

As a result, it has become increasingly
important to analyze the content you find online the same way you
would analyze a news source. Are they giving you a real, unbiased
answer to your search query? Or are they trying to lead you to other
content or a certain opinion?

After all, it’s important to
determine content that is written to sway your opinions, sell you
something, or simply and honestly give you the best answer to your

As such, one of the first things you
should know is how to tell if you are reading something created
in the style of a blogger or an affiliate marketer.

What is Affiliate

At this point, almost everyone knows
what a blog is. It is a website or page that is written by someone or
a group of people to convey thoughts and opinions. Blogs are often
informal or conversational in nature.

However, the term “affiliate
marketing” might not be as familiar to you… Affiliate marketing
involves marketing products by an online publisher through
traditional ads. An example of a traditional ad is a banner that you
see on a web page or a link to a product or service embedded in the
text of a blog post. In return, the website owner or content creator
earns a commission from sales.

It is important to note that just
because a post uses affiliate marketing doesn’t mean that the post
is solely about the product or service they promote. In fact, more
often than not, affiliate marketing is done simply by mentioning
the product or service they promote.

How is Affiliate
Marketing Different from Blogging?

The main difference between affiliate
marketing and regular blogging is the payment. While a blogger might
mention a company like Giving Assistant because they genuinely love and recommend
the service, they won’t necessarily make any money from it. This is
because a blogger that mentions a service they love isn’t
necessarily affiliated with a company whereas an affiliate marketer
always is—hence the name.

This is different than an affiliate
marketer for the same reasons we outlined in the previous section. An
affiliate marketer inserts these mentions and links with the
intention of making money off clicks via a commission.

This prompts the question, though, how
does a blogger make money? Well, there are a few ways…

One way is to attract sponsors and use
ads on blogs or web pages. With an ad, the blogger makes money by a
payment for the placement of the ad, not a payment based on ad
performance. This practice is more profitable for popular blogs that
generate a lot of traffic. After all, businesses will pay more for
ads that will be seen by many people. Therefore, blogs that have high
traffic rates are more likely to get higher offers.

Bloggers also write sponsored posts.
These posts are basically ads but in a long, detailed form. Ads
that are made into the form of blog posts are useful to companies
because they convey more information about their product or service.

Bloggers are also a type of online
influencer. This means that if they have dedicated readers and the
blogger positively reviews a product or service, his or her readers
are more likely to check out a particular product or service.
However, a blogger might not specifically always link to the product
or service they write about or promote. An affiliate marketer will as
their commissions are tracked via a specific link.

A Blogger Might Use
Affiliate Marketing

If someone is specifically a blogger,
he or she may use affiliate marketing periodically during the life of
their blog. However, this is typically blended into their regular
content and doesn’t replace the content that they produce.

On the other hand, an affiliate
marketer makes money primarily on affiliate links. As such, they
usually won’t create a blog as it isn’t necessarily profitable.

So, there you have it. Now that you
have a better understanding of affiliate marketing and blogging, and
the differences between each, you may be inclined to start a blog or
become an affiliate marketer on your own.


I hope you have enjoyed the read as I am sure you have learned the main differences between an affiliate marketer and a blogger today. One common thing I found between the two is that although affiliate marketer may not necessarily need a blog site, eight out of ten, the more successful one does. So, in essence, it is okay to say usually, they both need a blog site to get started.

If you are interested in becoming a blogger or you have this great idea you want to blog about but do not have a blog site or know how to make one, just enter your blog idea in the box below and hit enter. This software will build you a stunning blogsite that converts traffics in just under 30 seconds. And don’t worry it is free. Unless you want to upgrade later to a premium domain.

Also if you are interested in becoming an affiliate marketer, then Wealthy Affiliate program is the right place to learn and get the best one on one help and support to become a successful affiliate marketer. We practically teach people how to make money online from anywhere and over one million active members cannot be wrong about it. Wealthy Affiliate is a platform designed for affiliate marketers of all levels. whether you are a newbie, intermediate or a successful affiliate marketer, Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

Lastly, I will like to point out that between blogging and affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing is the quickest way to make money online even without a blog site. Blogging will make you money but in the long run. When it does, it becomes your passive income online. Simply because, blogging will help you build a solid foundation, establish trust and your brand as well as help you build a good reputation online. Feel free to ask any question that concerns you or drop me a comment in the box below. I will surely get back to you immediately. Also, help us share this post to your social media network so others can understand the difference between affiliate marketer and a blogger as well. Many thanks in advance.



Best Free Real Estate Analysis And Marketing Software

best free real estate analysis and marketing software

In this report, I will be sharing with you why the Rental Valuator Lite is the best free real estate analysis and marketing software out there right now. This article is purely and most importantly geared towards providing value and solution only to those who most needed it.

Therefore if:

  • You have been struggling to calculate returns on investment,
  • You have difficulty finding the right deal, or
  • Having difficulties selling your project,
  • Not getting top Dollar for your projects
  • You have a problem attracting lenders to invest
  • Etc …

Then this software is for you.

This software is so real. It works I have tried it and most importantly, it is free. This post is born out personal of Daniil Kleyman who first invented it for his own purpose. Until he shares it with few friends and client and first hand saw how the software has helped rehabbers, wholesalers and even estate agent alike improve productivity, efficiency and make more money.

Before I proceed, I will like to say I value your time. If you are in a hurry and has not got time to read through the post but will like to try the software for what it can do, then go to Rental Valuator website here and try it out.

What Is Rental Valuator?

Rental Valuator is an investment property analysis software that enables you to perform needed analysis faster, make a smarter investment decision, and close more and better deals.

Who Is Rental Valuator For?

The software is a lifesaver for the following group of people:

  • Property wholesalers
  • Rehabbers
  • Estate agents
  • Real estate investors
  • Land Lords
  • Brokers
  • Residential real estate developers
  • Multi-Family real estate investors and developers
  • Real estate developer
  • Etc …

Why Is Rental Valuator Lite The Best Free Real Estate Analysis and Marketing Software?

From what I saw, the software is yours with no strings attached. It is fully functional and solidly builds with real-time data interaction that helps you solve all practical real estate rental and investment problems. The truth is, they are giving you the “Lite” version of the software, which in itself is more powerful and will do more for your business than other programs that costs you hundreds or thousands of Dollars.

There are lots of programs and software out there on the internet that helps in the general especially of real estate investing, pricing and marketing. Avail from BiggerPuckets do trump up well in terms of functionality but the only shortcoming is that it is limited to tenants and landlord only and it is free for only a short period. Rental Valuator Lite goes beyond landlord and tenant game of cat and mouse and it is free for life.

How Does Rental Valuator Software Work?

best free real estate analysis and marketing software

The picture above showcases a number of things you can do with the free real estate analysis and marketing software. Within a matter of seconds, you can analyze any income generating property to ascertain its value. You can evaluate from a single family home to a large apartment building, office space, retail park, industrial units etc, and create detailed reports and marketing materials for your potential lenders.

The software has this killer real estate calculator that enables you to easily compare multiple projects calculate the correct prices to pay for any real estate deal so you don’t overpay, and create a report or property marketing materials with just a click.

The software is great for investors, wholesalers, landlords, and agents of any skill as it is very easy to use. Are you a purchaser, broker or wholesaler of commercial property of any kind?

For example;

  • Duplexes
  • Triplexes
  • Quads
  • Apartment building small or large
  • Retails
  • Etc …

Then this software will definitely make your life much easier when you begin to use it. If you ever unsure what to offer for a property or you don’t know how to tell if a deal is great or not, or you don’t know how to better present or market your deal for lenders, this software is for you.

Best Free Real Estate Analysis And Marketing Software Overview

The free version of the software is called Rental Valuator Lite. There is also a more robust version called Rental Valuator premium that basically gives you the option to do more like manage your project and structure private money deals that will get lenders begging to invest with you. That you will have to purchase for $97 only but you are under no obligation whatever.

The whole overview is once you have seen what this “Lite” version can, you will want to upgrade to the Rental Valuator Premium which more powerful functionalities that will skyrocket your business.

The Rental Valuator Lite software is yours at no charge and you can go right ahead and download it right away and put it to work in your business to evaluate and market your commercial deals. You get immediate access to this free as well as a detailed tutorial that walks you through every step of using the software.

The Rental Valuator Lite is free and will cost you nothing. Some people may argue if real estate investing software pricing is really worth your money or not. The truth is either you are using the free version or a paid version of this software, you will be getting great value.

One thing that impressed me most is that both those on Rental Valuator Premium and those on Rental Valuator Lite both got equally speedy and timely help and support.

The benefits of Rental Valuator Lite include;

  • Free easy to apply tutorial that comes with the software, no skills required. In this video tutorials, you will quickly learn how to evaluate deals
  • You can calculate rates of return on investment
  • Easily put together financial projections for your deals in other to present them to your buyers, lenders, or partners
  • The software will ensure will never ever overpay for any deal again
  • You are going to have a complete picture of an investment before making a decision when you use the Rental Valuator software
  • You will look a professional when you go to present your deals to maybe lenders, investors, or partners
  • The tool will save you a huge amount of time and build you a strong and instant credibility in the industry

The inventor of this wonderful piece of software is an active real estate investor and developer by name Daniil Kleyman based in Richmond VA. He is the founder of True Vision Analytics, LLC which also owns Rehab Valuator Software for rehabbers, wholesalers, and agents.


The reason why Rental Valuator is the best free real estate analysis and marketing software it is value added. The creators are value-focused with strong problem-solving orientation. It is free with no catch. The free version of the software simply gives you more than any other program out there which cost you hundreds of Dollars. The software allows you to create a killer marketing materials that you can use to get funding for your project, sell your deals to investors, pitch them to partners, and so much more.

As with every research I do, this article is still open for further findings and I will continue to update new results as I came across one. Also, you may way to read up a guide to real estate investing by Mongolia Properties. Their research uses raw data to capture what the current trends are in the market and help you navigate some of the task minefield associated with real estate investing. And when you are ready to start investing, Rehab Valuator software will make your life a lot easier

Have you tried Rental Valuator Lite software? What other software are you using to make life easy for you? If you have any comment or have a question please do so in the box provided below. I will get back to you immediately. Also please help us share this post on your social media network so others can benefit from the free tool.





Real Estate Investing Software Pricing

real estate investing software pricing

In this article, you will find out if real estate investing software pricing worth your money or not. This will largely depend on the cost, what you getting as a result of using the software, how you use the software and how much has it helped change your entire real estate deals, house flipping, and or general business increase.

One common fact I have noticed is that it doesn’t matter if you are just starting out flipping houses or you have been in the business for a long time, real estate investing software can be of great value in many ways.

This include:

  • Helping you cut cost across the board
  • Saves you lots of time spent in running around looking for buyers or sellers
  • Helps you manage your project in one piece
  • Help you get funding for your project much quicker
  • It can be a very handy tool for rehabbers, wholesalers, house flippers, and agents worldwide
  • You can easily track any property from anywhere in the world
  • And the software is web-based meaning there is nothing to download and it is compatible with all platforms

And much more hence this article will be focused only on guiding you through the free version and the premium version of the software so you can see if it is worth your money or not.

However, if you are in a hurry and haven’t got time to read through this article, no problem. Below is a quick three minutes video that will quickly run you through real estate investing software pricing software so you know if it is worth your money or not.

real estate investing software pricing

Free Software

Arguably, you can simply agree that the free version of the real estate investing software is totally complete and hence why should you bother with the premium version.

And you are surely quite right in that stance because the makers of RehabValuator software which is the software in question has put every effort to make sure that anyone in the real estate business finds the software complete and unmatchable.

Because with the free software, you get:

  • The same highly responsive support team just like the premium users
  • Help to control cost across your projects
  • The software’s highly analytical features allow flipper to input data such as rehab cost, purchase price, contract pricing, lead time and holding cost.
  • The software helps you improve value by analyzing the viability of a deal before you even make an offer
  • The free software can help you not to overpay for any deal. It does this with a feature called Max Offer Calculator which helps you see exactly what you are meant to pay and should pay so you don’t overpay for anything.
  • The free software also comes with a deal analyzer which basically helps you sniff out bad deals instantly so you don’t waste your time and resource chasing frivolous deals.
  • With the free software, you will get Rehab/Flip Deal Analysis feature which is a great feature that allows you to instantly know how much you are going to take on a rehab project before you even start.
  • And finally, you get Rehab/Hold Deal Analysis feature with your free software which again instantly help you know how much you will make if you flip the house or not.

All these features are quite frankly and unusually found in any free stuff I have ever come across especially in the real estate industry. But here you have it. All these for free with your free software for life. No wonder you can argue that the free version is enough to do with.

Now that said, the premium version of this piece of software is where the real potential is and that is why every player in the real estate industry big or small who has touched it, never look back again.

real estate investing software pricing

Premium Real Estate Investing Software

It is a well-known fact that as your real estate business start to grow, your effort, time and resources will be constantly needed to keep up with increasing level of activities.

Which mean the more work you take on, the more is needed of you. As this happens, it will be a wise idea to invest in a software like the premium version of Rehab Valuator software to save you a lot of time, help you remain organized and you can comfortably manage multiple projects across the board.

The premium real estate investing software comes with the following advantageous features:

  • Detailed Rehab Budget Input which helps you create detailed rehab budget for your projects, detailed worksheet, and detailed scope of a worksheet that is very clear for your contractors.
  • Helps you prep a detailed Rehab budget for your buyers, lenders, and partners
  • The premium version helps you stay in tune with where your project is at any time by helping you track data and adjust the outcome for you as an investor.
  • The most significant feature of the premium real estate investing software is its ability to build full detailed and full-scale presentations for your lenders and wholesale buyers at a push of a button. You can create strong compelling presentations and flyers to either source for private money for your real estate project or sell your real estate deals.
  • Sharing your project deal is very easy within the premium software. You can either use the special link provided to shout out your presentation through a text, email, or your targeted audience on social media. Or you can create a compelling PDF presentation
  • Another great feature of the premium version is that it allows and enable you to get funding for your projects. You can get funding for your project with a click of a button. Remember to first have a project in place before you do that.
  • You can easily manage your contractors and meet your deadline
  • With the premium real estate investing software, your house flipping business will never be the same.


I have shown you the two options that are available when you look at the real estate investing software pricing. You have seen the difference between free software and premium real estate investing software. The bottom line is there no way any business or an obligation can be fully accomplished without the right tool. Either the tool is free or it is paid for, you just need some sort of tool to fully achieve success in it. The question is how important is your business, what value are you delivering and how much money do you want to make doing it and for how long? It doesn’t matter if you are using the free version or paid one, you simply can’t ignore to explore the real estate investing software pricing to see what fits for you.

real estate investing software pricing

real estate investing software pricing

real estate investing software pricing

Click the above pictures to find out which plan better serves your real estate business. Feel free to ask any question or leave your comment in the box provided below. I will get back to you immediately.


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Top 29 Tools For Spying On Your Competitions

top 29 tools for spying on your competitions

Here you will find the ultimate list of the best top 29 tools for spying on your competitions. No matter what field you are playing on, there will always be competition to contend with and using one tool alone may no longer give you a complete insight. Stalking your competition does not mean you must succeed as it can be a mind freak. But spying on your competition can give you a bit of competitive edge in your niche market.

Marketing tools come in to help solve the complex factors affecting how we do research and make use of our research findings as internet marketers. The internet has grown so extensively that searching for something is more important than ever before. You must never be scared of competition. Instead embrace it, use it to empower your performance and the best way to do that is by spying on your competitions.

Today, you can use the same tool that helps you monitor your website performance to also gather information on your competition. Some of these tools you are already familiar with and some you may not have heard of before until now.

Find the best tools out there from the list below:

1. Jaaxy

top 29 tools for spying on your competitions
I just started using Jaaxy and it is my favorite. It’s on my top list because it is simply the best. You get to play around with a lot of features in Jaaxy as it is really a one box solution to all your internet marketing problems.

How to use it:

  • You can totally reverse engineer any successful website right down to the keyword density, meta tags, Alexa rank, content insight and backlink insight. With Jaaxy, you will notice that to be a “success” you must first understand “success”.
  • You can gather information on your competition from different search engines with different rankings. If you do not know how ranking factor contribute to ranking on Google or which one will rank on Bing and Yahoo, Jaaxy os the right tool.
  • With Jaaxy you are going to efficiently analyze rankings across all search engines.

Jaaxy has free starter member pack with 30 free searches which basically gives you everything the pro and enterprise package will give you but with fewer search results. To unleash the beast behind Jaaxy, you will need to go premium. You can also read the full review of Jaaxy here if you want to know how it works.

2. SEMrush

top 29 tools for spying on your competition
SEMrush is one of the biggest keyword research tool found online. It has been around for ages and still powers websites to success with its dynamism. It uses three powerful elements to empower your website. These elements are analytical reports, tools, and projects.

Analytical Reporting

Under this element, you will find features like:

  • Organic search
  • Advertising search
  • Display advertising
  • Backlinks
  • Keyword research
  • And product listing ads

Under Its Tools You Will Find:

  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Charts
  • Domain Vs Domain
  • Keyword magic tool
  • My reports

Under Projects You Will Find:

  • Position tracking
  • Site audit
  • Social media tracker
  • Social media poster
  • Brand monitoring
  • On page SEO checker
  • Backlink audit tool
  • Organic traffic analyzer
  • Content analyzer
  • PPC keyword tool

SEMrush has a 7 days free trial if you want to check it out.

3. Spyfu

Top 29 Tools For Spying On Your Competitions
Spyfu is one of my top rated keyword tool plus competition spying tool online. Spyfu brilliantly exposes the search marketing secret strategy of your competition. Especially the most successful ones.

With Spyfu, you can see every keyword your competitor have ever bought on Google, and every ad test they ‘ve run and use that parameter to do better than them.

With the great feature, you can:

  • Monitor PPC of your competitors
  • Find competitors Adword campaign and Ad test history
  • Find competitors’ keyword you don’t already have already
  • Check for PPC negative match with recommendations
  • Do PPC Ad rank tracker
  • Use Adwords competitor keyword spy tool
  • And so many more …

The great thing about Spyfu is that no matter what plan you choose, you will get unlimited access to all the data you want.

How Much Does It Cost?

They have a basic monthly plan for $39 per month subscription, professional plan for $78 per month but you will $38 for the first month, Then thereafter, it is $78 per month. And then the “Team” plan which costs $299 per month.

And yes it has a free trial and you can check it out here on their website

4. Google Keyword Planner

top 29 tools for spying on your competitions
Google Keyword Planner is probably the best free competition spying tool you can ever get online that is totally free for life. It is solid, complete and has so many features. The only challenge is there is so many information you have to manually sieve through to get what you want. That is if you have the time and patient. Otherwise, it is next to the best thing that ever happens to content marketing, Ad placement, advertising and pay per click campaigns online.

You can check it out here for free

4. Google Search Operator

top 29 tools for spying on your competitions

This is another great tool by Google that can help you a thorough insight into how your competitors are doing and how you too can leverage on that. I decided to make it on my list because it is a great tool and it is owned by Google hence you will be playing on their platform.

Just like Adword planner, Google search operator goes deep into backlinks but the downside is there is again too much information to digest manually. Plus you have to really know what you are looking for or have a bit of a coding experience in other to enjoy the full potential. For me, as long as it is free to use, I will recommend it.

Try it out here for free

5. Backlinkspy

top 29 tools for spying on your competitions

Backlinkspy can be an appropriate addition to Ahref or Majestic because of the feature it has which other doesn’t. Maybe it because it allows you to identify the best angle to place your keyword for an instant winning result.

Once you know where your competition is getting their backlink from, you can totally reverse engineer their strategy and make it your success with Backlinkspy.

The great thing about this tool is that it comes with a tailor-made training the will help you understand how to create an effective backlinking strategy to grow your traffic.

What you will be getting alongside the above includes:

  • Backlink research at warp speed
  • International: for all countries and languages
  • Superior and unrestricted backlink data analysis
  • Find the most valuable backlink in just seconds

How Much Doest Backlinkspy Cost?

Backlinspy has three plans. Each plan has monthly and year package with it. These are:

  • Personal monthly $50 per month and $499 per year which is 30% savings from $600 original price
  • PRO plan which is deemed the Best Value comes at $90 per month and $699 per year which is 30% savings from $1,080 original price.
  • Agency plan which is $300 per month and $2,999 per year saving you 30% from the original price of $3,600

The downside is that it hasn’t got a free trial but they have a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not happy with your purchases. You can give it try here on their website

6. SEO SpyGlass Professional

top 29 tools for spying on your competitions

This is definitely your one tool for all things backlinks, link research, link clean up and competitive analysis.SEO SpyGlass pro is a downloadable software which you can easily get by simply entering your name and email on their website. Why it made my list was because it has more components than other tools meaning you can do quite a lot as I just mentioned above.

SEO spyglass pro can boast of over 2 million very happy users currently enjoying the tool. The following features set it apart from others.

  • Competitor’s link revealed
  • Real-time link checker
  • Custome backlink report
  • Power analytics
  • Anti-Penguin link auditor and cleanup

One great thing that differentiates this too from other is that the owners (SEO PowerSuit) built in a link explorer which is unique to this tool. This is to make sure that your list of backlink is unbeatable. The tool also lets you pull links directly from Google Analytics and Google search console. No other tools can do this on the net.

How Much Is SEO SpyGlass Professional?

SEO spyglass profession costs £107.25 in English pounds. If you convert this to your local currency that is how much it cost depending on the exchange rate as at purchase time. SEO Spyglass is very suitable for website owners and webmasters.

They have a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not happy with your purchases and yes there a free trial too on their website

The following are what you are getting for your money

  • Find and analyze ALL backlinks that point to a website.
    Take advantage of SEO SpyGlass’s huge backlink index to find all backlinks that point to your or your competitor’s website.
  • Run a complete anti-penalty link audit.
    Detect harmful links in your backlink profile to protect your site from Google’s penalty.
  • Compare backlink profiles of several websites.
    Compare backlinks of up to 5 websites in one convenient dashboard.
  • Save and load your link research projects.
    You’ll be able to access your backlink history any time you want.
  • Schedule automatic link checks.
    Your backlink checks will run on auto-pilot on the predefined dates and times.
  • Create professional backlink reports for clients.
    With the Enterprise license, you can create reports in both HTML and PDF to print them out, send them via email, or publish them to the Web.

8. SEO SpyGlass Enterprise

top 29 tools for spying on your competitions
This is another product owned by SEO PowerSuit. It is an extension of SEO spyglass professional and why it made my list is because it is a totally different tool which caters to professional optimizers and SEO companies. This means if you are running large SEO companies or you are an SEO agency with large clientele base, then this product is perfect you.

It costs £259.75 in pound Sterlings so you need to check that with your local currency to see how much it is for you. You can check it out on their website and also get your hand on the free trial just to see how it works.

9. SEO PowerSuit Rank Tracker Professional

top 29 tools for spying on your competitions

Rank Tracker professional literally has limitless features. It researches keywords and analysis them as well. Over 2 million people are already using Rank Tracker from SEO PowerSuite who also owns the tool. It is a powerful tool to track rankings of any website in this instance your competitor.

Other cool things you can do with it are:

  • You can do a geo-specific ranking for any location
  • All your favorite keyword research tool are integrated into this tool: competition researcher, AdWord keyword planner, Google Trends, Autocomplete, etc.The rank tracker will automatically group them by topic so you can analyze and target the entire keyword group instead of doing it one by one.
  • You can calculate keyword difficulty for every term, which is a complex metric that looks into all SEO strength and weakness of your top 10 competitors.
  • It can truly custom your ranking reports

Rank Tracker professional cost only £107.25 in pounds and it is perfect for website owners and webmasters. The good is that you can totally try Rank Tracker for an unlimited test drive for free here with just your name and email address.

10. SEO PowerSuit Rank Tracker Enterprise

top 29 tools for spying on your competitions

This is an upgrade from the Rank Tracker professional. The Rank Tracker enterprise is the full and complete tool with a full capacity feature designed for big SEO companies and agencies whole handly larger client volumes.

You can monitor your clients’ major search engines for an unlimited number of keyphrase and in 568 international and local search engines very quickly.

Rank Tracker enterprise costs £259.75 and again you can test Rank Tracker for free here

11. Traffic Analysis (KeywordExposeNetwork)

top 29 tools for spying on your competitions

There are three major benefits of traffic analysis. These are:

  1. Know where your visitors are coming from.
  2. Detailed analysis of your ranking with the help of SECockpit and Rank Tracker.
  3. Examine your competition and win new customers for you.

No installation is required as the tool a web-based software. All data included. No other account or subscription required and there is a 30-day money back guarantee.

It comes three plan package which are:

  • Personal Plan which cost $30 monthly and £249 yearly saving you 30% off $360 original price.
  • PRO Plan which is considered as the “Best Value” costs $60 monthly and $499 yearly saving you 30% off the original price of $729
  • Agency Plan costs $120 per month and $999 yearly saving you 30% off original price of $1,440.

You can start your risk-free account for 30 days and take it for a test drive.

12. Magic Submitter

top 29 tools for spying on your competitions

Magic Submitter levels the playing field and gives you the ability to drive thousands of new customers to your website 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You’ll get your site ranked at the top of Google 10x faster than you normally would.

Magic Submitter membership gives you:

  • Magic Submitter software
  • Free Interactive forum
  • Free software updates
  • Free support desk help and assistance

There is $4.95 trial for the first month after which it cost $67 each month after. There is a 30-day money back guarantee for all purchases. Meaning it only cost $4.95 to try it out. You can check it out here on the website.

13. Link Pipeline

top 29 tools for spying on your competitions

The main competitive advantage this tool has is its automation capability. It goes beyond your competitors and it sees what Google is expecting from your website and it makes it happen with reputable links.

You don’t have to be a tech expert or computer guru to know how it works. Just chose which plan suits you, insert your website link and Link Pipeline do the rest automatically.

It has three plan packages:

  1. Basic plan gives you 3,000 URLs processed every month and costs $27 monthly.
  2. An advanced plan gives you 6,000 URLs every month and costs $47 monthly.
  3. The elite plan gives you 15,000 URLs processed every month. Your URLs up to 300,000 times and costs $97 monthly

You can visit their website here to check it out. They also have good refund policy should you change your mind.

14. Backlink Beast

top 29 tools for spying on your competitions

This is another powerful tool you can use to gain more insight on your competition and do better than them. The tool is dead simple to use and yet very powerful in delivering results. It also fouse on automation. Meaning you don’t have to sit and wait for things to start up. This also means:

  • Automatic account creation of 1000’s accounts on the fly
  • Automatic submission of your recent content
  • Automatic anchor text diversity
  • Automatic link report generated for you after each successful submission.

Let me quickly point out that Backlink Beast is a PC-based software that is compatible with Windows XP, Vista 7 and 8. For Mac users, you will need Window emulator like or to run the software.

How Much Does Backlink Beast Cost?

The software cost involves 2 plan package.

  1. Monthly plan for $7 first month only $67 per month thereafter.
  2. And a 50% discount on yearly plan one-time payment of just $397, considered to be the best value.

They have excellent 100% no question asked 60-day money back guarantee if you are not happy. There is a dedicated frequently asked question page and there are help and support page for further inquiries.

Also, you get access to an in-depth video training center to help you get started. You can visit their website here if you to check it out.

15. Monitor Backlink

Top 29 Tools For Spying On Your Competitions

For me, this tool comes with the best deal so far next to Jaaxy. Why? You have the opportunity to try the whole full power of the monitor backlinks software free for full 30 days. No payment or credit card details required.

Monitor Backlinks plans include:

  • Automatic verification
  • Keyword rank checking
  • Email alerts
  • SEO metrics from multiple sources
  • Backlink management
  • In-depth backlink reports
  • Link Disavowal
  • And Bulk link import

The plans come in 4 folds and these are:

  1. Startup plan costs $25 per month
  2. Freelancer plan for $48 per month
  3. A small business plan which is highly recommended for $90 per month
  4. Agency plan for SEO agencies with huge client base costs $144 per month

They also have yearly plan respectively to all the plans and they all come with 17% discount off the original price. They also have a money back guarantee policy with great help and support system in place. You can visit their website for your 30 days free trial here.

16. Easy Backlink

top 29 tools for spying on your competitions

Easy Backlink is 100% web-based, easy to use with one main objective of helping you outrank your competition on Google and all other search engines.

Instead of manually creating 150 accounts on all social media and wasting time posting to them, Easy Backlink does this for automatically once. It is compatible with any device and you can manage your account from any part of the world as long as you have access to the internet.

The tool comes with 3 package plan which are:

  1. Dominate your niche monthly basic plan for $9 per month
  2. Save massive time and money plan for $67 per month
  3. Save over 50% on yearly plan for $399 yearly

There is 100% money back guarantee and also a frequently asked question page with support center for more help and support. Visit their website here for information.

17. Index Nuke

top 29 tools for spying on your competitions

Index Nuke is a very solid backlink indexer that when in its simplest form, can compete with all its competitors and beat them in most cases. The platinum version takes indexing process many steps further using “BRUTE FORCE” indexing modules in the cloud.

You can totally “Brute Force” your backlink submission with the power of their desktop software plus hybrid-cloud.

Index Nuke features include:

  • Maximum activation
  • Unlimited campaign
  • Intelligent sitemap
  • 3rd party API integration
  • Intelligent RSS Feed
  • Brute Force modules
  • Intelligent 301 Redirect
  • Link Ping Modules
  • Unlimited campaign
  • Drip schedules
  • etc.

There is two version of this software, first is the Pro version desktop based on one-time payment of $77 or 50 RIPPLE XRP (one-time payment) for those with cryptocurrency.

The second is a Platinum version with both desktop and cloud-based which costs $77 one time payment plus $15.97 monthly subscription or a lifetime one payment of $297 (lifetime). Or 200 RIPPLE XRP (lifetime).

Quick Note: The software is not compatible with Mac but requires NET Framework 4.5 or above. There is 100% 60-day money back guarantee if you are not happy. Visit their website to check it out.

18. SwissMadeMarketing Rank Track

top 29 tools for spying on your competitions
SwissMadeMarketing Rank Tracker is a precise rank tracking management software that automatically keeps track of your search engine ranking position. Thereby helping you stay informed and on top trends with the competition.

Three main features:

  • Ranking by a city which is perfect for local (SEO) business
  • International for all countries and languages
  • No domain limits and can accommodate different domain
  • Exact results and it checks up to 100th position in search results
  • Daily and automatic whether you are logged in or not
  • And finally, it is cloud based meaning you don’t have to download anything

What does it cost?

The software comes with three plan packages:

  1. Personal plan for $40 monthly payment and, or $399 yearly payment
  2. Best Value Pro plan for $70 monthly payment or $699 yearly
  3. Agency plan for SEO companies with a huge client, $100 or $999 yearly

they have a good support system in place with a risk-free 30-day money back guarantee. You can visit their website for more information. You can actually get SwissMadeMarketing Rank Tracker for free when you go for SECockpit keyword research tool owned by the same company.

19. Ahref

top 29 tools for spying on your competitions

Features Includes:

  • Competitive analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Backlink research
  • Content research
  • Rank tracking
  • Web monitoring

It as a 7 day trial for just $7 which gives you full access to all tools and features of any chosen plan.

20. Majestic

top 29 tools for spying on your competitions

With Majestic, you are getting:

  • Site Explorer
  • Top million sites
  • Free browser plugin
  • Create campaign
  • Free data for your website

Check out their website for more and you can sign up for free just to get started on this one.

21. Rank Signals

top 29 tools for spying on your competitions
Rank Signal Uses the following tools to help you stay ahead of your competition:

  • Competiton analysis
  • Link signal and metrics
  • NoFollow and DoFollow links
  • Social metrics
  • Identify your bad link
  • Find deleted and broken links

The launched a brand new version of Rank Signal and you can check out the website for more information.

22. Simply Measured

top 29 tools for spying on your competitions

Simply Measured is simply an end to end social media management insightful tool that will help you stay on top of competition trends. It uses three main variables mainly:

  1. Listens to social media conversations
  2. Analyse social performances
  3. Manage social communication

They have recently been acquired by the Sprout Social which is a huge success for the Simply Measured software owners. You can visit their website for more and also if you want to request a free demonstration

23. SimilarWeb

top 29 tools for spying on your competitions

SimilarWeb is a pretty solid piece of software you can use to immediately stay ahead of the competition. With SimilarWeb, you can:

  • Benchmark against your competition and industry
  • Reveal your competition’s analytics and online strategy
  • Identify new and emerging trends as well as new players in the industry
  • Identify new prospects, partners, leads, and even affiliates for your business
  • Understand your customer behavior, intents, and journey

Who is SimilarWeb for?

  • Agencies
  • Business Analysts
  • Marketing Team
  • Sales Team

The great customer care and support system and yes, you can check their website and maybe create a free account to test it out.

24. Buzzsumo

top 29 tools for spying on your competitions

With Buzzsumo, you can find influencers to promote your content and you can analyze any topic or even your competitors so you can stay ahead.

Features include projects, content research, influencers, and monitoring. It also does the following:

  • Most Shared
  • Trending know
  • Backlinks
  • Content analyzer
  • Facebook analyzer
  • And question analyzer

There is a free trial if you want to test it out.

25. Moat

top 29 tools for spying on your competitions

As you can see, Moat measures real-time attention analytics over 33 billion times a day. Anyone can use it. It uses real-time data, works across multi-platform to provide you with actionable marketing analytics you can deploy to beat any competition.

You can visit their website for more information and you also request a demo to try it out.

26. Mozbar

top 29 tools for spying on your competitions

One great thing about Mozbar is that it gives you instant metric results while viewing any page or SERP.Its features include:

  • Custome search
  • Page overlay
  • Metrics that matter
  • On-page highlighter
  • Data exporter
  • Authority scores

It is a downloadable software and you can download it for free here on the website or you can start a 30-day free trial just to test it out.

27. Built with

top 29 tools for spying on your competitions

With Builth With, you know everything you need to know about your competitor as long as they are using the technology of some sort. Things like: Market share, backlinks, country analytics, etc. It is a great handy tool for spying on your competition. Visit their website for more information.

28. iSpionage

top 29 tools for spying on your competitions

With iSpionage, you can:

  1. Quickly find a profitable keyword with competition PPC keyword lists
  2. Download competitors SEO keyword list
  3. Land more clients with white label competitors reports
  4. Find out how much your competitors are spending per month Adword.
  5. Learn how other advertisers groups their ads
  6. Etc…

They have a brilliant help and support. You can visit their website for more information

29. Traffic Travis

Top 29 tools for spying on your competitions

With Traffic Travis, you can:

  • Perform a full SEO health check on any website
  • Uncover technical mistakes that may affect your website
  • Find out why competitors outranked you and then beat them
  • Keep tabs on your competitors to spot keywords you should target
  • Monitor your search engine ranking so you know where to focus more of your effort
  • Find respected link partners and build quality links easily

The software is downloadable and is currently boasting of over 400,000 webmasters worldwide. Youcan check out their website or download a free copy to test it out here


Here you have it. The top 29 tools for spying on your competitions. Any of this tool was handpicked and I strongly believe you will find one that suits your business need.

This is one of the longest articles I have ever written and I hope you find something valuable today. If you are still struggling to rank on Google and you also want to know how to get in the first page of Bing and Yahoo with contents, I got you covered.

If you have any question or comment please do so in the box provided below. If you enjoyed the article please help us share it on with your social network.

top 29 tools for spying on your competitions