10 Easy Steps To Ranking On Google Faster

By | April 14, 2018

10 easy steps to ranking on google faster

In this post, I am going to show you 10 steps to ranking on Google faster. These steps must come after you must have finished writing your content. You may have been wondering why your website has not ranked on Google? Or why your posts are not ranking? Or even why some site ranks faster than others? The answers range from how old is your domain name, to how old is your website or how many websites are competing for the same domain name.

I will be providing details to that but first, let see how to get rank on Google much faster by simply following the ten steps below.

10 Easy Steps To Ranking On Google Faster

  1. Meta title
  2. Meta descriptions
  3. Keyword in content
  4. Alt-tag within an image on the content
  5. Internal Linking
  6. External Linking
  7. Embed videos ( Not very necessary but if you can, it will be an advantage)
  8. Post on Google plus using meta title and meta description
  9. Fetch as Google and request indexing
  10. Resubmit sitemap ( Again not supper needed but it will help)

#1, Meta Title

Make sure to include your keyword in the meta title. This is super important as it is what Google sees and uses to find your content on the search engine. Some people will just slap the exact keyword on the title and leave it to just like that. It has to fit in and it has to make sense. I had made that mistake before and I learned the hard way from it. No, you can avoid the same mistake.

#2, Meta Description

This is very important. It doesn’t matter if you are using Yoast or All in One SEO tool, you need to make sure do your meta description. The best method is to include your target keyword in the meta description. Google usually allow a certain amount of words they can show on SERPs. If you above the required word counts it will show red. If it shows yellow, it still means OK but amber warning not to exceed the word count.

#3, Keyword In Content

Next step is to ensure that you use the keyword in the content. Some people will go to town with keyword stuffing and end up paying the price as Google has zero tolerance for such behavior. Key to succeeding here is to use the keyword once in the content. Yep! You read that right. Use only once in the content. And Google will still see it. The whole idea is to use it once in the first paragraph or within the first sentence and make sure it is not forced. That is it.

As you write out your contents, your ideas flow naturally. If your keyword comes in again then it must happen naturally. Most times you will not even remember your keyword again after you have used it once on the content. This is because you are writing naturally and you are producing original content that has value.

#4, Alt-tag Within Images In The Content

10 steps to ranking on google faster

A good example is by explaining it to you using the image I utilized in the article. As you can see, the red circle is showing you the alt-tag of the image. This is where you need to put your keyword title into before you click on save.

I don’t know which platform you are using to edit your website but if you are using WordPress, this is basic.

Always pay attention to the details here. Not on image caption. Put the keyword in the image alt-tag box provided. Alt-tag means alternative tag of the image.

#5, Internal Linking

Internal linking is the next step to follow. What this means is that you are linking the current article you are writing, to another post or page on your website internally. Linking your post to another post or page on your website is called internal linking. Some SEO experts have known to argue that internal linking is the most important aspect of SEO techniques. And Google does value good internal linking on your website and consider it very high when crawling your website for possible rank. I usually do two internal links and I will recommend you do same.

#6, External Linking

Just like the internal linking, external linking plays a great role in ranking your website on Google much faster. External linking is when you link your post to a website outside yours. There are many cool ways to get this right as research has shown me how people do this wrong. If you want to link externally, for example, you don’t just link to any website simply because it is on your website. The linking has to be relevance and the website domain name or the post you are linking to has to make sense. Not just make sense, be super relevant to the content you are writing.

External linking shows you are providing value by linking other authorities in the market. The reward is in many folds. First, you will rank on Google which is a biggie. Second you get a backlink to your site from an authority site, Third, you can get attention from the owners and they may even thank you or mention somewhere on their network. The possibilities are endless you just never know which is going to happen. I will also suggest you link to a good authority site like say for example Wikipedia. The good thing is, it’s an authority site and it has answers to virtually anything and everything.

#7, Embed Vidoe

Why I said this is not super important but just important as well is that video is playing a major role in driving huge traffic to successful websites these days. Let say you are reviewing a product or services and there is a video of it on the YouTube, you can go and embed it. Always make sure it is useful and relevant to your content.

#8 Post On Google Plus

Yes I know you must be asking why not post on popular Facebook and Twitter or what else is out there. No, you won’t, or not yet of cos. The first thing you want to do is post your article on Google plus just after you hit the publish button. Do you know why it is very important that you post on Google plus first? It is because Google owns Google Plus just as it owns YouTube. So when you post on their platform, you are actually playing on their own field and territory. This gives you a super chance of getting rank on their search engine faster than posting on Facebook or Twitter and the rest.

Also, remember to include meta-title and meta descriptions with your target keyword on the GooglePlus post and description. This method simply boasts the SEO of that post up real fast. And don’t forget that the post on Google Plus is directly linked to the post on your website which means more recognition by big search engines.

#9, Fetch On Google Console

10 steps to ranking on google faster
Step number 8 involves you fetch your post from Google console. Some people may think this is not important and probably right in the opinion. But if you want to get your article rank on Google much faster, you need to manually fetch your post.

How to fetch from Google console? go to your website and copy the URL of the post or page you want to fetch. Go to console make sure you are signed in and your website is already added. Then place your URL in the box provided where the red arrow is pointing and click on fetch not fetch and render. It will take you to a page where you will be tested if you are a robot or human. Do the quick test and click on render this post only.

You only need to click on render this post and others linking to it when you have done a major change on your website. Or you have more than 3000 words article written and want to fetch. I did this mistake when I got started and I learned from it. You are done with step 8. Moving on to the next step.

#10, Resubmit SiteMap

Yes! Resubmit your sitemap. It may not sound necessary but you are the kind that post article on your website once every month or once in two weeks then it is advisable. What it does is simply reminding Google that you are there and what will happen is Google will be like hey it’s got a new post. You will be surprised what good this does to help you rank. You may need to resubmit sitemap once every week at most if you are not publishing frequently.

Those who have an army of writer and can publish frequently do not have to worry about resubmitting sitemap. As their activities are already bringing their website to Google’s red carpet if you like to call it. That means huge organic traffic.

That is it. This is the 10 solid steps that are involved in ranking your article on Google very fast. Below is a piece of advice from me and this is totally from my experience.

Extra Tips To Getting Ranked On Google Much Faster

Some websites rank faster than other but it will all get ranked as long as your activity on your site continues. The following will help you even further in getting your site ranked and staying there.

  • If your site is new, it’s gonna rank, it will take time so do not give up. Keep producing contents. I learned this the hard way. If you post one article in a week a month and expect magic nothing will happen am afraid. Google is a proactive search engine so if you are not persistence and proactive in producing contents, it won’t stuff to rank.
  • Domain age: How old is your site age? This plays important role in ranking and staying there too. If you are competing with a very old domain similar to yours, then you are going to work extra. which means persistence writing.
  • Trust flow: This is how frequency your produce contents to your site. Some people have an army of writers pushing out contents on daily basis. If you are like me and want to keep up, you are going to try producing contents at least two times a week. This is how Google trust your site as it is producing new contents every week for people to see. Therefore, will have something new to rank you with and help people find your contents.
  • The overall volume of contents: This is another important factor you need to keep up with. Volume means the number of contents in terms of word counts as well as posts are on your website as a whole. Mine is not that much yet besides I am still creating content. But I know a website that has more than 300 posts and counting already. That is volume and Google pay attention to that.
  • Lastly, you are going to need engagements: These are comments on your site. Very important. How many comments do you get? How often and how well do you keep up with replying comments on your website. If you don’t have one ask your friends or family member to comment on it. If you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate, that problem is automatically solved for you. As you can easily comment on other members websites and they will return same to you.

The bottom line here is, if you keep producing contents without slacking for a month or two, you will continue to be indexed and that will lead to general rankings on Google and other search engines.

What You Need To Make The 10 Steps Work

  • You need contents. You need to have written your contents already before implementing this 10 step method.
  • Your content must have images inside the contents.
  • You are going to need a video. Not a must but if your contents have a related video on YouTube, embed it in. Its free and easy plus will only do your article good than bad.
  • Lastly, you are going to need Google search console. If you haven’t opened one do so now.

What You Don’t Need

  • No fancy ranking software. If you are not optimizing for SEO, then it will make sense to go for ranking software if you can afford it. But if you are doing proper SEO for organic traffic, you don’t need it.
  • No automation. No fancy automation tool that ranks your website while you sleep. Such a thing doesn’t make sense as you do not know where your backlink will end up.
  • No impatience. Yes, you have to be patient. You can’t post one article and keep an open eye on your analytics to see magic happening. No! You have to give it time to work. It will work if you follow the 10 steps above. No deviation. No short corners. Follow this to the later and you will see results.

Proof That The 10 Steps To Ranking On Google Faster Do Work

10 steps to ranking on google faster

The above is a screenshot I took few hours after I published this post. This is proof that this method works and It will work for you if you implement it without deviation. There it is on the front page of Google article number two. No magic and no bull shit software. Just pure SEO training thanks to the Wealthy Affiliate program.


I hope you can now make these 10 steps part of your ranking strategies on all search engines from now. Visit my about me page to find out what is driving me to help you today. If you learned something new today please help us share this article so others can learn. If you have any question or comment please do so in the box provided and I will reply immediately. I wish you all the best in ranking on Google and staying there.

10 easy steps to ranking on google faster

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14 thoughts on “10 Easy Steps To Ranking On Google Faster

  1. Theresa

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been worrying about this because my rankings suck and I have no traffic. I have been posting on my blog and updating my content, and nothing. I am going to go through your suggestions carefully and really work on my site because I am missing a lot of what you suggest.

    Again, thank you for sharing so many in-depth tips. I feel like I have something to work on now that may help.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Hi Theresa,

      Thanks and you are most welcome. The joy of knowing that my content has helped you find solution to your most question is more satisfying.

      I am very glad I could help and yes if you apply the steps I suggested just as I shown you here, you can never go wrong. Keep at with few minutes everyday no matter how little time you can spare. The more foot print you leave, the more awareness you create. The rest? You will be surprised. It worked for me and it will surely work for you. .

      Thanks for appreciating and I wish you the best.

  2. German

    Hi! I’m one of the folks who has a fresh website (it’s only 1 month old) and still struggling to get my pages indexed, let alone ranked. I’ll definitely go over my posts and apply your tips there.

    I just have a few more questions here:

    Should I put the whole title of my post in the meta title?

    If I add my keywords in the alt tag, will Google be okay with this, or will it treat this as keyword stuffing?

    1. Richard U Post author

      Hi German,

      Welcome to the world of online business and there are many prospects or opportunities to choose from.

      You are on the right track with your new website and you are asking the right questions too. Keep this up!

      If you are using either All in One SEO or Yoast, please do put your whole keyword in the meta title. Just the way you used your keyword in your main title. It is what Google uses to identify your content and see if it need indexing and then further down the line, ranking. This is not keyword stuffing. Stuffing is using keyword all over your contents without relevancy. 

      Secondly, alt tag most people will argue is super necessarily but I will say it is not too important. Once you are able to alt tag the images used in your content, you are good and set for indexing and possible ranking. alt describing your images with your keyword will enable Google search find your image quickly. This is very good as those images have atl description which is tied to your article. Meaning your article get found faster by anyone looking for images related to your keyword online. Again this is not keyword stuffing.

      I hope this answered your question today. If not here is a video to the ultimate SEO survival guide you can freely watch and implement immediately. Get back to me if you have further questions. I will be glad to help.

      1. German

        Hi Richard!

        I actually got just one more question. According to All in One SEO plugin, the maximum length of a meta title is 60 characters, but most of my meta titles are 62-69 characters long. How problematic is this? I think, it is the title of my website that fills up the space.

        Your help is strongly appreciated.



        1. Richard U Post author

          No problem and am glad to are you back.

          Yes, it is a general notion that you must or have to stick to the required number of characters on your meta title to maximize your SEO chances. But in order of conformity, this is not usually the case as you wouldn’t want to cut out your target keyword entirely just to fit in.

          You mentioned website title. No, it shouldn’t be your website title on your meta title. It should be your post or content or article title. Remember this is an on-page SEO. Not your general website SEO as you should have taken care of this when you first created the website.

          Now to help you further, make sure your post title contains the keyword you are targeting. That same post title is what you need to copy and paste on your meta title. Sometimes the characters are more than the required 60 characters on meta title, in this case, this is you right? Don’t worry about it. Always make sure that your meta title and your post title remain same. If it goes over the required number, let it be. Google will only show the maximum of 60 characters out of it. The rest will remain partial but that doesn’t mean it will not show if someone clicks on it. Remember again that you are targeting a particular keyword on that title. If you shorten it just to fit the 60 characters required in meta title, then the relevancy with your post title is defeated.

          Google these days is all about relevancy. Your post title and meta title has to be the same. Also, make sure you use the meta title to form part of the sentence on your meta description to complete the SEO circle. If you sit back and read your post title from your meta title to your meta description, they all have the target keyword on it. This is relevancy and that is what Google sees and uses to index your post for onward rankings.

          I hope this helps you out today? If you have any further question, please do let me know. Always here to help.


  3. Dave

    Hallo there,

    I have been struggling to get my pages indexed and ranked google for a really long time now. I have about 100 posts on my site and only about 25 have been indexed and poorly ranked there.

    I am going to try these methods you recommend here and see if I will be able to see any change afterwards. But I have high hopes they will.


    1. Richard U Post author

      That is what it takes my friend. There is no magic button. I was in the same situation too. Until Wealthy Affiliate opened my eyes to what it takes. Now every time I fine a post and press publish, I do exactly the above steps. No deviation. The results is just jaw dropping and quite satisfactory because you can see it happening right before your eyes.

      Let me know how it is going for you. Do share your success story here please so others can be encouraged to get things done properly. The objective of my setting this site up is to help folks avoid the mistakes I made when starting up.

      Thanks for the comment.

  4. Prabakaran

    Hi Richard!
    Thanks for a great post. Just I want to clarify 2 points from you. Is posting on Google plus with meta title and description is so Important. Until now I was simply posting with some attractive words but not the meta description.2nd point is how to get a backlink from sites like Wikipedia? For external link can we link directly to the Wikipedia relevant page?

    1. Richard U Post author

      Yes it is very important that you meta title your post on Google plus just as you will do in your All in One SEO. Super important. 

      second question? Yes. make sure it is coming from a relevant page. Not just the main page. It is all about relevancy. Once you stick to that you are good.

      Hope this helps today? Thanks for commenting.

  5. Ted

    Hey Richard, Great post. I love the way you simply just listed out the 10 steps to help people get there site found and recognize by Google. I am going to bookmark your site, as it looks like you have all kinds of great information with regards to building an online business.

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks Ted and yes you can go right ahead and do that as more good stuffs are still coming.

      Glad you found the steps useful and helpful too.

      Thanks again for the comment.

  6. ariel

    Hello, wow this was so informative. I will have to read this over again and again. And you fully understand it takes time and loads of persistance and consistency.
    And work!
    Great information, So glad I found your site.
    In peace and gratitude, ariel

    1. Richard U Post author

      Thanks, Ariel for the wonderful comment I really appreciate that. I am glad you are able to find value here and ready to put the steps into action.

      Thanks again for stopping by and yes, you can always come back here for future and let the steps guide you.



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