30 Best Real Estate Software for Agents, Investors, and Everyone

By | April 1, 2020

30 best real estate software for investors and everyone

Real estate software helps realtors, agents, investors, and everyone in
real estate business with anything from finding news deals, analyzing
deals, and selling new deals. The right real estate software can save
you a lot of time, money, and help improve productivity and profit.

We have identified 30 best real estate software in the industry and
there pros and cons so you can choose.

You may have been searching the internet for a list of best real estate software online but here we have covered all top 30 best of them. All you have to do is grab a coffee, sit back and read through to see if any of these tools suit your real estate business need.

Below are our top picks:

Zillow Premier Agent
(Mainly For Investors And Agents Leads)

top best real estate software for agents and investors

The features include:

  1. Lead Notifications
  2. Advertising
  3. Lead Pipeline Management
  4. Zillow Premier Agent Concierge (connects users with clients automatically)
  5. Integrated Client Management Solution,
  6. Mobile App
  7. Available in Mobile Devices and Desktops
  8. Zillow Premier Agent Direct (premium exposure on Zillow and Facebook listings)
  9. Streamlined Task List.
  10. Team Management


  1. Agents and users can create a free account and start using Zillow right
  2. You can respond to leads any time and anywhere by using Zillow App as an agent or anyone really.
  3. Popular integration with Gmail. Dotloop, Zillow, Property-based, and Trulia.
  4. Helps you categorize your leads and filter them so you can prioritize
    according to buying potentials.
  5. Zillow Premier Agent overview video which provides a tutorial on how to integrate leads from other third-party sources into Zillow premier agent software.


  1. Most users found the Zillow very expensive.
  2. Some also said the emailing system is pretty basic and can do with more customization.
  3. Filtering leads from the system could be tedious and quite time-consuming.

top best real estate software

Rehab Valuator Software (Lite and Premium)

best real estate software for agents and investors

With Rehab Valuator Software, you can market your wholesale deal like a pro! There real estate wholesaling software helps you create effectively,
concise, persuasive marketing materials that seal the deal for you.

Tailor your marketing pieces to house flippers or landlord investors, and share them by email or social media.

Who Is Rehab Valuator For?

  1. Rehabbers
  2. Wholesalers
  3. House Flippers
  4. Agents
  5. Multi-Family Investors
  6. Investors
  7. Developers were both commercial and residential.
  8. Landlords, and anyone in the real estate business.

Rehab Valuator Features:

It has great features like analyze deals, calculates deals, manages contracts,
markets your deal, and find new deals. And most importantly get
funding for your project.


  1. Best for anyone in the real estate business
  2. A free version is free for life
  3. Compatible across all platforms and operating system
  4. Web-based no downloading require
  5. Free video tutorials on how they use it best and also a video tutorial on how to structure private money deal that gets lenders begging to invest with you.
  6. Most importantly you can get funding with a click of a button when you use the premium version.


  1. A handful of video, trial to go through but if you value your business it is worth watching plus it’s free.

Note: This is probably the top best real estate software that has ever hit the real estate industry online and offline. Why? Because we found out that:

  1. The free version is free forever. Meaning anyone in the industry could get the software with a simple email account. No credit card required. Be you small, medium or multi-national business.
  2. The second reason is that the software is packed with more value and the free version does even more than most paid for real estate software we have tested out there.
  3. The third and definitely not the last reason is the fact that you can apply for funding with one click within the software in house users. No other software has this benefit and for that, we believe Rehab Valuator is the best real estate software that ever hit the real estate industry.

Read full Rehab Valuator Software review here.

list of best real estate software

DealCheck (Property Analyzing And Deal Finding Tool)

list of best real estate software for agents

DealChech is one of the world-leading real estate analysis software of our time.

DealCheck just got some new features that put the software in the top limelight.
These are:

  1. Import property data from public records.
  2. Customize precise deal parameters.
  3. View detailed financial analysis and projections.
  4. Look up recent sales and rental comps.
  5. Calculate your highest offer price to the seller.
  6. Export and share professional PDF reports.
  7. Accurate Analysis, Every Time.
  8. Designed for Speed.
  9. No Learning Curve.

Who Is DealCheck For?

  1. Agents
  2. Brokers
  3. Wholesalers
  4. Homeowners
  5. And it’s loved by over 100,000 professionals worldwide.

DealCheck just added new features that are a complete game-changer in the real estate software industry. The DealCheck App is super mobile friendly and responsive.

It has a 14-day free trial and you can use this Promo – Code VIP25OFF to get a whopping 25% discount off your subscription.

Read full DealCheck review here.

list of best real estate software

RealScout (Leads Generation Real Estate Software)

list of best real real estate software ever

Real Scout is a real estate’s choice for a collaborative home search and according to the website, it charges nothing to register and it is totally risk-

RealScout costs are $39.95 month to month on the ultimate package. $30 plus $2.95 per month on listing with the Pay As You Go package, and their
enterprise package which you have to request a quote if you are a big

Real Scout Features:

  1. Safe Search.
  2. Integrate with RealScout third party App.
  3. Rapid Listing Alerts.
  4. More Deals, More Profitably.
  5. Property Comparison.
  6. For Web and Mobile.
  7. Agents dashboard.
  8. Broker dashboard.
  9. Analytic tool.
  10. Lead distribution tool.


  1. Maximize Agent Adoption.
  2. Leverage City-Wide Buyer Demand Insights to Win Listings.
  3. Easily Add Your Leads and Contacts.
  4. Leads flow directly from Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com into RealScout, where their customers cite a 100% lift in lead conversion rates.


  1. It’s not for everyone in real estate business e.g. rehabbers, house
    flippers, individuals.
  2. You cannot get funding to finance your project.

Who Is RealScout For?

  1. Real estate agents
  2. Investors

top best real estate software

5. Showing Suit (Mainly Showing Real Estate Software)

best real estate software of all time

The platform starts at $2.95 per month and syncs with Supra eKEY and Sentrilock lockbox software. It makes preparing reports a lot easier and less

Showing Suite Features:

  1. Automated Showing Scheduling.
  2. Home feedback.
  3. Showing Note.
  4. Individual Agents.
  5. Lockbox Sync.
  6. Automated Scheduling for Buyers.

top best real estate software of our time

6. Real Geek (CRM Software)

list of best real estate software ever

Real Geeks costs you $199 per month and an additional $350 for updating for 1 or 2 agents.

Real Geeks also costs you $550 per month including ad spend to maintain PPC ad campaigns, instead of charging you a percentage of ad spend.

It also charges you $50 per month to generate seller leads which position it
as best if your agency has a very deep advertising budget.

Real Geek Features:

  1. IDX Real Estate Websites.
  2. Property Valuation Tool.
  3. Lead Manager CRM.
  4. Facebook Marketing Tool.
  5. SMS Autoresponder.
  6. Facebook Marketing Service.
  7. Personalized Mobile App.
  8. Real Leads.
  9. Market Reports.
  10. Automated Email Drip System.
  11. Automated Home Valuation.

top real estate software ever

7. Cloud CMA (Comparative Market Analysis)

best real estate software ever

First of all, Cloud CMA has moved to and now become Cloud Agent Suite. This software is specifically built with agents in mind.

It has a free trial and comes with a free demo.

The software costs $45 per month for the Cloud CMA tool or $125 for the Cloud Agent Suite,

This comes with top features like client listing alerts and lead engagement
tools. It also allows for customization of account profile which can
help with your branding.

Cloud CMA Features:

  1. Cloud CMA
  2. Cloud Streams
  3. Cloud MLX
  4. Cloud Attract
  5. iBuyer Connect

very best real estate software ever

Structurely (An Artificial Intelligence Based Leads Software)

top best real estate software 2020

This real estate software that uses artificial intelligence to qualify leads
with an inbuilt Chabot named Aisa Holmes.

Structurely Pricing:

  1. Starter 1 seat with 50 leads/Mo @ $179/mo. This comes with Start trial, Text and Live Chat, CRM Integrations, and Mobile app.
  2. Growth has 10 seats with, 125 leads/Mo, and $299/mo. This package comes with Start trial, Text and Live Chat, CRM Integrations, and Mobile app/admin log-in.
  3. Build package has 30 seats with 225 leads/Mo @ $499/mo. It comes with Start trial, Text and Live Chat, CRM Integrations, and a Mobile app/admin log-ins.
  4. Franchise package comes with Custom Contact us,
  5. Get in touch
  6. For 225+ leads/mo. and large agencies
  7. Text, Live Chat, Mobile app
  8. CRM Integrations / admin controls

best real estate software 2020

9. BoldLeads

best real estate software of our time

BoldLeads is an interesting new innovative technology that helps you get more listings and buyers in your very own city. The email open rate at
BoldLeads are usually higher than ordinary email.

BoldLeads integrates with Could CMA so you can automatically send your leads gorgeous, accurate CMAs on demand.

BoldLeads Features:

  1. Inbox
  2. Marketing blast
  3. Text Concierge
  4. Widgets
  5. Lead referrals
  6. Email and test template

The system also provides lead follow-up via built-in drip campaigns and instant lead notification, plus access to the Real Estate Masterminds Facebook group.

Take the advantage of its lead-capturing websites to fill your listing pipeline. We’re constantly developing new features and testing our sites for the highest conversion rates at the lowest cost per lead.

top best real estate software 2020

10. Revaluate

list of best real estate software for agents and investors

According to the website, Revaluate “uses Artificial Intelligence powered by
an advanced algorithm to find who in your existing database is more
likely to move in the next three to six months”

The owners believe that there is power in a few leads than a big number. The software will help you work on the leads you already have with
greater efficiency instead of buying new leads.42 best real estate software for agents and investors

KvCore (Real Estate Lead Generation)

top best real estate software ever

The owners of this platform believe that to grow and compete in your
real estate market, you need to empower all of your agents with the
best technology.

The problem is, you have some that do lead-gen, some that work SOI, some
that prospect. kvCORE is the only solution to provide
industry-leading lead-gen, empowered SOI and high-powered prospecting
and networking tools. All with the ability to automate your entire

There is a free demo and you can visit the website by pressing the blue button below.

list of to best real estate software for anyone

REDx + Storm Dialer

best real estate software for investors

Keeping up with the volume of numbers you need to dial, time spent in dealing with voicemails, hang-ups, or wrong numbers can be tedious.

By using Storm to prospect your REDx leads from one platform, you will be
saving a lot of time and resources. Visit the website here for more.

list of best real estate software

13. First.io

42 real estate software you must have

Again this is another AI software that is focused on unleashing the profit
potential of your real estate existing leads.

The owners believe that “real estate agents miss 60% or more of the listings in their personal network. First makes it easy to connect with the sellers you know months before they list – or hear from another agent”.

There is a free demo to try it out if you visit the website here.

try best real estate software ever

RPR (Realtors Property Resource)

find best real estate software for agents

RPR is a property data software with an App that now includes commercial
data base.

It is very handy with a bucket load of information that will help you
answer your client’s questions at any time.

You can use your location to instantly search and analyze on and off-market deals, distress data, valuations, flood zone, mappings,
demography, school, market trend, tax, and mortgage information. All
on the go with your phone.

The App is exclusively for Realtors and you can visit the website here
for more information.

buy best real estate software for investors

15. Streak

find best real estate software for agents and investors

According to the website, Streak was announced as Google’s 2018 Technology Partner of the year, in recognition of our fully integrated CRM and deep, powerful
integration with all of G Suite – Gmail, Calendar, Drive and Sheets.

With Streak you can manage, investors, projects, candidates, support
tickets, partners, buyers, and sellers all from your simple Gmail.
Visit the Streak website here for more.

find best real estate software for realtors

16. Pipedrive

buy best real estate software for investors

Pipedrive is another powerful web-based CRM sales and lead management software that provides monitoring and sales solution to your business.

Pipedrive Features

  1. Insight and reports.
  2. Track communication.
  3. Manage leads and sales.
  4. Automate and grow.
  5. Mobile Apps and integrations.
  6. Privacy and security.

According to their website, Pipedrive users close an average of 28% more deals after their first year, You can try Pipedrive for free and you can use this Promo – Code pdp-obp to get a great discount on your subscription.

read list of best real estate software ever

17. Showcase IDX

try top best real estate software for investors

IDX offers all the latest IDX tools, such as Google Maps view,
polygon map search, adjustable lead capture options, and listing
saving capability. Agents and realtor brokers can get the Essentials
package for $59.95 per month or the more advanced Premium package for
$99.95 per month.

IDX makes it so easy for you to get started and have a beautiful IDX
on your website in minutes. For more of that customers think about
the software, visit the website here.

find best real estate software for agents

18. Zumper

find best real estate software for anyone in real estate

Zumper according to the website “is the easiest way to find an apartment a
rent near you”. You can apply for a listing you want and post your
rental properties too.

Zumper national rent report database is a very useful and handy tool that
comes with the software. You can instantly comb through over 1
million active listings across the United States with your smartphone
on the go.

Visit the website for more information about Zumper here.

find list of best real estate software for agents

19. Area Pulse

where to find best real estate software for investors

Area Pulse software is an existing client data-driven software that makes
sure all your existing clients are getting the data they need.

It does this by generating and sending highly detailed and professional-looking reports to your clients. This reduces the time to spend on prepping and sending spreadsheets one by one to your clients.

It also provides you with free up to date market information in your
area. Visit the website here for more

top best real estate software for brokers

20.VRX Staging (Virtual Staging Software)

42 best real estate software ever

VRX Staging is your “virtual reality” that has become a living reality for all your virtual staging needs

The platform also offers a free consultation ahead of the staging to make
sure that their services meet your exact specifications and listing

top best real estate software for realtors

21. Home Value Lead (Property Valuation Tool)

best real estate software that are a must have

Home Value Leads Features

  • Automated home value report.
  • Lead follow up.
  • Lead enhancement.
  • Instant lead notification.
  • Automated SMS notification.
  • Optimized for mobile.
  • Facebook Advertising. They can get your ad running on Facebook in no time.

find list of best real estate software for real estate business

(Investors And Agents Collaboration)list of best real estate software to die for

With Homesnap software, you can search for s home from anywhere, partner with a knowledgable agent, explore real-time data, and be the first
to know about nee listings.

As an agent, you can obtain your MLS listing and communicate directly
with your clients about their favorite properties using the in-app

You can also claim your Google business profile. Through Homesnap Pro+
you’ll build trust with Google, manage your reviews, and boost your
reputation online.

top best real estate software

Quaila (Real Estate Software for Settlement)

best real estate software for all investors

Looking to streamline the closing process for your team and make the process more accessible to your clients? Quaila is the right tool for you.

When it comes to real estate settlement, Quaila is the best software for that.

Their cloud-based title, escrow, and closing platform empowers your team to deliver a best-in-class closing experience that meets the industry’s
most stringent security requirements.

This is one very robust secure cloud-based real estate closings and settlement software we ever come across.

top best real estate software for realtors

Rently (Self-Showing Real Estate Software)

find best real estate software here

Rently can save you lots of times and hassles associated with arranging a
view and showings.

Rently is real estate agent software that enables showings of rental
properties minus agents. It also makes finding a new home for rent or lease near you very easy.

Another great thing about this software is to bring you closer to the best
varieties of houses to choose from. With a tap away, you can find
the right home for you and view it without seeing an agent.

best real estate software for you

REIPro (Real Estate Deal Finding Software)

42 best real estate software a must have

Unlike all other real estate software we have listed, REIPro is particularly
made for real estate investors.

Investor friendly features found in REIPro are:

  1. Real estate CRM.
  2. Lead generation.
  3. MLS Comps.
  4. Direct mailing.
  5. Deal Analyzer.
  6. Integration with Google, Carrots websites, etc.
  7. Workflow system.
  8. And quick lookup.

Check out the website below:

find best real estate software here

HouseCanary (Property Valuation Software)

get best real estate software here

House Canary is a residential real estate valuation software. With
90% US. market coverage, this software helps agents analyze housing
cycles, demographic mixe and variables, niche down your narrow target
markets, and help grow your business.

Asset due diligence is a powerful tool that helps you with avoiding
a scam. Visit the website below for more information:

top best real estate software on the internet

Dotloop (Real Estate
Transaction Management Software)

42 best real estate software for you

Dotloop is an online real estate signatory and transaction management

The software helps users to collaborate during every stage of a transaction using its form creation, e-signature, and storage features.

For more information visit the website below:

42 best real estate software out there

Videolicious (Video Editing Software)

42 best real estate software for agents and investors

With Videolicuous, you can add logo, watermarks, and quickly transform
bits of videos into one compelling presentation.

It is very handy when you’ve got a large home with multiple rooms to
cover on your presentation.

As at when writing this report, Videolicous has over 4million active
users worldwide who use Videolicious to empower and grow their real estate business every day.

a must have best real estate software for agents

28. Planoly

top 42 best real estate software for agents

Planoly is an Instagram scheduling and management software that helps agent optimise their online presence via visual scheduling and organizing.

It recently became an official Pinterest partner which means your social
media presence through visual scheduling will be amplified.

visit the website below for more.

42 best real estate software to have

29. Brokerkit

find 42 best real estate software here

Brokerkit is an agent recruiting and retention real estate software that helps you crank through calls, keep track of all follow-ups and do more.

It is, in fact, the best tracking system for recruiting real estate agents.

The software features a user-friendly interface that lets you view all of
your upcoming recruiting and referrals in one place.

It has easy integration to Google Suit with easy email automation.

They have just updated their software with a great new feature this December 2019 and you can read it up.

You can also check out Brokerkit main website below:

get 42 best real estate software for investors

30. Chime Solution Suite42 top best real estate software ever

Chime Solution Suite is designed to help you nurture leads, get more leads, and improve agents and team overall productivity.

Top features include responsive CRM, intelligence IDX, and optimized marketing.

It is specifically made for agents, teams, and brokers.

There is a live chat and call free toll number on the website for quick inquiries.

best real estate software on the net

30 Best Real Estate Software Review Conclusion

Now, this 30 best real estate software for investors and everyone listed here is not all that is out there. This article was taking me too much time to put together hence I am posting this list of best real estate software as a work in progress.

Therefore if you have an idea of any new real estate software technology that was not covered here and you have used it, please do share your thought on the comment section below.

I will also be updating this list as much as I can so you can be timely informed of a new update or new software invention that reaches my desk.

On the other hand, if you an inventor and you fill your new real estate software meets the list features above, please get in touch by commenting below. I will analyze it and review it and also add it to the list above.

Finally, this list of 30 best real estate software for investors and everyone are all top-performing software in its various unique ways. Rehab Valuator software and DealCheck, for example, are quite exceptional software and very hand handy just like any of those on the list.

I hope this article helps you understand more than you already know today and perhaps find one or two among the 30 best real estate software that suits your real estate business better.

10 thoughts on “30 Best Real Estate Software for Agents, Investors, and Everyone

  1. Randy Baker

    Wow, I had no idea that there was such an array of real estate software out there. Years back I worked in commercial/industrial real estate (mostly property management & leasing). Things were becoming more computerized then, but we didn’t have nearly the tools you’ve described here. The mobile computing capabilities these days is probably the most impactful difference. This article has been very eye opening.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thank you, Mr. Baker, for your comment I really appreciate that. Yes, there have been arrays for real estate software of very late and they are all competing for the same industry. The truth is, there is so much to do and cover when it comes to real estate business from transaction to retention and down to client asset management. There are tons to do and I thank God for this software. Some of them are so cleverly designed to help you do more and save time. Rehab Valuator, for example, is a no brainer and a must-have for anyone who is in the real estate industry. And it has got a free version that is free for life. 

      Thanks again for commenting. 


  2. Adyns68


    That is a really informative post, all these software are very impressive in what they are offering. However, I find the rehab valuator is the best. Just the free version allows you to run your real estate business with ease. 

    I think everyone aspiring to the real estate industry should read your post and try out the rehab valuator software to grow their business.


    1. Richard U Post author

      Absolutely agree with you there and thank you so much for commenting. You are very right. Anyone who is in the industry should be thinking of incorporating any of the software above in their day to day real estate business activity. In fact, it a must-have. Either you are using one or not you have to because your competitors are probably using more that one at a time to stay ahead of you.

      Thanks again for the comment.

  3. Anusuya

    It is a great compilation of information of websites for real estate business. It helps to compare the prospects that every website offers and pick and choose based on your requirements.

    We had used Zillow in the past to get the information and liked it. We were not aware of so many sites nor did we research hard.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thank you for the comment and yes as you can see, there are a whole lot of them. I was actually going for 40 top best real estate tools, but time and other factors intervened, I have to call 30 top best. 

      Thanks again and please feel free to try any of those to see which one best suits your organization’s needs.

  4. LineCowley

    What a great selection of software options that can be used by more than just estate agents and investors. You mention that many of the options are also for investors, so do you mean just real estate investors (rather than stockmarket investors)? 

    I like the fact that there are many options for other businesses as well. The Streak software that you can manage through your gmail account certainly seems a good option. I would be curious to know if VRX Staging (for vacant spaves) is similar to AirBnB. My sister works in a real estate agency and I have never actually asked what software they use. This looks like the perfect selection to share with her. 

    1. Richard U Post author

      Yes, indeed LineCowley and yes again it is made for real estate investors. There are a whole lot of tools for other kinds of investors out there but this article is focusing only on real estate.

      VRX Staging and Airbnb has totally differently different model. I will research further and put together the difference on my upcoming article. Thanks for reminding me.

      Wao your sister must be doing great, And yes there are a lot of different tools to choose from. But the main thing is to find which one best suits your business need. 

      Thank you for commenting.

  5. Gaurav Gaur

    Hi, Richard.
    Thanks for sharing your honest reviews on best real estate software. Wow, not top five or ten , but straight list of thirty apps and software. That was really a big effort to compile all the information. Hopefully it will be useful for many people looking for this requirement. I personally used Rently  myself, and it offered a great service. Thanks for your dedicated efforts.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thank you, Gaurav for your kind comment and yes it took me a lot of time to actually finished. I have to vet, analyze, and test the user interface of every one of these babies before posting and reviewing them here. 

      I really appreciate your comment and good to see you are already using Rently. If you don’t mind would you be able to come back here and share your thought based on your experience, please? My readers could benefit from your insight. Thank you.


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