28 Best Blogs To Follow And Rapidly Grow Your Online Business

By | October 4, 2015

28 Top Blogs To Follow If You Really Want To Rapidly Grow Your Online Business


top blogs to follow if you really want to rapidly grow your online business

Every new entrepreneur online must at least have some sort of marketing plan to guide them. The ultimate purpose of blogging these days are not only centered around hobbies or driven by passion anymore. If you are blogging out of passion, then you must have a way of maintaining your cost of hosting services. And if you have a slightest opportunity to monetize your blog to make money online then why not?

So i ask; Do you have a solid marketing plan in place? Do you know what you are doing or how to achieve that which you set out to achieve?

What i most often notice in this industry is that most experts are trying to sell you the best of this and the best of that without actually showing you how to get there. And that is why i am going to take a different approach on this post.

In fact i am going to do the direct opposite of that.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of popular successful online business advice blogs out there. The question is which blog should you read or follow?

I get it!! Sound familiar isn’t it? Yes i am sure you have different purposes for your blog.

I am also Sure you have different taste for your different niche blog site as well. We all do don’t we?

That is why i have listed below these 27 best blogs to follow and rapidly grow your online business this year and beyond. The list below are none exhaustive and are also in no particular  order of any parameter.

They are listed here based on my experience and how helpful i found the content there in which again may differ from individual to individual taste and findings.


1, Ways To Avoid Scams Online By Kyle

ways to avaoid scams online

Ways To Avoid Scams Online is your one stop solution to being on the know of any scam out there. If you really want to avoid scams related to online businesses, products and services out there then this site should be your number one too. As the motto implies: “Your Personal Online Watchdog”, it really does what it says.

Before you even consider buying another shiny object to help you make six figure online with your next blog, I will strongly suggest you visit this blog site first.

Kyle, the owner is a well known entrepreneur and co-founder of the best one on one support and honest work from home program on the internet called the Wealthy Affiliates

Why is this my number one site to follow? Glad you asked.

Thinks of it this way by answering this questions:-

  • Is this is your first time of venturing into blogging or to make money online?
  • Is this is your first time to try your hand on wordpress but you have no flipping idea where to start?
  • Are you new in online business and need clear guide to avoid scam?
  • In fact to avoid scam online was my number one priority
  • Now how can you not make this site your number one if you are starting out just as everyone else did for the first time?


My Favorite Recent Posts From The Blog:

We all know that the number threat to every online business entrepreneur today is online scam. There are many out there and you might have even been a victim one way or the other either knowingly or unknowingly. If you found one honest blog that tells you what to really look for won’t you follow it?

Well i rest my case.


2, The Naive Optimist By RYAN CARSON

native optimist

Ryan Carson is highly driven by success with an air born passion for what he does and he is willing to spread such details of his successes to anyone he touches as well as his failures so you can learn from it. He has a great insight on running a startup. His niche is management and organizing for success

He is the CEO and Co-founder of Treehouse an online tech school that shows people how to make apps from scratch. His most core strength among other thing i  could find is his ability to teach with experience.

My Favorite Recent Posts From The Blog:

His blog is definitely one to follow if you want to increase your knowledge on what is currently working today.


3, Seth Godin

Seth Godin

Seth is simply a genius. He is an author of many life changing books and a great thinker. His daily blog update is packed with values and he has a way of showing you opportunities where you saw obstacles before.

My Favorite Recent Post From The Blog:

I can go on and on about Seth but for time and space, why not follow him and find out for yourself. You will thank me later.


4, Quick Sprout By Neil Partel

quick sprout

Neil Partel is  simply amazing, a giver, a master and a freaking genius when it comes to making money as an online business entrepreneur.

The depth of his post contents will simply blow your sucks and hats off and make you never want to leave his blog again. He goes into any topic with surgical precision and he takes no prisoner when it comes to delivering value to his readers.

My Favorite Recent Post From The Blog:

Oh did i forget to mention that his is currently looking for a business partner. Yep! If you are up for it then read the first content above and find out what he is looking for. I would too! Believe me.


5, Affiliate Resources Inc. AffiliateResources.org By Jay

Jay has vast experience in the internet marketing world from SEO, PPC, local marketing, content marketing, website development which includes (programming, wordpress, joomla and drupai) and he is ready help you too.

Affiliate Resources .org is one stop hub for all your affiliate marketing needs and his live training is second to known.

Example is a live niche case study below and you can log in free to watch the catch up by clicking the picture below:-



6, Vertical Measure

vertical measures

When it comes to content marketing, talking info-graphics that is combined with high quality contents, Vertical Measures should be on your list to follow. What i like most is their down to earth easy to read and understandable contents with zero big grammars. And their proven 8 steps formula for content marketing success is indeed an eye opener.

My Favorite Recent Post From The Blog:



7, Copyblogger


One thing i found very useful here among million other thing is how to write a killer head line for your contents. I mean headline is the make it or break it in your content success. I am sure you may have come across a popular quote somewhere on the net that reads ” 99% of your money is earned or spent on a good headline”.

Well yes that is right!

And Copyblogger will take you from marketing advice both basic and top level as well as how to write a perfect headlines that get readers scrambling to read your contents to find out more.

My Favorite Recent Post From The Blog:

You will always be glad you followed copy blogger for their free updates as the value of their tips and helps are second to known.



big brand system by pamela wilson

She is all about marketing and design. In fact her blog is a convergence of top marketers and designers making it a great hub for your one-stop knowledge update on all things marketing and designing.

She is very good in building bridges between entrepreneurs and opportunities. Apart from her duty as a Special Project Director at Copyblogger media, she can still offer great tips on how to improve your brand as well as tips on marketing strategy.

My Favorite Recent Post From Her Blog:

Her free updates are something you do not want to miss if you really want to rapidly grow your online business any time soon.


9, Social Media Examiner

social media exminer

With the amount of steam coming off social media networks these days, one will definitely need help in learning everything you can about how to navigate through these jungle. And that is what Social Media Examiner does perfectly well.

From how to start to what to do plus how to find the suitable social media network for your business, Social Media Examiner is the blog you want to follow.


10, Duct Tap Marketing By JOHN JANTSCH

duct tap marketing

Simply put; Duct Tap Marketing is a place to go for your never ending tools and tips on how to do better with your online business and other areas of business growth you may have never thought existed before.

When i first came across Duct Tap Marketing, well i thought it was where you go and buy duct taps.

Yes you can stop laughing now!! Thanks!

But the truth is that i am glad i did stumble upon it because the knowledge and tips there in are simply amazing.

My Recent Favorite Post From The Blog:

This is one valuable blog you will want to follow for tips and tools, if you really want to grow your online business sooner than later.



the art of kicking ass

From the title of his blog, you will know that Jason is very passionate about what he does and also passionate about sharing his knowledge so others can learn from his experience. He is a strong proponent of seeing Software as a Service (SaaS) to mention among many.

His passion for success and his ability to pass on the knowledge makes him stand out. Making his blog one to follow.



12, Heidi Cohen

Heidi Cohen

As the tag line implies she is all out to helping you with an actionable guide to successful marketing. She is not all about telling you how to just like majority of similar blogs out there do. She knows here trade and she is happy to show you how to, not just tell you.

My Favorite Recent Post From The Blog:-

You can join her newsletter to receive her weekly actionable marketing guide.


13, Search Engine Journal

search engine journal

This blog is all about SEO’s. The blog is also specialized in content marketing, social media and search engine optimization.  Their core winner is helping marketer succeed with best in-industry tips from inside out experts in all things SEOs.

Making it sure fire blog to follow.



smart passive income

Pat is the most transparent blogger i have ever seen on the net. He pulls no punches and takes no prisoners when it comes to honesty and transparency.

He does things everyone else is doing but in complete opposite direction. He shows and tells you as it is and he is not afraid to show you his monthly income which also includes his great tips and ideas of how he got there.

He pioneered the monthly income update on his blog post so you can see for yourself what is working and what it not and he also has the nuts to throw in tips on how to do same even better than him.

He also does not try to sell you shit always on his emails in fact he sent it out once a week and when it comes you will be glad it did because you will be in for a good treat.

He is well known as “crash-test Pat” in all things entrepreneurial. He learns as he moves along and loves to carry you along if you happen to be on his list. He is nothing but a great inspiration and i must urge you to follow and read everything he writes.


My Favorite Recent Post From The Blog:

Getting started with smart passive income is the best place to get to know him on this blog. You can ask Pat anything and he will be more than happy to get back to you personally.


15, One More Cup Of Coffee By Nathaniel

one more cup of coffee

One More Cup Of Coffee is a great blog that will take you literally by the hand and show you how to start generating your own recurring monthly income online.

Nathaniel is a down to earth dude whose main objective is to help folks online to succeed with their online business. What sets him apart from the crowd is how his originality affects others. He is very thorough with his report and he does not recommend or review anything he has not used himself.

He is on the front page of Google with any keyword you can think of relating to how to earn recurring income online and he will be quite happy to show you how he does it.


My Favorite Recent Post From The Blog:

What impresses me most about his work is his ability to consistently remain in the front page of Google with almost all his posts.

That is understanding targeted traffic from organic source which is free by the way. He is good and you will want read everything he writes and follow him if you really want to grow your online business very rapidly as well.


16, Traffic Generation Cafe By Ana Hoffman

traffic generation cafe

Ana Hoffman, also known as “the queen of traffic generation” is the founder of Traffic Generation Cafe which is a hub for all your website and blog site traffic solutions.

Do you remember one of those moment you faced a serious challenges about how to get traffic to your blog site and spending hours in researching and writing your content after hitting the publish button?

Yea i know the feeling!

Well Ana Hoffman‘s Traffic Generation Cafe newsletters will give the right tools, tips and guide you will need to give your traffic problem a swift kick in the butt!! She will even show you more sources of traffic you have been ignoring which will change everything for you.

For example when was the last time you posted anything on slide share? Do you know how much free organic traffic you can attract to your site by uploading few simple power point on slide share?

Yea go figure and you will thank me later!


17, NicheHacks By Stuart Walker

niche hacks

As the name implies. Niche Hacks is your home of hot niche ideas done for you niche research and niche domination.

NicheHacks was founded by Stuart Walker with one forefront thing in mind; to provide real value to anyone who lands on his blog.

My best likes for this blog are:-

  • Depth knowledge and detailed research on any niche market
  • Attention to details with actionable guides on how to begin yours
  • Amount of free valuable contents just for subscribing to his newsletter is simply amazing.

His free list of 1,781 profitable niche findings will blow your sucks and hats off when you follow his blog.


18, BRAND AUTOPSY By John Moore

brand autopsy

Yea tell me about!

When i first i arrived on this blog i first thought it was a real medical autopsy service website of some sort.

Yea i know and you can stop laughing now thanks very much!

But on following it further, i found out that John More marketing strategy is just too good to pass up.

My Favorite Recent Post From The Blog:-




content marketing institute

This is a must follow blog for all your content marketing tips and guides. As the name implies, it is all about content marketing where you can get your:

  • Updates
  • Breaking news
  • Best of hows’
  • Trends and Statistics



convert and convince

This blog was named the number one marketing blog in the world by Content Marketing Institute. And it does not only focus on convincing and conversion. But if you really want to get better at what you doing online, then you need to follow this blog with passion.

Recent Posts:





This is one hell of a blog site you will find very difficult to leave without having learned a great thing or two. One thing i found most fascinating here is that, it doesn’t matter if you are watching a live coach program, or watching a speaker in action, or even listening to a pod-caster or having a quick drop in at the forum section, you will definitely learn something here that will make you want to come back for more.





Mark Suster has spent lots of time on both side of the table in a situation you may know as the Dragon Den, doing both pitching for investment and been pitched to for funding. He has a lots experience to share with new startups and i think it is wise to bring his blog here as one to definitely follow.


23, AimClear


From full blown SEO tips to search engine marketing guides and online advertising, this blog will surely keep you up to date on what is working and what is not and how to do better.

Simply put this way; this is one hell of a blog which clears the way for marketing tips and online advertising.

Recent Post:




top rank blog

The more than one reason i like this blog is that it has been around for long and they just celebrated their 10years of blogging. Secondly its content are pure and non-rehashed plus when it comes to ranking with SEO’s, it can help with great tips.



grow business blog

Again with Grow Business Blog, you will never miss out on content depth and originality.
Mark tells it as it is and with his vast experience in marketing and as an author of many books, you will want to follow his blog very closely and with passion too.




As we all know that building an online business may require you to also build your reputation for good. But how can you do so if you have no clue on how to manage your own reputation? This is where Spin Sucks blog comes in very handy and one you should definitely read and follow with passion.


27, Blog Growth

blog growth

These guys takes no prisoners when it comes to showing you how to generate revenue with your blog. In fact take what ever you already know about how to increase blog traffic and generating revenue with your blog and think the opposite. Some of the tactics found in this blog will blow your mind and make you wander why you have not been applying same before now.

They also have room for accepting guest posting if you are good at writing original content. We all know how such strategy can increase trust and blog traffic like never before, which also means revenues depending on your blogging objectives.


My Favorite Recent Post:


28, Online Business Prospects My Own Blog

Yes i know!

But don’t you think it will be incomplete if i did not include my own blog? After all it is my blog that brought you 28 best blogs to follow and rapidly grow your online business.

I know there are many brilliant blogs out there so do feel free to includes yours with any comment or question in the box below. And i will get back immediately.

Also if you really want to make a different by starting your own blog like mine today and be awesome like those on the list above then enter your niche domain name below get started. Its fun as you will find out!

Finally if you found this post valuable today would you mind sharing the heck out of it for me on your social media networks so your friends can learn? Thanks!

-Richard U.


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40 thoughts on “28 Best Blogs To Follow And Rapidly Grow Your Online Business

  1. Peter Mantu

    Hi Richard, thanks for this amazing list of blogs to follow. You have really saved some of us ample time and I can only wish the best in life. You have mentioned some of the best blogs I know. Thanks again…

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks Mantu,

      I appreciate the comment and i am glad to be of help too. There is nothing better than finding your useful information all tucked in one place and easy to reach as at when needed. It saves everyone lots of time and resources while we can focus our energy on things that matters with our online business.

      Thanks again for commenting.

  2. Peter

    Great article, thank you so much for all these great blog ideas. Information we can all use. Well done!

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks Peter for the comment and i am glad you found the post very useful today. I myself struggled trying to find which to follow but after thorough work and knowing what i wanted, i did and decided to share it here so others can benefit too.

      Thanks again for the comment.

  3. Melody

    This is a fantastic resource for all online business entrepreneurs. It looks like you have really done your research and in turn made it easier for people like me to find great resources.

    I will be bookmarking this site to come back later and check a lot of these out. Looks like I could get a lot of valuable information here!

    Thank You so much for this resource!

    1. admin

      Thanks Melody for commenting.

      Yes it is one stop shop of valuable information indeed and you are always welcome to keep up to date. I am glad you found the content very useful and i hope it helps you even further and better along your journey.

      Thanks again for commenting and all the best.


  4. Jotham Rogers

    Hi Richard, amazing blog! I will definitely be checking out these blogs to learn more. We can always learn more! Enjoyed the layout of the blog. Noticed that most of your widgets are on the top of your website, maybe spread them out a bit as your blog is pretty long. It will be good if readers near the end still see some widgets on the side, might increase the possibility of people clicking on it. You have such a great website, keep up the good work!!!!

    1. admin

      Hi Jotham,

      Thanks for the comment and your insightful tips too. Yes it was indeed a pretty long blog as i totally zones out and forget to press the stop watch button 🙂

      Glad i finished it too and i am more glad that folks are finding it useful already as information is the key to knowledge in this business.

      I struggled to find who and who to following on their blog especially with all the scams out there. But i did manage to swim around, done it and now i decided make it easier for folks here so they actually see what is working, how things are working, why they should work and who is behind making it work.

      I have looked into the widget of a thing you mentioned.

      Thanks again for commenting.

  5. Marc Parsons

    Hey Richard

    A very helpful post you have here!

    There are a lot of names I know and follow almost religiously like Kyle, Neil Patel and Seth Godin. Huge players in the online game.

    I will definite be looking into the other blogs that you have mentioned. You never know where that next piece of amazing information will come from.

    Keep up the awesome work!

    Marc Parsons
    “Life’s shweet when you have the right friends!”

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks Marc for the wonderful comment.

      Yes you are right. You never know when and that is why i took my time to research and put this list together so that folks can get across and learn from those who are doing successfully already.

      There is no better training than learning with experience and watching the hand of those who has been there done that and made it.

      Thanks again Marc i really appreciate your commenting.

  6. Hindy Pearson

    Hi Richard, What a fabulous post! It’s incredibly overwhelming out there in cyberspace. Like you say, you want to learn from other people’s experiences, yet how do you even know where to start? Who’s reliable? Who knows what they’re talking about? You have just prevented me from wasting a whole lot of time, searching and not finding. I’m going to hang on to this article, and make sure I set aside time on a regular basis, to check out your recommended blogs. Thanks for doing all that work, and sharing it with the rest of us!

    1. Richard U Post author

      Yes Hindy and thanks for commenting. Indeed it is a needle in a Hay stack scenario out there and if you have no clue on how to find the right information or seek for help then it will be a very long journey indeed.

      Experience is the best teacher and learning from those who are really making it is the best way because some of this folks will be happy to show you the rope.

      I learn while on the go. Meaning i learn from actually doing it and i am glad to be on that track because i can confidently help folks with my experience.

      I am glad you found this list very useful and i wish you all the best on your journey as well.

  7. renelyn

    great site, a lot of information and very details of sharing the successful people in an online business.
    very formative layout. thank you for sharing and good luck, towards your success.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks Renelyn, for the comment i do appreciate that. I am also very glad that you found the post very useful and informative. My mission is to make things a lots easier for prospects are who really struggling to find the right information that will help them create a successful online business.

      Thanks again.

  8. Jim

    That is quite an impressive list of blogs you have here. I haven’t looked at them yet but I think I will have to because it looks like there is a lot of good information. My first thought was, “great, now I will be busy for the next few days checking all these out.” but then I realized, it may take me a while to check these out but it will be WAY less time than it would have been to find them all on my own, so thanks.

    1. admin

      Hi Jim,

      Thanks for the comment and yes there is definitely good information in it because it was tailored to save you time and energy on research.

      I am glad you liked it and also found it useful.

      Thanks for commenting again.

  9. Zarina

    Richard, this is a great post with some valuable information!
    I started blogging a week ago, and your post about blogs will definitely be beneficial for me to learn – after all, it is a good idea to learn from experienced bloggers, including yourself.
    I liked the structure of your blog and the way you provided the small reviews of the blogs that you recommend. It was definitely easy to follow!
    I am definitely going to check your website for more posts.
    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks Zarina for the comment i appreciate that and i am very glad that you found it helpful. Yes indeed information is the key these days and if i have the opportunity to make it easier for all new starters to absorb and put it to work then i think i have made a difference.

      Thanks for the comment again you are highly welcome to browse around any time for useful tips as you can that my site if filled with it.


  10. EMYY

    You have just just provided me with very useful information that i will definitely use-(had to bookmark this page). like the visual aids too..

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks EMYY for the comment i am really glad you found the content very helpful too. Yes and any time.


  11. Grace

    Thanks Richard for this great list of blogs.
    I have bookmarked all 28 blogs and will definitely be using them to improve my online business.
    My favorite is Seth Godin.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks Grace for commenting and very good idea with the bookmarking it all. You never know when one or to will be needed to solve urgent blogging hick-ups.

      Yes you are right. Seth Godin is amazing. All of them in no particular other i will follow any time. There is so much joy in seeing people succeeding in the same field as you and that is more powerful than an ordinary encouragement.

      Thanks again for commenting and all the best on your journey.


  12. Vicky

    You did a great job giving a variety of different websites that catered to online business. I actually follow Ryan, Neil, and Nathaniel. They are the ones I used as a guide to create my online website and of course host through Wealthy Affiliate. These are all great blogs for newbies to begin their journey with the online world of marketing. What tremendous information you have provided. Thank you Vicky

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks Vicky for commenting.

      I am glad you found the post very useful and indeed you already following some of those listed. You are right about helping newbies with tailored information because that is what this post tends to achieve plus many of us has no time to do such detailed research on which best blog to follow and grow your online business.

      Thanks again and all the best on your journey.

  13. John Rico

    Hi there! I am thankful to find this informative post. Actually I am just starting my blog and I really need some ideas and inspiration. Among your list i like the waystoavoidscams because it shows whether a product or program is a scam or not. I will continue on checking the other blogs you presented. Thanks again!

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks John for commenting and i very glad you found value here on my post.

      Yes indeed scams online are very much intense these days and it is a nightmare trying to navigate through all that on your own. I love sites like WaysToAvoidScam.com in fact Kyle is a God sent to every prospects out there who want to make a positive impact.

      It is my first point of call and i am also glad because of my post you found a head start too.

      Yes continue to look around i am sure there are lots of tips and guides on this site that will help you better position yourself. Everything i post comes from my experience in this journey. And i hope to help folks do better with it.


  14. Franchesca

    Pretty good article, it’s encouraging for people to know that there are truly marketers that are succesful thus people realize that is possible to make money online, all this blogs are full of value to help you with online entrepreneurship since there are some that trick others or give tips that are outdated.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks Franchesca,

      Really appreciate your taking the time to comment. Yes you are right. This is one area i found recently that is lacking as every one is busy trying many things out, i thought may be it will be helpful to look at what others who has made it are doing and may be learn a thing or two that can help.

      Hence i brought all together for one good and quick reference.

      I will continue to research and find more ways to help folks and that is what online business prospects is here for. To help folks find the right part.

      Thanks again and all the best.

  15. Bob Lynch


    Let me begin with BRAVO!

    What a great idea. I recognize several of the names of the people in your list of 27 plus yours as 28.

    I need to spend more time following others to see what they’re doing.

    I get so involved in what I’m doing that sometimes I forget to take a breath and interact with others.

    Thanks for the reminder.

    As for the rest of your site, it is nicely laid out and most of all is informative and non-threatening.

    Best wishes in your blogging and other endeavors.


    1. Richard U Post author

      Hi Bob,

      Thanks for the comment and i am glad i could be of help.

      I myself found such information very helpful and i know a lot of folks will benefit from it too. And i am sure by putting them all together here will go a long way to help folks see who is doing great and may be learn a thing or two from them.

      I am glad i did and i am glad you found value on the post too. Thanks for sharing and bookmarking it and thanks for the compliment on my blog presentation.

      I like to keep things simple and clean and so to my value readers too.

      Thanks again and all the best too.


  16. Mike

    You have put together an excellent list. I am bookmarking this post for further study. I recognize some of the webmasters, but by no means all. This is a goldmine, i.e something to go back to several times in order to gain more from these folks. Thanks for putting this together.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks Mike for commenting and i am glad you found the post very useful too. Yes it is not all there is but the ones i found that i know had great value but i am sure others can find even more great blogs out there too. The only issue is have we all got the time?

      Now you have one place you can always reference back to see who is doing well and may be pick one tips or two that can help you too.

      Thanks again for commenting and i wish you the best too.


  17. Peter

    What a great list of resources you’ve compiled Richard. It’s not all black and white and numbered in a boring way. The use of screenshots brings magic to this post. Really well done!

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks Peter for commenting and i am glad you found the information easy to navigate and useful too.

      Yes there is no need for the old boring numbered black and white list of those days anymore. Today ‘s information has to be concise, precise and easy to read and understand which enable adequate use and makes a happy reader too.

      Thanks again.

  18. jessie palaypay

    I have heard so much about Pat Flynn’s blog smart passive income as he seems to have a very well known reputation in the affiliate marketing world. I was just looking at it right now and it seems he just has many resources that I can just learn from like starting a podcast.

    I am curious, what is one thing that you have learned that has given you so much value when it came to these other blogs?


    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks for the comment and Pat Flynn is good at what he does.

      Actually the ability to learn from those who are doing so well in the field.


  19. Warren

    Great stuff, Richard. These are fantastic resources, especially for people starting out. No need to reinvent the wheel. What will help me the most will be copy blogger. I love to write but don’t want to flail around in the night with no one reading me, and Vertical measure. I will find the time to work these in. Thanks.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks for the comment. Yes one has to find what suits their audience and stick to it. It is no longer about what fits for you. It is about the audience and how to understand them. That is one thing that is common among these great blogs above. 

      There are many other great great blogs out there though. So these lists are just the ones i am familiar with. 

      You take your time. Find what is working for you and stick to it. Every one else still does stick to what’ s working for them. And when you ready, you can always begin to use your skill to help others in your blog.



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