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My Online Startup Review 2020 – Is It Legit Or Not?

My Online Startup review 2020 will be looking into details of what this program really does, why it is totally free, and how you can earn easy commissions by becoming a partner member.

Welcome to my online business start-up review. I will be showing you my insightful take on this free program as an insider and I will be showing all the pros and cons so that you can make your own informed decision.

I will first go into details reviewing My Online Startup and then next go into details on how you can earn easy commissions with the program.

my online startup review 2020 - earn easy commission

My Online Startup Review 2020

Program In Review: My Online Startup

Company Website: www.myonlinestartupcom

Founder: Chuck Nguyen

Product: Free Online Start-Up Course

Product Cost: 100% Free To Join.

Method of Tutorial: Video tutorials, Materials, Presentations, Guides, Tools, And Easy To Follow Step By Step Walkthrough

Who Is It For? Online Start-Up Newbies, Intermediates, And Expert Online Business Prospects.

What To Expect? You Will Be Able To Build A Sustainable Online Business After The Free Training.

Is It a Scam Or Look Like One? Absolutely NO!

Ratings: 98 Out Of 100.


This is an insightful take from my experience while using the program. This is not financial advice. The earnings provided here are not a guarantee that you will earn the same. Every individual earning varies and is hugely dependent on your personal effort and work commitment. 

Therefore always do your own research before joining any program online. If you decide to join this program as a founding partner, I will get a commission. Which helps me maintain this site with more valuable information. 

my online startup review 2020 - earn easy commissions

What Is My Online Startup?

My Online Startup is a free training course designed by Chuck Nguyen in such a way that anyone could be able to learn, follow, and implement with step by step walkthrough and set up their online business.

Why Is My Online Startup Course 100% Free?

During the research on this review, I discovered that Chuck Nguyen has been a victim of so many online business start-up scam. Also, he felt sick and tired of buying and paying for junks that simply does not work. After so many years of failing, he was able to scrape together some capital borrowed from friends and relatives and decided to put his experience into a training course. 

This he decided to give away for free so that no one else will be scammed again by so-called self-acclaimed gurus. I found this very noble because at first, I was asking the same question: why is he giving so much away for free?

My Online Startup Course Features

The following features are what I found in this free course:

  • The Free Course of cos. With this course, you may have no need to buy any more shiny objects or junks that wastes time and money with zero results. To be honest the value of the free course out weight hundreds of very expensive programs I have paid for before. The only program that provides such a similar value for completely free is the Wealthy Affiliate Program.
  • Free DFY Premium High Converting Blog Setup. As we all know, blogging is one of the most lucrative ways of getting free traffic to your online offers. Just as you are reading this article now, so will your business grow if you start a blog on it. The team at My Online Startup will help you set up a very high converting blog, fully optimized for SEO, using the industry’s premium plugins already installed.
  • Free DFY Lead Generation System Setup. The team at My Online Startup will help you set up a free done for your lead generation system. The system comes with over 250 automated daily email follow-ups, with integration, trackings, and automation. This feature alone costs thousands out there in the market and no one else is giving this away for free.
  • Free Learn To Earn Program. There is a tremendous value I found within the community especially the culture of learning to earn. Simply put it this way; Chuck Nguyen want you to succeed so you can tell the world. Everybody is all out to help each other grow to make the free learn to earn program more lucrative.
  • Free Community. There is an army of fully-fledged members of My Online Startup on the Facebook private group. In this community, everyone is sharing their success, helping each other with tips, and Chuck himself is always very handy to answer any question. Apart from the community, the support team is very timely in responding to all inquiries.

My Online Startup Review 2020 – Earn Easy Commission

my online startup review 2020 - earn easy commission

How can you earn an easy commission with the My Online Startup program?

  1. First, you can earn a commission as an ordinary affiliate.
  2. Secondly, you can earn an easy $100 commission per day with the Partner Program. The partner program opens more doors of opportunity to earn huge easy commission by simply sharing free stuff to people on your network. No selling or cold calling is required neither is your previous experience.

How To Become My Online Startup Partner To Earn High Commission Every Day.

You first have to become a partner member.

My Online Startup Partner Member costs $197 one time payment for lifetime access. I think this price will be going up soon after there new launch. I am not sure yet but it will be wise to take the advantage now should you want to become a partner.

Earn High Ticket Easy Commission With My Online Startup Partner

Testimonies From Partner Members At My Online Startup

my online startup review 2020 - earn easy commission

my online startup review 202 - earn easy commission

my online startup review 2020

my online startup review 2020my online startup review 2020

And there are more testimonies like this coming into the mastermind group every day from partner members who are averaging close to $1000 a day. 

Once you are in, you will go through partner training video courses, set up all your affiliate programs in one place, and start getting paid anytime it converts. The easiest one I have seen is making $100 by simply sharing the free course. You have to give it a try to believe it yourself.

There are tons of marketing materials to choose from and start sharing. You can use a blogging approach or social media marketing approach which I found easier and faster ways to reach people.

You can do review posts sharing your experience just like I am doing right now and to me, that is the best. Because once done it works on its own and can generate you more commission even when you are asleep.

Folks in the Wealthy Affiliate program or anyone using WordPress or any kind of content marketing system like blogging that talks about there interests, passions, or hobbies will definitely love the MOS partner program. As it is easy to share in a blog post.

Pros And Cons of My Online Startup Program


  • It is indeed 100% free course
  • You do not need previous experience to get started.
  • The free account creation requires no credit card details or any form of payment method. Just create your free account using your simple email.
  • The training materials and video tutorials are well detailed and valuable. I found it far better than paid courses out there.
  • Each training has an easy to do a task that is geared towards helping you start your online business.
  • The training is walk through step by step and easy to follow.
  • There is a comment and question section on every training video providing you the opportunity to share your view, ask questions, comment, and even take note or contribute. 
  • There a free private Facebook community for you once you create your free account. You should be able to see members’ live progress, successes, results, and you can easily emulate them or reach out for help with anything.
  • Free training has all the tools you will need to set up your online business very fast. 
  • You will be assigned a mentor coach once you become a paying partner. This is designed to help you achieve results fast and make your first $100 commission.
  • The courses and training come with a positive and success mindset tutorial. Chuck uses this to empower you to be successful. He relates to his failures and you can tap into such a mindset to become who you want to be. 
  • You will know how to set a specific goal, draw an easy road map to achieve them, and set a time limit to motivate you.
  • And many more…


  • This is not a get rich quick program so if you have such a motive in mind, I am sorry to disappoint you with this review.
  • There are lots of video tutorials to go through. Not just videos. These are valuable current updated information you will need to start and build a sustainable online business 2020 and beyond. If you are the impatient type or haven’t got time to watch simple videos, then this is not for you.
  • The ordinary affiliate program will only pay you $20 per referral. But with a partner program, you will make $100 a day if you put in the work.

My Verdict: My Online Startup Review – Is It Legit Or Not?

From my experience of using this course and as a partner member, this program is 100% legit and easy to help anyone earn easy commission online. Click the image below to get started getting paid for just learning.

my online startup review 2020 - earn easy commission

Program In Review: My Online Startup

Company Website: www.myonlinestartupcom

Founder: Chuck Nguyen

Product: Free Online Start-Up Course

Product Cost: 100% Free To Join.

Method of Tutorial: Video tutorials, Materials, Presentations, Guides, Tools, And Easy To Follow Step By Step Walkthrough

Who Is It For? Online Start-Up Newbies, Intermediates, And Expert Online Business Prospects.

What To Expect? You Will Be Able To Build A Sustainable Online Business After The Free Training.

Ratings: 98 Out Of 100.

Review By: Richard U.

I hope My Online Startup review 2020 – earn easy commission has answered your question regarding the free course and how to make money online with the partner program? If you have any more questions or comment please do so in the box below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Please help me share this with your network so others can learn from it. 

How To Structure Private Money Deals Using Rehab Valuator Software

how to structure private money deals using rehab valuator software

Learn how to structure private money deal using Rehab Valuator Software in this post. Have you tried getting funding for your real estate projects recently? Especially in the face of coronavirus and post the pandemic?

There is a video in this article that will work you through on how to structure private money deals that will get lenders chasing you with money.

As the current pandemic has brought the world economy to a standstill, both borrowers and lenders’ level of activities has radically changed to a new face. Banks are not eager to lend. Most world economies like the US and Uk, for example, have injected a serious amount of money into their economy as a stimuli package.

Most of this money was made available to small and medium businesses through the banks to help businesses survive the wave of economic lockdown. But most businesses are finding it hard to survive as this money is just sitting in the bank and has not been passed down to the local business.

What Is Private Money Investing?

According to Wikipedia, “private money investing is the reverse side of hard money lending, a type of financing in which the mortgage broker or the lender assesses the proposed loan, focusing on the value of the property being proposed as collateral.”

As a real estate investor or developer, have you tried borrowing money from your high street bank or your local community bank recently? Despite the fact that there is now a stimulus package money from the government, you will still have to go through many hoops and mirages of checks, credit checks, paperwork, and underwriting nightmare of long processes to be able to qualify.

That is why private money has become more lucrative especially in pre and post coronavirus pandemic crises. This video I am about to show you will change your life literally. Especially if you are one of those struggling to get the right funding for your real estate project today or tomorrow.

Anyone can actually do this but you have to use real estate software to crunch the numbers successfully.

It doesn’t matter which software you use, you just have to use something otherwise you won’t get accurate figures or make sense of your analysis. For the purpose of clarity in this article, I will suggest you use Rehab Valuator Software.

Click the image below to watch the free training on how you can do this yourself.

How To Structure Private Money Deals Using Rehab Valuator Software

how to structure private money deals with rehab valuator software

Private Money Structuring Using Rehab Valuator Software

In this video you will learn:

  • 3 Ways structure to structure private money deals with live examples.
  • A breakdown of typical financing avenues available for real estate deals.
  • A smart way to borrow money from people.
  • Ways to structure private money deals that will have lenders chasing you, begging to invest, or partner with you.
  • And much more, all within the Rehab Valuator Software web-based platform.

How To Structure Your Deals To Get Private Money Lenders Chase You

how to structure private deals using rehab valuator software

The nature of private money is that it is incredibly flexible.

You can almost literally structure an agreement between you and the private lender a hundred different ways.

This is one of the many reasons why private money is generally more attractive than bank loans, or any other form of financing for that matter.

That are many ways to structure private deals than you can imagine and I can’t possibly cover all of the possible ways here but this video will show you three of the most common ones.

And one of these will be very powerful, and if executed successfully, will make private lenders come back to you time after time, and refer all of their rich friends to you as well.

So make sure to watch the video till the end.

Basically, there are three primary types of financing for residential real estate and residential investment real estate.

There is bank financing, there are hard money lenders, and there are private money lenders. So when it comes to bank financing, there is obviously the conventional lenders, the high street banks.

There is a limit of 10 mortgaged properties, very strict financing guidelines, requires a ton of paperwork, good credit, 20, 30% down, background check, criminal check, drug testing, you have to give them your life literally. You get the idea.

Very hard to qualify these days, especially for investors in the current pandemic crisis and even after.

If you have well over 10 mortgaged properties, and even if you could go to them, which I wouldn’t and you a lucky to have a  30 year fixed rate financing which sounds great.

But just seeing how long it took you to lock up this loan with conventional lenders, will be enough to put any investor off the bank loan.

The video above has explained it all and I hope you are now well informed on how to structure private money deals that will get lenders chasing you with money.

There is also a free PDF you can download below on 6 ways to structure private money deals.

how to structure private money deals with rehab valuator software

This is one PDF report you will wish you have laid your hands on earlier before now. It was written by Daniil Kleyman of True Vision Analysis, who is an experienced real estate investment and development expert with track records of success.

Therefore if have been looking for:

  • How do you structure a private loan?
  • How do private deals raise real estate money?
  • How are hard money loans structured?
  • What is private money for real estate?
  • What is the art of private money?
  • How to structure private money for real estate?
  • What is a private money lender?
  • How do I find private money lenders?

Then the video and the free PDF download in this article have all the answers you have been looking for and I hope this helps you out going forward. Especially in this economic shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

All the answers to these questions and tutorials can be put to practice using the Rehab Valuator Software App as seen in the image below. And you can read the full review here for more information.

how to structure private money deals with rehab valuator software

how to structure private money deals using rehab valuator software

Have you tried structuring private money deals before? What difficulties did you encounter? If you have any questions or comment please do so in the box provided below and I will get back to you. If you found this article helpful today would you mind sharing it with your social networks? That would be splendid of you. Thank you.

3 Types Of Primary Real Estate Financing And Their Cost

3 types of primary real estate financing and their costs

There are three types of primary real estate financing for residential deals which are: bank loans, hard money lenders, and private money lenders. These types of real estate financing are classed as short term financing and in this article, I am going to show you the pros and cons of each, who should use which, and how to avoid unaffordable mistakes.

With the current health crisis of coronavirus pandemic and all the lockdown, it is no doubt businesses especially the real estate industry has changed forever. With the banks designing new strategies to curb and protect liquidity, the face of real estate financing will no longer be the same.

For the purpose of clarity, this article will be focusing on short term financing like, buy, flip, rehab, etc. People looking to buy and rehab a house then flip for a profit or hold as an investment.

3 Types Of Primary Real Estate Financing And Their Cost

Bank Financing

3 Types Of Primary Real Estate Financing And Their Cost

Yes, I decided to use this image of very strong bank vaults because this is how hard it is for anyone to get a bank loan after this coronavirus pandemic. Bank loans are very very hard to get even before the pandemic but hang in there as this article will break down how to easily get one.

First, you have the conventional lenders, for example, Smith or Scolly bank, these are your usual 30 years mortgaged that folks typically get mainly for their homes. For investment properties, the bank usually limits you to 10 mortgage properties. That means if you have more than 10 mortgages, you have a very limited chance of getting these loans. 

Because they have very strict financing rules and if you want to buy and rehab or looking for rehab investment properties, conventional lenders will not lend you at all.

That leaves you with the limit of 10 mortgage properties, meaning that the limit of 10 mortgage properties says if you want to buy and hold a ready to go investment property, or if you are looking to buy and rehab properties, then the usual bank loan is out of option. 

Even if you are able to get the conventional bank loan you need, there is going to be a monumental amount of paperwork to go through. For example, you need to have sparkling credit, you must have at least above at least 30% deposit, due diligence/background checks, pledge allegiance to them, do a drug test, literally sign over your life to them, the whole nine yard. I am sure you get the picture and that is if you manage to get the bank loan.

The truth? Is it very hard to get a conventional loan or qualify for one these days? Especially for you the investor, and it is so ridiculously painful to deal with accompanying underwriters.

Therefore if you are looking to buy properties in need of rehab, investment properties, then conventional bank loans should be your last resort.

Which Best Bank Loan To Go For Your Real Estate Financing

The best alternative or conventional financing option for you are your local community banks and credit unions. These are more pleasant to deal with. 

These lenders are basically small banks in your home town who are mandated by your local authority to lend within your region to help grow local businesses in your region.

They are much friendlier towards investors than the typical high street banks. They have construction loans for investors. They are typically considered commercial banks and you can get credit lines or construction loans from them.

You can also refinance your investment properties from short term to medium-term financing and the underwriting process is much simpler.

They have fewer restrictions in place because they are in-house lenders usually known as portfolio lenders. Instead of selling these loans to the secondary market for Smith and Scolly bank, for example, they issue you a loan and keep it in their book. Hence they can create their own lending criteria.

Because they understand the need for local investors to grow, you have got much less bureaucracy to contend with.

For example, if your loan is under a certain amount, your loan officer sometimes can make credit underwriting decisions himself on your loan. Although you still must qualify based on your income, global cash flow, your credit score, and a dependable balance sheet with a zero link to another bad loan.

Pros of Bank Loan (Local Community Bank)

  • Easily accessible than your typical high street conventional banks.
  • Instead of a 30 yr fixed rate, they are going to carry short term calls three, five, or ten yrs resets.
  • Loans will reset based on market interest rates
  • Depending on your circumstances, your loan officer can make a credit underwriting decision himself on your loan. 
  • You are avoiding the headache of dealing with conventional lenders.


  • Only for short-term/medium-term real estate financing options. Not suitable for a 30 yrs or above long term investment financing.

Hard Money Lenders 

3 primary real estate financing and their costs

Hard money lenders are asset-based lenders otherwise known as hard money. These lenders will give you a loan based on your asset value also known as collateral loans.

They don’t really care much about your credit score, income, or global economy. All they are interested in is the deal itself and they are much easier to deal with than the conventional lenders and your local community bank put together.

With hard money you can only borrow for a very short term, usually, 12 months and they can be very expensive. And they carry severe penalties if you default.

Their business is basically turning their money and loans over quickly and you are usually paying up to eight points upfront. The interest rates are very high, They run up to 12% to 16% and if you default, the points stack up and they can foreclose on you if you default badly.

The best advice is to pay on time and do not default. Also, make sure you have a good exit strategy place. It is very easy to get into trouble if you do not know what you are doing when dealing with hard money lenders.

Pros Of Hard Money Lenders

  • Easily accessible
  • No bureaucracy
  • No monumental amount of paperwork.
  • Fast cash readily available


  • Very expensive
  • High-interest rates
  • Point stack up at the default
  • Risk foreclosure on your asset if you default.
  • 85% of people defaults due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Thins can turn ugly very quickly for you if you do not have a solid exit strategy in place.

3 types of primary real estate financing and their costs

Private Money Lenders

3 primary financing for real estate and their costs

Private money lending is much easier and can I say fun than the previous two options above.

Private money lenders basically mean you are borrowing from individuals just like you are me and I have a picture of a lady in a posh car sitting casually by a private jet and that could be your private lender.

Or your gardener at home whom you never knew had a stash of cash saved up from his retirement fund and has no clue what to do with it.

Usually, these private lenders have some idle cash sitting around, have a full-time income, and don’t know how to invest in real estate. They may have one or two investments in the stock market but may not be happy with the returns they are getting. 

You have to be introduced to them by a friend or you are having a conversation about how to invest in real estate and they happened to become interested but want to partner with you as they don’t usually have the experience.

These are regular people you meet at church, meetings, networking, library, conventions, and even at the workplace. These are not professional lenders. 

Another great thing about this kind of short term real estate financing is that you can Google up hard money lenders in your area.

For example, you can type in hard money lenders in Dallas, Texas, Michigan, Ohio, London, Liverpool, Birmingham, etc no matter where you are and you will see a bucket load of listings popping up. These are professional lenders and it is your job to cultivate and build a relationship with them.

There are fewer regulations, documentation requirements are really up to the lender, usually little, and the terms, the best thing about private lending is the terms can be completely open and very flexible.

Pros of Using Private Money Lenders

  • Easy to access
  • Less paperwork to go through.
  • It could be anybody really.
  • Cash readily available.
  • It could easily result in a long term real estate business partnership.
  • You can easily Google this kind of lenders in your area as there is always a ready list to go through.


  • Only suited for short term borrowing.
  • Yes there less paperwork to go through but fees can be very high due to short term borrowing.
  • It could get complicated if you default. Hence always have a solid exit strategy in place before.
  • You are literally going in blind as you do not know what to expect.
  • Building a relationship sometimes takes longer and could be a pain.
  • This kind of borrowing is always secured against solid asserts just like hard money lenders.

3 types of primary real estate financing and their costs

Recap of The 3 Types Of Primary Real Estate Financing And Their Costs

First, we have the conventional lenders which are your regular high street banks. We both now know from this article that it is not the best option especially with the stringent and thorough bureaucratic processes involved with the underwriting.

Unless you have friends in high places or relation to the fund manager. Even at that, these banks are obliged to follow stringent rules and a first-time borrower may find themselves buried in paperwork for so long a time your business will go down.

The second option in the conventional Smith and Scolly high street bank example is your regular community bank. Yes, they are local and a bit easier than the conventional bank lenders but still got its won perks.

You still have to go through almost the same process and when you eventually get through, their loans are usually for short term only. If you have a long term real estate business plan, it may not suit you in the long run.

The main second option of primary real estate financing is the hard money lenders. Looking at the pros and cons associated with this kind of lenders I think you should be wise not to bother in the first place.

The last option is the private money lenders. You may see that it is a bit easier and can I say better? Or even more easily accessible than the two options.

But there is always the issue of swimming in the dark as you don’t really know what condition is going to be associated with the repayment.

Yes, it could be your next-door neighbor or your high flyer friend or even your inlaws but there is always a great uncertainty associated with conditions of both borrowing and repayment.

And they are all heavily borrowed against solid assets which you may or may not have.

Now, what if I tell you there is another way you get funding with fewer uncertainties and risks associated with the 3 types of primary real estate financing above?

This best option involves the use of private money lending but you have to know how to structure it better. Let us jump right in below.

How To Structure Private Money Deals To Get Lenders To Chase You

Now if you are familiar with a real estate technology software called Rehab Valuator you will understand there are free versions and the full premium version.

It is a web-based real estate software platform that helps you with all things real estate solutions. You can read up the full and insightful Rehab Valuator review here 

The premium version has active members with private money lenders looking for deals every day or who to partner with. Now I am going to show you a video that will work you through all the process of structuring private money deals that will get these lenders begging to invest or partner with you. 

Private money is when you borrow money from other individuals. If you’re looking to borrow a 100% of your purchase plus the cost of renovations, it’s impossible to do it with the community banks, it’s very hard these days to do it with hard money lenders, but with private lenders, you could structure a deal that way.

Click the image below to watch the whole video on how to correctly structure private money deals.3 types of primary real estate financing and their costs

How To Structure Private Money Deals To Get Lenders Beg To Partner With You


In this video, you are going witness first hand how to structure your private money deals and get lenders to chase you. This is a phenomenal video with a lot of good numerical examples and case studies. So please grab a pen and paper, and a cup of coffee by the side. 

The Instructor on this video is a real estate investment expert called Daniil Kleyman, a friend and the owners of True Vission Analysis based in the United State. He held nothing back on this video and you now have the opportunity to repeat and rinse his strategy.

 Everything you see here, you can do with the free version of the software. So if you don’t have that software, go to and set up your free account.

And of course, if you’re already an account holder you can upgrade to Rehab Valuator Premium.

One of the things that you can do with the premium software is you can create a really good persuasive deal funding proposals for your hard money and private money lenders, and even banks and this video will demonstrate all that for you. 

Alternatively. you can click the image below to download a FREE private money report called “Art of private money structuring by Daniil Kleyman” below. That is if you prefer to read the whole report instead of the video version. 

3 types of primary real estate financing and their costs

Download The Private Money PDF Report For Free Here

This is my take on 3 types of primary real estate financing and their costs available to you. If I missed anything or you have tried any of this option or even better have questions, please do so below and I will get back to you soon as possible. If you enjoyed this article please like and share the heck out it for me on your social network. Many thanks.

30 Best Real Estate Software for Agents, Investors, and Everyone

30 best real estate software for investors and everyone

Real estate software helps realtors, agents, investors, and everyone in
real estate business with anything from finding news deals, analyzing
deals, and selling new deals. The right real estate software can save
you a lot of time, money, and help improve productivity and profit.

We have identified 30 best real estate software in the industry and
there pros and cons so you can choose.

You may have been searching the internet for a list of best real estate software online but here we have covered all top 30 best of them. All you have to do is grab a coffee, sit back and read through to see if any of these tools suit your real estate business need.

Below are our top picks:

Zillow Premier Agent
(Mainly For Investors And Agents Leads)

top best real estate software for agents and investors

The features include:

  1. Lead Notifications
  2. Advertising
  3. Lead Pipeline Management
  4. Zillow Premier Agent Concierge (connects users with clients automatically)
  5. Integrated Client Management Solution,
  6. Mobile App
  7. Available in Mobile Devices and Desktops
  8. Zillow Premier Agent Direct (premium exposure on Zillow and Facebook listings)
  9. Streamlined Task List.
  10. Team Management


  1. Agents and users can create a free account and start using Zillow right
  2. You can respond to leads any time and anywhere by using Zillow App as an agent or anyone really.
  3. Popular integration with Gmail. Dotloop, Zillow, Property-based, and Trulia.
  4. Helps you categorize your leads and filter them so you can prioritize
    according to buying potentials.
  5. Zillow Premier Agent overview video which provides a tutorial on how to integrate leads from other third-party sources into Zillow premier agent software.


  1. Most users found the Zillow very expensive.
  2. Some also said the emailing system is pretty basic and can do with more customization.
  3. Filtering leads from the system could be tedious and quite time-consuming.

top best real estate software

Rehab Valuator Software (Lite and Premium)

best real estate software for agents and investors

With Rehab Valuator Software, you can market your wholesale deal like a pro! There real estate wholesaling software helps you create effectively,
concise, persuasive marketing materials that seal the deal for you.

Tailor your marketing pieces to house flippers or landlord investors, and share them by email or social media.

Who Is Rehab Valuator For?

  1. Rehabbers
  2. Wholesalers
  3. House Flippers
  4. Agents
  5. Multi-Family Investors
  6. Investors
  7. Developers were both commercial and residential.
  8. Landlords, and anyone in the real estate business.

Rehab Valuator Features:

It has great features like analyze deals, calculates deals, manages contracts,
markets your deal, and find new deals. And most importantly get
funding for your project.


  1. Best for anyone in the real estate business
  2. A free version is free for life
  3. Compatible across all platforms and operating system
  4. Web-based no downloading require
  5. Free video tutorials on how they use it best and also a video tutorial on how to structure private money deal that gets lenders begging to invest with you.
  6. Most importantly you can get funding with a click of a button when you use the premium version.


  1. A handful of video, trial to go through but if you value your business it is worth watching plus it’s free.

Note: This is probably the top best real estate software that has ever hit the real estate industry online and offline. Why? Because we found out that:

  1. The free version is free forever. Meaning anyone in the industry could get the software with a simple email account. No credit card required. Be you small, medium or multi-national business.
  2. The second reason is that the software is packed with more value and the free version does even more than most paid for real estate software we have tested out there.
  3. The third and definitely not the last reason is the fact that you can apply for funding with one click within the software in house users. No other software has this benefit and for that, we believe Rehab Valuator is the best real estate software that ever hit the real estate industry.

Read full Rehab Valuator Software review here.

list of best real estate software

DealCheck (Property Analyzing And Deal Finding Tool)

list of best real estate software for agents

DealChech is one of the world-leading real estate analysis software of our time.

DealCheck just got some new features that put the software in the top limelight.
These are:

  1. Import property data from public records.
  2. Customize precise deal parameters.
  3. View detailed financial analysis and projections.
  4. Look up recent sales and rental comps.
  5. Calculate your highest offer price to the seller.
  6. Export and share professional PDF reports.
  7. Accurate Analysis, Every Time.
  8. Designed for Speed.
  9. No Learning Curve.

Who Is DealCheck For?

  1. Agents
  2. Brokers
  3. Wholesalers
  4. Homeowners
  5. And it’s loved by over 100,000 professionals worldwide.

DealCheck just added new features that are a complete game-changer in the real estate software industry. The DealCheck App is super mobile friendly and responsive.

It has a 14-day free trial and you can use this Promo – Code VIP25OFF to get a whopping 25% discount off your subscription.

Read full DealCheck review here.

list of best real estate software

RealScout (Leads Generation Real Estate Software)

list of best real real estate software ever

Real Scout is a real estate’s choice for a collaborative home search and according to the website, it charges nothing to register and it is totally risk-

RealScout costs are $39.95 month to month on the ultimate package. $30 plus $2.95 per month on listing with the Pay As You Go package, and their
enterprise package which you have to request a quote if you are a big

Real Scout Features:

  1. Safe Search.
  2. Integrate with RealScout third party App.
  3. Rapid Listing Alerts.
  4. More Deals, More Profitably.
  5. Property Comparison.
  6. For Web and Mobile.
  7. Agents dashboard.
  8. Broker dashboard.
  9. Analytic tool.
  10. Lead distribution tool.


  1. Maximize Agent Adoption.
  2. Leverage City-Wide Buyer Demand Insights to Win Listings.
  3. Easily Add Your Leads and Contacts.
  4. Leads flow directly from Zillow, Trulia, and into RealScout, where their customers cite a 100% lift in lead conversion rates.


  1. It’s not for everyone in real estate business e.g. rehabbers, house
    flippers, individuals.
  2. You cannot get funding to finance your project.

Who Is RealScout For?

  1. Real estate agents
  2. Investors

top best real estate software

5. Showing Suit (Mainly Showing Real Estate Software)

best real estate software of all time

The platform starts at $2.95 per month and syncs with Supra eKEY and Sentrilock lockbox software. It makes preparing reports a lot easier and less

Showing Suite Features:

  1. Automated Showing Scheduling.
  2. Home feedback.
  3. Showing Note.
  4. Individual Agents.
  5. Lockbox Sync.
  6. Automated Scheduling for Buyers.

top best real estate software of our time

6. Real Geek (CRM Software)

list of best real estate software ever

Real Geeks costs you $199 per month and an additional $350 for updating for 1 or 2 agents.

Real Geeks also costs you $550 per month including ad spend to maintain PPC ad campaigns, instead of charging you a percentage of ad spend.

It also charges you $50 per month to generate seller leads which position it
as best if your agency has a very deep advertising budget.

Real Geek Features:

  1. IDX Real Estate Websites.
  2. Property Valuation Tool.
  3. Lead Manager CRM.
  4. Facebook Marketing Tool.
  5. SMS Autoresponder.
  6. Facebook Marketing Service.
  7. Personalized Mobile App.
  8. Real Leads.
  9. Market Reports.
  10. Automated Email Drip System.
  11. Automated Home Valuation.

top real estate software ever

7. Cloud CMA (Comparative Market Analysis)

best real estate software ever

First of all, Cloud CMA has moved to and now become Cloud Agent Suite. This software is specifically built with agents in mind.

It has a free trial and comes with a free demo.

The software costs $45 per month for the Cloud CMA tool or $125 for the Cloud Agent Suite,

This comes with top features like client listing alerts and lead engagement
tools. It also allows for customization of account profile which can
help with your branding.

Cloud CMA Features:

  1. Cloud CMA
  2. Cloud Streams
  3. Cloud MLX
  4. Cloud Attract
  5. iBuyer Connect

very best real estate software ever

Structurely (An Artificial Intelligence Based Leads Software)

top best real estate software 2020

This real estate software that uses artificial intelligence to qualify leads
with an inbuilt Chabot named Aisa Holmes.

Structurely Pricing:

  1. Starter 1 seat with 50 leads/Mo @ $179/mo. This comes with Start trial, Text and Live Chat, CRM Integrations, and Mobile app.
  2. Growth has 10 seats with, 125 leads/Mo, and $299/mo. This package comes with Start trial, Text and Live Chat, CRM Integrations, and Mobile app/admin log-in.
  3. Build package has 30 seats with 225 leads/Mo @ $499/mo. It comes with Start trial, Text and Live Chat, CRM Integrations, and a Mobile app/admin log-ins.
  4. Franchise package comes with Custom Contact us,
  5. Get in touch
  6. For 225+ leads/mo. and large agencies
  7. Text, Live Chat, Mobile app
  8. CRM Integrations / admin controls

best real estate software 2020

9. BoldLeads

best real estate software of our time

BoldLeads is an interesting new innovative technology that helps you get more listings and buyers in your very own city. The email open rate at
BoldLeads are usually higher than ordinary email.

BoldLeads integrates with Could CMA so you can automatically send your leads gorgeous, accurate CMAs on demand.

BoldLeads Features:

  1. Inbox
  2. Marketing blast
  3. Text Concierge
  4. Widgets
  5. Lead referrals
  6. Email and test template

The system also provides lead follow-up via built-in drip campaigns and instant lead notification, plus access to the Real Estate Masterminds Facebook group.

Take the advantage of its lead-capturing websites to fill your listing pipeline. We’re constantly developing new features and testing our sites for the highest conversion rates at the lowest cost per lead.

top best real estate software 2020

10. Revaluate

list of best real estate software for agents and investors

According to the website, Revaluate “uses Artificial Intelligence powered by
an advanced algorithm to find who in your existing database is more
likely to move in the next three to six months”

The owners believe that there is power in a few leads than a big number. The software will help you work on the leads you already have with
greater efficiency instead of buying new leads.42 best real estate software for agents and investors

KvCore (Real Estate Lead Generation)

top best real estate software ever

The owners of this platform believe that to grow and compete in your
real estate market, you need to empower all of your agents with the
best technology.

The problem is, you have some that do lead-gen, some that work SOI, some
that prospect. kvCORE is the only solution to provide
industry-leading lead-gen, empowered SOI and high-powered prospecting
and networking tools. All with the ability to automate your entire

There is a free demo and you can visit the website by pressing the blue button below.

list of to best real estate software for anyone

REDx + Storm Dialer

best real estate software for investors

Keeping up with the volume of numbers you need to dial, time spent in dealing with voicemails, hang-ups, or wrong numbers can be tedious.

By using Storm to prospect your REDx leads from one platform, you will be
saving a lot of time and resources. Visit the website here for more.

list of best real estate software


42 real estate software you must have

Again this is another AI software that is focused on unleashing the profit
potential of your real estate existing leads.

The owners believe that “real estate agents miss 60% or more of the listings in their personal network. First makes it easy to connect with the sellers you know months before they list – or hear from another agent”.

There is a free demo to try it out if you visit the website here.

try best real estate software ever

RPR (Realtors Property Resource)

find best real estate software for agents

RPR is a property data software with an App that now includes commercial
data base.

It is very handy with a bucket load of information that will help you
answer your client’s questions at any time.

You can use your location to instantly search and analyze on and off-market deals, distress data, valuations, flood zone, mappings,
demography, school, market trend, tax, and mortgage information. All
on the go with your phone.

The App is exclusively for Realtors and you can visit the website here
for more information.

buy best real estate software for investors

15. Streak

find best real estate software for agents and investors

According to the website, Streak was announced as Google’s 2018 Technology Partner of the year, in recognition of our fully integrated CRM and deep, powerful
integration with all of G Suite – Gmail, Calendar, Drive and Sheets.

With Streak you can manage, investors, projects, candidates, support
tickets, partners, buyers, and sellers all from your simple Gmail.
Visit the Streak website here for more.

find best real estate software for realtors

16. Pipedrive

buy best real estate software for investors

Pipedrive is another powerful web-based CRM sales and lead management software that provides monitoring and sales solution to your business.

Pipedrive Features

  1. Insight and reports.
  2. Track communication.
  3. Manage leads and sales.
  4. Automate and grow.
  5. Mobile Apps and integrations.
  6. Privacy and security.

According to their website, Pipedrive users close an average of 28% more deals after their first year, You can try Pipedrive for free and you can use this Promo – Code pdp-obp to get a great discount on your subscription.

read list of best real estate software ever

17. Showcase IDX

try top best real estate software for investors

IDX offers all the latest IDX tools, such as Google Maps view,
polygon map search, adjustable lead capture options, and listing
saving capability. Agents and realtor brokers can get the Essentials
package for $59.95 per month or the more advanced Premium package for
$99.95 per month.

IDX makes it so easy for you to get started and have a beautiful IDX
on your website in minutes. For more of that customers think about
the software, visit the website here.

find best real estate software for agents

18. Zumper

find best real estate software for anyone in real estate

Zumper according to the website “is the easiest way to find an apartment a
rent near you”. You can apply for a listing you want and post your
rental properties too.

Zumper national rent report database is a very useful and handy tool that
comes with the software. You can instantly comb through over 1
million active listings across the United States with your smartphone
on the go.

Visit the website for more information about Zumper here.

find list of best real estate software for agents

19. Area Pulse

where to find best real estate software for investors

Area Pulse software is an existing client data-driven software that makes
sure all your existing clients are getting the data they need.

It does this by generating and sending highly detailed and professional-looking reports to your clients. This reduces the time to spend on prepping and sending spreadsheets one by one to your clients.

It also provides you with free up to date market information in your
area. Visit the website here for more

top best real estate software for brokers

20.VRX Staging (Virtual Staging Software)

42 best real estate software ever

VRX Staging is your “virtual reality” that has become a living reality for all your virtual staging needs

The platform also offers a free consultation ahead of the staging to make
sure that their services meet your exact specifications and listing

top best real estate software for realtors

21. Home Value Lead (Property Valuation Tool)

best real estate software that are a must have

Home Value Leads Features

  • Automated home value report.
  • Lead follow up.
  • Lead enhancement.
  • Instant lead notification.
  • Automated SMS notification.
  • Optimized for mobile.
  • Facebook Advertising. They can get your ad running on Facebook in no time.

find list of best real estate software for real estate business

(Investors And Agents Collaboration)list of best real estate software to die for

With Homesnap software, you can search for s home from anywhere, partner with a knowledgable agent, explore real-time data, and be the first
to know about nee listings.

As an agent, you can obtain your MLS listing and communicate directly
with your clients about their favorite properties using the in-app

You can also claim your Google business profile. Through Homesnap Pro+
you’ll build trust with Google, manage your reviews, and boost your
reputation online.

top best real estate software

Quaila (Real Estate Software for Settlement)

best real estate software for all investors

Looking to streamline the closing process for your team and make the process more accessible to your clients? Quaila is the right tool for you.

When it comes to real estate settlement, Quaila is the best software for that.

Their cloud-based title, escrow, and closing platform empowers your team to deliver a best-in-class closing experience that meets the industry’s
most stringent security requirements.

This is one very robust secure cloud-based real estate closings and settlement software we ever come across.

top best real estate software for realtors

Rently (Self-Showing Real Estate Software)

find best real estate software here

Rently can save you lots of times and hassles associated with arranging a
view and showings.

Rently is real estate agent software that enables showings of rental
properties minus agents. It also makes finding a new home for rent or lease near you very easy.

Another great thing about this software is to bring you closer to the best
varieties of houses to choose from. With a tap away, you can find
the right home for you and view it without seeing an agent.

best real estate software for you

REIPro (Real Estate Deal Finding Software)

42 best real estate software a must have

Unlike all other real estate software we have listed, REIPro is particularly
made for real estate investors.

Investor friendly features found in REIPro are:

  1. Real estate CRM.
  2. Lead generation.
  3. MLS Comps.
  4. Direct mailing.
  5. Deal Analyzer.
  6. Integration with Google, Carrots websites, etc.
  7. Workflow system.
  8. And quick lookup.

Check out the website below:

find best real estate software here

HouseCanary (Property Valuation Software)

get best real estate software here

House Canary is a residential real estate valuation software. With
90% US. market coverage, this software helps agents analyze housing
cycles, demographic mixe and variables, niche down your narrow target
markets, and help grow your business.

Asset due diligence is a powerful tool that helps you with avoiding
a scam. Visit the website below for more information:

top best real estate software on the internet

Dotloop (Real Estate
Transaction Management Software)

42 best real estate software for you

Dotloop is an online real estate signatory and transaction management

The software helps users to collaborate during every stage of a transaction using its form creation, e-signature, and storage features.

For more information visit the website below:

42 best real estate software out there

Videolicious (Video Editing Software)

42 best real estate software for agents and investors

With Videolicuous, you can add logo, watermarks, and quickly transform
bits of videos into one compelling presentation.

It is very handy when you’ve got a large home with multiple rooms to
cover on your presentation.

As at when writing this report, Videolicous has over 4million active
users worldwide who use Videolicious to empower and grow their real estate business every day.

a must have best real estate software for agents

28. Planoly

top 42 best real estate software for agents

Planoly is an Instagram scheduling and management software that helps agent optimise their online presence via visual scheduling and organizing.

It recently became an official Pinterest partner which means your social
media presence through visual scheduling will be amplified.

visit the website below for more.

42 best real estate software to have

29. Brokerkit

find 42 best real estate software here

Brokerkit is an agent recruiting and retention real estate software that helps you crank through calls, keep track of all follow-ups and do more.

It is, in fact, the best tracking system for recruiting real estate agents.

The software features a user-friendly interface that lets you view all of
your upcoming recruiting and referrals in one place.

It has easy integration to Google Suit with easy email automation.

They have just updated their software with a great new feature this December 2019 and you can read it up.

You can also check out Brokerkit main website below:

get 42 best real estate software for investors

30. Chime Solution Suite42 top best real estate software ever

Chime Solution Suite is designed to help you nurture leads, get more leads, and improve agents and team overall productivity.

Top features include responsive CRM, intelligence IDX, and optimized marketing.

It is specifically made for agents, teams, and brokers.

There is a live chat and call free toll number on the website for quick inquiries.

best real estate software on the net

30 Best Real Estate Software Review Conclusion

Now, this 30 best real estate software for investors and everyone listed here is not all that is out there. This article was taking me too much time to put together hence I am posting this list of best real estate software as a work in progress.

Therefore if you have an idea of any new real estate software technology that was not covered here and you have used it, please do share your thought on the comment section below.

I will also be updating this list as much as I can so you can be timely informed of a new update or new software invention that reaches my desk.

On the other hand, if you an inventor and you fill your new real estate software meets the list features above, please get in touch by commenting below. I will analyze it and review it and also add it to the list above.

Finally, this list of 30 best real estate software for investors and everyone are all top-performing software in its various unique ways. Rehab Valuator software and DealCheck, for example, are quite exceptional software and very hand handy just like any of those on the list.

I hope this article helps you understand more than you already know today and perhaps find one or two among the 30 best real estate software that suits your real estate business better.

Top DealCheck App Features That Are A Must Have



In this article, I will be showing you the top DealCheck App features that are a must-have to grow your real estate business. DealCheck is one of the world’s leading real estate analysis software of our time and the features are packed with tools that will literally blow your mind.

These feature I found when trying the software out myself are so amazing that I have to share them here with you. Another thing I noticed is that the DealCheck App is super mobile responsive and compatible across all platforms and operating systems.

Use this PROMO – CODE VIP25OFF To lock in on a whopping 25% discount off the full premium version after your free trial. This one is on me and you can thank me later.

You can literally close a deal on the go, while on your bed, asleep, or even while sitting on a toilet. yep!

If you are a:

  • Realtor
  • Real Estate agent
  • Real estate investor
  • Real estate broker
  • Commercial real estate developer
  • Residential real estate developer
  • Lands
  • Rental property owner
  • Rental portfolio builder
  • House Flipper
  • Real estate wholesaler
  • Etc

Then the DealCheck real estate software is a must-have for your business.

If you want to know more about this amazing real estate software please go and read up my insightful DealCheck Review here.

Let us go right into how these features can be used.

DealCheck App Features

DealCheck Property Lists



Here you will be able to instantly check for new deals that are life. You can easily scan through to see what fits your budget and then make an offer.

You can see the prices the properties are going for and all the information about the property with one single click view.

WebApp Screenshot of Property Analyser


With this tool, you can analyze any deal on the go and get the accurate worth of your money before you even make an offer. You can analyze anything from home inspection cost down to after repair value. The breakdown results are easy to interpret by anyone. This is the valuable information you can use to make the best offer or sell your property for more profit.

DealCheck Buy or Hold Feature


This tool gives you the instant analyzed result for buy or hold if you are looking for long or short term return on your property investment. It goes beyond 10 years period and it uses the vacancy period to tell you how much was lost or gained during the idle period

DealCheck Offer Calculator


With the DealCheck offer calculator, you can know the current price and the highest offer. All these you can do while on the go. The flexibility the DealCheck software App brought to the table can only be matched with Rehab Valuator software.

DealCheck Data Import Feature


Data like the last appearance, estimated rent, flip information, purchase criteria, etc can easily be imported, analyzed, and managed with this feature.

DealCheck Sales And Rental Comps Feature


With this feature you can easily ascertain your sales comps and after repair value estimates. You can view repeat comparable sales to help you estimate the ARV of the property easily.

DealCheck Mobile App Property Overview


This is the mobile interface of the App version of DealCheck. It is highly mobile responsive as well as very mobile friendly.

As you can see, everything that can be found on the desktop, laptop, and tablet interface can also be found on the mobile App version of DealCheck software.

You can even enjoy bolder and closer characters with in-depth details from every inquiry result you sent out. DealChcek is really one of the best tools used close and finds any deal on the go

Top DealChech App Features – An Overview

These features and many more can be found on the DealCheck platform. Especially more on the mobile App features because everything we do now is more dominated apparently.

The real estate software world is changing and the change is fast. Unless an individual or corporate real estate business owners get on board, the competition will overtake you.

The good news is that you can get to try DealCheck here for Free.

If you are ready to deploy the tool to grow your real estate business with the premium version, use this PROMO -CODE VIP25OFF to get a whopping 25% discount on me.

I hope you found this top DealCheck App features very useful to grow your business. If you have any questions or comments please do so in the box provided below. And please help me share the heck out of it to your social network if you don’t mind. Many thanks.

Unbounce Review: Best Converting Landing Page Builder?


Unbounce Review: Best Converting Landing Page Builder?

In this Unbounce review, you will find out if it is the best converting landing page builder or not?

Unbounce Review Overview

Unbounce Review: Best Landing Page Builder?

Unbounce is a conversion platform that enables marketers of all kind to maximize their campaign strategy by driving traffic to a high converting landing page at less cost. It enables you to get more from your existing
campaign traffic with low budget.

It bridges the gap between you and your customer by enabling you to bring your product directly to them at less cost, instead of wasting money on ads spent on driving traffic to your website. With Unbounce, you can build and test for a high converting landing page, lower cost per lead, and increase

Unbounce Review Details

Main Product: Landing Page Builder

Unbounce Compliance With Worldwide Data Privacy and Security? Yes, Unbounce is in compliance
with GDPR, CASL, and PCI-DSS

Unbounce Origin: Founded in 2009. According to Wikipedia, “Unbounce is a Canadian software company headquartered in Vancouver, BC. The company produces landing pages for websites, and is the host of the annual Call to Action Conference”.

Website: Visit The Website Here

Unbounce Price: Starting Price is $79 per month

Free Version? No

Free Trial? Yes, there is usually a 14 day free trials but on this Unbounce review, you can get a full 30-day free trial here.

Deployment: Web-Based application meaning you don’t have to download anything that will occupy your hard drive, SaaS, and Cloud.

Landing Page Builder Set Up Time: It takes on average only take seconds to set up and build a landing page if you are experienced. For a new user, it takes about 30 minutes.

Coding Experience Required? No. No coding, JavaScript writing, or any programming experience required. It is a simple copy and pastes that can be easily accessible by anyone.

Training: These are delivered by Webinars, Documentation and Live Online.

Unbounce Average Ratings

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

Value for Money: 9/10

Customer Service and Experience: 9.5/10

Platform Compatibility: 9.5/10

Features: 9.5/10

Ease of Use and Flexibility: 9.5/10

Who Is Unbounce For?

  • All internet
  • Online and offline
    business owners
  • Email marketers
  • SEO experts and
  • Affiliate marketers
    whether you are an expert, intermediate or just starting out.
  • PPC campaign marketers of all levels.
  • Small businesses both online and offline for example. A coffee shop owner will definitely need Unbounce to bring customers through the door.
  • Large and multinational businesses as well.
  • Digital product owners
  • Anyone who is looking to drive more traffic to a landing that converts highly with the ultimate goal of increasing conversion needs Unbounce.

iew: best landing page builder?

Unbounce Product Features

  • Inbuilt analytical
  • A/B Testing options.
  • From creation
  • Responsive
  • Easy drag and drop
  • Inbuilt SEO Management
    back end.
  • Tons of Templates to
    choose from.
  • Real Time Project
  • Pop-ups
  • Opt-in forms
  • Notification bars.
  • Unlimited users.
  • Unlimited domains.
  • Dynamic text
  • SSL Encryption
  • GDPR compliance.
  • Google SSO single
  • New AMP landing page.
  • Zaiper integration.
  • WordPress integration.
  • HubSpot integration.
  • Advanced popup and
    sticky bar targeting.
  • Marketo integration.
  • Infusionsoft
  • Salesforce
  • Two=Facxtor
    authentication (2FA).
  • Audit Log and customer success
  • Dedicated launch
  • Page migration

Unbounce Pros

  • One of the best SaaS
    products that are worth every penny you spent.
  • Pixel perfect every
  • AMP support.
  • Speedy pages.
  • Tons of templates
  • Hyper-targeted
    landing page creation.
  • Images tailored to
    user needs.
  • More personal and relevancy experience for users.
  • Enable you to generate more leads and close more sales.
  • Editor with an incredible interface.
  • A highly responsive landing page with mobile friendly.
  • The very ease of design.
  • You can easily create option forms, notification bars, and pop-ups that will increase engagement and conversion.
  • Live online tutorials
  • Webinars
  • Live chat for proper help and support
  • Build a highly converting landing page under 30 minutes.
  • Flexibility in terms of UI (User Interface) with a great experience.
  • It helps lower the cost of the campaign by sending traffic to a landing that converts well and increases conversion.


  • It has no free version but comes with a free trial. You can get a full 30 days free trial here with zero obligation if you will like to test drive
    Unbounce for free.
  • It takes about half an hour to build a landing page as a newbie but you will get used to building pages faster when you get used to Unbounce. With a little experience, it will take you 30 seconds to build a landing page.
  • Reporting and Analysis could do with a little update here and again but this depends on user needs. Plus, if you are getting enough information you needed to increase conversion on your campaign I think that is more than value for your money.

iew: best landing page builder?

Unbounce Help and Support

One can get help from any
of the following channels:

  • Unlimited phone
  • Email
  • Live chat support and these go for all plans.

They also have a 7 days a week available from 5 am to midnight PST weekdays from And 9 am to 9 pm PST weekends. This they deliver with 99.99% uptime fast content delivery through four data centers worldwide.

And this goes for all plans too.

If you are new to internet marketing and affiliate marketing, and you are looking to ways to make extra income online, do join me here where we teach people how to make extra income online. You will learn how to sell product or services online for a big commission without actually owning a physical product or a store. The program is called the Wealthy Affiliate program  It is free to join and you can read more about it on this review.

Unbounce Review: Best Converting Landing Page Builder?

I believe so from a number of reasons below:

  1. Unbounce has been around the block since 2009 and they are still kicking ass amidst the competition.
  2. Majority of their competition has allowed integration with Unbounce as you can see from the plan features. I guess it is a case of if you can’t beat him you join him or be left in the dust.
  3. It takes minimal time to create a landing page that converts.
  4. Unbounce landing pages are highly converting and it actually helps you increase conversion close more sales.
  5. The features on those plans are top value for money and can hardly be found anyone else. I checked.
  6. The best part of my insightful review is that it helps you save money by delivering traffic to your high converting page at low cost. Traffic that converts easily thereby increasing your sales, In essence, it
    helps you make money than you spend on advertising.

Therefore if you are looking for top value for your money I will say give Unbounce a try and see how it will help grow your business in no time. If you are looking for freebies or cheap stuff Unbounce may not be ideal for

iew: best landing page builder?

Unbounce is for businesses and individuals who mean business and want to grow and make more sales. I hope this Unbounce review has enabled you to see if it is the best converting landing page builder or not. Have you built a
landing page before? Drop a comment or your question below and I will
get back to you. Also please kindly help us share the heck out
of this post on your social media. Thank you.


Nest Wealth Review

nest wealth review

In this Nest Wealth Review, I will be showing you why Nest Wealth is the best Robo advisor amongst many out there. Also why it is the most transparent automation investment service, best for fees and high network investment portfolio holders.

What Is Nest Wealth?

Nest Wealth according to the company is Canada’s largest independent digital wealth management platform. Nest Wealth is a structured monthly payment flat fee service which enables you to save a lot of money on fees even when your money grows.

Who Owns Nest Wealth?

Nest Wealth was founded by Randy Cass who has over 15 years in the financial service industry under his belt. He is the majority shareholder which means he is not backed by any bank hence no bias to favor certain ETFs. He manages quantitative portfolios at the Ontario’s Teachers Pension Plan and institutional assert at Orchard Assert Management.

Clients account are held at National Bank Correspondent Network (NBCN) a subsidiary of National Bank.

Metroland Media invested $1.5 million in August 2015 for a minority stake in the company.

National Bank invested $6 million in April 2017 for a minority stake and the signing of multiple agreements.

These deals make Nest Wealth not only the best among robot advisor in Canada, but also the biggest stand-alone automated wealth management platform.

Nest Wealth Portfolio Creation

The company portfolio creations are from the following:

  • The portfolio is constructed using seven different classes of assets, each depending on investment goals are risk tolerance. These assets are. US equities, Domestic equities, emerging market equities, international equities. real return bonds, real estate, government fixed income, and cash.
  • Globally diversified asserts across industry sectors.
  • And portfolios constructed using Nobel Prize Winning to max efficiency of return while minimizing risk.

Nest Wealth Costs

In this Nest Wealth review, you will notice that what makes nest wealth different and more popular from Wealth Simple. Bloom, Swell Investing, Tally Advisor, etc, is the flat and affordable subscription fee structure.

You see, instead of charge you exorbitant fees plus the cost of transaction which can run into thousands, they made it simple. Pay a monthly subscription fee. In fact, Nest Wealth is the only company with such a fee structure in the industry at the moment.

The break down of their fee structure can be seen in the below example:

Nest Wealth Monthly Subscription Fees

nest wealth review

nest wealth review

  1. If you are investing less than $75,000 your fee will be $20 only per month.
  2. For an investment of $75,000 up to $150,000, you will pay a monthly fee of $40 only.
  3. Now for an investment of $150,000 and above, you will only pay a monthly fee of  $80 only.

And get this, even if you are a high network investor with a portfolio of more than 1 million Dollars, you will only pay $80 per month subscription. Simple as that. This makes Nest Wealth very popular and very attractive to investors looking to invest for retirements or their children college fund.

With these findings, it means the more money you invest with Nest Wealth, the fewer fees you pay going forward.

Trading Fees

Their custodian NBCN charges $9.99 per trade. But Nest Wealth caps their trading at $100 per year as per account. Any trading fee above $100 is on Nest Wealth which means you don’t have to pay anything above that. Crazy?  Yes, and it is the honest truth.

Underlying ETF Fees

The average MER of the ETFs they use is 0.15% and these includes:

  • You scheduling calls with your advisor at any time that suits you best.
  • Transparent fee and performance reporting via your online portfolio dashboard. You can log in and view how your investments are doing any time and from any operating system or platform. You can see the rebalancing that is happening live and you can see exactly how much you are paying in fees.
  • Customized portfolio creation.
  • Optimized portfolio construction.
  • Diversified tax efficient assert allocation.
  • Consistent portfolio monitoring by your portfolio manager.
  • Threshold portfolio rebalancing.
  • Annual updating of information.

Nest Wealth Account Types And Services

If you are looking to build a great retirement fund, or plan your children or a grandchildren college fund, or even build a trust fund, Nest Wealth is the right place for you. If you want your income to generate more income for you, they got your back. If you are planning to buy a new house or a new car and decide to save toward it, Nest Wealth is the right place.

They have all types of accounts both registered and non-registered, corporate and trust account. Other account types include RRSP, spousal RRSP, TFSA, RESP, Cash CAD, Cash USD, RIF, LIRA, Joint, Trust, Corporate, and Joint USD.

Nest Wealth Account Security

If you are worried about losing your money or Nest Wealth going bankruptcy, do not freight. Their custodian bank NCBN is a member CIPF which covers and protects each account up to $1,000,000 against insolvency or going under administration.

Also, Nest Wealth as a wealth management company is regulated by the OSC which enforces consumer protection standards.

Nest Wealth Vs Other Robo Advisors

#1. Nest Wealth enables customized portfolio while other Robo advisors don’t. Their platform has a feature that can build a complete customized portfolio for each client based on their risk tolerance, goals, time horizon, and financial circumstances.

#2. They use a personalized approach than other Robo advisors. This approach is very popular among their work process as this tend s to appeals to people with larger portfolio and those that are used to a traditional financial advisor.

#3. Nest Wealth has a flat subscription-based fee while other Robo advisors charge percentage fees which can skyrocket any time. Their Capped subscription model is a huge welcome for both small investors and high network investors with very large portfolios.

#4. No charges for certain threshold while other Robo advisors charge you even when there are no activities going on in your account. What this means is that Nest Wealth understood that at a certain threshold, they are not doing more work to manage your account hence why charge you more for the same service? They believe that you should be rewarded for saving more, keep that extra wealth, maintain portfolio growth, and surely don’t give out a percentage of it.

#5. Last but not the least their capped fee flat rate which other Robo advisors out there obviously do not have or cannot deploy. What this means is, whether you have $150,000 Nest Wealth or you have $2,000,000 with them, your monthly fees are capped at $80 per month, or $1060 a year ( i.e $960 (plus $100 trading fee) month nothing more.

Nest Wealth Review Screenshots

nest wealth review

The above screenshot depicts a goal based platform with a summary page which shows you at a glance if you are on track or off track your goal. This actually helps you actualize your investment goals.


nest wealth review

The screenshot above is an example of your account page which shows your performance, account balance, allocation, and all the interactive graphs.

Nest Wealth Platform Use

The platform is very easy to use. It is compatible with all operating system and can be opened across all platform like Andriod, iOS, Window, etc. It is a fully hosted platform with SSL encryption site security as you can see on Google search engine. It is a web-based system. The Robo advisor is suited for both larger investors and smaller portfolio holders and for those looking for a more traditional financial advisor.

Nest Wealth Help And Support Review

nest wealth review

One thing and do very well in all reviews are the thorough check on every product or service help and support or what you may call a customer service review. I do that a lot because when I put myself as a customer, it enables understand:

  1. How quickly can I get answers to a question?
  2. How often do people complain about the product or service?
  3. How good is the support team?
  4. How fast do they respond to any queries?

In Nest Wealth, the help and support team is simply amazing. This crack team of customers will not only answer your query but they also keep in touch to make sure you have no further worries with your services.

They also have this smart and amazing quick life chat box that pops up when you are on the site and you will be talking to a real person but just a robot.


Nest Wealth sure did not leave any stone unturned when it comes to the wealth management industry. They got all basic covered and quite frankly the single largest independent investment platform in Canada. Their personalized portfolio is a huge welcome in the industry and most definitely very popular among their products. The fee structure is the best in the market and hence it attracts huge investors because the more money you invest the less fee you pay. I hope that this Nest Wealth review has shown you how transparent and most importantly the best for fee and services.nest wealth review

Flipping Houses Fast With Rehab Valuator

flipping houses fast with rehab valuator

Flipping houses fast with Rehab Valuator software is the best and the quickest way for anyone to get started in the house flipping business. In this article, I will be showing you how this software will help you flip houses faster and for more profit.

I will also like to state here that this software is not downloadable software. It is a web-based software which means don’t have to worry about a software that is going to occupy space on your computer, phone or tablet. It means you can easily log in with your email from any part of the world and it is compatible with all mobile and desktop platform.

There is a free version and a premium version. The premium version gives you access to seek funding with one click of a button. As you know that flipping houses will require funding. There are more investors on the software platform who are constantly searching for new deals. This makes the software the best house flipping tool ever.

What Are Flipping Houses?

According to Wikipedia, “The term “house flipping” is used by real estate investors to describe the process of buying, rehabbing, and selling properties for profit. In 2017, 207,088 houses or condos were flipped in the U.S., which is an 11 year high”. In the United Kingdom according to Wikipedia, “flipping” is used to describe a technique whereby Members of Parliament were found to be switching their second home between several houses, which had the effect of allowing them to maximize their taxpayer-funded allowances”.

Also according to a free article by linkcompose “House flipping is the process that involves fixing of a decent property to make it more aesthetic so that it can be eventually be sold at a greater amount. Well, it can actually increase or double the price of the property”.

Always remember that you need money as a fund to start in flipping houses. It is not a magic button process of making money.

How To Flip House Fast With Rehab Valuator Software

flipping houses fast with rehab valuator

This software uses new technology to find your best deal in the market and then enable you to flip these deal. It enables you to generate consistent leads flow, find you the best market to invest in, and locate cash buyers to flip deals with ease.

Below are the easy four steps to follow in flipping houses faster with Rehab Valuator.

  1. The first step is once, inside the software, you select your area, city, zip code, state, and or your country.
  2. The second step is that you contact sellers with the pre-inbuilt high converting template and get contracts.
  3. The third step is you flip the contract to the most active cash buyer in the same zip code. also found within the software. This is easy because all deals are uploaded life and the software uses Google Geo-Mapping to pull real-life data and updates. This means that any time you refresh the found new deal page, there is always a fresh deal every few minutes at the top of the search deal.
  4. Step four is to collect your assignment fee. Simple as that.

flipping houses faster with rehab valuator
This is by far the fastest and quickest possible path to quick flip in 2019 and beyond. And this software is for both brand new investors and experienced investors looking to increase their deal flow and maximize real estate investment profit. It is indeed an interesting and amazing time to be in the real estate investing business. And this is the edge you needed to stay ahead.

Why You Should Be Flipping Houses Fast With Rehab Valuator

The following five reasons are why you should be flipping houses fast with this software.

  1. If you are in the flipping houses business, this is going to be your edge above the competition. It will find you hungry buyers and connecting you to off-market deals.
  2. Because the market is hot and volatility in the level of marketing activities are hard to keep up with, you will need to control your market deals which means you making a fortune. Also demands from cash buyers and retail buyers is huge, so you do the maths.
  3. Rehan Valuator lets you find the most eager sellers, then gives you cash buyers to flip these deals too.
  4. The software made it simple for you to pull up a map, access every motivated seller in your own town, or even the entire country, get in touch with the sellers, close deals and cash your checks.
  5. As a remote or virtual real estate investor, you will love this software. It will enable you to learn how to identify the hottest market and submarket to wholesale your deals in.

Rehab Valuator Reviews

Product Name: Rehab Valuator Lite

Cost: Free

Extended Product Name: Rehab Valuator Premium

Cost: $49 Per Monthly Subscription Or $397 Yearly Subscription

PromoterDaniil Kleyman

Company: True Vision Analytics LLC.

Location: Richmond, VA 232333

Major Changes: It’s no longer an excel sheet. It’s now a web-based software. This means you can log in from anywhere or location and it is compatible with all platforms. (iOS, Andriod, Windows, etc)

Ratings98/100flipping houses fast with rehab valuator

Feature Of This House Flipping Tool

The features of this house flipping tool are split into two categories. One is for the free version and the other will greatly benefit those who go for the premium version. The premium version has the full potential to take your house flipping business to the next level.

  • Mobile responsive on any device across all platform. (This is free forever).
  • Maximum offer calculator. (Free forever too).
  • Deal analyses for wholesalers/ (Free forever as well)
  • Deal analysis for Rehab/Flip. (Free as well).
  • Deal analysis for Rent/Rehab. (Free too)
  • Deal analysis for BRRRR. (Free)
  • Deal analysis for new development. ( Free indeed).
  • One page deal marketing flyers for wholesalers. (Premium).
  • Full sales presentation for wholesalers. (Premium).
  • One page Dollar getting funding proposals. (Premium).
  • Full Dollar getting presentations. (Premium).
  • Ability to post and sale your deals on Rehab Valuator website. (Premium).
  • Dynamic Rehab and new construction budgets. (Premium).
  • Detailed scope of a worksheet for contractors. (Premium).
  • Full project management functionalities. (Premium).
  • Mini Accounting system for each project/projects. (Premium).
  • Track actual cost Vs estimated cost in real time. (Premium).
  • 3 New project management reports. (Premium).
  • Comparable sales data. (Premium).
  • Access to nationwide hard money. (Premium).
  • Wholesaling and private lending contracts valued at $1,000 (Premium).
  • Additional bonus p;ackage that is worth $1,000 value. (Premium).
  • Unlimited and highly responsive customer services and support. Both email and phone. (Free of charge).
  • Access to digital video tutorials. (Free of charge).
  • Access to ongoing real state education. (Premium).
  • 100% 30 days money back guarantee. (Premium).

Testimonies Frome House Flippers Who Have Used Rehab Valuator Software.

flipping houses fast with rehab valuator

flipping houses fast with rehab valuator

flipping houses fast with rehab valuator


The business of flipping house can be a very lucrative real estate business if you have the means. These days, having enough cash as an investor does not necessarily guarantee that you will make profit flipping houses. Top house flippers out there who are earning a real income from flipping houses are either using the best house flipping software or has a team of professional agents running around for them.

As an individual or multi-family real estate investors, you are going to need a tool that will make life easier and enable you to get more work done. Another tool out that I will recommend for finding a new deal is the DealCheck software. The only thing is that you cannot get funding with their premium version. But with Rehab Valuator, you can easily get funding for your project with one click of a button.

This is an interesting time in the real estate business and it is good to know that the real estate software industry is growing very fast. As investors and sellers will continue to look for more ways to get more work done for less, this software is the best house flipping tool anyone could dream of having in their arsenal.

flipping houses fast with rehab valuator

Flipping houses can easy and profitable if you have the right house flipping tools. I am sure by now and after reading the above, you should have more reasons to start flipping houses faster with Rehab Valuator. Are you flipping houses? Have you used Rehab Valuator software before? If you have any question or comment please do so in the box below and I will get back to you.

How To Turn Your Problem Into a Business Opportunity

How To Turn Your Problem Into a Business Opportunity

How to turn your problem into a business opportunity can be quite a simple task if you can apply a little figment of imagination into problem-solving. Lots of business opportunities can be found by solving problems. In this article, I am going to show you an example of a business that solves a problem, and how to do so using real-life experience.

Purpose Of This Post

The purpose of this post is to:

  1. Explain how you can turn your problem into a business opportunity
  2. Show you how powerful your imagination can be when you put it to a good test. 
  3. Open the eyes of your mind to see how you can view the problem differently.
  4. Try to put a definition into what the problem really is.
  5. Provide you with tools with which you can use to convert your problem into business opportunities online or offline.
  6. How to be proactive in life.

What Is A Problem?

This is a question everyone is looking for an answer to and to be honest you may have asked yourself the same question many times before. It is a question that is always right there in front of you every day and the answer that come in a different form depending on individual experience. To say that there is a definitive answer to the question will be an understatement, to be frank. But in this article, I am only going to try and explain it by looking into real-life scenarios and borrowing some quotes from
great thinkers out there.

First, according to Wikipedia, “There are two different types of problems, ill-defined and well-defined. Different approaches are used for each. Well-defined problems have specific goals and clear expected solutions, while ill-defined problems do not. Well-defined problems allow for more initial planning than ill-defined problems”. And this is just the start. Let us look at more wider views from some scholarly experiences.

A problem is an unforeseen circumstance that when it occurs, seems insurmountable and overbearing and, or hard to solve. Its aftermath is fear, despair, strong emotion, self-degradation, negativity, frantic desperation, feeling down, worry, off-put, anger, and so on. The good news is that any problem that does not have a solution is never a problem in the
first place.

How? Good question and let me explain; In as much as it comes with all the above downsides, it also brings with it a good side too. Because when a problem hits you, it spurs up your adrenaline, it awakens your sense to full throttle and your subconscious mind will be fired up and in full gear. You are afraid because you can’t seem to find a solution and so your brainstorming mood is in full capacity.

If you can turn the table around and see through the eyes of your mind and think outside the box, you will see that the same problem actually has windows of opportunity too.

Quotations About Solving Problems And Turning Problem Into Business Opportunity

“Whenever God wants to give us a gift, he wraps it up in a problem” Norman Vincent Peale. And according to Lloyd Conant, “ You don’t earn the right to solve big problems until you have solved the small ones”.
Henry Kaiser in fact well put it that “ Problems are
only opportunities in work clothing. The question then is how do you see

Can you identify the opportunities that lie in every problem? Yes, we are human and human begins are allowed to worry in terms of when problem strike. We are wired like that. Ray Dalio asserted that “ The pain of problems is a call to find solutions rather than a reason for unhappiness and inaction, so it’s silly, pointless, and harmful to be upset at the problems and choices that come at you even though it is understandable”.

The same the author also said that “Since the only way you are going to find
solutions to painful problems are by thinking deeply about them, that is by reflection, and if you can develop a knee-jerk reaction to pain that is to reflect rather than to fight or flee, it will lead to your rapid learning and

Isaac Asimov asserted that “It has been his philosophy of life that difficulties vanish when faced boldly”. Meaning, you have to find a different way of looking at a problem. Mike Leavitt said “ There is
a time in the life of every problem when it is big enough to see, yet
small enough to solve” And I totally agree with that. An example
isolating your problem from others.

According to Bill Russell, “ If you isolate your problem from others, your chances of solving it are thin. Problems require wisdom, and wisdom requires perspective. Other people provide that perspective”.

The underlying message behind all these great quotations about solving a problem is that in every problematic situation, there is always a solution to it. If you can’t find a solution, then it is never a problem, to begin with. I liked how John Walker summed it up by saying “Opportunities are merely problems that promise to pay off after sufficient work”. The question now
is, are you ready to put the sufficient work needed?

Therefore, flip the switch on problems. Stop looking at it a problem as a problem and start seeing it as an opportunity. In the process of finding a solution and actually solving the problem, the in-between is your business opportunity. 

The solution is the key. 

How did you solve it? 

What did you do? 

The question of how you solved it should be a framework for your next
venture. The final question is, do you want to turn it into a business
opportunity or render it out of love?

Again the solution is the key. If you can help someone else with a similar problem by providing the means you used in solving yours, that concept right there can be turned into a business. The choice is really up to you.

Turning Your Problem Into A Business

How To Turn Your Problem Into a Business Opportunity

Turning your problem into a business opportunity is the interesting part because this is where I will be using various scenarios of life examples to drive the message home.

First is being broke. Being broke is a problem. 

In fact, it is a big problem. You know why? 

Because if you are broke, you cannot take care of your family. You cannot enjoy life at full crush. When you are broke, you cannot buy the things you want or travel to anywhere you want to go. You will be limited to certain
necessities as a result of your inability to afford those things.

Your needs will be overwhelmed and overtaken by your own wants in life.
Your needs are no longer important when you are broke. It is your
wants. Your marginal propensity to save out of your consumable income
will be equal to zero because you have zero income coming in.

Being broke is the worst kind because it is happening right before you and even though you are well and healthy but seems not to know what to do. But that does not mean it is the end of the world does it?. So what’s the solution? 

The solution is to do something about it. You can start by doing what I
call a self-assessment to find out what skill you have within you
that can help someone out there. When you find it, you can then
monetize such skill to change your financial situation. Today you can
start a small business totally on a shoe strings without breaking a
bank. How? Thank God for the internet.

Tools To Turn Being Broke To Not Being Broke Any More

  1. First, you will need to believe in
    God and yourself. You will need to be confident that you want to do
    something to make a change and be willing to do it.
  2. Second is the internet. There are tons
    of ways to start earning money online without spending much. An example is, you can sell your old stuff on eBay. That may be a little bit fruitful with time and patience it pays off.
  3. Write an eBook about your talent or set up a blog to talk about your skill and then do affiliate marketing within a niche that re-sonnets with your talent. This is by far one of the easiest ways to make money online nowadays. A good example is to join Wealthy Affiliate program for example. They have the best help and support plus tons of free video tutorial to help you get started. As a free member, you will get two free websites to talk about your talent and do affiliate marketing.
  4. You can also write an eBook about your skill. You can read my book on “How To Use Your Imagination To Turn An Idea Into A Successful Online Business” and learn how to turn your skill into an eBook and make money online.

Turning Bad Shopping Experience Into A
Business Opportunity

Turning bad shopping experience into a business opportunity originates from one life story I heard about a young lady during the course of researching for this article. Again no name or place will be mentioned for obvious reason and if you need more proof, please Google it up as I do not take credit for unrelated works.

The story is; she ordered a particular size of clothing online but the wrong size and design were delivered to her instead. After complaining to customer service help center online, she was not getting the right help she needed and this became a problem.

After days of unresolved issues regarding her purchase, she took the rant to one of the social media. She posted a video of herself explaining what went wrong with her purchase order and how it cannot fit. She even threw in some suggestion about what remedy can be made if the companies cared to listen.

The video went viral so fast that many companies in a similar business are now contacting her with clothes to wear and review online using the same social media just like she did.

Today she has become a lifestyle and shopping expert bloggers with plenty of views and followers. Don’t forget the revenue that is coming from every advert that was placed on her video.

That could be anyone, it could be you reading this and it could be your next neighbor or friend. You have all it takes to change your financial future. All you have to do is go for it. You can apply this method to anything in life. You are the only limit to what you can achieve in this life.

How You Can Turn Your Problem Into A Business Opportunity Online

As a conclusion, I will leave you with these questions; 

  • What problem do you have that can be turned into a business opportunity online today? 
  • Have you lost a job recently?
  • Do you hate your job?
  • Are you in debt?
  • Is your business sinking to the ground?
  • Are you having difficulties relating to people?
  • Are you stack broke that you can’t even afford the next meal?
  • I mean what is the possible worst situation you can find yourself into, that you can’t seem to get out of?

You can begin by tapping into any skill set you have got that can be used to help someone out there. Look into those problems you have and see how possible it affects others. Take yourself out of the context and think outside the box. Use your imagination and put that to the text. There is an article about turning your imagination into an idea here that can help you understand positive thinking better.

How Tiger Wood Turned His Problem Into A Success

We all know the story behind the great golfer Tiger Wood. I mean his story alone should be an inspiration to all of us.

The guy lost everything;

  • He lost $500 million in a divorce settlement.
  • He lost his game and went on losing spree.
  • He lost ad promotion with Nike.
  • He lost out of the tournament.
  • He had an injury and was believed not to be able to walk again.
  • He took drugs and went into rehab.
  • He failed abysmally and was even written off by his huge fans.
  • 11 Years later, he came back and won the masters.

He believed that only he can make that difference. He believed in himself and God that he will pull through. He did not give up. Instead, he fought back. He faced his demons and look them right in the face and said let us do this. He came back and won his position back.

Everyone should take a page from his story.

If you have access to a computer and the internet, create a free website here under a few seconds and start monetizing your skills set by blogging about it. This works without spending a penny. But you have to be willing to put in the work.

If I have missed anything please feel free to contribute below. This is how you can turn your problem into a business opportunity. If you are stuck with finding ideas, grab a free copy of my ebook on how to quickly find ideas. Please share and help us spread the word.  


Rehab Valuator App: How To Calculate Deals On The Go

Rehab Valuator App: How To Calculate Deals On The Go

Rehab Valuator App is the mobile cross-platform compatible aspect of Rehab Valuator software that enables you to calculate deals on the go. In this report, I will be showing you how to what the software App can help you do within a short period of time.

Rehab Valuator App: How To Calculate Deals On The GoIt doesn’t matter if you are referring to it as an app or as software, it is still the same software. Therefore the aim of the post is to show you how it works like an app and how it can help you get more work done in less time. It works across all mobile platform and compatible with both iOS, Andriod, Windows, etc.

Now imagine you had a tool on your phone that would:

  1. Tell you what to pay for your deal.
  2. Bring up comparable sales instantly.
  3. Create an interactive marketing flyer for your deals in nanoseconds.
  4. Creates deal funding pitches that will make your lenders scramble and partition for your deals.
  5. Help you estimate rehab cost and create manageable budgets.

Upon all that, this tool came with amazing help and support plus an ongoing training that will help you get the best out of it. Just the push button funding presentation in this tool is responsible for tens of millions in finance secured for investors from private money lenders and banks.

This is the one tool that has the
biggest return on investment if you are in the real estate industry.
There is a huge market shift, and this has created a huge
opportunities for investors that leverage advantage of the tool to
make an informed investment decision.

The truth is, If you are a struggling
investor who has not made a good return on investment, then you need
this software. This software will help you:

  1. find new great deals.
  2. Know exactly what to pay for them,
    right their on the spot.
  3. If you are a wholesaler or are an
    agent, it will help you get your deal sold quickly.
  4. Find comparable easy sale
  5. getting your deal funded, hard
    money lenders, private money lenders, and even banks.
  6. Quickly evaluate rehab cost on your
  7. Help you store all your data in
    one place, including pictures and location and also help you
    organize your deals in one place.
  8. Tracking and managing your rehab
    projects efficiently.
  9. Help you structure your project is
    you are buying flip or rental.

Rehab Valuator App and How To Calculate Deals On The Go

rehab valuator app: how to calculate deals on the go

With Rehab Valuator App, you click a button and your deal are now on multiple social media site in seconds. Let us say you have structured your deal with the software, or you are looking for a deal on the go. With the app, you can easily upload your deal, write up and email blast and sent it out to your buyer’s list while you are on the go.

If you found a new deal, or are looking for one, you can easily go through the app on my new section, scroll through and if you find a new deal that you like, do the analysis instantly. The app software will immediately tell you if it is a good deal or not before you even make an offer.

You can calculate your rehab project budgets do the analysis and find funding from either hard money lenders or private money lenders with a compelling flyer you prepped using your mobile phone. This presentation can then be sent out to your social media with a click of a button to your Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, etc while on the go.

With this software, you can easily:

  • Calculate deals on the go
  • Analyze deal while on the move.
  • Manage your project or projects on the go. This is very handy for those with multi-family real estate projects.
  • Find deals on the move.
  • Get Funded for your deal with a killer presentation and flyers.
  • Market your deal.

Aim Of Rehab Valuator Software

Rehab Valuator App: how to calculate deals on the go

This software builder has one goal and one purpose in mind. And that is to help you do more and make more money.

The fact is, that technology is changing every day. An investor can get a lot more work done faster and in a short period of time than before with Rehab Valuator software App. If you are a rehabber and you need financing, the software will spit out an MBA-level deal funding presentations that blow all your lenders away making sure you can get fund for any project you want.

If you hire an MBA holder to do this job, it will cost you more than $200k a year in salaries and allowances. But Rehab Valuator software App, you only pay just a
little a fraction for annual or one time offer or better still go the
popular monthly subscriptions. Your real estate business would
explode with the time savings help and more money making insight that
comes with the software.

Danii Klayman, the founder of this software started the software business with the mission of empowering other real estate investors (which is you) to work smarter and not harder and build the same financial freedom for yourself.

Real Estate Investing Mistakes To Avoid

Avoid these investor killer mistakes at all cost:

  1. Not knowing what to pay for a deal
    either by having no clue, bad information or no information at
  2. Lack of right tools and
    the methodology can lead to massive failure and demoralization and can
    keep you from making doing deals.
  3. In a market as competitive as now,
    if you can figure out the right offer on a deal quickly and throw
    the punch by making an offer, you will be left in the dust by
  4. New and inexperienced investors alike struggle to get funding and financing for their deals. Getting reliable funding, whether it from a bank, hard money lenders, or private lenders, all depends on established credibility and your ability to build trust with them.
  5. Investors that do not know how to do this properly usually spent months crunching numbers, having several meetings, sending too much time trying to close just one deal and at the end, still will not. Meanwhile, they are missing out on a deal after deal because they spent too much time money and effort trying to close just the one that did not work out well. Thousands of Dollars in profits are being missed every time this happens.

Solution To Real Estate Investing

Rehab Valuator App: how to calculate deals on the go

Rehab Valuator is cloud-based and works on all devices including laptop, tablets, mobile smartphones and
even desktop computer. And it also a cross-platform compatible on
the go. You can take the software in the field and calculate offers
and deals on the go, and stay ahead of your competition by beating
them to a pulp.

The premium version now gives you push button sales
which means you can figure out after-repair value in seconds. On
your phone, you can type in an address and generate the most relevant
and comparable sales and calculate what to offer instantly for any

How you take advantage of a good deal quickly before it is snapped up?

How do you stand out from everyone else doing the same thing as you and competing for your buyers’ cash? Rehab Valuator can generate powerful, compelling, deal closing, profit-boosting marketing flyers, and presentations for your buyers in seconds.

This clear and concise marketing materials speak to your buyer’s language and immediately shows them the benefits of the deal. You can create this flyers easily on the go before the ink dries on your contract and sends it out to your entire buyer lists for the seller even walk you out of the door.

The web-based platform works very fine. You can analysis property on the go and even earn Dollar commission wholesaling a property packaged on the sites plus many more you can do for less time.

Another great solution is the Rehab Valuator helps you validate a business plan for your initial entry as well as a backend when you package a property for retail or for a turnkey investor. Meaning it is a powerful tool for illustrating deals for equity investors as well.


Rehab Valuator app indeed help you calculate deals on the go. If you are a realtor, estate agent, rehabber, real estate broker, real estate investor, Multi-family real estate investor, commercial real estate developer, etc, this software will be a lifesaver. If you want to read more about it there is an insightful review of Rehab Valuator software here you can read further.
If you are a Landlord or you into rental property investment, I have an article here that explained quickest steps to building a rental property portfolio much faster. You can also check out what other users are saying about the software outside the users’ community at

Rehab Valuator app really makes calculating deals on the go very easy.

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